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Mibbler – 22

Hello Mousehunt Heroes!

Welcome to another edition of the Mibbler. And this one is going to be warm and cosy. I have no clue whether it somehow was one of those very good & warm Mousehunt Communi-Tay-weekends, or whether my unconscious wanted to spy the warmth on the DB’s cause it was freezing cold over here in my tiny spot of the world…!

Does it matter what really caused it? It was heartwarming and tear-some… and i wanna share some of it! Long live the Communi-Tay!

Of course i will put in some sensible material as well ^^ Although no stats today, that just wouldn’t fit in :p

Aaaaargh! I tried! It didn’t work :@ Them stats & numbers just slipped in somehow!

That’s Mousehunt to you.


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Lovely non-MH Support!

I am not gonna name names or link links here, as that’s what this first topic is not about – for a change. I am gonna tell you only very little about the thread on the Nerve-wrecking aspects of being a parent & finding support and understanding on the forum. Sharing your nerves with other mousehunters and getting through the night chatting and playing the game, was what this was all about! This is proof that the Mousehunt community can be nice and warm and comforting and be there for you.

I can’t tell it better then Brad H., who said: “Such a humbling thread to read. I am glad I took the time to thoroughly read through it all.”

But it wasn’t a single occurrence, and i will name here one more example: An explicit non-mousehunt community-support topic showing up this weekend was about: What to do when your dog is at the vet, and you are looking at a costly operation… Well, it’s not easy to make decisions in that situation. But mousehunters exchanged experiences and re-assured the dog-owner. It was another humbling thread indeed.

Happy to tell you that both stories had a happy end!

It might be the season. But i shamelessly warm my hands to this! :)

* Buzz on… Things to Come, Expectationssss….

And yes as a reporter i am obliged to mention there was some buzz on what’s to come. No wonder, after all the teaser’s the dev’s put out for us last week. The question is: Are there gonna be two new Traps or just one?
source: New LE Traps coming Tuesday?

Of course we are not of one mind on what was said, aka “promised”, during FBF… very nicely summarized in this contrarily very detached statement by Aaron Milstein: “I guess that’s one interpretation.”

Whoever thought we could in any sense weed out:
a.) all multiple threads on the subject,
b.) expectations soaring high, and
c.) stupid questions being asked? is Wrong!

We still in majority wanna know: What is coming? And when? Or who – if anybody at all? We are concerned! We are involved! We are excited! See what a crowd can do! And be carefull, don’t get caught in the middle… But you might wanna click on this one:


[Note from the editor @ personal risk: there are no stupid questions, there is only arrogance.]

Record books and usefull Links…

As much as the community seems to want multiple scoreboards, having multiple record books seems to arouse some disquiet. But alas, it is a fact. Setting straight the misunderstanding is a formality, but an interesting one this time:
The MHCC is (only) making a group’s record book.

The MHCC is (only) making a group’s record book: : http://bit.ly/aujISD

To enlist your possible record, go here: http://on.fb.me/aFNGkK

There is an all-players record book of old: top-hunter for each breed, which can be found here: http://bit.ly/ba8Zd1

To enlist your possible record, go here: http://on.fb.me/aFNGkK

To find a wealth of usefull links, amongst wich these record-ones, go to the Timer-sheet & scroll down (Thanks to Chad for his wonderfull work there!): http://snurl.com/mousehunttimers


==== Rumors, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Heat Bath Blueprints: 10% Probability of it being in a Dragon’s Chest<

Ok, LOL, yes we all want to know whether extensive Dragon-hunting will give us a good chance to the Heatbath blueprints. Now by combining over 140 hunter’s information in a statistical picture, Chad M. comes to the conclusion that the chances of you getting the Heat Bath blueprints with each Dragon chest you open is approximately: 10%.

And do pay attention (as we all know how tricky stats tend to be): This does NOT mean that you will get the blueprints if you open 10 chests! (you only have a 65% chance of getting the blueprints if you open 10 chests!).

