Originally started as 'the Archives', Mibbler-Mousehunt News now gets published here.

Mibbler – 12

As a reporter I couldn’t have picked a worse time for going on a holiday!

As a mousehuntress it was an interesting experience trying to catch up on the information after three weeks and two major mousehunt-updates: To try to de-riddle all the capital shorts for traps and mice, to actually be confronted with a truckload of info while not being able to go in there and see for myself and thus get the hang of it. All phrases thrown at me seemed a little abstract….

Anyways. I did get a Heat Bath Blueprints in my first Dragon’s Chest and innocent as i was posted the Fact to my FB-page. Then immediately got jumped by a mousehunt mob! Seems that Heat Bath is stubbornly hiding in some chests and rather scarce.

And thus i got grabbed and sucked into mousehunt-life again… Yes, I missed you! ^.^

* Important Notice

I am not going to report backwards in time. Trying to be complete or cover it all, is an ominous task in mousehunt. In MHHITM there is an excellent FAQ and two wonderfull chat-threads on the new areas. The FAQ is here: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=29224005666&topic=15666&post=108059
And yes ;) do take a look at the flowchart-link in there ^^

Next to that, THE Guide to Mousehunt (of old!) has also written an excellent chapter for newcomers to the Seasonal Garden and Zugzwangs Tower. (Who would have thought i would again, after all these months, rely on my old friend of my Apprentice-times?)
Source: http://guidetomousehunt.wordpress.com/walkthrough/rodentia/zugzwangs

But all news and almost all threads are about the new updates. Which means i shall have to talk about the stuff anyways. ^^
So here goes:

==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Seasonal Garden – very short recap

First of all: an amazing art-work has been done on drawing these new mice :) It’s a pleasure to meet them! Nice touch is this: the header image changes for every season.

The season changes every 80 hours (spreadsheet for the times of change in mak’s FAQ). Each season has a weakness: Winter – Hydro; Summer – Tactical; Fall – Shadow; Spring – Physical. You need to get the 4 seasonal keyshards, one from each season to craft a Key and get allowed to enter the Tower.Buy the Pinchers before entering the Tower: they are needed for your initial Tower hunting and you wouldnt wanna lose your amplifier by going back for them, would you?

@.O Amplifier? What’s an Amplifier? Well, i learned this: as long as you dont see one on your page, you dont need to worry about one at all!

* Zugzwang’s Tower – very short recap

In the Garden you build your amplifier. Get it to max. before entering the Tower. Chase and catch 8 pawns, using the Pinchers/woodenbase/sb+ or Pinchers/targetbase/gouda. Each time you catch a mouse, or fail to attract, your Tower Amplifier’s charge decreases. After catching 8 pawns, go use a stronger Trap as you will now attract the stronger Zug-mice. I have already seen the return of the Gingerbread House Surprise, the Giant Speakers seem to be doing fine as does the HVMT, and ofcourse many use the new trap: the First Zugzwang’s Move.

Make sure you don’t leave the Tower before you catch a King, or drain your Amplifier. When you leave, your progress and your Amplifier will be set back to zero! Because of this amplifier, you are aiming to attract on every hunt, as an fta means your amplifier decreases and so reduces your chance of making it all the way.

Try catching mice of the Mystic kind all the way, or Technic all the way. The sooner you get to one of the Kings the higher your amp will still be and the bigger your chances of completing the run. Actually it is: the sooner you catch a Queen the better, as it is She who needs the high amp to be caught. The King is hiding behind the Queen, as usual, and not a strong mouse at all :p

Part two of the Tower’s hunting is all about using the Loot you got from the King in your first run, for crafting a better Trap or Base, or for crafting the special cheese needed for getting a Chess master. By then you will be no newby in this area anymore and you wont need any of my short recaps, so this is where i leave you to it for now…

pssst: I’ve seen it suggested that it’s best to switch to a very low power trap for the king so that you can still catch it but not lower your amp by catching other pieces. As after catching the King you might still want to try for a Chess master… But i obviously havnt tried it yet! :o

* MHHITM-Winners for MHCC-Zugzwang’s Tower Bet

It started with this call: “Do you think you have what it takes? Do you have the stay-ability? Just how bad do you want the first 100 in the upcoming area? When Zugzwang’s Tower opens, the race to get the first 100 of any of the NEW mice that are IN the Tower is on.” This meant you were going to participate in a comp where no one “really” knew what it would be like, except that it would take a while. I can tell you this ended up being a fantastic race, right up till the last minute!

