Originally started as 'the Archives', Mibbler-Mousehunt News now gets published here.

Mibbler – 26

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

I know this Mibbler is late … yes, alongside the mousehunt-roller-coasting, real life exploded as well and however it itched me to sort things out & write: i just didn’t make it. Great plus-side to this are the messages and signs of hunters longing for a new Mibbler :D Those are so much better then the cold statistics. Although: the stats really made me happy these last weeks as well: seems in 25 editions the Mibbler has grown a lot! Yay! Welcome to all new readers! :)

The last week has been a roller-coaster, not only privately but in Mousehunt as well: We were only teased the one day, and the next day another mousehunt-event had been launched:
Lucky UnderwearWe were sent underwear that we couldn’t return, we encountered glitches and some more glitches, the trap-checks have changed to fall on another time within the hour, the game was shortly offline for repairs, the Lucky Underwear appeared again in our Gift page only to disappear an hour later, and there still are glitches: So many glitches that the Community-support part of the Forum is overflowing and the “Known issues”-thread has filled out to be the longest and heaviest in the history of the new Forum by far.

In the mean time we are all focused on getting us some prize-mice! :) Prize-mice? Second Snooty’s? a Wishing Well? Oh yes, something new is afoot in MH! And it feels like an earthquake … grounds are shaky and rippling … many things happening all at the same time! I have enough material for two fat Mibbler’s. I will have to skip some! I will have to skip a lot! @.#

Lets start with summarizing the happenings sort-of chronologically organized and lets try to get it all clear in our minds…

* Early last week: Late Night at HitGrab Labs & Lotsa Teasers

Yes the devs are losing sleep over preparing the Giveaway event and are working all night. If you love to see Dave being as sleepy as we have never before seen him, then pop in to see the video!

Not long after, this time during dev-daytime hours, we saw the first teaser, this time explicitly causing many hunters to fall over and make fun of the word “Soon”! This word sure has gotten a whole new meaning to us mousehunters and has ranked up into “a phrase” inside the Kingdom!

However, the event was to come soon and we got spoiled with these images on wednesday(ish):

source: Spoilers of the new mice
source: the “Soon”-fun in Tavern

* Prizemouse – the King’s Giveaway in a Nutshell

What followed the next day-ish was another completely different sneak peek at the upcoming King’s Giveaway event! The phrase “Soon” got updated into this: “ The event is ALMOST here, so make sure to get some good bait and arm your traps now!”

The sneak peek contained a chart with clues on the steps we need to make in the King’s Giveaway…

It’s just not possible to explain the giveaway in a nutshell… The chart here (click on it to see it in full), is the best nutshell there is. Plus, by now you will all have figured out all there is to know about the Giveaway, so why should i try to? It’s like bringing in the ‘moutarde’ after dinner.

On thursday the 11th of the 11th, the devs released a long awaited King’s Giveaway :) And, for future reference & for you mousehunters to sort out if you did miss some information after all, i will give a short summary of the Giveaway inner workings.

1) Find lucky coins which are dropped by random mice.
2) Put the coins into other hunters Wishing Wells on their profile pages to increase theirs and your “prize power” (PP) at the same time.
3) Collect & send Gifts: the Lucky Underwear or Luck Horseshoes
4) Boost your Prize Power in order to attract Special Prize Mice! Activate the Lucky Items from your ‘Special’ tab in your Inventory.
5) Catch the prize mice: *** Prize Mice can be found in all locations except the Meadow. ***

The mice are rated easy to very hard. If you catch a mouse your PP will return to zero. The devs Lucky Coinintended that you would not catch the same type of mouse again for 24 hours, and thus you may have stood a better chance of an encounter with the other two mice.
That didn’t work too well. Some time during the weekend the devs have admitted that it didn’t work as intended and that your chances of meeting with the same type of prize mouse (Treasurer, Snooty and High Roller) will now be reduced upon catching one instead of being completed prevented.

source for admitting the bug: Prize Mize Cooldown Times

These prize mice are slippery things aren’t they! Rather strong & overpowering. Although the devs have stated they can be caught on luck alone! (see FBF-item)

Lucky Horseshoe6) Did you catch the prize mouse? You can see you Kings Credit in your inventory.
7) Check out the Royal Prize Shop & Spend your Kings Prize for an Awesome Reward, or save up if need be! ^^

ps: The Deathboth skins you can get in the Prize Shop are also for sale for real Dollars! Go to the Donate button if you are interested.

