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Mibbler – 30

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

This morning i found a new light on my Mousehunt festive lights: a red one! After we had gotten a second green one, i had figured it would go round from green to purple-ish … hmmm … now what will it go to next? It’s beginning to look very festive over at the Comet with all the bulbs starting to light up…

And do we by now already notice any of the restoration of the Spirit of Christmas? Any more Elfs around? Any more wintery outlooks, snuggle and cozy fireplaces lit? any more thoughts on peace and love and understanding? any more realizations that family is indeed a special and to be cherished thing in your life?
Or do we need more of that special light for that? More of the naughty mice be caught before all this will emanate in our awareness?

Friday has come and went and I do feel like it is all a bit quiet… as in ‘before the Storm’…  there is not much new(s). Well, ok: There still are tiny bits of noteworthy things around.

Of course: More Naughty Mice releases…

The Present Mouse is replacing everyone’s presents with coal!! These mice are nothing but pure evil!! Sound your horn and help end their rampage now! (Did you get coal? I did! uh oh.)

The Xmas Tree Mouse is snapping the branches of all trees in the Festive Comet! There are sad, broken twigs all over the place! (And yes finally: The Christmas Tree Mouse drops Gingerbread Base Blueprints! >> Christmas tree drops gbb bp)

The Ornament Mouse is rolling a bunch of ornaments underneath Hunters’ feet! Where is it getting so many ornaments from?!

The Nutcracker Mouse has formed a military platoon and is marching down the Festive Comet!! Catch this mouse and help save the holidays!

All from: MouseHunt FB Fanpage

New Collectibles under the Uncollected tab and more!

Brand brand new are: – Winter Star Sunglasses;  – Larry’s Mustache cookies; – Sylvan Plushie. This last plushie in a long line of Plushies, was an original idea from moushuntress Kavitah S. also known as Kitteh. Hurray Kitteh!

Plus: In case you have not noticed, you can enter the amount of festive gifts you want to send to one person, instead of the previous system where you could only send gifts one by one. Yay!

Slightly Smaller GiftNews for °U N W R A P P A H O L I C S°:
The come-back of the Slightly Smaller Gift! For those who were not around in 2009 it can be important to view a list of what the smaller gifts may contain (after unwrapping and some more unwrapping, ever getting slightly smaller, there will be something in there! Absolutely 100% sure about that!)

This week/s FBF:

Although there was a very well organized mailbag, the Devs were not that focused on FBF as they were preparing to have the office’s Christmas party this same Friday starting at 11am Dev’s local time. So big Hurray for Franco and Jacob still coming online to talk to us!
They admitted to having missed Dave and all his “being on the Ball” – especially on the Great Winter Hunt of course – but they were rather proud of having the FBF’s scheduled ahead and ‘on time’…. And no, they didn’t need any more coffee ^^

Main points:
– There are no plans for additional tweaking of “Elf madness”
– The old forums will be left up, until Facebook removes it.
– There was something about a “Hidden New Scoreboard”… but as it’s still hidden atm, we can’t show you yet, sorry.
– Oops, another slip of the…: There will be a new LE Trap released soon, it is being finalized between Jacob and Dave. They have not decided yet which type it will be.
– Release of Baron-area planned for January-ish…

The original bunch of Devs had never dreamed of giving the game a Lift-off to last as long as it does, let alone getting it on a Phone?! (Shht devs: me playing a Tourney for a 168-hours -including the days i had to attend that family-reunion- was a big clue, wasn’t it?!)

As Jacob Johnson wrote after last week extended FBF-live-painting: “Painting in front of 500 people live is exhilarating but exhausting.” After this drawing party, indeed enjoyed by a steady 500 onlookers at all times!, it was gonna be rather obvious there would be a call for =Yes we want that Mouse in the game!=
This FBF’s definite answer: “The mouse created by Jacob on last week’s FBF is now called the IceWing and she will become part of the game.”

source: Brief FBF review, by lack of review instantly done & put up by sweet Baroness ‘Jorga’
Mailbag Q’s: **Official FeedBack Friday Mailbag – 10th December**

ps: Don’t forget to *poke* Franco…


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

Who has the most FF?

Frozen FromageHowever much i would privately like to Redubb this into “The Splintered Wood Festive Event” (thank you Francesco B.), the no. Uno of what kept hunters really busy these last 8 days was the Frozen Fromage. Somebody has gotten already 13 of these by now! >> Bragging rights!

most recent source: Who’s got the most frozen fromage?
one of the other’s: Who has the most cubes of frozen fromage?

