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Mibbler – 7

“Zugzwang’s Tower Sneak Peek and Feedback”

The fabulous devs have done it again! They have listened to what was a clear and loud voice coming from the community. Yes :)

But i wont report the full news before having told the things that led to it…
Here’s some of the Forum buzz of the past days:


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* High Rank hunters are ‘Baffled’ and spoke up, loud & clear

Kathryn Ch. has expressed what an estimate of 30% of all hunters (being rank Knight and up) are experiencing in the game at the moment: Kathryn is no less then Baffled at the Zugzwang’s Tower going to be a Heroes area, as there is already so much ‘to do’ for Heroes. And we all know lower ranked players, who are having a hard time dealing with so many challenges at once. It is actually overwhelming for some.
The main point of Kathryn’s writings for which many hunters show support is this: Creating a new area for the higher levels would improve the game as a whole. There is a huge need of a new area for Knight and up ranks.

For a long time, the end-level players have been quietly waiting for an area and a challenge worthwhile to them in the game. We did hear them grunting now and again. But they have eloquently broken their silence in this long and growing thread that is nevertheless worth reading: source: http://tinyurl.com/baffledknightplus

While the thread unfolds – and gets a lot of rich and well stated reactions – lots of solutions are being suggested by players. The cry for Tourneys come-back being amongst those. Lots of analyses are being given as well. Kathryn: “The thing is that the game dynamic suddenly changes once you reach Lord/Lady level. All of a sudden all the forward progression stops. Where previously you ranked up to access a new area now you just rank up. Where previously you continued forward to a new level and new part of the story, now you have to back track and revisit old areas and set your own goals. Players are left in limbo to entertain themselves. And this is a BIG shift from how the game works at every previous level.”

Dev Dave popped in to acknowledge the importance of the thread, but he had little time and said nothing new. Oh yes, there was this tiny bit: he said that the game is slinking… which might mean its losing players, or it is not growing and not attracting any new players anymore. Again lotsa ideas, analyses and solution-wise, were being shared by players on this titbit possible-slip-of-the-tongue. Hunters pointed out that the game is losing high-ranked players and that this might be bad-pr and in need of attention as much as there is need to tend the early stages of the game.

To pick just one more of the many brilliant ideas out of the easyily-a-2-hour-good-read-thread: Pooflinger’s Paul H. thinks new areas is not the only thing that is needed: “I think it might be useful to see more focus on facilitating secondary goals – goals not vital to progression in game play. Secondary goals take time, you can’t rush through them, they keep you playing in an area for a long time, not just grinding for points or gold.” As examples fo secondary goals he mentions: Catch 217 / 217 mice, Join the Century Club, possible future collector’s badges…
Paul: “All of these secondary challenges don’t require new “content”, but they do foster a sense of achievement. Subsequent to these secondary challenges communities form. Using the Century Club as an example again (…) people on here are saying it’s keeping them interested and active – that’s exactly what the Devs need to encourage.”

All participants were hoping, and some were sure, the devs would react to this thread and its main points made, in Feedback Friday.

* Spontaneous Profile Pics …

The ‘I am baffled-Knight plus’-thread mentioned above coincided with a spontaneous change in profile pictures – which are mainly expressing: ‘higher ranked & forgotten’ or ‘give us a knight+ area or…’. This all turned into a little competition-thread a little later: ”Give them a new Knight+ area or…” pic contest!

See some examples in these albums: http://tinyurl.com/profpicsalbum
Or go directly to the thread: http://tinyurl.com/knightplusprofpics

* Hitgrab gripped by internet failure

Jacob Johnson wrote: Internet is impossible to work with today @.@ … Good thing I don’t need it to paint!

O.o … But this did mean FBF was cancelled!

ps: Luckily the devs have more means of communicating…


==== Friday NEWS from the Devs ====

* “Zugzwang’s Tower Sneak Peek and Feedback”

From the devs newspost: “For the past several weeks, Jacob has been busy preparing the artwork for the launch of Zugzwang’s Tower. By popular demand, we’re releasing a teaser of what’s to come.
We’ve also noticed the community’s frustration in the lack of areas for players ranked above Knight. Zugzwang’s Tower was initially designed for Heroes; not quite complex enough to challenge higher ranks. However, as the area became finalized and early play-testing began, it turned out to be more challenging than we thought!

