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Mibbler – 20

Hello Mousehunt Heroes! :)

Its been a week, and mainly that’s because i have written a Tavern Times on tuesday. I wont be able to keep up a paper on me own in the long run, and that is why i am investing in a group-effort.
We are still a too small team of editors on the TTT, even though we have the support of former Nibbler Doug, who guides us – giving a wide berth to all the pitfalls he ran into before. And the good news is: this week a new editor has joined the TTT and we just might come to be viable… Must say the new editor is not just anybody, so i am really happy with him, but i will keep it quiet until he ‘comes out’ himself ^^

I have been writing TTT’s before and doubled up articles inside the Mibbler. I will quit doing that now, and from now on just give you a link to my TTT-edition in between Mibbler’s. If you want to see tuesday’s one, its here: http://taverntimes.wordpress.com/ (edition 25).

I am planning to keep up a once a week Mibbler, mainly coming out on fridays or saturdays.

And i promise to paste the link to the review for this weeks Feedback-Friday underneath this Mibbler, when they are ready & available.

Known Mousehunt Issues – Official Thread

Something not quite right? Michele our Mousehunt Support person, has made a special thread for technical questions & it starts off some frequently asked questions that may help you solve your issue. The FAQ’s range from how to hunt from your mobile, through sb+-offer that went poof, to wrong time-stamps. The known issues range from wiped Journals, through crafting-problems, to the share-to-wall-feature currently not working.

Having a Question or problem, go check it out yourself: http://on.fb.me/9CcW5o


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

Mousehunt Newcomers Appreciation Month

I paid some attention to Newcomer Appreciation Month in the Tavern Times ed.25. And this Appreciation-month will for some of us mean they carry on business as usual, as many of us already help out newcomers and lower rank players… Although: even then one can think up a special effort, like the AN/AM does by organizing this:

In honor and support of “Newcomer Appreciation Month” the AN/AM will give away a total of 1250 Sb+ per week in the month of October to five Mousehunters who have assisted a Newcomer in a substantive and meaningful way. The help can be as simple as giving advice, adopting, gifting or helping in some other way.

For more information and to enter check this link to the competition: http://tinyurl.com/2a393k2

Mousehunters find ways to battle and play :)

The Sisterhood of the Dragon Divas has challenged the Brotherhood of the Dragon Dominators to a competition on November 20th to see who can catch the most Dragon’s in a 24 hour period. The details are being worked out now, like needing up to 90 IH for participating. (Which means there’s a whole bunch of hunters active in the Isles these days!)

You can check out the banter and/or join your side from the links below…Should be a lot of fun! It is the ultimate battle of the sexes. ;)

source: http://bit.ly/ag8qFL

Sisterhood of the Dragon Divas – original thread: http://bit.ly/9CBb45
Brotherhood of the Dragon Dominators- original thread: http://bit.ly/b7zj3m

Clubhouse links:
Divas: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=102596226466835
Dominators: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=158384094190416

Counting-Hickups, sorting the mice & other madness from Hunter-Gatherers

When we hunted the Festive Comet, Ronza’s shop and Heart of the Tiger events, the Developers released mice from different areas into the events arena and ToG, for the duration of the events. These included, the Hydra, Student of the Cheese Belt, Tiger, Gargoyle, the ASM, Dumpling Mouse, Worker Mouse and possibly some others. The problem is that these mice are missing from the locations tab. It means that whilst your overall mouse tally is correct, your location tally may be incorrect.

The plus-side to the changes the devs made in sorting the mice, is that the current system tells you what is currently available in the location so you can see what is still possible to catch. Plus these areas may open up again, but there is no way of knowing if those mice will appear in them.

Of course a thread that protests and is all about the split hairs in your mouse-tally, attracts the weirdest mousehunters ever! (Does it? Does lurking count?!) Before we knew it, it was all about collecting and gathering non-useful stuffs in the game. AND getting a badge for it, like Paul H. wants this one: “I want the cheese and wine badge for having at least one of every cheese and a bottle of bubbleh in your inventory.”

Which by the way led to the observation that we can’t collect the Spellbook Base parts again that were the King’s loot! Like Russel M. said: “I’m devastated to learn that I may not be able to collect the pages now that I have the base.” Ohnoooos?!
Steve Ch. rescued our dropping moods, with the faithfull words: “The Dabes will change it!!….They understand our sickness!…I have faith!…Come brothers!..let us link arms….and uplift our voices in praise…”

Of course a new incident followed this quickly when some of the gatherers discovered that it was possible to collect two different types of Husk. Some fainted by that discovery!

