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Mibbler – 19

Hello mousehunters!

Truckloads of news this week, amongst which the update on the game last monday: since last monday the Raffle-systems is now fully operational. Which you have all noticed, i am having no doubt about that! What? You didn’t notice? You didn’t get any tickets to the Daily Raffle? At all?
Oh please do come to this MhHitM-thread to announce your willingness to experience the grand Raffle-tickets exchange: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=29224005666&topic=15875

But there is more, and without further ado, we jump right in:

* October is Newcomer Appreciation Month

MouseHunt is currently a featured application on the Facebook games dashboard. This means more novice hunters will be joining the community that may need a helping hand to understand the adventure that they’ve just embarked upon… The developers ask us all very nicely to give them a hand! Fr our convenience they have some suggestions as to ‘how’, you can find those in the news post:


* A day in the Life of a Mousehunter…

Next to that the developers need our help for making a splash screen poster fun thingumie that evolves around ‘A day in the Life of a Mousehunter’. They wanna hear from us how such a day looks, and preferable funny anecdotes or insights on how to Hunt while Real Life goes on…!
Wait a minute? Real Life goes on? What’s that all about? @.#

Clearly i am not suited for this… but if you’re interested in helping brainstorm, drop by this thread and post your ideas, suggestions or links to sketches:


* Frustrating Faults

As we all know nothing is perfect and even the most well planned situations can go wrong. Lately there have been rather a couple of glitches occurring throughout the game which the developers are aware of and in the process of getting fixed. These known bugs are:

# Crafting: There is a slight glitch in the crafting that if you have 0 amount of one of the items then the box will not open correctly. You will need to check your inventory and see what item you are missing.
# Cork boards: Some cork boards are being wiped occasionally – it can be restored by the support desk, go post your profile link the thread linked under this article.
# Kings and Masters: There is a glitch were the kings and Masters are showing in groups catch but not on the location catch.
# Rooks: Rooks are not always registering in the amp bar. They are registering in the system and it will not stop your progress.”

If you are having any of these issues please try not to panic. If you are having any other technical troubles, please remember to read through the ‘Community Support and Help Discussions’ board to see if anyone else is having the same problem before starting a new thread.

Here is the thread this information is taken from and where you can post your profile links if your cork board has been wiped:http://cut.gd/gk1N

* FBF: stapling the staplers staples

Feedback Friday took off with Giorgio being there and that generally means chaos ^^ He was stapling thin air and we got stuck at some point as the staples got stuck in the developers keyboard. Apart from this usual theatre, there were some highlights to report:

– Support is very busy at the moment. It may take some time to get back to you. Sorry bout that, but just so you know.
– Behind the scenes * huge disclaimer on the non-linearity of planning * Devs are working this month on gifting / gift of the day; price system (rebuilding it) + a then necessary try-out (!); new trap-components (are well on their way); and a fun Halloween-event.
– Do the Obvious Ambush and Blackstone Pass affect encounter-rates the same as the pinchers? Answer: No.
– Any more weekend/Monday events coming? Right now it has to be manually created >> needs better building = On the to do list.
– The Sandwich = just a collectible. Devs are still thinking up a fun way of getting it.
– The developers laid the groundwork for Tournaments and are ready to go on building Tournaments from there. Its a lotta work, so don’t expect anything soon, unless they find that Flash / Flex developer they are looking for. But they are working on it.
– And about that first Raffle draw (borderline experience for the game… ooo wobbly!): they sold 40.000 ballots in 5 minutes… No clue at the moment on how many Raffles are being sold.

Full out FBF review: http://bit.ly/daKYxZ


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* A Sandwich?

