Originally started as 'the Archives', Mibbler-Mousehunt News now gets published here.

Mibbler – 28

Hello Mousehunt Heroes… here comes the Rollerrrrrcoaster! Put on your Winter jackets and sing Halleluyah! Hug the Elves: the party has begun!

On Wednesday about 21 gmt the Ticker says: The Festive Comet is approaching Gnawnia! The game will be unavailable for a few minutes while the Great Winter Hunt is setup. Set up? Yeah … preparations of course. And then it will be actually coming next Tuesday, hm?!

Were we proven wrong soon, as the Ticker announcement was quickly followed by a newsmessage from the Nibbler – Yay It’s Alive! * you all know i am still a Big Fan don’t you?! – and the Nibbler knew this: “The Festive Comet is quickly approaching Gnawnia and is about to crash! The Great Winter Hunt is just about here a little later today! Are you ready Mousehunters?”

Well… yes, no, yes of course! But? What are the chances of the Comet having exactly the same trajectory and speed and then again ending up in exactly the same place in Gnawnia? Aaaaah! All run for cover!

source – The Nibbler: MouseHunt Daily News

Festive Comet has Landed – The Great Winter Hunt has Begun!

It’s not complicated – at least not yet! Just go to the Festive Comet & catch Elf mice! 
Read all in the newsmessage as its clear and sound and i won’t repeat it here in full:
* The newspost on Festive Comet (
on FB)
* The newspost on Festive Comet (
on Moushuntgame.com)

Ooooh and the mice are dressed up! So don’t forget to put on your :) partyhat!

= Gift Boxes =
The content of the packages and gifts the Elfs bring is amazingly good and heartily welcomed amongst hunters! Wanna see what’s in them? (Not all of it all the time of course! You greedy one!)
Go see the Gift Box Content spreadsheet

If you have some Gift-content to report that is not yet listed, go here: ****Loot Compilition for each box ****

The gift Boxes can, after you caught one, be send to friends as well, through the Give to Friends option.

= The return of the… =
The Candy Cane Base is back! Get one from the Trapsmith at the Festive Comet!

The Gingerbread House Blueprints are back as well…Elves drop em as Loot sometimes! Some hunters who missed out last year, are soooo happy!

= Gingerbread Cheese =
The Elfs like Gingerbread cheese… check out the Festive shop for the Gingerbread planks, send some to friends, get some in return,  smash em and you are on your way! If the Gingerbread is no good for ye, just switch to brie or Candy Corn Cheese: why not?

= Who’s caught the most Elf Mice? =
Check out this new scoreboard and see! Just go to the scoreboard page and click on ‘Festive’.

= Gift Shop =
Way out! The little Elfs even wrap the gifts before sending them to the recipient! And can we only send 1 plank at a time? Yes, that’s how it’s intended to be. (Fact by Michele)

But there are also “Gift Page Display Issues: Some players have a messed up gift page – for reference here are the gold prices for the gifts:
Greeting Card 500 gold
Mistletoe 1000 gold
Candies 3500 gold
Icing sugar 3500 gold
Plank 6000 gold
Snow Globe 25000 gold”

source: Current Known Issues (Last updated …)

* Make sure you can attend the Great Winter Star Ceremony on November 29th *

Now pay attention as this is completely new this year:
“Just before the start of December is the Great Winter Star Ceremony. It’s a celebration held by the King where the previous year’s Winter Star is removed from the top of the tree and the new one is placed on top. Some mice truly despise the festivities, so there is sure to be some trouble.

Mark November 29th on your calendars – The King will need help making sure no unruly mice crash the party.”

How the devs celebrated the arrival of the Festive Comet?

With a platter of late-night Tacos! Of course! :)
HitGrab Inc.

MouseHunt iPhone app… another step forwards:

MouseHunt iPhone app… has been submitted for approval. Cross your fingers MouseHunters!
Cap’n HitGrab Inc./ IPhone submittal


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

Will you wait till 25th Dec to open your presents?

So what’s this all about you say? Well did you know its bad luck to open up Christmas Presents before Christmas Day “December 25th”. You may be in good company for keeping your presents…. but there are many many hunters that can’t help themselves and open em right away:

source:  *~ The I’m Not Opening My Presents Till Christmas Thread ~*

New Mice: Question Marks in the Mice Page!
– and a Bonus -?-

The new Question mark Mice names are:

Missle Toe Mouse, Snow Fort Mouse, Wreath Thief Mouse, Slay Ride Mouse and Squeaker Claws!

You can look up the -?- in your Mousepage under ‘Event’.

Jessica C pointed out Another Question Mark: the Windmill. It’s apparently gone missing. From the map that is… If you click on travel and on one of the cute little arrows? What do ye see? Gone: No Windmill! Let’s call it GhostMill shall we?!

Hey the devs noticed this! It’s back! (Since saturday afternoon) And with a special festive Candy touch to it!

Will the Old Winter mice make a come-back? SantaDevs, please?

