Originally started as 'the Archives', Mibbler-Mousehunt News now gets published here.

Mibbler – 31

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

In between the moon eclipse, with talk about a Mayan Calender in the background, and the mice in Mousehunt being evasive with their Loot, we mousehunters might run into a nervous breakdown right before Christmas!

Then again: We will defenitely find out by the time it gets to New Year’s, that all is well and we just actually have all we need. But for now we are frantically nervously searching for new Loot, and wondering why it’s not coming?
I could be naughty and do a short summary of what’s been going on? I didn’t even write it myself ^^ It would go like this:
“Ok. Just woke up, decided to check my trap before heading back to bed, and all I have to say is, “BAAAAhhhhhh Humbug!” I want the drops for the stinking new trap and I want them NOW!” – Jennifer R.F.

Baaaahhhh! Let’s turn to some genuine Mousehunt news, as you all want to know whether you have missed out on something? And whether you know all about the new stuff and the possible strategies! New new newer Newest! Lots of new stuff this week, here goes:

The Stocking Mouse plus Loot Max = 2

The Ticker ran: “This mouse is dropping Festive Fuses, so make sure to get one!” Make Sure Hunters! If there is no clue in that little hint i don’t know what it is!

The Festive Fuse is LE and is maxed at two items per hunter.  
Related to this “cap”, Heather T. was quick in spreading the rumor: “There was speculation that the reason for max 2 is so you can use one to craft something cool and one to save as a collectible. Last year’s 12 collectibles that made the CCT disappeared from inventory after crafting (except eggnog), and so collectors had to go back and collect the loot again if they wanted it.”
And indeed this collecting frenzy is the reason for the cap of 2 (officially confirmed in FBF).

source (for who has no Heart in Inventory): Anyone know if there is a cap on the new stocking loot?
source for all new mice announcements: the MouseHunt Fanpage

The trapsmith at the Comet has a new item!

Many hunters cheered up after a short lull in the hunting early last week, by this news of the ultimate Goal of all the festive Winter Hunting: a New LE Trap! The Explosive Toboggan Ride: “This toboggan provides a unique ride where mice are sent sky high! The airborne journey is exciting, although the landing is a little rough.”

You need this Loot to exchange & buy the Tobbogan trap from the store:
– Festive Fuse from a Stocking mouse
– Heart of Ice from a Scrooge mouse
– Holiday Explosives from a Missile Toe mouse
– Icicles from a Wreath Thief mouse
– Packed Snow – dropped by Snow Fort mouse
– Sled – dropped by Slay Ride mouse

You can go to the shop to see the description and see what loot is needed for to be able to build it. The shop-list is rather clear on what you still need (the red-numbered items) and what you already have caught (in black numbers). Also to be found in your Collectibles-tab.

Speculations about an upgrade…

almost began immediately as our ‘uncollected’ Collectibles tab showed a new trap! But the long name was too long to show fully, and so the search for it started. The Full name of the upgrade came to be confirmed by the FBF on Friday:

“…the Double Diamond Toboggan Adventure Trap. It’s intended for hunters of the hero rank and above, but it’s possible for most ranks to get it (although it’s quite difficult without the traps that heroes have). Making the toboggan MUST be done before the event ends (kinda like buying pumpkin pummeler BPs). However, you’ll be able to upgrade it AFTER the update (like the cackle lantern!)”

