Originally started as 'the Archives', Mibbler-Mousehunt News now gets published here.

Mibbler – 14

Hello Hunters and Huntresses, not much new in the game today. But there is a truckload of community-news: what is everybody talking about?!
Sorry to say: main bulk of all threads are about the Zugzwang’s areas. But i found some diamonds in between… and there has been a new mousehunt-story written and admitted to this Mibbler!

==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Page-Loading problems, mainly for FireFox-users

A time-period during sunday to monday was characterized by Mousehunt- & FB-pages not loading well. For example the Friends and Travel pages, but also the Personal Message-page. This was all mainly Firefox related. Using another browser was a solution.

While waiting for these page-loads failing, i noticed a new webadress where all the loading did come from: www.Mousehuntgame.com.

Me, i am very curious whether this change might have to do anything with the page-load-failings… But well, nowadays, if you dont want to, you dont need to play the game through Facebook and see all Facebook-Jungle stuff at all. There is this site to go to: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/ and it has no FB-header. A relief to some perhaps :p

* ASG + Gouda in Winter is pointless

Haha! Didnt we see that title in Fall as well? Boring to have almost the same threads, isnit it? Nonetheless I will pick the tasty bits out of it for you:

The discussion started off with succes being all about attraction and using target base with ASG/Gouda. After that its quickly being concluded that Heat Bath wont make that much of a difference: “Heat Bath doesn’t have an attraction bonus so i don’t think it will necessarily make it that much easier to use gouda.” (Aaron M.)

Somebody had this experience: “Has anyone else noticed that Brie is the exact same as gouda? I’ve used 70 pieces and have found NO difference in attraction. Might as well save 400 gold each time you hunt, seriously. I didn’t believe it at first until I switched to it….”

There’s some numbers to go with this latest experience, proving there is not just one hunter experiencing this, for the numbercrunchers amongst us: http://bit.ly/auIs1s
The spreadsheet concludes: there is no point to use gouda in the gardens, the attraction rate of brie is pretty much the same

one example of a source: http://bit.ly/cCLkvZ

* Kraken vs ASG vs Heat Bath?

Some hunters dont wanna hear anything about a Heat Bath anymore. Others are really wondering which Hydro weapon will be the bestes. Thats including me. Cause my Heat Bath seems to need an extensive warming up period. Causing me to gather wood to build a huge fire for it… ;p

But the answers for comparing the traps, as far as we have a clue by now, are no longer in black and white. There is no simple answer, at least not yet.

Will the answer be this? >> “The extra 4 luck that the kraken (when paired with a high luck base) has over the heat bath (when paired with a high power base) is more important than the 800 power advantage the heat bath has when regarding c/r, at least in regards to the relatively weak mice of elub.”
Will it be this? >> “Kraken has over 25% more luck than the heat bath whereas the heat bath has around 25% more power than the kraken. Depending on the strength of mouse you are hunting then I expect one will be slightly better than the other – but I expect their c/rs ultimately to be almost equivalent.”
And what about this? >> “You will see that HB beats Kraken for 3 hydro mice, Silth, Hydra and Elub Chieftian. Kraken/mag is better against all other hydro mice.”

source: http://bit.ly/bqSlVc

* Mousecounts being off and hand-corrected by the devs… ??

Somebody thought he had a very good record of Spiders caught: 2404. That is an amazing number indeed. But lately quite a few hunters’ profiles are obviously showing glitched mice totals. And it was calculated by others that this count was not possible and that this amount of spiders must be a glitch. After some debate and reasoning, the record of 2404 Spiders has been designated a result of the King’s Crowns glitch. From the debate comes this:

There is a “small percentage of players” that Dave talked about during the last FBF whose mice totals have been affected. It happened the day the Crowns were implemented, and just for half a day or so before the devs fixed it. Mostly, these players have drastically more of one or two breeds of mice, in the areas that they were hunting in at the time of the glitch. There are people who have 13,000+ steel mice! Dave said they’re fixing this manually, so it’ll take a little time. Before things are fixed though, I think we have to be a little cautious about everyone’s mice totals.

Opinions differ on whether the devs will actually come through on what they promised: that they are slowly manually fixing everyone’s mouse count. It might be a rather complicated undertaking (mind you the amount of players there are in the game alone!)

source: pages 24- 26 of http://bit.ly/czF4fG – The Unofficial Official “Top Hunter for Each Breed” Record Book

* Radioactive Blue cheese in AR catchings

Jane alerted the Mibbler radar to pick up the fact that she has been catching not just white and grey mutated mice but also golem and gate guardian with acronym / radioactive blue cheese in the AR…
Mibbler has seen it with its own eyes: Very handy for when these mice are your next target for the Silver Crowns ^^

* Combined FG & SG Timer

The maker of the new timer unnecessary apologises: “The formatting may look a little large, but was done on purpose for viewing on the iPhone (which I most often hunt from).” But my eyes like it :)

Note that you can pick your own time zone at the very top of the page (web version) or bottom of the page (spreadsheet version) and then bookmark it, and it will provide you your own countdown timer for the Forbidden Grove and Seasonal Garden.

source: http://bit.ly/cOI03j

* Pssst: there is Hope!

