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Mibbler – 24

Hello Mousehunt Heroes and welcome to a new Mibbler!
He he, as if you all need more news? You have all been hunting vigilant and been following all that was new about the Event yes?!  Plus i am busy this week, having a head full of thoughts, worries and possible futures… Nah, i don’t need to make a Mibbler at all! So i’d better shut up :)

Look now at what happened?! Is it addictive? Like the game itself?!?

* Forum definitely moving to the off-FB-realm

You can’t not have noticed. Unless you haven’t been to the Forums at all. Since about last tuesday,  this message, inviting us to the new Forums, has appeared at the top of the Discussion Boards:

In the coming months, there will be a slow transition to these new offsite forums. The Facebook Discussion Forums will be gradually discontinued and eventually become extinct (like all dinosaurs). On the old DB’s there is this message:

The words “Take what you need while you can” actually mean this is the last chance for you to copy some info or threads from the old boards if you need to. Many a worthy thread and even a group (MHCC for instance) has now migrated to the new Forums.
Thus i will be mainly referring to the new Forums from now on!

And do read this: Chad M has told us what’s so good about the NEW forums!

* Official: Mobsters are back in the kingdom

I somehow can’t write up anything sensible about The Dave’s video that officially announced the release of the Mobsters. Just believe it. Or go have a look when you are curious for a bit of Dave’s madness:

Mobster shadowOf course threads have shown up about Mobster-misses… oh dear they are hard to catch! Or to encounter at all! We need truckloads of luck to get one! And just so you don’t have to look this up: they are in all locations except for the Pinnacle Chamber and the Meditation Room.

If the complained about misses were not enough to kill your doubts, lets hear it for this one: Mobster Mice are really back, since Jason L reported catching one! Well done Jason! And it was worth 25 SB+ so don’t be dead certain to expect a big 500 expensive cheeses to come with the catch! But getting a Mobster alone is worth celebrating! :)

Source: Mobster Mouse are REALLY back!

* Recap: Last week’s was a Huge Huge Update!

Updated list on what’s updated:
• Gifting
• Gift of the Day
• Mobster Prize Mouse Re-release
• Ability to play Mousehunt itself not directly on the Facebook site.
• Offsite-forums official launch after the soft open
• Multiple-winner raffles
• Images for trapsmith traps and bases tabs
• Pop-up for catching a new mouse or getting a rare loot drop
• LE items in the quick-menu now have “LE” on their badges.

Thanks to Trevor H. in: Anyone notice how HUGE of an update this actually is?

On the downside:  A Little (more) on Glitches

Last week hunters have seen many glitches, some repaired themselves and some needed reporting to  Mousehunt Support.

For some the orange blocks in the progress-bar of the Haunted Terrortories, did not show the right amount of catches/blocks. This seemed to have something to do with the scaling of the orange bar versus the black one. (Not officially confirmed by the devs.)
Some glitches seemed to have gotten a hold on the Halloween gifts: them disappearing or not getting to the hunter they were sent to. Do you know there are hunters that do not receive any gifts at all!? It’s bound to be a glitch, and i told em to report to support, but it is so sad for them! :/

An even more serious glitch these days were (are?) the ones where hunters have lost their points and thus their rank OR lost the gold or some of their goodies. All to be repaired of course, after you complain to support about it. Still, suddenly being Journeyman might shock people out of their socks.

Mousehunt Support can be found on the New Forum in the Community & Help section: http://forum.hitgrab.com/forumdisplay.php?15-Community-Support-and-Help

Special thread for Halloween bugs & problems:
http://forum.hitgrab.com/showthread.php?464-Halloween-Event-Bugs-and-Help (do read that first post in there!)

* Mousehunt version 3.1.18998

As of this moment we are now on Mousehunt version 3.1.18998!
Look it up at the bottom of your game-page :) 
A rather weird number, but this – in all probability – means that after the update they have made many a minor repair! The dev’s and the support workers are having their work cut out for them!

Thread: MouseHunt v3.1.18998


* Halloween ends on: …

The MouseHunt Fanpage lets us know: “The MouseHunt Halloween event ends Tuesday, November 2nd. Monday will be the last day of the event, don’t miss your chance to hunt at the Haunted ‘Terrortories’!”]


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====


* Link to late last Feedback Friday

It’s a short & clean Summary this week. Read it and you can skip this wordy Mibbler! :p)
Included, just to be sort-off complete: FBF Review – October 22nd – “Happy Halloween!”