I will not go any further into this, brrrr, but i might just copy the list of totals you want to gather if you are a Truely Obsessed Collector:

44 Cheese
70 Traps
121 Crafting
17 Potions
21 Special
58 Collectibles
4 Torn Pages

Obsessed yourself? Go take a look inside the thread: http://on.fb.me/9HvUf8

Effectiveness of Power Types

Now we Heroes know all there is to know in Mousehunt by heart. And we never have to look up anything. Ha ha ha! Joking! :) (Don’t worry Judy, you are NOT alone!) A quick cheat-sheet that indeed has been kept up-to-date by the guys of Foruma.com (formerly known as Pooflinger) is the Effectiveness of Power-Type page:


Horn Tracker browser extension

Nick A. made a Chrome extension to automatically track data as you sound your horn, and has now added one for Firefox as well. He is building a new mh3-database this way that reflects our actual catches! And there’s a very easy way to get the data out of it for your use and reflection as well.
The system of the extensions and the database is already working, even though Nick is still adding and adjusting bits and pieces to it. But the more data the better, so join in if you like to!

You can find the Horn Tracker extensions in the first post here: http://on.fb.me/95dgY8

Note: the Horn Tracker will ONLY work if you click the horn image in order to sound your horn.

If you only wanna view the data, that’s possible as well. Go to: http://www.hitotext.com/mh/viewdata.php

Horn Tracker Facebook Page:


==== Rumors, Opinions … and Stories ====

* A Heroe (yes we know ^^) finished his 1000 Crunchy Run!

Yes you are reading this correctly: one of us did a 1000 Crunchy run! He is a Heroe! Wesley D. wrote:
“I can now finally move on! LOL :) For those interested I used Chrome Drillbot/Magma/lucky shield and this is what I ended up with:

Derr Chieftain Mouse: 50 – 77 39%
Gladiator Mouse: 130 – 137 48,5%
Guardian Mouse: 329 – 276 54%

I started with 1017 Crunchy to be exactly.. So only have 18 stale Crunchy. And i got about 650 seeds and about a 7 million in gold out of it too. The gold has for a big part already been donated to AN/AM.”

Well done Wesley!

source: http://on.fb.me/bOG4ea

Amount of Tier cheeses and pots amounting to an Eclipse or not

Now there is one thing you must all know about the Gauntlet: there is not such a thing as a guaranteed amount of cheeses (or time spend there) with which you will catch an Eclipse! At all. ALthough i do personally know someone with 10 Eclipses (took 4 months), i want to passionately plea this: Please don’t hook yourself up to getting that Eclipse before doing anything else in the game.

And don’t be surprised if 1000 level 2 cheeses will only lead to 1 Tier 8 potion (and thus 1 tier 8 cheese – proof of that will be in the thread). Having said all this, i can now safely point you to the lists of declining cheeses through the Tier levels:

A few examples of how pots may decline through the Tier-levels are on page 2 of this thread: http://on.fb.me/bNnOIN

Let’s do it with 1 PT2

Let’s have some fun, lets be playful with that Gauntlet: How far can you get on one potion and a lot of Luck (or lack there off)? Join the crowd in trying:


Amazing run just started: 575+ Inferno Havarti!

Bryce Myers started off with 575 IH this week… we are looking forward to what he will come up with in the end… and whether he will get his Heatbath blueprints or not?!

Go wish him good luck in here: http://on.fb.me/cEGWGk

* Have you all noticed…

The peculiarity of the Kings Rewards lately? Tracey R. noticed: “I miss the randomness of the different cheeses…”

* Last but not Least: Lady with 257/257 and never seen ***z*

Did anyone else catch all the mice that started the game after her last visit?
We are so ready for her! Oh wait: we are not! We are broke! O.o …and overly busy with all new stuffs still too!

# runing off chasing the last little mice to complete my Tally, then hunting for loot for the Dragon-Battle… ooo busy busy! #

Despite the ***z* buzz on the boards lately, we only know one thing for sure: her visit will be unexpected as in not the same as last years, but nicely announced on beforehand! SO please don’t panic!

Just in case you are in the same boat, the Lady with 257/257” is here: http://on.fb.me/ab6WOJ


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Tracey W. for the excellent wording of the Battle of the Sexes news :)

Todays cookies … o no: no cookies as the cookie jar is being watched and guarded!

Can somebody please bake an Ice Maiden for us?! O.o

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

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