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Mibbler – 5

* Update on points-requirement for Molten Shrapnel Base:

Important information on the Molten Shrapnell Base has come out this weekend: You must have 18,000,000 points to craft this item. We found out as one sorry Knight reported:
“So, here I have all the stuff to craft the MSB & I go to craft it. I am all excited as you can imagine with all that work it took as a 9 % knight with 17,377,285 points to be able to get this far with no le goodies. I hit the craft button & I get a message that says: Sorry: You must have 18,000,000 points to craft this item.”

The wiki has been updated since. Source: http://tinyurl.com/msbpointsupdate


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Learning things about the King’s Stockade …

On friday our own Sharon, while doing great work for AN/AM, got locked in the King’s Stockade by accident. For those who do not know where or what that is: The King’s Stockade is the area you are transported unto when you are being accused of cheating (botting is one reason).
Sharon was really surprised: “it turns out you only get an error message when you try to access the app after you have been ‘banned’”. She needed her friends to tell her she was in Stockade.
Sharon says: “I was released immediately as soon as I contacted the developers to question it. I was put into the Stockade on Friday due to a CS error.”
CS-errors may have to do with ‘people running scripts’, as vague as that may be we just dont know more about it. The most disconcerting thing about the whole situation is that obviously mistakes ARE being made, and what if you are not a well-known mousehuntress?

During the weekend another well known hunter decame locked in the Stockade and again many of us couldnt believe it! The devs have looked into the reasons fo his ban as soon as they were in on monday-duty and he was freed!
Nevertheless a hot debate was being had over the weekend, about showing support or not and whether a hunter wont be in Stockade if not for good reasons. Clearly not all there are in for good reasons and it can happen by mistake! But the sides were showing the good old belly-reasoning ‘where smoke is…’and the other one: “Not Guilty until prove” – this last one being a ground rule in some civilisations around the world.

Let’s learn this about the Stockade-process: The process of being put into Stockade is with high probability fully automated. Computers make errors! The developers are not aware of who is being banned until we tell them. Only then can it be sorted whether you (or anyone else) has been put there for good reasons / cheating.

Source: sorry, Justin’s rather heated, & even Sharon’s rather neat support threads in Tavern have been removed by the forum police.

* More titbits about ‘Trap weakness’

There is a fairly difficult thread on the Mousehunt Forum trying to figure out whether the changes from mouse-type to trap-weakness in MHv3 have actually made it easier for hunters. Its rather technical in that discussion at times, but those who are interested can go here: http://tinyurl.com/mouseweaknessdiscussion

As we reported in the last Mibbler: Luck has been left out when the trap weakness shows a mouse is moderate for your setup! And so is cheese! As Judy found out while trying to rotate cheese and see whether it made a difference. Cheese determines attraction, not whether you’ll catch it. The trap weakness message the game gives you, really really only just gives you the trap strength versus the mouse strength.

ps: source for Judy’s observations is within MhHitM: http://www.facebook.com/board.php?uid=29224005666

* Balacks Cove Tactics?

While playing around with them trap weaknesses, Judy has also discovered that the Derr Lich and Nerg Lich are both rated as “very difficult” using the ABT/Tribal. The Elub Lich is listed as “Overpowering” with the same trap setup. Plus this almost logically coincides with he Elub Lich for her being the most difficult one of the three to catch.

Is the Elub Lich the strongest and so hard to catch? An uncrackable nut? Or will there be a possible strategy for it to be caught? Like chocolate can lure me anytime of day? Now which trap can we use for that one Lich that is eluding us?
I do swear by the Acronym and only have returned to the ABT when hunting for Balack. But am i right with this?

Ehm: generally its hard hunting in the Cove ^^ And should we use Acro or ABT? On the Forum hunters are wondering too and asking a(r/b)ound… like in this thread: http://tinyurl.com/covetactics

– to be continued –

* Endless supply of metal scrap -threads… and variations:

Occasionally we see the hopes of them hunters in Cats go rising, and then again despairing, over something completely other then Scrap! Here is an example:
“Dear Mr Keeper Mouse, I apologise for saying i hated you yesterday. It is just that 140 of you have now visted me without briging the pages with you. Please could you ask one of your friends to do this soon i would be very greatful :-) Was signed: Rachel W.”.