For whoever wants a bronze crown or just 1 of the species: The Hope mouse is in the Calm Clearing right now! As is your reporter… :)

==== Rumours, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Desperate Scrap hunter calls out…

Collecting Scrap, the 200 we all need for the new Molten Base… will take us somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks of hunting. So one hunter in Cats called out: There HAS to be a faster way of collecting scrap metal!!

Same question may be asked for Coal. Sorry to say. There isn’t.

source: http://bit.ly/91ch7s

* Determination

I remember seeing this thread when it was first posted. Scarlet Vox had decided to build the Unchristened Ship using loot drops only. I was a little sceptical: Surely no one could have that amount of patience and will power?
However, 10 long weeks later, and Scarlet is still going strong :) She has all the scrap metal she needs along with 799 splintered wood, 16 rope and 7 bolts of cloth. This means she still needs 101 splintered wood, 84 rope and 63 bolts of cloth – or less cause she’s been at it since i spotted this!

Surely this is the most determined and persistent MouseHunter ever?

source: http://cut.gd/QxkN

* The sock mystery has been unraveled!

The sock has indeed been sold for 25 mill! :o The thread were the seller and the buyer both posted to admit their acts, adn to actually meet for the first time, has mysteriously dissappeared. (It was in the news section and probably a mod had decided that’s no ‘news’.) Thats a pity because it was a nice exchange of doubts and mutual feelings…

Another sock-thread elsewhere on the forums (but not quite as nice) half proving it was indeed sold: http://bit.ly/b2OsZn

* Last but not Least:
A sequel to the Zugzwang’s stories… :)

A few weeks ago, two earlier stories related to Zugzwang were being released in the Mibbler. A new and elegant inside-the-Tower story has now been written by Judy Rapp… Enjoy!

The weary huntress, having hunted for most of the year, finally managed to fit the strange shards together. She gazed at the impenetrable Tower where she had been shipwrecked for all this time, living on a diet of wild greens and fish, with a steady diet of ash-roasted mice. No wonder she was so very tired with that diet, she would have committed murder for a loaf of bread. She wriggled the shape into the strange lock on the Tower door and it fitted. With a noiseless shiver, the heavy oak door opened just enough to allow her to enter, then horrified, she heard the click as it closed behind her. Frantic, she tried to get out, but she was trapped. Scurrying noises seemed to vanish round the corner whichever way she turned.

In a corner, she discovered a Knight on a horse, metal, covered in cobwebs, but it gleamed where she wiped the mess away; he was rather dashing, actually, with a feather, still immaculate, in his helmet. She slid it along the chequered floor and investigated it more closely, she could see a mechanism existed and it seemed to move easily, without any oil.What in Gnawnia could it be? Suddenly she realised how it worked, it was a beautiful trap. She armed the trap, hunting in her pouch for some cheese, but could only find the special cheese which she kept on her person to prevent it’s being stolen. She placed a tiny piece on the superbrie on the place and the mechanism hummed softly. The humming seemed to attract the scurriers and with a PHUT, the rodent was captured and gone. Wow.

Over the course of the next two days, she discovered that the weaker mice succumbed first, but as the concentration of weaker mice was lowered, the bigger, stronger mice appeared to be attracted to the trap and PHUT… disappeared. The mice were acting very oddly, never treading on the lines and always moving in a set pattern… how interesting. One tall mouse kept on flitting straight for the trap, straight past it, or so it seemed, but when the huntress looked, the cheese was gone. When almost all her cheese had disappeared and the spring on the trap seemed to be getting looser and not as effective, a huge, grand mouse came to her trap, moving by teleportation from one square of the floor to an adjoining square, moving all around the area next to the trap then PHUT… the King vanished and, with a shimmer, the Tower seemed to dissolve and reform itself with the huntress outside its walls again.

She sank to her knees in gratitude, rested a few minutes and then went to the stream which had provided her with water. She drank deeply. then turned towards her camp, when she noticed that she had not come back alone, there was a shiny crystal and a lump of what looked like dough, but smelt somewhat cheesy. She put both in her pouch, not wanting to trust the unknown to her stomach before she had tested it. Thankfully, her keep net still had some fish in it, so she prepared and ate dinner, then went to sleep, hoping that her dreams would show her what to do next.

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Judy Rapp for her wonderfull stories! :)
Thanks to Jane B. for her alert on the new mice in AR.

The cookies ….. ahem well, they were eaten by the Sock-Cookie-monster O.o

Oops. Here’s something to compensate for that:

* Mousehunt-Heroes passionate about food? or more precisely: cookies?

You can all go eat and bake some cookies, and please do share recipes! :) … in the new mhhitm “Real Food Recipes and Food Discussions”

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.


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