Even out in the fields where i was having my biking- and camping- (and rain-) fix, rumour ran that a MHHITM-member was holding top-position for many hours! Other desperate hunters were wondering how Martin K. did this?!? They were struggling with all new information and keeping up the amplifier.
About his luck and/or strategy Martin had to say this: “I was lucky to have checked the newspost before moving to the tower… I was actually allready on the travelpage when I hesitated and checked first so had a pincher all along and then never went for a king and hardly any sleep LOL.”

There must have been more secrets to his long lead, and somebody here on MHHITM might have deciphered and copied them all, as in the very end Martin was beaten by our beloved and re-awakened Queen of Competition…
At the very last, and with a splendid lucky-run, Mildred Ann Koh beat Martin to catching the very first 100th mouse inside the Tower.

I must emphasis its no good losing sleep over a game! :p But we are still very proud of our top-hunters. :o)

Besides that i heard the best price in this competition was this one: Many new mousehunt-friends were made :)

* Last Friday:

Just before Feedback Friday was on, news came out that the Spellbook Base has been crafted! Stats are incredible! But it needs many many parts… Source: http://bit.ly/9il38X

From Feedback Friday this news comes: “Mobster re-release hopefully in September. If tests well, expect an event to celebrate the release.”

There’s also something about smart Loot drops: “When you encounter a ChessMaster, the drops are based on what is in your inventory. If you have the obvious ambush, you are more likely to get torn pages than a droid jetpack since you have no need for a droid jetpack.”

Source: http://bit.ly/940P8E

* Unique possible Glitch on not losing Progress when travelling out of Tower

Sharon S. read a theory on the boards that if the amp drops to zero, you’ll get kicked out but the progress won’t reset. She wrote: “I figured that it might be worth trying, so I just continued to drain the amp. It hit zero, but i wasn’t kicked out. After one more hunt I left the ZT myself and went back to the garden. But it was still Winter and I was getting too many misses, so I moved to the Cats to work on farming coal/scrap some more. When the season turned to Spring, I returned to the SG and filled my amp. With a full (160%) amp, I went back to the Tower and was surprised that the progress I left with was still there! Instead of using a pincher, I’m using my 2010 trap, and the first hunt was a Technic Bishop mouse!”

This unique experience is currently being tested by Erik DB and Martin K. Martin has gone in with less then the full amp, but lost all progress. Erik is still building his to full. Its looking like a glitch, but we are awaiting Erik’s results!

* Zugzwang’s Left Sock in Marketplace

Zugzwang’s Left sock is actually the Chessmaster’s sock… Zugzwang’s sock has stars and moons on it. But why is it in the marketplace? According to FBF, there are some carefully placed hints in the different descriptions that indicate what the sock is all about. And it is a rare collectible they wanted to test out for the marketplace. Apparantly nobody is selling it yet ^^


==== Rumours, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Speculations about Blackstone Pass and Obvious Ambush

Actually the Tower is a piece of real chess-work, strategy-wise. This means there is still a lot to uncover and finetune in our approach. One example: a lot of debate is going on whether to max power or luck at the different stages of hunting, the reasoning goes like this: “You dont wanna max your luck as you dont wanna attract the opposite chess pieces…”
But? but? luck has no effect on attraction right! To me it’s all rather confusing.

Hunters with the Obvious Ambush Trap or the Blackstone pass traps are still supposed to use the Pinchers when hunting Pawns in the early stages of entering the Tower. But there are other storys recorded: “Actually, my last time up the Tower I used it on pawns through rooks, inclusive. I only switched to the 2010 for luck when my amplifier got below 100. I used the 2010 for the Queen, King and Master. Didn’t bother with the Pinchers at all that last round.”

