Originally started as 'the Archives', Mibbler-Mousehunt News now gets published here.

Mibbler – 25

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

Halloween has ended, and it ended with two notices: “The Halloween event has come to an end. Hope everyone had spooky amounts of fun!” & “The Haunted ‘Terrortories’ are gone, leaving hunters in an empty lot to allow them to travel away safely.”
I had to try and check out the Empty Lot of course, but i couldn’t get in. Too much emptiness prevented my travel agent to get a lock on it and beam me down O.o

After this event you expect there will be a quiet time in the Kingdom, without spooks, and for us to retake on our personal missions and Quests. But no: a new event is already coming up! My do we need to stay awake these days in Mousehunt!

But before we dive into that, lets retake last week’s goings-on:

* Halloween results…

Some hunters have caught 100 Hollowheads! The first was reported days before the end of the event, on October 28 by Ines Langen. But how did they do this? :?

Mousehunter Mathias D. explained to me: “After 5 runs through the Terrortories I decided to leave the Zombots for next year and focused on the “empty-headed ones”. Having around 60 I tried Brie/Target in the Corn Field Mace but quickly realized I wouldn’t make it till the end of the event and switched to SB+. I had to leave the computer at the count of 99 and came back to #s 100 and 101. As i already had 1 Hollowhead from 2009, I caught exactly a century in this years event location. :))”

And then we all wonder whether anybody in the Kingdom has caught a bronze crown for Gourdbourgs (this was asked on FBF and Dave didn’t know, but he might look it up).
James M., well-known from of the MHCC did catch 9 Gourdbourghs and is currently record-holder. Eileen K. has the record for Zombot Unipires at 92.

source: 100 Hollowheads

* New Gift Claim Page

You have all seen it, haven’t ye? The new Claim Gifts tab in the Gifts page!

You can get there through the “gifts”-button, right-hand tab. Dev Andrew states: Gifts time out after 3 days, so as long as you claim them before that, everything should be good.

No mention of the new auto-popup of post to wall when giving gifts? Now that’s Curious to me.

source: New Gift Claim Page

* FBF & New event coming soon to a place near you!

Admit you did blink with your eyes when you saw the Mousehunt-cheergirls come by! :)
Not believing it is already time for another event?! But it is you sillies!

While the Feedback Friday on 29th of october still only mentioned: “There is a November Event coming, but further details “are a secret” “. From last FBF we gather there will be a Prize Giveaway in november, possibly already to be launched this coming week! They’re play-testing some of the new mechanics right now.
“The Leprechaun will be released. Mobsters will be worth SB+ prizes and Leprechaun will be worth cash prizes. There will be 3 new prize mice, they will be much less rare and will be worth in-game items: Prize mice will be worth “King Credits” which can be used to buy different prizes.”

Read all we could distill from Dave, Andrew & Noel + watch some spoiler pics if you like, in the FBF review:  “Mini” Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 5/11/10

* FBF snippets from the New York MH meet…

Live from the MH NY meet: last deep-saturday-night there was a feed back session at the New York Mousehunt meet: a lot of merriment and fun it seemed (and jealousy from me). You can only check out the screen shot from the end when the laptop-battery died:

Oh, ehm, and on friday – the night before the great meet – a little mousehunt NY crowd visited a Karaoke bar! I could not really decipher what song they were actually singing, might be my popular-music-blind-spot, but i am so proud of these Singing Mousehunters!

Read all about the nonsense that may or may not be info on the game and what’s to come for yourself here: Live from the MH NY meet … >> warning! Franco was involved! <<


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Pop ups everywhere… @.@

Now i don’t hint at any malfunctioning popups, although i do hear hunters complain about those as well. Here i want to lead the way to the thread that wants the devs to know we don’t want these gift-pop-ups and that this is ‘over the top’!
In FBF Dave acknowledged the issue but sadly sortoff brushed it off as a non-issue as “some people actually use it”.

If you have a vote to add to “gifts page is great, pop-ups are annoying”, please go here >>

* Where to go when the Wiki is broken?

Last friday the Wiki was down for over 10 hours, and although the ticker currently says: “The problems with the wiki have been fixed.” We still want to know where to go when it happens again!
Go to MHhitM of course, and find your help in there, in the faq’s or from helping hunter’s hands. But for those less fortunate:

Go to:  MouseHunt Analytics were there is a lot of information collected on each area. Plus the cheese-lists also lists where you can buy each cheese.

Or for recipe’s: Go to the Mousehunt Kitchen!

* Where do you go when the standalone mousehunt has problems?

Standalone Mousehunt? Yes, that’s the off-FB mousehunt you can find on this internet-adress: www.mousehuntgame.com

Please call in your issues with dev Andrew! Be sure to mention the system and browser you are using: Standalone game javascript issues

* A small insight into trap checks and journals and time-tables

You know, we regularly new-Forum-visitors, we learn to love dev Andrew:

“In the current MH, passive turns fire when a user returns to the app, and then get backdated appropriately. However, that’s 24 db rows that have to be inserted into our slowest and heaviest table (the journal), which results in the phantom trap checks: You took the turn, the results and loot were added to your user row, but the journal table timed out and didn’t add all your entries.
Thus, we get a dozen bug reports every week about U STOLE MY TRAP CHCK!!. If we increased the number of turns you could take, the journal would potentially display more missed trap checks.

Now, we are rebuilding the way we handle journals, so that things will be more reliable in future, but unfortunately, our schedule is booked solid until Christmas. The journal rebuild probably won’t be started until the new year.”

source: Since its Passive…how about…

* Polls are very popular in the new Forum

Last week this one poll initiated by a dev, was on the Ticker: “We’re looking for your opinion! Should bait disarm upon catching a Chess Master? Vote now!”

