Originally started as 'the Archives', Mibbler-Mousehunt News now gets published here.

Mibbler – 3

ok. We are going crazy. A 3rd Mibbler in the first week? Well, there’s some start-off-enthusiasm and i just couldnt withhold this on ye ^^ Plus: If i let it grow longer, it would have become too long for Facebook to digest! :p)

* Funbar-progress & MH Funbar Alert Test #1

Sometime on monday dev Joel Auge came to the Forum to post this: “If you get an alert from the funbar on your desktop – follow the link and post a reply. I’m just making sure the alerts work :) We are going to use this for special offers in the future – so make sure you install it. (The link is in the ticker on the top of the game).”

The thread is in the news section (MH Funbar Alert Test #1) but is not interesting at all. Just a dumb list of ‘i got it’s. So from monday on, the Ticker said: Download the New MH FunBar! Get a timer, sound the horn, and see your stats! Install and get 10 free SUPER|brie+!

We suppose the word ‘new’ is in there to indicate some fixes have been made. I asked around and it seems safe to go install it. Now what would that alert test be all about? New functionalities? Oooo suspense!

Download here: http://mousehunt.facebook.hitgrab.com/toolbar/download/

* Ticker news on Glitchpaws

From wednesday-ish on the Ticker said: “The population of Glitchpaw Mice is on the decline — Soon they’ll be gone! Catch ’em while you can hunters!”

I am now the proud owner of 48 Gp’s. Would be nice to get the extra 2 some of these days while tey wither. A tiny group of hunters who were trying to get to 100 Glitchpaw’s have been frantically searching for them ever since ^^

* The research on the inner workings of the Gauntlet goes on…

Amongst others, famous hunter Trevor Hastings has been researching the inner workings of the Gauntlet. Main questions keeping him busy were: – What is a reasonable amount of cheese to complete the Gauntlet? – Given that one has X superbrie, at what point during the Gauntlet does it behoove the player to use it?

And with his meticulous methods he was able to come up with a chart that tells you sortoff what to expect. By at first extrapolating the numbers based on his own hunts, he baffled many a hunter with the accuracy of his chart. Go have a look: http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/6581/gauntletchart.jpg

I need to add a tiny disclaimer to this chart’s information: Never ever is hunting in Mousehunt the same for all hunters! Which will probably be even more true for the Gauntlet!
As Jacob has admitted like over a week ago: “The King’s Gauntlet is my doing. (…) That being said, the gauntlet is a place with a uniquely challenging challenge, it tests a hunters patience to an extreme level; this isn’t it’s main objective however. It is designed so that users from any point in the game who are between hunting grounds/bored with their current hunting location can jump over to the gauntlet and test their luck for a spell. It’s designed to be a bit of a lottery, you are not expected to win, but it is certainly possible. I do understand probability, and this states that for some hunters, they will just be unlucky enough to never be able to get the Eclipse, even with enduring terrible frustration. (…) I think unfortunately the Gauntlet was never a good place to hold the spotlight for too long since it does love to punish you, so I look forward to the opening of the next location which I promise will be a lot more up your alley.
My hope is that when the story gets back on track and the spotlight leaves the Gauntlet, hunters will be able to view the Gauntlet as what it is supposed to be; A side area that is really only for those willing to take the challenge.”

So far the Gauntlet according to dev Jacob, as was quoted in mhhitm db on the Gauntlet’s discussion thread page 8 (http://www.facebook.com/board.php?uid=29224005666#topic_top).

Soon Trevor is getting close to the factual 1000 T2 cheese-hunts and will update his spreadsheet & the chart after he has a full month of huntings recorded. Source: http://tinyurl.com/gauntletreport

* New Mojo record!

Yes! Some of us are busy ‘elsewhere’! :)
The new record holder has 477 Mojo’s and accidentally also holds the record for Sensei’s with 103 Sensei (wednesday’s count).

A huge race for more and higher is coming soon as the runner up-former record holder, is saving up and working on Rumble like mad ;) http://tinyurl.com/newmojorecord


= = = = = Opinions & Speculations = = = = =

* Cherry Rumours…

Does the Cherry Mouse or Cherry Cheese attracts Cherry potions? Or does it not? This so was my huge hope after having searched for many hours for that first Cherry potion, but i didnt get a new potion with the 15 cheeses i used.

We now have heard from a reliable source: “The Cherry mouse also drops Cherry Potions as well sometimes, thats how i got my second potion.” And this may very well be the source of the rumour.
There’s defenitely not enough hunts done yet, to get clarity on this ‘attraction’ of Cherry cheese for Cherry potions.

* Hunters note an Increase in Keeper’s mice (catches) in Cats

Many things seem to have changed in the infamous Cats: Lotsa more Keeper’s being reported – will the candle be more easy to obtain for new Legendarys?-, lotsa more coal seems to be dropping, and scrap only drops in Cats nowadays and not in FG.
We dont know if this is all intended. What we do know: the cap has been lifted on all items in inventory with the introduction of MHv3 (possibly explaining the feel of higher coal drops). Nowadays a hunter can own a 1000 ABT’s if it so pleases him/her. The cap was also meant to be lifted on the ships bp’s, but there was a rather huge popular demand to please put that cap back on. (I don’t understand that demand but alas.)

* How many mousehunters have “roughed” it through the game?

I know of one who has, oh no no: i know two! Nonono: i know 3! And courageously as well! Strong minded and never with a negative twist he keeps getting to the same levels as me! * praises and bowes to the roughing-it-hunter * But how many are there? And how do they get through? You wondering? I have seen many adoptee go without buying sb+ till Legendary. ‘s Not weird at all. You still wondering?

Now please open your eyes and go lookin at them heroes that go Rough in the game:
“Never donated and 72% Lord :)”.
“Made it all the way to the Top 100 without ever donating.”
“Lady 93%, I have been playing MH for 1 year and 4 months. ‘Roughing’ it so far ;p For me, it is the only fun way to play this game. Anybody can donate and buy tons of SB+ and get all the mouse quickly without trap strategy or patience. If I aim for speed, I won’t be playing MH at all.”
This is all from the thread “How many Mousehunters have truly “roughed” it through the game?” http://tinyurl.com/2wzyj55

Maybe its the being able to buy sb+ thats actually toxic :p I mean: it might get you hooked, get you depending on it and before you know you are an addict shouting out loud you cant see how anybody can go without! Maybe, just maybe, not being able to buy/donate sets your mind straight.
You just know where you stand and how long (long!) some of the mice will take. But you will get there, oh yes.

And for you MhHitM-er: do never despair as we do have sb+sales on this group like evey month or so!


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

We tried to bake Madeleine’s this week, some have been very perfect – baked in Melinda’s new Madeleine-pan – some have gone all wrinkly and weird but they still taste nice :)

* puts the Madeleine’s out for whoever wants one *

Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy to my pm-box :)

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