Due to the abundant feedback asking for higher ranked areas, combined with how this new area turned out during play-testing, we have decided it is best suited with the title requirement of Lord/Lady.”

= And so Zugzwang’s Floating Island has been spotted far off our shore, slowly creeping towards the Kingdom’s land. Those of brave Lord/Lady rank and above soon should prepare for the oncoming battle against hostile mice wielding the Tower’s magic against us! =

Do look at that Tower’s sneak peek, and possibly give your feedback on some of the devs questions in their post: http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/newspost.php?news_post_id=23


==== Rumours, Speculations & Opinions ====

* A new MHpaper? What name shall it be called?

As some of us already know, MHU (Mousehunt University) is planning a Journalism Team that will write a MH newspaper. The writers/artists are ready, but THERE’S NO NAME!What should this paper be called? Editions of the paper will be posted on both MHU and the Tavern. The person’s suggestion who gets picked will win… 50k and 50 SB+!

source: http://tinyurl.com/newmh-mhu-paper

* What Hunter-type are you? :D

In that same ‘rich’ Baffled-Knights-plus-thread it was mentioned on several occasions that there are different types of players, mainly with different goals in mind. Now what type might you be? Go read below and when your cheeks go red and you suddenly have a clear opinion, you have arrived at your very own mousehunttype!

1. Point hunter

You are in need of different ways of racking up points: say, a more consistent point scoring area paired to a lower point scoring area with one or two rare mice that give huge points or drop vital loot. You need to decide which strategy they should employ otherwise, even to you, its just a silly clicking game.

2. Silhouette collector

You need regular thrustworthy content releases as a hunter. You have no objections to other mousehunt-types rewards. You loose confidence and motivation when going without the shadow-fulfillment for extended periods.

3. Competitor

Bring back tournaments – you cry! Plus you would like a framework where hunters can create their own tournaments, selecting prizes, length, mice, etc.

4. Collector

You would not object to bringing the MH Century Club in game. You love that the collected goodies are now visible and you can compare Inventorys. The introduction of a ranking/badge system for specific collections would be so nice.

5. Extinctionist

You want to catch as many of a certain breed as possible. And you get a warm flush from these possible scoreboards: Mojo leaders, Acolyte leaders, White Mouse leaders, etc.

6. A Chef

You are always searching for undiscovered and unannounced traps/bases/etc in the game: continuously trying new recipes, as well as partially announced ones like the MSB from time to time. They could have an event where the first 100 (or 1,000,000) people to craft a trap can use it, or to make it extra hard: switch the quantities around for each individual unit.

ps: You a discoverer?

For bringing in and naming any new type of mousehunter still undiscovered, and giving a viable breed-description, you can earn a bonus of 10 sb+
Go post it here in the Mibbler’s thread! :D

Main source: http://tinyurl.com/baffledknightplus, page 11, post of types by Matt T.

* New and fruity, hunting area full of vitamins…

Go hunt and get yourself a wonderfull good hunter’s health with one of these:
1. Pineapple Sensei Mouse
2. Master of Pineapple Mouse
3. Hapless Pineapple Mouse

Look at these lovely crunchable vitamin-rich mice coming to you from the Pineapple Chamber! >> http://tinyurl.com/pineapplePC

* Last but not Least:

Dont forget the weekly AN/AM Random Gift of Gold or Random Gift of Sb+!

The weekly AN/AM Random Gifts of Gold and Random Gifts of Sb+ Lotteries -threads open for posting your ‘ticket’ every MONDAY (or there about) on the group discussion board: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20120423197


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Hey i found a little nice cheesy snack :)
Here’s some for you too: http://tinyurl.com/pcpineapplecheese

And ehm, the Baklava from last edition is still going strong in being delicious! ^^

Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)


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