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Mibbler – 27

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

There is a first for everything, like writing a Mibbler with a hangover. This Diva is truly battered after last week’s happenings, so bare with her! :p And yes she apologises for the length of the Mibbler, there was just not enough time to shorten it!
Diva Survival Guide.

* The Festive Comet has been spotted in the distance…

Are you ready for the Great Winter Hunt of 2010?
Ehm… Somebody called L.F asked: “1st question: Will the Great Winter Hunt 2010 bring back the HR? 2nd question: will I catch one this time?” This hunter is still not completely over the Last event’s sore parts. More on that later in this Mibbler!

But you are and you sure wanna see Larry with a Santa Claus Hat? Here he is: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=10337532241

* New Hardware added and… the Aching of the Hunt!

Just in case some of you missed this hardcore fact, on november 16th, while the Giveaway was still going and sure to be the instigator of this, HitGrab was working on: “… adding more servers, upgrading existing servers and optimizing code to support the growing number of MouseHunters!”

source: HitGrab Inc.

Song for the Aching of the HuntServers failing… We still aching for the hunt… Now where or when did i hear this before? Ah: found it! :) And it must just be the time of the year, because look what we were all Singing at about the same time last year (If you don’t remember, just click the image!):

But wait, there is more to come:

“Today [Monday-ish, nov. the 22th] the game was unavailable while we applied an update. The update was aimed at improving the overall performance of the game by making a few changes to how data is stored. We’ve overhauled the journal system and significantly improved it’s speed and performance. These improvements should reduce how often a journal entry fails to write (which most frequently effected trap checks). This should hopefully reduce how often a trap check goes missing.
In addition to the journal overhaul we have also added a new database to the game to help keep up with the growing player base.”

The Dave & Franco -applause-this/another-update- video

So this * should * hopefully * reduce * … * more drumrolls * missing trap checks. Well. We will see. At the same time hunters have decided to collect all still missing Trap Checks and its kinda growing into a  long long thread:

source: ***Post all Missing Trap Checks/Hunts Here***
source: Recent Update to Journals

Your Feedback Friday Review

No i wasn’t there myself this week. I was bravely proving to my husband (a non-Mousehunter) that i could do without Mousehunt for more then 1 hour, for like 8 hours actually! :o I could suffer this test easily as i was secretly looking forward to a Dragon Battle that would take up a large part of my weekend for sure…

Amongst the many issue’s spoken about in this FBF there is also a solution suggested for your gender not showing in your Mousehunt rank. And in the preceding Mailbag-thread (**Official FeedBack Friday Mailbag** 19th Nov.), Analeen asked: “Why are Bear Mice so small?”

Read the answer…, no no, make that: Read Dave’s factual reaction in the review: Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 17th Nov


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

Hey: When you already know all about the Giveaway, scroll down to the Dragon Battle of the Century.
And if you already know all about that too: there still are some nice doodles at the end! ;)

Last thursday: Giveaway ended & Wrapped up

It was ended roundabout 22hrs gmt on 17th of nov, after some pleads on the boards to please end it, and after that Big one Prize Mouse worth 500$ was caught as well.

The Dev’s have admitted: “With this giveaway came quite a few problems. (…)”
The Mousehunt Team chose to wrap up the Giveaway with a closing statement, that included:
“Based off the feedback we’ve been getting, we see how we could have done a better job of communicating the odds of winning, setting expectations about the rarity of prize mice and conveying what role prize power plays in attracting a prize mouse. We apologize if you were frustrated by this, and assure you we will do a better job of communicating for the next King’s Giveaway.
We’ll be taking the constructive feedback we’ve had during this event and making a few tweaks to the system to make it more fun. We plan on having another giveaway in the not too distant future with an improved and re-vamped system…”

source: King’s Giveaway Wrap-up
If you still feel like giving some feedback, go to the Give-feedback Thread

Of course there is a chance that you have experienced a well-done and nice Giveaway event, and for those amongst you i will explain a little about the agitation:

Giveaway in Retrospect I: the Hunter’s Hard-Core Collector’s Mind

We are going back in time a bit, back to last week… and we wonder: Has anybody caught all 3 new Prize Mice??? Yes of course there have been lucky hunters around that caught all three specimen (proof of that to be found here: Has anybody caught all 3 new prize mice???)