(And of course there are more interesting tidbits inside the FBF review: FBF- December 17th review)

List of Loot for the upgrade, The Double Diamond Toboggan Adventure Trap:
– 1 Ski Sign from the Gladiator mouse
– 1 Climbing Pitons from the Stealth mouse
– 1 Lava Bucket from the Mouse of Winter Past
– 1 Festive Mines from the Mouse of Winter Present
– 1 Misplaced Missile Cone – from the mouse of Winter Future

Check your Crafting –> General tab: Upgrade loot goes there. (While Loot for the regular Toboggan trap goes to your collectibles inventory. Don’t worry, be happy! ^^)

Of Moustache Cookies & Bricks

And the Gift shop had 3 new items actually. Amongst which a rather expensive cookie with unusual ingredients, plus a heavy-to-carry-round-in-your-knapsack Gold Bar. Ever seen a hunter carry around such useless items? Oh: this last remark only refers to the gold bar of course, cause that cookie is rather good to have for energy-lows!
I think we all agree on this: “Players buy the gold bar because they can” – Polarbear aka Wilson W.

source: can some one tell me why i would spend 250,000 gold on a gold bar that i am not…..

ps: as i published this Mousehunt released new Gift: Winter Star Sunglasses


Scrooge drops a Heart of Ice & Elf Madness & SeaGou & more mice &…

After a lull in the hunting frenzy, as all festive mice seemed to have gone into hiding or gotten extinct in the first half of last week…. o.o (Ah! You had already forgotten about that dind’t ye? More about that later!) … we saw the release of the Scrooge mouse plus his new Loot: a Heart of Ice.

The release of the Scrooges was sortoff ‘late’ on wednesday, and only a few hours later the Last Elf madness was released! Literally snowing the Scrooges under! Hunters were worried and longing for their Scrooges Heart, while frantically getting Elfs with their wonderful Gift Boxes!

Man did we suddenly have to prioritize and were we busy: all of a sudden there was so much happening at the Festive Comet! Them Icy Scrooges turned out to be Heart to find though….

The newspost going along with this release also talked of a new potion, and soon enough the first hunters were using a new cheese to hunt in the Comet: Seasoned Gouda.
This new cheese attracts tougher mice that came along to the Comet with the release of Scrooge, these are the: Stealth, Gladiator, Lambent Crystal, Vinetail, Harpy, Zombie, Centaur, Gold and the Diamond. So you’d better use your best physical (tactical) trap when using Seasoned Gouda.

Official Newspost on Scrooge & Elf Madness and S.Gou
source for an early SeaGou run: My Seasoned Gouda Run (plus a statistical report by Nathan Y., see post 125)

More new mice, double releases! Ghosts! Make us Crazy!

On friday the Mousehunt Fanpage said: “The new Missile Toe Mouse is strutting around the Festive Comet with its military-grade laser-guided missile launcher! There’s also another new mouse floating around…”

Now these mice floating around were to be Ghosts of Christmas!… Know your classics Hunters! Ghosts? Or are they Mice-Ghosts after all? And are we gonna use that Cheese? Help, we are feeling Haunted! Where are the Busters? * panic! *

Now never forget to bring your Towels hunters! And lets just get it all sorted and straightened out on that fluffy spread of material. If you still feel panicky afterwards, you can use the Towel to snuggle into.

We were not just haunted by Ghosts, we were also haunted by questions of whether to use that cheese or not: The Question these days was not To Be or Not To Be – apparently, but: To Hunt or Not to Hunt With SeaGou?! Are we going to safe it for later? Yes or No? (source: to hunt or not to hunt with seagou?)

Best advice i could find until recently would be this one: 
“The biggest reason I’ve been using my Seagou as I go is that I worry about the Stealth getting more difficult to find; I’ve yet to see one after 100+ pieces.” (Sean d.H. in SGC – to save or not?)

The latest news post from the devs brought the real Relief and Answer to this very existential Question:

Wreath Thief comes with Larry’s Hunting Tips!

Proof that the devs follow the discussions closely is to be found in the next news message on monday the 20th, when another new mouse was being announced: “The Wreath Thief Mouse is grabbing all the festive wreaths its grubby little paws can grab!! There’s so much going on, so Larry has come to give some festive hunting tips for you hunters!”

Larry’s hunting tips: “Gingerbread will attract the 12 Mice of Winter, with SUPER|brie+ being even more effective.
Seasoned Gouda will not only attract the 12 Mice of Winter, but will also attract The Three Ghosts of Winter and other powerful mice that drop upgrade pieces for the Explosive Toboggan Ride.”

