Originally started as 'the Archives', Mibbler-Mousehunt News now gets published here.

Mibbler – 2

– written by mousehunter Wesley D. –

Too much time on my hands and loving MHHitM group and group spirit, made me help Corinne a hand and create my own first ‘Mibbler’. Nothing happened since friday you say? But the forums where more active then they have been lately! And all thanks to the Devs and their fab new releases :) So plenty off stuff interesting enough to either recap or debate about!

* The new Ranks

For those new to mousehunt we have NEW ranks: You still start out as a novice. But instead of becoming an Apprentice, one becomes first a Recruit. After that, all is back to normal: becoming an Apprentice like it used to be. But before entering the possibilities of Journeyman, one must pass the rank of Initiate. Now you might think, why did he mention this? Well, because we all can’t help ourselves and we just help those newbies! ;) And you, as an authority on MH, don’t wan’t to look stupid when one says: “I’m a Recruit. What should I do next?” LOL

* Some mice-weakness changes since MH-v3

Harpy & Goblin are now member of the Forrest guild, making them weak to tactical traps. This is a good thing for all those without a Harpy: Catching one is still not easy, but it is now profitable, since using a tactical trap is THE overal trap to use in the Lagoon. (Unless you are hunting the Silth offcourse, then Hydro is the way to go! Yes, this has been fixed by Dave!)
Also, the Bat mouse has made a promotion, it became Shadow instead of Physical. Meaning your Clock works as good as a Chillbot! And maybe even better?!

* Still more changes and updates to come!

On the weekly Feedback Friday sessions there has been talk about a lot more of the awaiting plans and developments. We are gonna be withholding a bit on the speculative and unsure kinda promising remarks made on there. But the following news the devs seem rather confident about:

For those who can (barely) handle all the new content, the Devs have announced another +/- 30 new mice and new Hero location: Zugzwangs Tower. They’ve also mentioned the ‘hunting-mechanism’ in this Tower will be different from anything in the game right now. So fingers crossed. This might give us the new thrill of excitement we were all hoping for!

It is no longer a matter ‘if’ but -when- tournaments are being back implemented: the devs know we loved them! Although they may come back in a totally different form and be called a different name. Also this will still be lots and lots of work, we are talking months here.

There are those amongst us who dearly miss the 36-hour-logs. Sorry to bring you this news, but the Devs are still not sure if and how they are going to implement them back into the game.

* Some Camp-page details after last weeks update:

There is a ‘Friends online’ tab in your CAMP page: you can see where your friends are hunting (hover your mouse over the profile pic to see the name). Definitely a help to see where everyone is so if you’re not around to sound your horn, you can go where they are.In the same tab there is a “Call for backup” link that will post a message to your wall saying you need help sounding your horn in whatever area you’re currently hunting.

The next tab ‘Live Stream’ is not a chat, though many are treating it as if it is. If you post something there, it will appear on your wall as well (as a status update). IMPORTANT – if you don’t want to share it with everyone (as in EVERYONE) on Mousehunt, make sure the “Share with everyone watching this event” is not checked. This way, it will only share it with your friends, and not with absolutely everyone on Facebook.

Below your trap set up, in the right hand corner, there are two tiny blue links: Share and Save to FB Album. If you click share, it will post your setup to your wall. Save to FB album will save it as a picture in your photos in an album of it’s own. You can edit that album afterwards.

If you received a gift basket that didn’t give you a golden shield, do contact the devs. There were some starting problems there.


= Section 2: Opinions & Speculations =

* New mice a Challenge?

The Devs have blessed us with new mice. We can say they have frequently released new mice. But can we say blessed? And I must say, I personnaly love most of the artwork! :) But that is it. For example the King’s Gauntlet is time consuming, but a challenge? Hardly. When they first spoke of the Eclipse mouse I thought. Hey, maybe around September some select group of 50 people may have captured one of that elusive mice. But no, it appears that the only ‘challenge’ there is, is getting a tier 8 potion. And for high-ranked people, with the right traps, this is not that hard. Just time-consuming!

On the forums the question has been raised whether anyone has ever missed an Eclipse mouse: Anyone ever missed eclipse? The answer from the statistic-wizzes is for now: 95% catchrate, so it can indeed be missed!

* How to (nick)name a new piece of equipment?

The new base and its recipe have been found: The Molten Shrapnell Base. This weekend the forums have been buzzing with an interesting discussion: How should we call the newly discovered base? One hunter is desperate in his search for new admirers to follow him in calling it the ‘Motty’ base. While most people are going for MSB or just plain Molten. Even a poll has started, and there are some funny new suggestions for names in there as well, so here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/basenamepoll

Now this raises a few questions.. Doesn’t it? First: What does one give the right to say: This is how we should call it from now on? Secondly: Who gave them the authority to call it that?

I’d like this to be something we all can think about. If a recipe like this is discovered, I propose the finder of the recipe should get all the credit for it and gets to name it. Even if he names it: ‘poopoo and pipi-base’! I mean, after all the hard work he/she has done! That work paid off for all of the community! But what does that mean for other items released i a shop like a CoT or Gorgon trap. Who was first? Who gets the honour? And what makes most sence? Abbreviations? Should Gorgon be: the G-trap? LOL!

Will the Molten Base be the Best there is? :)

An interesting question has been raised on the forums: Is the new Molten better than the Magma base? Some say yes, some say no! Some say its more interesting than Magma combined with some traps like ABT or IM, but that’s it! We dont know for sure as there are far too few Molten Bases around to make a significant statement. It is rather remarkable that the ones that do have crafted the Molten Base do not at all have it equipped all the time ^^

* Whats your experience with Spotted or Cherry mouse?!

We are wondering whether the Spotted mouse can be caught with regular cheeses? And we are wondering how to get Cherry-cheese-potions. Please join us in the search for de-cyphering these new mice: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=29224005666&topic=15355


= Section 3: Credentials & Regulations =

This Mibbler has been written & brought to you by Wesley Dhanis

If you feel like writing yourself, or have an opinion on something mousehunt-related, or have some news for the Mibbler? Please do let Corinne Miemuis know! Dont hesitate: send her a PM on Facebook!

Mibbler is now posted in Sections for two reasons:
– we want to be clear on what part of the text is opinion(ated) and what is less opinionated
– FB has its opinions on long posts and posts with links in it :p so thi sis trying to dive under their radar!

– No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
– No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
– Any news that is worthwhile information on an area or level will be integrated into the MhHitM FAQ Threads. Mibblers may dissappear, as old news does… gets used for the fishes and such ^^
– If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.
– Anybody who has news or wants to write a fluffy piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy to my pm-box.

* the Oatmeal cookies with raisins and chocolate specks are for the taking :) *


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