CollectionThis same question was raised more then once and often sounded like a cry-out. It seemed to mainly speak about the true Mousehunter’s nature. The Mousehunter’s mind is a hardcore Collector’s mind: We shake and wonder, sometimes even loose faith whenever the possibility of a full collection is endangered. Or like a long time hunter has phrased it:

“I used to want to collect one of every item in the game but that has now been taken away as I will never have every item. I used to want to collect all the mice in the game but now there are even more that will never become a reality (2 1/2 year vet and I’ve had one Lep hit, two Mob hits and no High Roller hits).” – Doug

Thread: What is your MouseHunt ‘goal’?

Giveaway in retrospect II: numbers & * whine! *

Mousehunt announced many many Prize mice have been caught: “More than 160 Leprechauns were caught, worth cash prizes totaling $5,000. Congrats to Toby, our grand prize winner of $500. More than 1,500 Mobsters were caught worth a total of almost 150,000 SUPER|brie+. Finally, we had close to 150,000 winners of King’s Credits totaling more than 2 million King’s Credits.”

But there still are hunters left without any of the three Prize mice!

“As there were about 175,000 daily users during the event, chances of getting a mobster were roughly 1 in a thousand. Well, that was to be expected. But if Dave’s figure of 150,000 people getting KCs is accurate, then that leaves 25,000, or an amazing 14% of players, who didn’t get any prize mouse! O.O” – Julio R.

source for the visitors numbers

Kinda Famous PP Builder claims new type of DHU-record! @.o

Tyler B. asked to reserve a spot on the DHU Scoreboard for him, for having the “Highest Prize Power at the end of the Event (and no final catch with it)”!
Spy Tyler B. his Proof of 947 Prize Power

Find out about your Prizes  & leftover Prize Power

If you did catch a Prize mouse, you can check out what you’ve won here: http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/prizeclaim.php

Our Prize Power has been stored in our Inventory under ‘Special’. If your prize power is not showing in your inventory try this link, once opened your PP should show up on the special page:

* The “Ultimate Battle of the Sexes”

Ever since the Mouse-Dragon’s existence came to be known to us hunters, we found out how hard it was to catch one! Soon groups were formed to boast about the numbers of Dragons each hunters had caught: First the “Dragon Diva’s” was formed, each huntress having caught 5 Dragons was allowed into the club. But the men did not wait around and sit idle: they formed the “Dragon Dominators”, a secret club that plots and hides and sings aloud around campfires.

At some point in time, these groups – divided by gender – were destined to think up a Battle… And this Battle was to be fought on the slopes of Mount Doom, were the Dragons have their Dens.
Imagine the Fierce Beasts defending their territory and breeding grounds! This was to be a Phenomenal event! Even Mousehunt’s own fanpage warned about what was going on:

And it was great to cheer everyone on and watch the Battle going. The side comps  found a way to include everyone. And a ‘spectator’ caught 3 dragons in her short 25 IH run.
Read all about it in the following GNN-report:

Gnawnia News Network: Live from the Battle!

Mousehunter Bill C. reporting life for GNN – first in Gnawnia News, at the start of the Battle:

“As I crouch nearby, I can see that Dominators and Divas have pitched tents across the plains of Derr…I can see huddled figures silhouetted around the campfires and the roar of Dragon mice can be heard up high on the volcano towering nearby.

Stories of past Dragon hunts start to dwindle as the sleepy hunters head off to their tents…but I still see a few polishing their Ice Maiden traps and counting their bait. Guards stand in the dark, to ensure that there is no fraternization with the enemy. The stakes are high. Tomorrow they will begin their climb up the volcano.”