I’d say this makes an end to all speculations on whether to save up SeaGou potions or not!

source: newspost with Larry’s Tips

This week’s Christmas Eve Feedback Friday will be a “Feed-Bake” Friday!

In honor of the popular gift from the Festive Gift Shoppe, the devs will be making a yule log. Tune in this Friday at 11am EST (4pm GMT) to hang out and chat with Franco and Dave as they hunt for a delicious festive treat…
source: Christmas Eve “Feed-Bake” Friday

[edited in:]
Finale Winter Hunt – News Post by the devs d.d. 23th of december


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

For starters: Guides & FAQ’s to keep you sorted

First try to find your answers in these wonderful sources gathered & provided by fellow hunters. These are being updated as we go through this whirlwind called the Winter Hunt, so do keep checking back:

THE Guide updated on Great Winter Hunt
The Great Winter Hunt 2010 FAQ

And for MHhitM: Now that the Winter Hunt is getting a tat more complicated, a new Faq has been made, go check it out: MhHitM: FAQ on Great Winter hunt 2010

And this wouldn’t be Mousehunt if there was no Whining!

Because we all care so much! We are very much involved! A little more into our own hunting then into the whole of the picture yes, but very much involved indeed!
Anyways: How wonderful of the devs to have differentiated for “more experienced” hunters and less experienced hunters inside this event!  – There is a Whiny version of this thought in post 7 of: Dear Devs…

Whatever you’re whining about, just Remember: There’s still hunters out there with No Frozen Fromage whatsoever! So, better wish them to get one too, and take em on your Whine as it would be sooo sad to have them go without!

Cause remember folks: *Whining* works!

Please go whine in the appropriate section of the Forum: New Forum >> Cheese-and-Whine section

MhHitM whine in here: MhHitM – WHining Thread


Nature of this Winter Event – the sound voices

“This event relies more on luck than the Halloween. Some like it better, some don’t. It all boils down to each players’ own preferences.” – Evan L in the 3rd Event Poll thread.

“Last event would make you feel more ‘at ease’ because everything was laid out, you had a bar telling you how many of each you needed and it was relatively easy. The real difference now here, yes the mice are harder, you’ll have a tougher time, but really what it comes down to, is the uncertainty. You’re not sure if you can get it because it doesn’t tell you. (…) Ask any old-timer here, and they’ll tell you the game is about patience.” – Kcu D. in post 35 in: should i get the NVMRC to use with seasonal gouda.

Common Folks This is a Challenge! :)

Remember that many of the threads about the new mice do attract only and mainly the hunters that didnt catch any of the stated items! This may be due to the worried hunters having plenty of reason to come to the Forums and post, and the hunters that did catch the loot are not worried and continuing their daily tasks.
So it is rather Skewed, this impression of elusiveness on the boards!

“Let’s remember a few things: First, did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps the Scrooge was MEANT to be difficult to catch, and the later festive mice are meant to be a challenge? Also, and most importantly, ITS JUST A GAME!” – Billy Q. (in post 9 in: Gingerbread back to UNfestive?)

All arguments pro and con the Challenge are organized in here: Of arguments, cheese, and mean Scrooges. No need for any further repetitive threads now. (Ha ha ha!)

Challenge? What do ya mean? We push a button every now and again while we have nothing to loose? We go call this a Challenge???

# editor goes back to the unsound behaviour of unpatiently eyeing every catch and counting the possible-loot-failures #

Worries Sky High

Worries run so high even this has been suggested: “Should it be possible to buy the loot we missed at the end of the event? Make it really expensive, I don’t care, I just want it to be possible to get all the items!” …

Trevor H. (and me too) thinks not to be worried: “You have until the 6th. Why not just…I don’t know….believe the devs when they said most people would easily be able to get all the loot at least once?
When it becomes the 3rd and a HUGE number of people (huge defined by a poll, not by the fact that 3 close friends just didn’t happened to get all the loot) still don’t have it – petition then. Worrying now is pointless.”