* FG times?…@.#

Oh yes, the FG timer is way off!
Or another way to say the same thing: FG is as wonky as it has never been before! O.o
It doesnt even help if you go check the thread of the forum about the FG times, it’s just unpredictable.


==== Rumours, Speculations & Opinions ====

* Longtails on swiss!

Judy dropped in some more to tell us this: “I’ve caught THREE Longtails in the Windmill today! Hadn’t caught any yet so this is a nice surprise. Still using swiss and have caught 3 new ones in the Meadow and three so far at the Windmill.

* Another use for the huge amounts of Coal?

From the extensive hunting in Cats and thus the truckloads of Coal in some hunters inventorys, suspicions are being born. Very creative suspicions they be :) A possible new base could be made out of them ingredients, go check the thread in the Ideas-section: http://tinyurl.com/diamondbase

ps: Some other hunters: are plainly planning a barbeque ^^

* Speculations about Dave’s ‘new trap parts’

Many speculations resulted from the ‘Dave’s made new trap parts’ mentioned by Franco in FBF last friday. Trevor Hastings even tried to solve two questions at once as his solution tries to be the new trap component AND be a A Staggeringly Simple Solution To High Market Prices!

Q: How do we fix this [absurd high market prices]?
A: Have an in-game item available that people will want to buy over and over at their own pace: Cheesy Scent and Trap Polish.

Cheesy Scent adds 2% attraction to your setup FOR ONE HUNT and costs 1000 gold. Trap Polish adds 300 power to your trap FOR ONE HUNT and costs 3000 gold. Read more about it in the Ideas section: http://tinyurl.com/trappolish

… Its pretty amazing how many and how many good ideas hunters have for future mousehunt-development! Its also pretty amazing the amount of and diversity in Mousehunt-fiction that is being created by mousehunters around the world! New stories are being born every week. Some year-old ones still being udated.

* Last but not Least… a sequel to the Kidnapping o.o

Remember that rather serious bloke with huge writing talents that claimed he had kidnapped She Who Must Not Be Named (But All Too Often Is)?! He is now asking a Ransom from us!

“She Who Must Not Be Named (But All Too Often Is) has been captured and is being held for a reasonable ransom. Everyone who wants her to arrive must pay a portion of the total.
If this ransom is not paid within one week, the blimp will be destroyed, along with any new traps, bases, cheeses, or trap accessories found on board (after I take mine).
The very reasonable ransom, divided among the entire MH communitay, will hardly bother you at all. For only 1,500,000 Super/brie + cheese, and a measly 16,000,000 gold, I almost garantee that normal trading will resume within your lifetime.
The amount will go up every day until I get a proper response, ie, partial payment.”

The Mibbler has done some inquieries and the kidnapper Gary let us know: “I’ve had 4 partial payments so far”. And that he ‘doesnt fall for any gold-painted slugs’!
Ofcourse these few payments wont by long and far ever be enough. Gary himself is taking further action to raise our awareness, he send a message to another famous outrageouse Mousehunt-fiction writer that crossed the soap-reailty-border at times:

Public Message from Gary L S. to Dan S.:

“Hi, Dan! I hope you’ve still got Bryan’s 11th toe on ice. I need to convince people that I really did capture She Who Must Not Be Named, and your old blimp. A character witness by the kidnapper of Bryan would go far towards that goal. If you wouldn’t mind, just pop in here and testify (perjure yourself blind) that I have indeed captured her, and am holding her for ransom.”

O.o …We are so worried now!

ps: Did you miss the start of this sequel? Go read Mibbler no.4.


= = = = = Section 4: Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Instead of cookies, we give you: Cheesy creativity! ;x No this is not the famous swiss Fondue, and it might be a tough one to actually bite off, but it’s too cute to withhold: http://tinyurl.com/tastycheeses

Bon Appetit!
– Thanks Wesley for sharing this! –

Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy to my pm-box :)

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