If we all register which Student is behaving badly for us, we may get a general idea on which one is the baddest or whether it really is personal after all. Go here to enlist your toughest cookie Student: Furoma Student Mice Unequal in Attraction

While awaiting all new things to come, many a hunter has a preference on what kind of special trap should be coming next to the game. (I want a brand new type!) Let’s see which traptype is the most popular: What LE trap type would YOU like to see next?

A very recent poll gladly asks for our predictions on the direction in which the game will progress next, when a new area might be released. Ehm, make that: where a new area will be released. If it will be released. The poll includes a map with options drawn in it. Even dev Dave is interested in this one: “I’m really interested in seeing player’s predictions about this!”
So if you are clearvoyant, please fill in this poll: In which direction do you think the next progression area will be?

* Tips for starting to use the New Forum

First and foremost and just so you know: there is a nice search functionality on the new forum!

Second: the forum has a faq and you can search that too!

One way navigating the new Forum: click the Forum button on the top-left, go to Games, then click on “Mousehunt”: you get to see the familiar Forum sections.

For another way of navigating, you can use the button next to “Forum”, called “What’s New”: showing all new threads or threads with new posts since you last were here.

Very handy functionality to use after you have screened all the new posts and picked the interesting ones, is the “Mark forum as Read” button. (In text right below the row of buttons that contains “Whats New”.)

Once you have posted in a thread, you are automatically “subscribed” to that thread. It will show up whenever a new post has been added to it – on your settings-page. (Click “settings on the top right hand side of your page)

On that same settings page on the left side you can see all your options and check em out. Be sure to tick the send emails-option off! Go to “ General Settings” to do so! Make sure to go through all the “Messaging & Notifications” options!

You can subscribe to threads you find interesting ‘manually’ and no posting is necessary, by using the “Thread Tools”. You can find these just above th every first post of a thread, on the right hand side in the grey bar. When you click on the “Thread Tools” you get 3 options, one of which is “subscribe to this thread”. Click that and do confirm, your subscription on the next page. After that it will bring you back to the thread.

There are groups on the new forum, and friends and stuff, but we will talk about those options another time!

* Where to find the threads of old on the new Forum?

Many an old-fashioned long time thread from the old forums, are being move to the new forums, so as to not get blown into oblivion sometime soon. I have listed a few for you here:

Nathan’s **MHDataBank** Data Submissions and Log Summarizer Tools

The all Mh timers in 1 thread:
MouseHunt Timers and Links ► Discussion/Report Problem Thread ◄

>> [Repost] The Poor Man’s Guide to Zugswang Tower

>> Top Hunter of Each Breed


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

* How fares the Lantern in Jungle so far?

Ian J. brings us a 2100 pieces of Havarti run with the Cackle Lantern! His shiny new CLT is going to be tested to it’s limit and beyond. His aim is for 900 firesalt and to do a 1000 IH run.
His last update on results were thus: 750 Hunts =  265 Primals: 359 Firesalt + 188 Potions.

Keep a sharp eye on his results here:
1506 Sweet, 300 Creamy, 216 Pungent and 78 Crunchy = 2100 Havarti Run

* Mysterious Boxes – big news in a tiny footnote

The news announcement on the Gifts page also had this information: “By popular demand, the chance of receiving Runes from a Mysterious Box has been slightly decreased.”
Not long after this runic boxes news, new posts in a thread on the contents of the Mysterious Boxes showed up, confirming we actually spy a difference:

source: Mysterious-Boxes

* Is the Golden Shield important?

Hmmm, the answer to that might depend. It makes a huge difference sometimes … not all the times though. It’s funny, when the dev’s brought the lucky shield concept in they said something along the lines of: “’the extra boost it provides is equal to one less miss per day”. However in reality it seems to be much more significant.

Of course one can suffice by stating “Lucky Shield is Lucky.” like Kitteh does. But what if we want to know more details? On where and how it is making a difference? Go read some of hunter’s thoughts on this subject, and especially scroll down to post no.13 that gives some numbers to proof the difference:

source: Is-the-golden-shield-so-important

* The visual Guide to How to pick a Trap

Now for the really tough analytical cookies amongst us, i have the most interesting thread here, with great visuals as well! Although statistical visuals. (Do i spy some running away there?) Lemme quote the first post:

“In Mousehunt, everyone wants to know what the best trap to use in their situation. Ask on the forums and you are bound to get a variety of conflicting advice. How can you decide who is correct? How do we properly evaluate the relative strengths of traps? We need to have an estimate for the catch rate of a mouse based on trap properties.”

Note that it took me 3 times coming back to the article before i got some grasp of the material. I needed a more quiet and patience approach to get it. Please bue sure to be clear minded and well rested and rather awake when you are going to check this out! But i am really convinced this is worthwhile to study:

The Visual Guide to Catch Rate estimates & How to pick a Trap

Forum source: The Visual Guide to Catch Rate Estimates : How to pick a trap

* Last but not Least: Ignore this thread!

This is a wonderfull example of how a accidentally badly posted thread can be attractive and very popular, due to the amazing workings of reversed Psychology! :o) … The last time a post-fail was so funny and cosy (over a 130 posts!) at the same time was a long long time ago: Please Ignore this thread!

source: ignore this thread

;) I said to ingnore it!


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Mathias D. and Shah R. for delivering news to me! :)

Todays cookies … did you too have some leftover-Pumpkins?
And leftover Pumpkin-gifts too perhaps?
Now don’t throw any away, just make them into these really very sweet & delicious pumpkin cookies!

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments underneath the latest Mibbler.

# The Mibbler Fanpage on FB

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