Thread: Ability to pay gold for Missed Loot at end of event

Official Feedback Poll no 3 grown into epic proportions

I wouldn’t recommend trying to read it all, it is too long! But with all the waiting for mice last week, and the frustrations on the scarcity of the much wanted Loot and the tough challenge in the game at the moment, even the very successful Elf Madness could not prevent that most votes go to a lowly two stars rank on this Event in Poll 3.

I must say the votes for 3 stars and 4 stars are slowly catching up and so we are eagerly awaiting the next Poll & voting results! (So much so even an Unofficial one has been posted…) We are awaiting Feedback Poll Thread  no 4 soon, anytime now!…

Yes! It has arrived while the Mibbler was published! Go and vent or just give your opinion on the Great Winter Hunt so far: Feedback Poll #4

The best way to get SeaGou?

“The best way to get SG potions…is to use SG! The drop rate approaches 6% with the best trap setup (Chillbot/Spellbook Base)…making hunting with SG nearly self-sustainable, if using SB+ to convert.”- Chad in: Whats the best way to get SeaGou Potions?

Next to this option, we were still wondering whether to use brie/swiss to increase attraction of steel mice which drop the seasoned gouda pots, when a statistician posted his numbers. It is a long list of numbers, but post no 3 holds something in readable text:

“It’s not a good idea to use brie to try attracting more steel mice. It looks like it’s identical, or less. Truth be told, the main difference between gingerbread and brie seems to be that gb is still attracting more elves; festive attraction is pretty close.”

source: [Data] Some consolidated event stats 17-19th December

Clash of Opinions on the workings of “Attraction Bonus”

I can’t repeat the discussion. It was mind-boggling. I can summarize though.

The First part of the discussion went something like this (example here!): Amongst others, Aelith made note of her experience: “I am using a low-med attraction setup and it works better than using high attraction setup (have no idea why).” – (in 3rd feedback poll, post 654)

The opposite and next move comes from David L. a few posts lower: “Lower attraction bonus can’t possibly help you focus on a specific mouse. Please don’t start the attraction bonus argument again.” (in 3rd feedback poll, post 658)
David was referring to not repeating the Heated debate on =what works for you= against =what is statistically proven= to be the inner workings of this game.

Well, i have personally sidestepped the Partybot, and here’s what: i am actually catching Loot now! I don’t mind if this is really possible or not, or whether this is repeatable, i am happy for now!


Potentially good news on Trap Checks Fix

Moderator Ashley told us on 14th dec: “Through the efforts of everybody in this thread, we isolated exactly what caused the most common instance of missed trap checks. Through this, Andrew was able to find the broken code and (…)”
Andrew refined the news a tat into: “I’ve found the bug, yes, but the fix I was working on causes other serious issues right now. I’m hoping to get it fixed over the next couple of days, but there’s still quite a bit of work left.

Moderator Michele posted on 15th dec: “Fix is now live – posting here so I can see if any more missing trap checks are reported after this time.”

source: Official-Missed-trap-Checks-Bug-Report-Thread

Quick Thread-Tips for the New Forum:

– Now more then ever: Sixteen Important Things to Remember When Playing Mousehunt
– A poll of actual catches: Ice of heart owners, what cheese did you use?
Anyone check the eggnog the last few days? Something seems to have come out of it o.o
– Thread: iPhone OS 3.0+ support
Current Known Issues (Last updated 17th Dec 8pm GMT)

– When you like dilemmas like this: “Say a mouse is attracted 1% of the time (1 out of 100 hunts on average). How many hunts must one player do to give a 99% chance of seeing the mouse?” 
Go here: Random statistics question

– No complaining here, No whining, No negativity. Just relaxing, fun posts, talk about anything positive, holiday fun included. You may have waffles with maple syrup in this thread as well *nom nom nom* … The Cup O’ Tea Thread

– Oh and this is not on the Forums, but something to take note of if you haven’t seen it already:
“Digby scientists have made a breakthrough in their research of frozen fromage! The new description reads: “This small morsel of frozen bait has been magically frozen. The scientists of Digby discovered a morsel of Nugmeg Cheese is frozen inside, a known favorite of the Squeaker Claws Mouse. At its current melting rate, the ice should be weak enough to break sometime around December 23, 2010.”