Do you wanna see the stats for yourself? Go: http://icanhaz.com/HeatBathBPs

Wanna see the thread: Heat Bath Blueprints: 10% Probability of it being in a Dragon’s Chest

* More non-game Community support…

He he… yes there is more heart-warming material. Although this one may come very close to the game, as in this one we get to see a glimpse of how good Mousehunters are IRL! And i must admit, some of us are brilliant… I would never have come up with this device: http://dvice.com/archives/2010/01/diy-non-lethal.php

What would you do when you have a real field-mouse in your room?

Who‘re ye Gonna Call?

:D Mousehunters!

source: Please help REAL mouse problem

Anybody who has a clue, please help us here!

Apparently November will stand a chance of becoming Oldie Apperation Month! We would very much like to know what to expect! Personally i was thinking something along the lines of “Beam me up Scotty”. And don’t hesitate to share, if you have more brilliant ideas on this!

source: November Oldies Apperation Month

* Last but not Least: Mousehunt & Privacy on the internetz

For good reasons, somebody raised the question in the support-section: “Why is my MH activity visible in google search? I don’t like that anyone can google my MH info and posts. How do i stop this?”
The first answer to this question is to adjust your Facebook privacy settings. Michele S. explained: “Have you turned off Public Search on your Facebook account? Go to your privacy-settings, look under Applications and Websites, and click edit settings. Click on Public Search – then uncheck the box if you do not want to be googled.”

Well this was a rather short explanation, and you can easily get lost inside Facebook-settings. So here is a more extensive explanation on what to ‘set’ how, and where to find it. It’s not a “new” explanation, but it has 10 easy steps to check your privacy and is still rather accurate:


Now apparently these settings are not enough to not show up at all on Google. These settings are not watertight and not preventing all and everything from showing up on Google. Now this may come as a surprise to some, it is no surprise to all.

Before we get more specific…

…we wanna tell you a few things about internet-privacy & security:
# First Google has a habit of caching all sorts of materials and stuffs they found earlier (http://www.google-watch.org/bigbro.html)
# Second, there is such a thing on the net that’s called The Way Back Machine: many a developer or site-manager is not too happy with this possibility of finding old versions of sites with information we’d rather not want out there anymore as it’s old! (http://waybackmachine.org/)
# Please do understand that many forms of secure and privateness of anything you make available to the web, is in most cases a code of conduct. Technically it is still sort-off easy to use an ID number to look up a person’s name, using a standard Web browser, even if that person has set all of his or her Facebook information to be private.

Within these wide-open boundaries of internet-privacy, now to be more specific on Mousehunt data showing up in Google – even with ‘high’ privacy-settings:

Hilary S. points out: “Corkboard postings get put on Google – Unticking the public search box doesn’t help if your friends have it ticked and and you post on their board. I don’t like it as our MH musings are not good for a professional image as Josipa points out :(”

Now we can all help out by helping our friends go about a bit more careful with their privacy-settings. In the meantime Michele Spencer checked with the devs:

“I’ve checked with Dave and names on the profile page are properly wrapped in Facebook’s privacy controls. Facebook “public search listings” only refers to your actual Facebook profile, not places on Facebook where your profile information has been integrated.”

Michele suggests to visit your privacy controls and make sure the “Bio” section is set to “Friends Only”. Dave added the  suggestion to review the “Basic directory information” section of your Facebook privacy controls and ensure that only friends of friends can search for you on Facebook.

Facebook is the bigger structure, whereupon and wherein Mousehunt functions, and Facebook itself is still working to better their privacy-policy and (app-related) privacy-options as a lot of negative publicity earlier this year (wanna read more: http://bit.ly/99slI4)

Already the thread has done well in bringing the issue to the dev’s attention, Michele assures us on top of that: “When the corkboards are re-written I will mention the privacy thing and see if anything can be added.”

A full copy of HitGrab’s privacy policy can be found at the bottom of your Mousehunt pages.

source: http://on.fb.me/cMv5tE

PS: And ehm ;) please don’t worry:


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