I would say please be careful hunters! As much as “The frozen fromage has been intriguing, I just hope it doesn’t turn out like the eggnog.” – Jorga (post 95 in the Feedback to the Great Winter Hunt #2).

For the less lucky ones amongst us we have a Glass of Whine at the ready. Whine-threads usually do not get that long… but this one has, as there are still multiple hunters with no FroFro! :o
Especially Debra is really really sad: “I feel like the only kid at a Christmas party who didn’t get a gift…all my friends have one, most have one for each mouse!”
source: Whining for frozen fromage

MhHitM: The Brag thread is full of FF-catches! Join in if you can!
And ehm: you know where to find the Whine, don’t you?!

Just wondering -again- how mad…

Fo sure this was the second most popular discussions this week: Elf Madness. There were many but varied and mixed opinions on that one. “There’s enough Elfs to make me mad” – some would say. Others would just keep quiet as to carefully not jinx their fortunes…

Jacob said: “In lieu of last weeks “elf madness” the devs looked into the problem of our non-frenzied furry friends. Working together with the scientists of Digby we believe we have come up with a solution, all today and next thursday, we will be sending subsonic waves through the festive comet. Resonating with the gift boxes, this should stir the Elf mice from their hiding places. 
We have also looked into enhancing the effectiveness of SB+ for luring these little guys. So be sure to arm this most devious bait and more elves will surely be at your beckon call!”

BBB from Digby as well.And Jacob didn’t message us in one thread: he must have ran all around the boards (as we were likewise all over the place in our worries!) and tried to comfort and reassure us.

*biting my tongue from extensive hunting*

You know: these Elfs are as fast as the 6 White Boomers! o.-
It’s either that or the BBB has been eating em :p

source: Dec 9th: Elf Madness
source, page 2: Elf madness!!!
source: How mad is elf madness today?

New Collectables unveiled # Spoiler Alert! #

Barb has found this the description of Larry’s Mustache Cookie in Larry’s Lexicon: “Soft and chewy, these delightful cookies prepared by our own Royal Knight Larry emit a very… strong… odor while baking.”

Somebody else found the Winter Star… if you want the spoilers, go look em up in here: Larry’s Mustache Coookie Found In Larry’s Loot Lexicon

Devs seek advice: RB pots tradable in the marketplace?

This week, Franco was looking for advice on what you think would be good additions to be able to sell in the market place:Coins

“Currently one idea we have been toying around with is the ability to sell specific potions. [Like for instance] radioactive blue potions (…)
Another Idea we just started toying with is allowing specific ranked players to sell and buy specific items. Example if you are lord or lady, we may open it up so you can sell each other ancient potions, rare cheeses, etc and this would prevent new people from getting their hands on it way to early.”

In general, most of us think that trading items should be very limited to keep the balance of the game. On the FBF of dec 10th, Franco said that the discussion on the Forum was pretty helpful and along lines of his expectations. And yes, they will still go on and try to have some more items in the market place… The biggest hesitation is about potions an items you have to work hard for inside the game.

If you have a constructive opinion or idea, please post it for Franco: Looking to add more items to the market place.

Your Opinion: The Winter Hunt – Poll #2

“Hey everyone. This is the second feedback thread for The Great Winter Hunt 2010. Please rate how you feel how you feel it’s going and make sure to leave a comment even if it is short. We want to know what you like, what you dislike, what would you think would be cool, etc.” – Jacob.

Although there is admittance of boredom and some longing for clues on what this all will buildup to… to what can we look forward Devs?… a huge part of the general opinion goes like this: “I have 45 CM-cheese now from the boxes! That is a huge gift, considering how long and how much cheese it would take to accumulate that much CM-cheese in regular hunting. And that’s just the CM, never mind all the other loot.” – Mark P.

Go give your Feedback: Feedback #2 on The Great Winter Hunt 2010

The Missing Trap Check Mystery: Help!

Moderator Ashley is now sampling exmaples of the missing trap checks and seeking our help:

“Andrew and the other coders are trying their hardest to track down the bug that causes missing trap checks since they have confirmed that, although it is a massive contributing factor, server load is not the main cause of missing trap checks. You may miss a trap check for two reasons:
1) The server loaTrap Checkd is too much – this results in the trap check not being displayed, though it does occur;
2) An unknown glitch that we cannot find – no trap check occurs.