Ice Maiden's on the Battle Field

Image © Taraka P.- GNN reporter

And a newsthread of epic proportions was born! Note the immense count of lurkers alone: “There are currently 1024 users browsing this thread”!
Do you want to read the full report on the Battle -and i tell you the thread is worth it!- then go here:

Gnawnia News Network: Live from the site of the “Ultimate Battle of the Sexes”

Who wins the Ultimate Battle?

Of course we all want to know! When two-third of the Battle-time was done, GNN reports these words from inside the man’s camp: “Battle continues men, hunters are getting weary after 16&1/2 hours of fighting…. Right now it’s too close to call but the Divas have a slight lead.”

After a lot of counting and tallying the BotS declared the Final Results to be thus:

Total Diva Catches = 1003
Total Diva Team Average = 5.73
Top Diva: Linda T. – 14

Total Dominator catches – 903
Total Dominator average = 6.06
Top Dominator – Lee Y. H. – 15

Now these are figures!!! I wonder if there will be any dragons left for the Terrible 10th later this month?

The Divas couldn’t believe they had been the leading party for so long and still ended up being no.2!

The lovely & sporty Dominators have send a pile of goodies to the mourning Diva’s in their cave cave containing: “…a keg of beer, bags of peanuts and pretzels, and for the ladies that don’t like beer a box with assorted wines and a foldable cocktailbar. With the compliments of the Doms for a worthy opponent!”

Spreadsheet links:
# Diva Team Results
# Dominator Team Results

Scoreboard Soap Sequels

The new scoreboard high-rank owner called it thus: “Well this is an odd little glitch… ;)”
But we know better: a lot and i mean A Lot! of hardcore hunting has been going on to make this possible! Way to go team Cha!
Source: Scoreboard changes

==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Giveaway in Retrospect III: to partly unnerve the Sore Hunters Nerves

The Giveaway-event ended with mixed feelings, a bang and a squeak. The last three days of the Giveaway i sat hunting with an ever higher Prize Power and no more attractions of any of the Prize mice. In hindsight there is some sort of explanation for this, plus some unnerving to do, but i will get to that soon…

At about the last & the fore-last day of the Giveaway Event, rumors were appearing on the Forums, “saying” that Mobster and Lep were being caught by new players and actually attracted by them in numbers. This caused a huge checking the mouse-attractions of the newer players and now suspicions really sour high! o.o

Hunters started spying and gathered “proof” of the Big Luck Factor, and indeed: “Newbies” caught Prize Mice. (*Disclaimer* one catch doesn’t proof a thing!)

One hunter reported: “My friend can’t even progress in the game where she is attracting – and missing – so many Rollers EVERY hunt in TOG with Treb… This is not luck, it’s an almighty bug.”

Now this news fell onto already Sore Hunters Nerves indeed. The Sore Nerve consisted mainly of this: Why do many people have MULTIPLE attractions (or catches, even!) and some other people haven’t had a sniff! – Jason T.

Or as  Evan L. stated: “Some part of the players population are destined to not have / encounter Roller at all. (…) Ain’t working as intended. I suppose it was broken from the start. =\”

Something weird clearly happened here with the rare mice-attractions clogging up the newbies hunting pages… It was not a huge jump to wonder if this [skewedness] of attractions was connected to some of the other bugz…. we didn’t know the exact figures at the time, we only had Sore Nerves & Hearts!
And thus, out of the mix of the many many bugz & the Soreness, came the Plea for fixing the bugs: “Take it down… Fix it…. Let us know when we can come back, safely.”

At this point I have to say: The rational part of my brain, the part that juggles numbers rather well, was telling me that all the catches, however odd they may look, were still statistically normal given the small numbers of the difficult mice released. Or as a statistics expert stated: “For high probabilities, things would be much more even.” – Andrew W.