Ha! :) This caused some uproar on the boards early this week. Apparently new hunters, when finishing their training with Larry, became a Larry’s Sandwich. If you wanna know what’s that, go have a look:

The uproar was from higher level hunters, that feared they would go without one and even tried quitting Mousehunt and starting it again to try and get it. Oh we hunters do care about our game, don’t we ^^

* Battles and Scavenger hunts and self-organized Tourneys…

The Tournaments are still on the developers to do list luckily. In the mean time hunters are being creatively organizing battles and competitions and even Tournaments of their own to make the hunt extra-exciting:

# There was a Battle of the Groups that ran last weekend: there were 20 hunters per team who hunted for 4 hours, points were unknown but ranged from 1-20 points depending on difficulty and rarity of the mouse;
# The Mousehunt Century (MHCC) team that played in the Battle of the Groups had such a blast that we’re trying a 4 hour tourney for members this weekend;
# The MouseHunt Kitchen (MHK) did a Scavenger Hunt last Monday that turned out quit spectacular;
# The Ministry of Mice (MoM) naturally continues their many competitions for catching the most of a mouse. They had a ‘Monster Mash’ yesterday.

* Timerssss….

This is the latest link to the Mousehunt Timers all-in-one spreadsheet and it can now withstand many views at the same time, so re-bookmark this:


* THE Guide to Mousehunt: strategy page for Zugzwang’s Tower

The core news actually is that THE Guide is being updated again, although for now only for the new areas… i have not found evidence that the older areas are being adjusted yet. Check out new strategy page for Zugzwang’s Tower here:



==== Rumors, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Pillaging multiple pieces of bait?!

Did i miss something or is this pillaging of 3 or 4 and more cheeses by the mice truly new?!? Did the mice grow Pocketses? :? Oooh! And somebody lost 17 + 14 = 31 cheeses in two hunts! Ah, but that seemed to have do with the hunter using brie in Derr. From the reports it sure looks that hunters in Derr and the Seasonal Garden have been hit hardest.

source: http://goo.gl/4uP7 Pillaging multiple pieces of bait?!?! & …

* Gauntlet Discovery on Tier 5: Acronym possible!

MAK wrote – and we all know she doesn’t say such things lightly!: “I discovered I rather like using ACRONYM in Tier 5 rather than CoT.”
MAK experienced the same and even better catch-rates with the Acronym. As many of us still are trying to climb up the stairs of the Gauntlet, this is a rather useful experience… and is even better news to those that still not have the Clockapult of Time!


* OOO don’t we all miss the Pooflinger!

To answer our questions on stats and which trap or base will do better! But they have not yet come up to date with their information and technique. But the guy that used to help do the coding for the Furoma CRE, Log Summarizer, and Database had a baby and hasn’t been able to update it after longtail. Ofcourse we are very happy for him and his baby! :)

I was asking some of the other stat-loving-guys on the Forums whether they are thinking about starting something similar. Aaron M. said: “I’m always in contact with Paul H. and Nathan Y., ya. And there are some new people like Sam and Bill and Trevor that are always interested in predicting catch rates so we are all kind of an ad-hoc post-modern Pooflinger team but less organized but more productive and also more counter-productive!

This comes from the exchange in the thread about the following Question:

* Is the OAT better than ZFM against every technic mouse?

When solving that mystery, one can obviously check the effectiveness message when you equip different traps in tower. But the number-crunching guys do have something to say too, here Aaron’s words:

“No: ZFM stays moderate, while OA drops to challenging at 100% and difficult at 75%. This type of thing is why I’m taking so long to update my catch rate predictions. The way that the pincher, OA, and BSP bonuses interact with amplifier charge is very confusing!
Since the devs have been conflicting and vague in what they’ve said about that, and we just haven’t collected enough data yet to come up with a good model.”