Some discuss the need for the new OA and BP traps against the new ZFM, which basically boils down to this: Once you have the pawns (of whichever set you have chosen to hunt), ZFM is fine, but the OAT and BP traps give you an extra edge up to the queen because they will catch less pieces of the opposite type (provided you use a low luck base) meaning you won’t lose as much multiplier.
p.s. to this all: For some hunters amongst us, even the Pinchers are for now a total joke as they keep catching the ‘wrong’ side Pawns.

Once up to the queen you need (depending on level of amp) the power of the ZFM plus magma base or similar. This makes the OA and the BP traps possibly an expensive pair of traps, as you only use them for short periods between Pawns and Queens. But again: this ‘verdict’ is not final!

Also the effectiveness of the traps against tower mice might be higher than that of ZFM, giving you a higher catch rate. But we have too little stats to be sure about this. Hunters are speculating about this in this interesting thread: http://bit.ly/c6aOXv
Do go see the spreadsheet on Trap effectiveness mentioned in there… All still work in progress!

We are not done yet weighing the pros and cons, so keep on testing, reporting and trying. The Mibbler will try to report on it again.

* Scrap metal from the Steel mouse valid strategy?

For those still wanting scrap for whatever reason… you might wanna know that it is exceedingly rare to obtain scrap metal from steel mice. Plus it undermines the number of radioactive potions you obtain in the long run. Which would be not benificial to lower rank hunters trying to already get some while preparing for Cats. (In this last case: Just use a high luck set up and not the DDB.)
Source: http://bit.ly/cvQ71f

* Big Bad not so Bad?

“Where this mouse goes, a trail of churned-up earth follows, collapsing anything sitting on top of it”
However this beast was recently trapped by a very lucky Mousehunter of Master Rank, who from his profile, counts the hastily assembled Swiss Army Mouse Trap as his strongest weapon. A few hunts later the same hunter also acquired the Shredded Furoma Map Piece from a Mole Mouse. The Triple B was also kind enough to leave behind a slab of Ohnoesium.
Source: http://goo.gl/Fk46

* Somebody is holding the record for Not catching Balack…

It might be Trish H., who -when i last checked before my holidays- had 107 Derr Lichs, 103 Elubs, 83 Nerg and 972 Pigmys … used 246 VVS and 18 misses. And NO catches. By now Trish says this to you: “Keep going, you will get him eventually, might help to know that I used about 250-260ish VVS before I got mine :)”

Ofcourse some others in mousehunt are still Nugget-less, same kind of tragedy that we should not forget about.

* What was the biggest Whine these days? :?

I dived into the Whine-section and although many had a tough mouse that is still missing… the main Whine with the most postings was about the ‘balance’ between Gouda and sb+ in the Zugzwang areas. Again the users of sb+ have a clear advantage, even said to be twice or thrice as fast in building the amplifier. Not yet to speak about the difference the use of sb+ makes when hunting in the Tower.
I must say it looks like every new area is being conquered by hunters with sb+ first. Sometime after there will be brave and explorative ones that dare go find the trick to it all and find out which cheeses one can use as well. I remember that not too long ago in the Gauntlet… Anyhow: one can catch a Chessmaster on Gouda. It’s been done.

And do pay attention to the hunters in ZugzwangsTower that even dare use brie! And caught a Queen using brie!
Source: http://bit.ly/cyWapI

* Last but not Least: the Ancient Bed Trap

R**** is planning on selling this trap on her next visit, it’s for anyone who failed to catch the Acolyte Mouse – but in my opinion it might attract many of the other hard ones as well ^^ we all need to sleep dont we?!
Here it is: http://bit.ly/aIAFp4

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Martin K. for giving me a crashcourse in Zugzwang-hunting.
And Thanks to Jane B. for ‘borrowing’ her excellent phrasing on the amplifier.

The cookies this time, are specially for the ones that have not caught an Acolyte yet, or a Balack, and for the ones that did not go to Zugzwangs garden or tower yet… and ofcourse for the ones that are losing sleep over the game:
Enjoy the Dream Cookies! – http://bit.ly/ad3Slu

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.


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