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Mibbler – 4

* Gifting goodies to friends gone Wonky

Friday it became officially clear there is a problem when sending funds or SB to people within the game. The Ticker announced: “Warning! There is currently a problem with supply transfers, they may not go to the intended recipient. We are working on a solution!”

Sometimes the ‘sending suplies’-function is sending it to the wrong person who have sortoff similar names. It looks like a problem as MH had once before. Its fine if -when you search- there is just one person with that name. Our own MAK, working for AN/AM, was amongst the ones bringing this problem to the dev’s attention. The Friday GoldRush had a little try-out with the gifting-function, was not impressed and has now postponed any further charity until we are all sure that this problem is fixed.

* Horn delay

The Horn seems to appear with delays these days. Sometimes it gets as bad as 17 or 18 minutes of waiting. Luckily there are all sorts of timers abound and around, so we can avoid the long wait. Just refress your camp page after 15 minutes the horn will show up though.

* Feedback Friday

Dave and Franco have shared a list with us of what they are working on and a second list of what’s on the backburner. Alas the logs are on the backburner. They were pretty smug about some InstaHorn in a Can they are developing…
At some point and acting secretively, Franco said: “there will be an area for lords and up coming… that’s true, isnt it Dave?” Dave’s reaction: “it involves dragon chests so make sure you have some.”

See Radioactive Gold Mouse’s Feedback Friday Review for a tit bit more details, like them lists mentioned: http://tinyurl.com/rgmonfbf23july


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Trap weakness Messages: luck is not in there!

The devs have confirmed that the mouse/trap-difficulty messages don’t include luck! – says Aaron Milstein. HitGrab Support wrote Aaron:“Unfortunately it is impossible to reflect luck’s effectiveness in the difficulty rating. The equation involves more than one unknown variable, making the odds of it being successfu different each encounter. Our aim was to remove this oddity by re-working the formula to something roughly equal, but as you noticed, we changed it back to how it was in v2 based on player feedback.– HitGrab Support”

So we still need to do some thinking when looking up the trap weaknesses of our target mice!And some hunters have concluded that magma base will still give a higher catch rate than molten with either acro or ABT with either VS or VVS. Food for much debate ofcourse.
Source: http://tinyurl.com/moltymags

* Scrap countdown!!! ^_~

There is a full thread of Scrap hunters in need of support in the Lore section! Some hunters actually use the thread for keeping track of their progress.
Source: http://tinyurl.com/scrapcountdown

* Which mouse have you MISSED the most?

Yeah which one is it for you? It might be surprising if you go look at it up close :)
Source: http://tinyurl.com/missedmost


==== Rumours, Speculations & Opinions ====

* Rumour 1 – Succesfully rotating Master cheese in Furoma:

According to some hunters, Dave might have said during FBF a while back, that there is a hunting lore or strategy in Furoma that has been there always, and no one has found it yet. Franco supposedly asked Dave quietly if he had tested it in 3.0 and Dave said ‘ Yes’ it is still there’. Lately somebody told me: “For whatever reason, when I was in Furoma, I seemed to have better catch rates the first time I would use a specific cheese, so I rotated the cheeses…”

I was using this rotating strategy – thinking it was no more then a hunch – since i was in MR first time round. And i know other hunters have the same experience with this. Then i have advised it to my adoptees and they had succes with it especially where it come to trying to get that Master’s Seal with the first few dear master cheeses.

The next rumour doesnt imply rotating cheeses, but areas:

* Rumour 2 – Succesfully rotating hunting the Isles-tribes???

Rumour has it that the Tribal Isles have a rotational pattern from Derr to Nerg to Elub, in that order, for catch rates…hot and cold spells rotate. It seems to be rather ‘personal’ when though. So the problem with proofing this for the Isles, is that my hot and cold spells are unique to me, and yours would be unique to you. This sounds like the BC loot rarity: Elub Lich are hard for me. Or like the furoma differences: Claw is the student I have trouble with, and others have Fang trouble.

Now from another source we heard that once you find out where it’s “hot” for you, the rotation is 4 hours in Derr, then 8 hours in Nerg, then 8 in Elub. But you might be “hot” in Derr while I’m hot in Nerg and so we’re always 4-8 hours apart.
And there is some sweeping tail to this rumour: there might even be some (rather complicated) relatedness to succesfull hunting in the Jungle. I wont try and explain it here and now – for many reasons, one being this comlicatedness – but we will keep an eye on progressions & explanations if they arise.

Note that this might be a load of rubbish.

First: People are always trying to find patterns where there are none – its part of human nature. (Some hold a certain trap-check theory very dear, some tavel to break streaks, some sit out the bad redboxes and some travel to supposedly break bad streaks…)
Second: it raises doubtfull thoughts whether it’s do-able to actually program this complicatedness into the game. Without breaking the general randomness (luck) or anything else, that is: There are already enough problems with the programming that still need to be cleared (like the Horn problem mentioned earlier).

Then again… this rotating the Tribes might be something we can try out for ourselves ^^ Let us know about your experiences when you do try!

* Last but not Least… Kidnapping! o.o

We found a remarkable tiny remark in the Mailbag thread (gathering questions for FBF) by the famous author of ‘Underneath the Mousoleum’ Gary L. S.:
“I’m sorry, but I have captured She Who Must Not Be Named (But All Too Often Is), and am holding her and her blimp full of exotic traps, bases, cheeses, and new exciting accessories for ransom.”

I can tell you this is a rather serious bloke with huge writing talents that actually caused the Catacombs into existence! So we’d rather take him pretty serious and despair! O.o

Have you never heard about that Tale? Came on the game much later perhaps? @.0
The Moushunt Tale “Underneath the Mousoleum” can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/board.php?uid=36541128862#!/topic.php?uid=36541128862&topic=6239


= = = = = Section 4: Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Like the famous cheese, these cookies also come from the town of Gouda, brought to you by the Mibbler, with love: http://tinyurl.com/36bxj38

Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy to my pm-box :)


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