[Edit:] *** FBF review for 29/10 is here: ***


It has only ommited one thing i had scribbled down in my notes and thats this: “Time will show that the Cackling Lantern is a pretty awesome trap” – Dave VdB.


* Tiny recap of Monday’s Downtime

On Monday 25th october roundabout at 15h gmt HitGrab announced: “MouseHunt will be unavailable at 5pm UTC for about 30-60 minutes followed by intermittent downtime.  be upgrading servers to keep the game running smoothly. Thanks for your patience as we work at making the game better!”

There was some protest amongst hunters on letting hunters slowly back into the game in batches. Dave has explained about the need for letting hunters in slowly in a thread on the new Forum. If you wanna read more on the technical site of the matter and the why’s and how’s, go read the thread: Gifting Updates and Upcoming Maintenance

Gifting, here to stay

Whatever your private thoughts are on the Gifting, and however many hunters are now working out a way how to handle the daily burden of gifting: the new feature is a success when measured by the hunters use of it: on Sunday-Monday midnight-ish (gmt) the Mousehunt-page announced: “MouseHunters love to give.. over 1 MILLION gifts have been sent!!”

Although the resetting of the gifts (sending & receiving) did not go flawless for all hunters, it is meant to be reset at 24h pm gmt (midnight again), together with when the Raffle tickets reset. But in FBF it was said they may scatter the time when you can start giving gifts again for the day in order to more evenly distribute server load throughout the day.

Dev Andrew spilled the news: “Gifting is here to stay. We’ll change up the possible gifts of the day every now and then, but we’re having too much fun with the feature to just hide it after Halloween.”
Source: why is nobody gifting radioactive sludge?

After last Feedback Friday the devs decided to adjust the gifting: “You can now claim 10 gifts per day and send up to 10, depending on your Hunter’s Title. We are also in the process of building a page that lists all of your recent unclaimed gifts. This will make it easy to claim gifts from previous days.”
Source: Gifting Updates and Upcoming Maintenance

Additional info on the unclaimed gifts came up in FBF:

“If you don’t claim gifts on the day they were sent, you will be able to claim them on later days (except, perhaps, for the gift of the day…at least that is what they are thinking now). Given, but unclaimed gifts, will appear on a new page that Andrew is currently developing, so that you can claim gifts far into the future. Many gifts – such as Larry’s Sandwich – will rotate back through and be available at a later time. (Source: FBF review.)

Halloween Basket

Next to the Gifting Feature, the devs have produced a new gift for those generous MouseHunters out there who enjoy treating their friends. It is very similar to the SB+ gift basket and is called the Halloween Basket. It is bought and given in the same way as the usual SB+ basket. Note that the Pumpkin basket will no longer be available after the Halloween event is over.

* Pumpkin Traps

The Pumkin Pummeler is doing fine as a shadow trap, but most hunters wanna know this: how to craft the Cackling Lantern? Many ingredients have been tried in many weird combos, until the Cackle Lantern Trap was first crafted by Damien W. on last Friday, just a little before FeedBack Friday. Damien W. was also the first Mousehunter to craft the Ambush and the Molten Shrapnel Base, and the first to one day long ago discover the 3 piece Rumble Recipe!

Source: Cackle Lantern Crafted! But please don’t send me anything…..

The recipe has now been taken into the Wiki, which i state here, as the above thread is on the FB-forums and can or might disappear in the near future.

In FBF, shortly after this first crafting success, Dave said that the Cackle Lantern will increase the Fire Salt drops to two at a time (not 100% of the time though). Leading to Sean d’H. telling us quick and clear: “If you had any doubt on whether or not to fork over 2.4 mil, there’s your answer.”

Source: Cackle Lantern increases fire salt drops to 2 per JoD mouse

Is the Cackling Lantern worth the investment? Yes, it sure looks that way from the first hunting results and the devs statement!

Do we want both the Clock AND the Cackle Lantern?

Ah, there’s a painful question! For not all hunters have the 2x almost 3 million gold at the ready. So, which one do you prefer to get? …

And the next thing to consider: the wait for the required points for the Cackling Lantern is even a bit longer as for the Clock! Plus you’ll need a Dragon Ember from Dracano to craft the Cackle Lantern Trap, meaning that you’ll have to go through the Jungle of Dread first to get Fire Salt to make Inferno Havarti. So to make the Cackling Lantern a hunter must have already hunted in the painful Jungle & in Dracano! Now with what trap are you gonna go into Jungle these first rounds? The Pumpkin Pummeler or the Chrome Nannybot perhaps?!