Though #1 is more common, #2 is becoming increasingly noticed.”

The “first check after logging in” hypothesis seems to be true, except that some people are experiencing this error after less than an hour of inactivity. To try and see if our hypothesis is wrong, or if the code that handles a user being offline is broken due to the change in times, Ashley has by now started a new report thread.
Please report your missing trap checks here following the template in the first post of one of these threads:

reNEWed effort on reporting missing trapchecks: Error Testing: Community Support Requested
source for the quotes: Official “Missed trap Checks” Bug Report Thread

Quick Thread-Tips for the New Forum:

– Somebody caught 7 Toy mice in a Row! :o … So here comes a well-known thread of old on the new Forum: ~~The Un-Official Most Mice in A Row Thread: Version 3.1~~

– Renewed apply for 1000-Mice-Crown: Crown for 1000 mice of a Breed

Check your Winter Hunt mice: So………. did anyone else actually try to mark a check on their Winter Hunt calendar..?

– The MouseHunt IPhone App is now available on ITunes! The first release is not without problems, as Franco was the first to admit, he immediately announced that a “better version will be out soon”. And on wednesday came this news: “An update has been submit to apple which will include the following…”read all for yourself in:
update source: MobileHorn v1.01 Update


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Best Comet set-up for Grandmaster (and below)

Is it GBH, or FF? Or maybe DDB? And with wich base?
Interesting exchange of thought here: Which setup is better for Festive Comet? (grandmaster)

Flashing too fast? Plea to Increase bulb flash time

Julio thinks it’s really cool that the corresponding bulb flashes when one of the xmas mice are caught, but he didn’t even notice it until he read about it in a newsletter [editor: *coughs*]: “and even now I usually don’t see it. I think the flash time is too quick – the amount of time the bulb goes dark is too brief.”

Do you agree? Go and agree on this Suggestion to the devs: Increase bulb flash time

Who wouldn’t wanna own a Dream Catcher Trap?

DreamcatcherIf you’re interested to hear what it can be used for, or if you are a fan of the Fan-fiction “Let the Hunt Begin!“, go read all about the Dream Catcher in this Idea & Suggestion for a new Realm:

Complete new Hunting Area: The Spirit Realm

The moment that everyone is anxiously awaiting

“Would she-who-must-not-be-named return to us with ever precious Christmas or New Year’s gifts? Or would she be detained by the so called Moustachio the Charmer? If so, he would turn into Public Enemy No 1.” – Guyanguan in: The moment that everyone is anxiously awaiting.

Some hunters are hoping, caused by an in-game description, that a “Not-Original?” Rhinobot will be released … which also gets the hopes of her return up. I say nothing! I am going to say “I said so” when it happens! Whatever happens. But to be quite honest: Keep on dreaming…!

It all got completely clear at some point this week: The reason Ronza has not been spotted anywhere in the land of Gnawnia… She is in the UK!! Karen pictured her passing through London this week!!

We hope she is enjoying her holidays :D

source: News on Ronza’s whereabouts

Its the season…

…of Sentimentality. Old old hunters come share over here: Remember when?

…of Snowy Crowns… or aiming purposefully at 100 Snowmouses, Abominable ones that is. Thien H. T. has done it: “I caught my 100th Abominable Snow Mouse and earned a Silver King’s Crown!”
source: 100th Abominable Snow Mouse

… of the Six White Boomers: Merry Christmas Mates! (Early yes but I hear you guys & gals Down Under are always Early, living in the Future and all!)

To try get us all back to Rrrreality here is…  “Ooh a *slap*fest!!” Even Larry *pulls down metal visor* & joined in! Quick! Somebody slap me!


Last but not Least:
Sharon’s amazing Mouse-Sudoku!

Click on Sharon’s Sudoku >> to get a Full version!

You have to complete the puzzle and send the answers to me via PM only.
The answers should be sent in the format: A= ; B=; C=; D=; E=; F=; G=; H=; I=.
Where behind each = is the name of the mouse which corresponds to that letter on the Sudoku board.

The first 10 correct solutions (send to my pm-box) win 15 sb+ each.

(I am very sorry that the November PTB-competitors are for good reasons excluded from this puzzle-contest: Sorry!)


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Very Special Thanks to Robodok.

Todays cookies … are plain old Puzzled Cookies.

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

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