Remember the Kindergarten game of sitting in a circle and whispering a story from the one to the other, and then see (hear!) what came out at the other end? …
Here are some soothing figure’s from Feedback Friday, the facts: Distribution of prize mice per title:

  • 10% of prize mice were caught by Grandmaster and below
  • 90% caught by legendary and above

source: Is something wrong with High Roller Attraction?
source: you say High Rollers are rare?
source: Unfair Prize Mouse
source: Sick and Tired of Everyone Being So Sick and Tired
source: Dear Devs – Again…. Take the game down
source: A Dear Devs Letter

* Dave about the Skewed Attraction rates

In the midst of the Sore Hunter’s Nerve-Affair Dave came to the Forum & stated:

“This was a side-effect of not yet catching a prize mouse and missing a prize mouse both making you more likely to encounter another prize mouse.
As the end of the giveaway approached, the chance of encountering a prize mouse was increased to increase the speed in which prizes were being won. This led to players with weak traps, who had not caught any, or caught few prize mice during the event becoming more and more likely to encounter one as the event came to an end.
Players with stronger traps are more likely to catch a prize mouse upon encountering it, meaning they won’t see this pattern develop.”

source: Daves explanation

* The We Forgive You Thread

“Dear Devs,
We the hunters listed below forgive you for the glitches. I know that in your hearts you were as excited at the beginning as we were and then a few bumps occurred which has thrown the community into upheaval.” – Doug

You can still join in the forgiving, as it is the season for it indeed!

source: Dear Devs- The “We forgive you” thread:)- Those holding issues need not enter:)

Mass Poking Results!

It would almost get lost amidst all the grand and painfull and cheering news, but David Watson, the man people call ‘The King of Furoma’, has posted the results of poking 1548 Unstable Curds. Since he did many hunters have sought the words to express their wonder & respect at the same time…:

“When the Sensei goes to sleep every night, he checks under his bed for David Watson.” – Aaron McG.

“Thousands of years ago David Watson came across a bear. It was so terrified that it fled north into the arctic. It was also so terrified that all of its descendents now have white hair.

Superman owns a pair of David Watson boxer-shorts.” – Christopher Lynch

See for yourself what amazing results David got out of the Poke: http://goo.gl/aUhOR

Massive haul of rb-potions!

Hunter  Isaac L.T.  tells us he  just hit his 2000-th RB-potion! Being asked whether he was planning to craft 10 MS bases? he volunteered the following:

“It took nearly a year in the lab. used at least 10,000 pieces of white cheddar, and clearing my 6,000th piece of cheddar in this run, along with lots of other cheese i got from the old KR system. Maybe it’s gonna be 10.5 MSB, since i got over 100 scraps from the lab ^^”

Now of course we all want to know whether Isaac holds the record for the most RB-potions?!

Thread: just a small celebration!

An Interview with the Students of Furoma

Today we find out why Maki is preferred by the students, where Onyx Stones came from, and why the Sensei prefers Onyx Gorgonzola. ‘Just’ a short (and fake) interview Zhong Z. did with the students of Furoma, the purpose of it is just for people to relax and share a smile (although it may not be funny).

Nibbler Zhong Z. reporting in: Why are students so Attracted to Maki? – explained

Christmas Collectibles: Drawing competition

Do get into the Winter & Christmas-mood and not just because of a each-year-re-occuring tv-add of a famous drink!
Go admire the submissions and do admit one if you can!

source: The chrismas collectibles drawing competition ** 1 Mio MH gold + 50 SB+ ** by MHD

New Painting video  by Jacob: the Whelpling mouse

Does it need any introduction? The art-lovers know what i mean! ^^ So go have a peek here: Whelpling mouse painting video [HQ]

Last but not Least:
“Always Look on the Bath Side of…”

We -supposedly- all know how to cool down yes? Being all grown up etc.
My guess is, no-one makes it sound more fun then Finn did:

“Come join me in the Lagoon… it is my secret happy place, where I enjoy being naked.” – Finn L


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to  Carol R, Julio R & Shah R.
And of course big thanks to the whole Dragon-Battle-admin-team on both sides! :)

Todays cookies … ah! as i was looking for the Cookie Monster to get some advice for the weekly assorted, i ran into Something Completely Different… And you know what, Ernie knew were to find the best collection of cookies for this week!

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments underneath the latest Mibbler.

# The Mibbler Fanpage on FB

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