The biggest problem with the catch rates is that they are skewed by the amp, and by luck and the Lucky Golden Shield, and by the rank-bonusus. Nevertheless, they do share their spreadsheets, for those who like to look into the details of these educated guesses. If you go look into these, please note that there are different sheets for the different amp-ranges:

Number-cruncher Spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/cigAv0

Thread source: http://bit.ly/aSEhtf

* New & Improved Log Summarizer for MHv3

Furoma’s Log Summarizer has been broken for awhile, and Nathan Y. created a new one from scratch that improves upon it and adds a few more features. And:
– It’s blazing fast. 10K-hunt logs that used to take minutes to process in Furoma’s log summarizer now take 1 second to process.- It automatically works for new regions and mice that are released. No more waiting for a manual update the Log Summarizer!- All loot drops are now listed, instead of just a selected few- The change in Tower Amplifier % is calculated if you insert logs from the Seasonal Garden or Zugzwang’s Tower- It works offline
– You can click a checkbox to open up a “Debug” window that shows a lot more information about your hunts.- There’s also a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox users that automatically pulls the data from the Hunter’s Journal and inserts it into the Log Summarizer (based off Furoma’s MouseHuntizer). This script also auto-detects if there’s a new version available.

This new Log Summarizer is still in beta testing, so please give it a test run. Comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvement/features are welcome!

Log Summarizer: http://www.hsuke.com/mhunt/Log_Summarizer.html
Info: http://www.hsuke.com/mhunt/MH
Log AutoLoader GM script:http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/85230

Thread source: http://bit.ly/agsfxe

* A perspective to the joys of the Spell Book Base

I am including this perspective, found on the Forums, just so you all know whether to hurry and obsess to get that new base, to whine on not being able to yet, or whether to just keep going and not to worry… I mean we wont want another Pub-Fight to break out, like it did last night over the plusses and bonuses of the Limited Edition Magma base, now do we? ^^

Edwin T. asked aloud: “Where is the Spellbook Base actually more useful than Magma? I know that for very high power mice (boss mice such as SOJO, Dragon, Balack, Acolyte) the Spell Book base is better, and in ZT since Power is the main modifier there… but is there anywhere else I’d want to use Spell Book over my Magma?From the looks of the spreadsheets, I don’t see where I would use it? In the FG Magma is better, and in BC Magma is better for Liches. So after all of the hard work of ZT – where are the practical places to use the SBB?”

In one breath he answered his own question: “Off the top of my head, other than boss mice and ZT, I can only think of going after the Derr Big 3… maybe the Elub big 3 as well.”

source: http://bit.ly/94DOPj

For the Kung Fu fighters amongst us that never get bored from the fierce reoccurring ‘it’s not fair’-threads (i sure did dive in ;o), here is the Pub Fight over the Magma base: http://bit.ly/aNbi5H

* The Poor man’s SG and ZT Strategy

What if you can’t afford the SB+ usage costs it takes to climb the tower/do the garden cycle? The clear formulated strategy of Jp R. tells you to: “Mix it up, in the long run you’ll save time and money.” It comes down to only using sb+ for hunting the Rooks and the Queen.

The number crunching minds evaluate the Poor Man’s Strategy thus: “If we all spent the 160 hours of fall and winter in Derr, and then bought SB with the gold we made, and used brie in spring and summer to charge the amp, you could probably do one tower run per week and at least break even.”

source: http://goo.gl/bRJo

* Balack without Pygmies? o.- Yes, it can be done!

Our congratulations go out to Morgan Walters for his incredible feat of capturing Balack the Banished without ever having to hunt for a single Pigmy Swarm! He used vanilla beans collected entirely from dragon’s chests – 10 chests in total.

source: http://cut.gd/D1tg

* For all our Shelder-lovers: The Insane Turtle Man

The newest video of the drawings of Jacob Johnson – THE Moushunt artist – is an image done for a Sketchoholic.com contest back in april. The challenge was to draw an insane turtle man on the spot; we had less than an hour. This is what Jacob came up with:


* Last but not Least: So this is why we have to use fancy traps……

If there was an award for the worst Mousehunter ever, we sure knew who to give it to! Take a look for yourself: http://bit.ly/bN4ylt … ;)

source: http://cut.gd/hYtC


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Phillip M. B. for posting the Timerssss newest link!

Todays cookies … will make number-crunchers out of all of you! :) Come, grab & eat/crunch em: http://bit.ly/aSbfYF

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the last Mibbler’s thread.


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