I loved the following exchange i picked up during last weekend, about the skins being for sale:
A: ”How can someone with 2 Snooties and 2 treasurer have a Grungy Deathbot o.O”
B: “I guess you don’t have to be lucky if you have the money ;)”
A: “Sounds a bit like RL all of a sudden! And we’ll soon state that money doesn’t bring health or happiness eye … !”

source: the initial announcement & explanation of the Giveaway-event

* Additional cheese info: “About what bait to use for prize mice?”

The post tells us: “A few types of cheese are not capable of attracting a prize mouse.” Check out which ones here: <http://bit.ly/hg007>

One could go hunt with a special cheese for a part of the day and thus safe up all PP for to boost it some more with tomorrow’s new Gifts and Lucky coins. May this be useful? Can we use this for a strategy? More on Giveaway-strategies later in this Mibbler…

* Feedback Friday 12/11/10

The feedback Friday started off with a Ronza song (by Joel) that freaked many hunters out. The regular FBF-visitors knew the song by heart and sang along. The main items were:

# There are a few Known Issues or Glitches, please go check the list before posting a support-ticket. The Ticker also warns about this: “There are a few glitches right now – check the Current Known Issues Post
# Explaining the Giveaway a little further and the answer to how long it will last: The event will run for approximately 5 days or until all the prizes are gone…
# Giveaways will come back and you can safe up your Lucky items and your Credits for future use. The new prize mice may be available through the year.
# And Yes: sheer luck can get you a prize mouse!
# Announcing the actual release of the iphone-app.

Read details in the: Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 12th Nov

* In response to -One- of the Bugz & Glitches: Trap Check Changes

That one bug occurring a lot more frequently after the release of the event, was the Missing Journal Entries, trap checks as well as normal hunts. It most frequently occurs during trap checks due to every online hunter all going on a hunt at the exact same time, and all writing a journal entry at the same time.
“To reduce the number of journal entries being written simultaneously, trap checks have been spread out to occur across the hour. Your trap check will always occur at this same minute during the hour.”

Besides this: “There’s nothing that can be done about the missing trap checks any time soon. Just don’t let it interfere with you enjoying The Game” (says moderator Ashley C).
So no need for us to go report any more missing trap checks or journal entries right now. It’s what they call “a Known Issue”.

Dev Andrew had to say this about it: “Folks, when the database is under heavy load, the journal system times out and doesn’t save the *text* of the trap check, but you still keep your catches and your loot. I know it’s frustrating, but please bear with it as the database calms down again (…) To fix this issue is a massive endeavor, one that we have scheduled for after the Christmas season.
That said, it’ll probably still have some bugs in it, because we’re only human. But they’ll be different, cooler bugs!”

Yay: We Want Cool Bugz!

Certainly the following sounds like a Cool Bug to me, it comes from the Ticker: “Those pesky Riptide Mice are adaptive! Mid-tide in Balack’s Cove has been slightly extended.”

Adaptive? Wooot! Sm@rt Riptides! :) It has by now dissappeared from the Ticker though! Is it fixed? Or is it now a “Known Issue”?

Anyways: the game probably will always be a work in progress. It’s still a great game. And it’s still fun to bag on the mishaps – maybe, just maybe that’s a big part of the fun ^^

source: Trap Check Changes
source for Andrews quote: Bugs during King’s Giveaway

* Current Known-issues

So these Known-issues were mentioned in FBF and there was a Ticker message about em. Besides the ones stated in the first post made by the moderator, hunters have reported many many more glitches in that same thread. It has grown into one of the major threads in length on the new Forum right now.

There is the one ‘bug’ going around to point out here specifically, as it can be hurtful for your tedious preparations to get thrown out of the Zugzwang’s Tower, in most cases with a King before your time, and possibly not from the side you were hunting for! o.o Carefull there!

source: the Official “Current Known Issues”


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* New Scoreboard! There should be one! As we have a new no.1!

On sunday november the 14th 2010, at around 20:00h pm gmt the number two on the scoreboard for months now, has surpassed the number one in points! As the scoreboard didn’t wanna update (possibly due to all the glitches it is on hold?) i shot the profiles and feel free to compare the numbers at that time:

Congrats Kris! Amazing job! Kris posted to his wall a while ago: “To my all my Mousehunt friends, thank you all for your wonderful congrats. I couldn’t have done it without all your support! ♥”

And Congrats Jennifer for holding the title for so long! It was long ago when Jennifer was nomber two: April 3rd 2009…Jesse Lee was number one!