It’s basically a repeat of the questions and doubts hunters already had for getting the Clock: are we going in early with BG or Gorgon? Or are we gonna wait and safe up for the Clock. Only now three ways are involved:
a1) Do you buy a Clock and only the Clock?
a2) In which case you can always wait & see whether to craft the Cackling Lantern later, after saving up again … (just make sure you have the ingredients!)
b) Or are you gonna buy a Gorgon Trap, go in early and work your way up to the Cackling Lantern?

This is one of those famous big hunters choices in the game, where you can go either way! A dilemma that each hunter has to solve in it’s own way & style.

Some thoughts on this dilemma: Clock or Cackle Lantern?
& on the new Forum: Should i get the Clockapult of Time or the Cackle Lantern?

==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====


* The use of the Haunted Cheeses Elsewhere

1) The Haunted cheeses cannot be used in place of craft-able cheese or cheese made with potions. It will not attract Dragons, or Acolytes, or The Dreaded Horde (Other than maybe the pygmies).

2) They have near perfect attraction rate, close to SB+ (In all areas other than in the Isles) and yes, this includes the Seasonal Gardens. Although experiences do differ somewhat between hunters. Some are successfully hunting with it in Derr or even the Tower, others did not have such successful experience and think it mainly is better then brie.

3) It is not SB+! It will not attract mice that are specifically attracted to SB (Nibbler, Cook, etc). It will not boost attraction rates for the Mobster.

4) They will stop having these properties after the event. So use it while you can!

Threads: Clearing up a few things about the use of GGC and CCC outside Haunted Territories. &
Using Treat & Trick cheese outside of Haunted Terrortories?

* Rumor: do Shelders like CandyCorn or Ghoulgonzola?

Do you think the elusive Shelder will bite this Haunted cheese? Oh * itches * I must try: I just might get lucky this time. Isn’t that the kind of reasoning we all know by heart?
But i have not found any evidence for the rumor. Shelders do eat the Haunted cheese, that’s all i dare say at this moment.

* The approximate Probablility of catching a Mobster Mouse

# Warning: sarcastic misuse of satistics inside! #

The statistical reasoning in this one thread really did my head in! O.o But hey, who can argue with a calculator and a screenshot :)
You too wanna know the answer to the above question? Follow in my confusing footsteps and go here:

This is the Approximate Probability of catching a Mobster Mouse

* Revelation: the devs have One Big She-Fear!

Dev Andrew’s reaction in one of the forum threads, revealed something we never knew: “I’ll let you in on a little secret, re: Ronza: we devs fear her! When her airship rolls in, and hundreds of thousands of users move and click click click, *everything* slows down or melts, both our databases and our content servers. It’s a brutal server hit that’s risked bringing down the game in the past.”
Melissa McG. expresses our surprise very well: “I had no idea that that was why the devs feared ronza, I always thought it was her pet dragon :) ”

ps: Another astounding fact from Andrew that i can’t withhold the wizzkids amongst us:”Trap checks are fiendishly complex.”

To be found within this thread: A Mousehunt Critique – from a long time hunter

* Mousehunt artist Jacob drew a Turtle Lady!

This week Jacob Johnson wanted more fans. He wrote: “Only 50 people :/ When this page hits 1000 fans I will post a new special painting video.” Mousehunt fans quickly spread the word and a few hours later Jacob had 1000 fans.

Jacob hurried the editing and a marvelous painting video was the result. Ah yes, he himself calls this the Pangolin Lady. * editor shrugs on such a wrong choice of words *

For who loves his drawings: http://on.fb.me/bEtcqX

* For whoever loves to sing out loud

Malcolm has done it again :) and wrote a sublime mousehunt-text to a very well own song we can all sing along! Go try out for yourself:

source: Tavern Jukebox: ‘Hotel Larry-Ronza’ by The Eagle Owls

* Last but not Least: Mousehunt Monopoly

Marcus N. simply stated: I wanted to take a break from studying so I decided to create this. What do you guys think?


And we think it’s awesome! :)

Thread: Any one wanna play Mousehunt Monopoly

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Carol R. for the early info on Gifting, and to Phillip M.B. for many a news on the Cackling Lantern.

Todays cookies …  are a bit spooky, but which ones are the spookiest? O.O
These: http://bit.ly/aEWGox or these: http://bit.ly/9PCCYP ?

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments underneath the latest Mibbler.

# The Mibbler Fanpage on FB



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