Many a hunter and huntress are keeping their fingers crossed for a re-appearance of last Winter’s special mice!

“My fingers are crossed and I’m making big wibbly mookie eyes: I missed some of the special event mice in the ’09 Winter Hunt, and am hoping we’ll have an opportunity to catch some of those this year. Oh please, oh please, oh please, Santa Devs~  (Also, I want a pony.)” – Xstine/Christine B.

We will for sure know more about what’s still to come, when the Great Winter Star Ceremony begins on November 29th! * wink wink *

source (Xstine wishlist on page 3): Festive Comet has Landed – The Great Winter Hunt has Begun!

The answer came during Feedback Friday:

Franco & Jacob have told us that the “old” Winter mice will make a come-back! :)
Go read the Feedback Friday Review for 26th of november

In need of Winter hunting Guidance?

THE Guide to Mousehunt has promised an update on the Festive Comet as soon as the hunting there gets a bit more complicated… For now we have an unofficial guide on the new boards, which also thinks the hunting there is not complicated as of yet. But hey! The new hunters that didn’t hunt in the Kingdom last winter may still be happy for some guidance:

source: The Unofficial Guide to The Great Winter Hunt 2010!

And yes, we all know where to go to get the best Gold-benefits. But what if you can not go to Cats yet? Where to go for Gold hm? Go take your questions (and advices) to the discussion for the not-yet-legendary Hunters here:

source: best place for gold if you cant get to cats?

On New Traps and what to expect? Managing Expectations!

All vented wishes and high hopes on the Discussion Boards for new Traps to perhaps come during this Winter hunt…  remind me of that discussion i was reading not too long ago: About High Luck LE Traps.

The discussion started off with a -to me- incomprehensible text with formulas in it. And i so agreed with the next poster who uttered: “Statistics make my head explode. Any summary/bottomline?” With a little patience it showed up in the thread a little later:

“I’m told by Paul H. that LE traps will continue to have lower and lower luck because the devs have finally recognized that high luck ruins all balance. Traps like the Kraken Chaos which don’t even have 20 luck still outdo the Heatbath – that’s just sad. Forget 30 luck, we may never get 25 again.”  Sean d’H.

So the analyzing and strategerising part of our community agrees on this expectation… just so you all know what to expect. Probably.

source: Luck Vs Power

The MHK has a new Chef!

With great thanks and some sadness in our hearts we say goodbye to Tess O.: We wish her all the best In Real Life! And we welcome Steve W. with a big applause for taking over as Chef Cuisiner!

Steve has already been heard muttering the famous words: “Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness” and “Chocolate is a perfect food, wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power” and: “Skinny cooks can’t be trusted”.

But we shouldn’t spy on him from so up close, it’s the main good works that he has taken on immediately and that is to get  the lower ranks hunters acquaintanced with the Kitchen! And ehm, if you ever hand over a new recipe for testing to the Chef, be sure to use a *pink* bow to wrap it up!

The MHK introduction in the Newcomers Lounge: Are you looking for a crafting recipe?

The Recent Issues Thread: worth visiting once in a while!

Don’t think you’ve Been there Seen that! Because the -Current Known Issues- thread is being regularly updated and kept very neat & tidy. So do check back every now & again.
Current Known Issues (Last updated … GMT)

* More Tips for starting to use the New Forum

The mass of the hunters have found their way to the new Forums, managed to log on and managed to post once in a while. The old Forums are looking more & more slim and empty with each passing day. I will one day try to write up how “Friends” and “Groups” work on the new Forum… but Facebook is not phasing out those functionalities yet, so why hurry. We are still firmly rooted into the thing, aren’t we? :p

– Christine W. started the unofficial Hi5-Tavern, as it seems the two platforms on which to play Mousehunt, are sorta out of synch & different…: The Unofficial Hi5 Tavern v0.0

– Yay for the Goode Works!
Despite that the newcomers Month came to an end a month ago, there are still lovely initiatives going strong to help out the starting Mousehunter in his/her Queste for a new fancy Trap!
source: Treb & Cheese giveaway

– The Official Feedback Mailbag is back! For the second week in a row! But it was late and that’s why it’s probably still open for your Questions at the time of printing this Mibbler! Run and post your Question! (Or keep an eye on the next week’s one):  **Official FeedBack Friday Mailbag** 26th Nov**

Oh Oh… by now: you are too Late! Go read the Feedback Friday Review for 26th of november

– A new section has been made in the Forum especially for this:

“Looking to meet and greet fellow festive hunters? In the giving mood and looking for new friends to share gifts with? Discuss everything festive here!”

New Forum: Great Winter Hunt >>


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

And more Mousehunt Songs of course!

Haven’t we all studied Mousehunt Lyrics to Evergreens these past months! Now Malcolm picked a non-traditional this time… and man did he grasp the Mousehunt Festive Mood! :) Hallelujah to ye!