Cheer Kristijan here: Congrats to Kristijan!
Or on the new Forum: A New No 1

* Late Friday night Mousehunt went # Bang #

It started with traps unloading of its own, cheeses being unloaded, stats all screwed up. And during the unruliness some hunters did spot some weird (possibly-future?) Rank-names…

Then Mousehunt went down for a while… we were all sent to the downtime lounge and hopefully expecting a repair. It was up fairly quick, yes, and all seemed well, until we started looking at our Crowns and things O.o

Luckily the weird numbers on the Crowns pages had nothing to do with a database being screwed up… and after some hanging on the display of the Crowns seemed to adjust of their own accord. :) Would this scrambled-ness count for being a Cool Bug?

* Lesser Cool Bugz – as perceived by the community

The lesser Cool Bugz were the glitches when a hunter caught a Snooty twice within 24 hours. If we have to believe the frustrated posts and sheer screams: Hunters were hurt. The devs admitted the bug & adjusted it – as reported above in the “Prize Mize Cooldown Times” link – but sadly this didn’t work or come across: not where the screaming & hurtfulness was concerned. The bugz won.

Of course, secretly, i am * pouting * as well for not having caught a Leprechaun as of yet… :p

I can’t help myself to award The Quote of this Event-Award to Julio R.: “Dabe’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Just don’t let the bugz bite ye! O.o

* The best Glitch-report i have seen these days

After all the glitching, we really can use some cheerfull approach to this all. I want to award a prize :) for this one as well:
“Good morning all. Well, here’s a new bug: the spontaneous combustion of a mystery gift! Yep, it opened all by itself. I put two pairs of undies on. Looked at my log, and clicked over to check my wall. Came back, looked at log, and I have a sandwich. I know I didn’t click it open, and I know I had 5 gifts left – now I have 4. So, there ya go, the exploding gift. Good thing it wasn’t the eggnog.”

Yay for the exploding Mystery Gift! Thank you Jill!

* ‘Stratergizing’ for Giveaway results

Prize Power counterHow and when to boost your PP to the max? And how and when to hold back some of the lucky items and safe those for a better chance later? :? After the first successful catches it looks like the Treasurer mouse can be caught from a minimum off about = 20 PP. If you wanted to keep an eye on the level of PP you had the best chance to catch a specific Prize Mouse with, you had to see the following poll-results:
Poll results About Treasurer catches

Poll results for Snooty

Results for High-Roller

Ofcourse there is an official statistics-thread as well: ** Prize Mouse Data Collection Spreadsheet **

At least 1 Leprechaun is caught, that we know off: A Lucky Leprechaun !
And the first High Roller was for Georgi K.: First High Roller!

And did you see the ticker at some time on sunday? “The High Roller is extremely rare, with less than 25,000 on the loose! Pull up your lucky underwear and cross your fingers!”

= This just in!=
New Ticker message:
Another wave of High Roller mice have been released! There are 21,000 High Rollers on the loose right now!

* Giveaway Strategies still Possible? Or down the drain because of Glitches?

Hunters had at first worked out roughly two strategies: one following the idea to get the Treasurer first, the weaker prize mouse, and to then maximize your PP to get the stronger ones. The other strategy just states attracting and catching is all luck & random anyway, and why not go all the way & dive in with a high PP straightaway. Of course it may leave you at a low rate later, but well, another day brings along new chances & Lucky Gifts yes?

After all the bugz & glitches, and the adjusting of the Prize Mice Cooldown Period, there is much confusion amongst hunters about Strategy. Some are claiming no strategy is possible anymore.
If you still wanna read on the strategies, you can go to the Mousehunt Lore & Strategy area of the New Forum, there are many threads there about this, amongst which:

source: Stratergizing! So many different things to take into account!

* Now for Something Completely Different: A new recipe was found!

The MH-Kitchen alerted me to this:

Limelight CheeseJason W. found a 6 piece Limelight Recipe:
– 3 Living Shards
– 3 Radioactive Sludge
– 30 C&W
– 6 Magic Essence

source: 6 Piece Limelight recipe discovered!!

* Way more fun: the DHU Scoreboard!

Another great initiative by Chad M.: the DHU-Scoreboard! After all it was not that long ago we called ourselves Lucky when we missed a Mobster?!
Return to this spirit and participate in this brand new Scoreboard!
Also go here whenever you are in Misery yourself: Misery does love company! … let’s be completely honest: are we not consoled a little in our own shortcomings when looking at other peoples failures?