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Dragon with Rhinobot not Impossible!

Whoever said “Nothing is impossible”, obviously didn’t go try stapling jelly to a tree, but he did try catch a Dragon with Rhinobot & Trible base. Kyuuzu K.S. caught a Dragon mouse with the above setup. Of course some discussion broke out saying this is a glitch. And it very well may be. Not that Kyuuzu did not catch that Dragon. But as in: we can’t repeat it.

Oh and it is Improbable. But that leads to a whole new discussion probably :p

source: Dragon with Rhino << Jees: this is the first casualty of the dissappearance of the old DB’s! The thread is gone! O.o Believe me please!

Prize mice FTC’s…

Many hunters are reporting ftc Prize Mice, and the rest of us wonder if any have been caught?
Two that we know off: one by my friend Martin K, and i witnessed this catch. And we know Aaron caught a Snooty and lost all his prize power with that catch…

Happy Birthday Sean!

One of the more famous mousehunters turned two the other day, and he came up with some impressive insights on how much time he must have spend at the laptop or computer to have this mice-count and horn-calls being made! Rather intimidating! I did some calculations and from sheer shock ended up outside playing with that snow!

Thank you Sean (author of THE Guide!) for sending me outdoors and to the drawing table! And huge congratulations on your second MH-Birthday!

source: Today is my 2-year MH anniversary

Scientific facts show why you STILL don’t have a Heart of Ice

Adeeb knows all about hearts of Ice: “Scrooge mice are mammals and mammals only have one heart. Unfortunately for you the scooge mice’s heart is made of ice. Mice being warm blooded animals have a general body temperture of around 36.9 degrees Celcius. Ice melts at 0 degrees Celsius/ 32 Farenheight/ 273.15 kelvin. Hence the Heart of Ice which a Scrooge posseses will definitely melt and cause it to die even before it reaches our trap. This also explains the scarcity of the mouse as they are actually dying all around your trap but not on it.”

The ONLY way you can catch a Scrooge mouse’s Heart, is if it follows these specific conditions: Scientific facts which shows why you STILL don’t have a Heart of Ice

Well, apart from those conditions, maybe singing a nice song for Scrooge and hugging the Teddy Bear, may help! ^^

Let’s Build the King a Bigger Castle

I was absolutely wondering what to do with that mount of Splintered Wood i am unwillingly gathering. It’s getting to dangerous heights! 
Shad G. has found a solution: Building the King a BIGGER castle!

I’m a’waitin’ cuz I hev read th’ end o’ th’ story….

Annette S. predicts Scrooge Madness Generosity on the Heart of Ice and maybe even other loot drops. According to Annette this will happen once the final Christmas Ghost Mouse is released:
“Cuz in the book, Scrooge has a change of heart after all three ghosts came to visit him…”

source: I’m a’waitin’ cuz I hev read th’ end o’ th’ story….

Last but not Least: Why is the Moon green?

Appropriate Question these days with Moon Eclipses and Winter Solstices going on. Maybe the answer will hold something about us Mousehunters moaning wildly…
Just the Question for Larry >> as we plainly all can see…


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to mr. Stick for giving me warm feet and red cheeks and some believe in Lootdrops again!
Thanks to Jon S. for helping me find my Loots! * relief *

Todays cookies … are Homemade Catnip Cookies!
With an alternative for everyone who is busy and already suffering from the buzz of the time of year

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.


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