“Maybe you’ve had good advice
But all I’ve learned from hunting mice
Was how to love each new mouse that they drew ya…

And so the cry you’ll hear at night
Is not somebody who mourns his plight
It’s a joyous, HitGrab-sponsored, “Hallelujah!”

source: Hallelujah!

Mousehunt: Labour of Love
(and bread, yes that too)

If anybody still has doubts after this heartwarming song, now is the time to let go of your disbelief! Dev Andrew wrote:
“Mousehunt is a for-profit business, but also a labour of love. If we were doing it just for the money, I can guarantee things would be a little more Farmville. The players are our customers, and we try to maintain good relationships with them. We hope you’ll enjoy our upcoming Holiday event – it’s got a lot of great content, fantastic art and time-tested mechanics…”

I’d say: Thank you for the music, the Mice your drawing… Thanks for all the Joy your bringing! (ok. sorry there… I promise to leave the songlyric-rewriting to Malcolm next time!)

source, (post 42): Devs, just a simple reminder for the the Great Winter Hunt 2010 Event…

Teeny detailed Teasing Edges to the winter stuff…

All the love in the world won’t keep the devs from teasing.
Teasing us, teasing eachother… they like to tease and have a little fun! I think the following falls into this category. Or as Herman N. phrased it:

“Collectors need 3 CoTs and 3 Rhinos now… Hardcore.”

And not that the following is related, but where otherwise to put the tiny edgy stuff?
Have you all noticed there are two festive shields? One for the black regular shield and one for the Golden Lucky one: clearly one wins, as it looks so much more festive! o.-


MouseHunt University and The Tavern Times Christmas Celebration!

This great Christmas Celebration is about to start (as it is the first Advent coming Sunday right?)

“So far we have 4 types of comps/give-a-aways:
#1 – Advent Calendar – One person wins a large amount of gold per day
#2 – The 12 days of Christmas – Multiple People win Smaller amounts of gold for the 12 days leading up to Christmas
#3 – Bounty Hunts
#4 – Trap Help Programs”

The Prize pot is amazing! There’s bound to be many winners here!
Just to get in the mood, go and look at this awesome celebrations-poster made & submitted for the poster-contest!

Go attend the MHU-TTT Christmas Celebrations!

When to abort a ZT run?

Ha ha, as much as i like this Lightfooted edition :) there’s still some serious stuf around. Many a hunter was caught in the middle of a Zugzwangs Towerrun when the Comet fell. If there is one strategic question i keep trying to put out of my mind and that keeps entering in with every hurtfull Tower run… it is this one!
But now we have the answer: When the Festive Comet comes to town!

On a more serious note, is Silver/Zlatko B.’s advice:
“People always say that 10% is minimum without catching a queen, but that really depends on your patience and willingness to spend precious cheese on red boxes. Two rooks and a queen will lower your amp by 19% in total. At 70%, it’s perfectly possible to catch a king. i think that catching king isn’t such a problem if you’re left with more than 20%. it’s possible to do it below 20% also, but it won’t look pretty.”

DrawnCSC/Yavor S.’s advice = “Stay until you got about 15% and still no queen. You will only waste Gouda, time and nerves for nothing.”

I like the wasted Nerves bit. Sure feels like it… Think i will heed this one!

source: When to abort a ZT run?

Smashing sb+ back and forth

Oh my God, what do you do if you accidentally smashed 1000 SB+ instead of 100?

Luckily Friday the 26th seems to be a lucky Draw-day for so many hunters! We even wondered whether the Draw-process got stuck somehow, as it seemed to keep on going?!  A friend of mine reported this: “Won 25 sb+. Third win same draw”
Very busy day for the raffle. :D

ok.! Everybody was a tat too loud about that Raffle going astray! The Known Issues Thread now (since 8am gmt) boasts: “Daily Raffle – This has been disabled while a couple of issues are fixed.”

source for what to do when you accidentally smashed your sb+supply: Can you smash magic essence back to superbrie?

A Big Bear Mouse for sure!

Darko V. caught this Big one:

Your Stats – Heaviest Catch: 3 lb. 12 oz.
Global Stats- Heaviest Catch: 1 lb. 14 oz.

Don’t think the message shows a problem. Michele is all on top of the Global heaviest catch weight being lower then the personal one: “Global mouse stats no longer display catches heavier than the current weight cap for that mouse. If your heaviest catch is higher than the global one it is likely that you caught it prior to v3, or in the first 2 weeks of v3 before the cap was introduced.
Except the Bear, who has just come off his diet but his global stats have not updated yet” – Michele.

Who worries about stats when having wrestled with such a huge mouse and come out a winner?! All will be sorted in the end no doubt!

Heaviest bear in MH :D

Last but not Least: …we want to see the snow falling!

Of course we want the snowglobe to be shaken! Not stirred please. ^^
Go and cast your vote on the shaking of the snowglobe here:

source: Make the Snowglobe shakeable.


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Animal, Erin M. & MP!

Todays cookies …. are Winter-cookies!

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

# The Mibbler Fanpage on FB

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