And do fill in the form when you spy you hold a DHU_record yourself:

source: The DHU Scoreboard: Face the facts, my friend…
source for the Lucky Mobster Misses: 1000 mobsters caught?

* Timers LITE version! :)

The Mousehunt timers page – also made by Chad M. – now has a Light version. Rather handy: Mousehunt Timers – Lite version

* NO more pop-up after gifting & more… listening!

ListeningYES the devs did listen again! They did eliminate the popup after gifting! And there is more: in a rather new post Dave explicitly states that they are happy with a lot of ideas that have been posted to the Ideas section since the event started. One that they have put into action is that we no longer, when we click on our mousehunt-badge to see our own profile-page, go to our own Wishing Well first!

Dave says:
“One popular idea is having the prize mice reduce your Prize Power instead of resetting it. This is a simple change we’re excited to implement for the next giveaway. If you haven’t already, head over to the Ideas and Suggestions forum to keep the ideas coming!”

source: Prize Mice “Cooldown” Times
and the The Idea-section of the Forum

* About giving Gifts & not going m@d

I am reading in a number of places & hearing from friends how frustrating and impossible it is to return all the things we receive. I forgave myself during Halloween: it is impossible to return all the gifts/tossing/raffles. I have to assume our MH community doesn’t take it personally. Everything will even out in the end … and if anyone needs anything, a post is all it takes and we all go running. What more can we ask for?
Maybe we can & should relax: we don’t necessarily return to the same person, but it’s all a huge chain of sorts. Like with the “Paying-it-forward” of regular help. Maybe the ones to pay some attention to are the younger hunters or the ones with less friends… For the rest of us, even if we are not exchanging exactly like for like, it hopefully, probably is balanced on the whole!?

Thanks to MP & Bernie BG for the exchange on this! :*

* More Threads of Old on the New Forum…

Because this is already a fat Mibbler, we will postpone to write more tips and such for the use of the new Forum! @.O … Today we suffice with giving you two more Famous threads of old reappearing on the new Forum:

~~~ Kings Crown Record Book! ~~~

Sixteen Important Things to Remember When Playing Mousehunt


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

* Just a Reminder: the Great Dragon Battle is coming!

Dragon Mouse“Perhaps the greatest battle in the history of Gnawnia will start on Saturday November 20th at 2pm GMT and last for 24 hours. When the dust clears, the only Dragons left will be on exhibit in the Town of Digby museum and Dragon Divas or the Dragon Dominators  will be drinking themselves silly and second-guessing after losing to the other side. ;D”

by Bill C. – Dominator.

* Hardest Bronze Crown to beget may very well be…

Andrew B. has figured out that it must be the bronze Crown for the Eclipse ^^

source: The hardest bronze crown I have got yet

* Sounding the Horn through text message?

If it was available would you use the ability to send a text message to sound the horn and receive a text message back with the result of the turn? Now this is one of the Ideas that sprang from the Ideas-section that the devs are very much interested in! If you lack a iphone and you nevertheless like the idea, go here and express your support:

source: Sound the horn via text message

* Ever heard of reversed goals?

These may come in very handy for the Event-situation actually. But the Reversed Goals are also handy for regular mice! Jules decided:
“After 17 misses I decided my new goal was not to catch him, but to miss him 20 times – AND I’VE DONE IT! Wooooot!”

source: Finally, I’ve reached my Balack goal

* Last but not Least:  Larry has a profile!

Chun found Larry: http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/profile.php?snuid=larry&fullprofile=1#
What a lovely Hunters number he’s got! :)

Larry also made a public appearance on the new Forum the other day, he said: “It has dawned on me that I’m some sort of mini-celebrity, and a hunter suggested that I make a thread where people can ask me stuff, so fire away!”

source: Ask Larry!


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Erin McC., Carol R., Phillip B., Marie-Pierre G., Bernie B.G. & Jill I. for phrasing their thoughts and then me stealing those words… and to the MH-chat group & the Girlies for trying to keep me up to date and out of frustrations way! <3
And thanks to the MHK of course!

Todays cookies … well cookies? no, i think we need something stronger and more spicy today, more like a Scrambled Larry’s Sandwhich with some bacon on?!

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments underneath the latest Mibbler.

# The Mibbler Fanpage on FB

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