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Mibbler – 32

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

I am slowly awakening from the knock-out this Christmas season was to me. And from the big stretch of the Great Winter Hunt of course! Technically it is not over yet: still going strong till the 6th of January. But here is a huntress wandering around the Kingdom once more… are you gonna join me?

Looking back at the Grand Finale

“Hey MouseHunters! Tomorrow is the release of the Slay Ride Mouse and Squeaker Claws! Are you ready to hunt for the 2010 Winter Star?” (News of 22th dec. on the Hitgrab newspage)

“THE FINAL HUNT BEGINS! … ” (News of 23th dec on Mousehunt fanpage)

And were we ready! Yes we were. We hunted and hunted until we could fulfill our heart’s wishes!  Oh yeah!

We did all catch the Final loot (ok. almost all of us – more on that later). And we did go buy ourselfs a Tobbogan trap! We did thaw the Frozen Fromage and it changed into Nutmeg cheese! We used that to catch the Squaker Claws and get your Winter Star: to our great relief the Christmas Spirit was restored in time and all was alight & bright… *sighs happily*… and you were warned hunters to go wear them Sunglasses!

And we hunters were like happy puppys, oh yes we were, like we should be for Christmas.

If you have missed it somehow, you can find all News about this Final release & The Great Winter Hunt Finale in the developer’s Newspost.


Now where did 2010 go? How could it pass by so quickly?

Special After-Release Edit on the 31st of dec:

In the wee hours on the 30th december, this news came to us:

“Hold onto your toboggans, hunters! The New Years Mouse has joined the celebration at the Festive Comet! The New Years Mouse is busy setting up fireworks displays and hoarding bottles of the King’s Reserve Bubbleh, but if you’re lucky you might catch one in between their celebration setup duties. If you’re really lucky (like, really, really lucky) you may even find one of those bottles of bubbleh to keep for yourself!”

source: Official Newspost

ps: The New Year’s mouse artwork has a new number on the Launching Rocket!

Announcements… hold on to your chairs Mousehunters!

But… THE most exciting news came when the first Squeaker catches appeared: Squeaker Claws drops Ronza Voucher’s!
And the Voucher’s revealed this promise of her return: “Ronza’s Traveling Shoppe will be returning to Gnawnia sometime during January, 2011 and will feature new exciting items discovered by Mustachio the Charmer. Keep watching the skies.”

First thing you all want to know re- planning your New year’s eve and -day: Ronza is not coming on the 1st of January! (from FBF 24th dec.)

Find the Voucher in your Inventory: http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/inventory.php?tab=4

Sweet Apron Bake Friday… accidentally holds some info

This FBF was mostly for those with a Sweet Sweet Tooth! But in between sugar and oatmeal some little game-tidbits passed by while casually chatting with Franco. Yes: Dave was the main cooking engineer! (Picture this!)

One interesting bit was about Tournaments and its long awaited come-back! Officially this is no news, as it is a repeat of earlier statements: Building the Tournaments feature took one HitGrab coder about a year in MHv.2. Just a random fact to get some of our expectations into perspective. This time they wanna build it in a way that it can handle future growth and not become unstable again – so some extra effort is going into this!
It is The thing on HitGrab’s agenda after New year’s, just don’t expect any quick and easy solutions… they want it to be right & strong before calling “ready”!

Interested in the Looks of the Dave & Franco-Yule Log?… “Here’s the decorated festive Yule Log we made with the help of the MouseHunt community! Happy holiday hunters!

Direct link to the 24th dec. FBF review /
on the forum: Feed-bake Friday Review

Full baking videos: FeedbakeFriday Video 1 & FeedbakeFriday Video 2

ps: Mousehuntress Emily Y. has been very diligently following Chef Cook Dave’s guidance and baked a terrific Yule Log herselves! My Feed-Bake Friday Yule Log


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====


Many Thank you’s to the Devs! We have a Winner!

It’s been interesting to see the panic of about a week ago evaporate. I bet many of you recognize this: “Didnt think i would be able to make 1 trap a while back, this is my 5th one i have made lol” – Steve W.

“Devs, I really have to hand it to you. This event was a friggin BLAST. There was some frustration, sure, but that’s part of the game… Every time that darn Stealth didn’t show up in my trap, I was cussing and swearing just a tiny bit more… until he DID come, and then the elation set in.” – Matt S.  in: Final thoughts, a HUGE thanks to the Devs for a great event, and final gift tallies!

And? Did you Win this Great Winter Hunt?
If so, please report in here: The ‘I won the Great Winter Hunt 2010’ thread.

Still missing out on a piece of Loot?

Although the ranking in Jacob’s Feedback thread has gone up noticably this last round compared to last week’s, there are some hunters absolutely not yet done with the Great Winter Hunt at all! And this may influence their feelings about it. The still most wanted Loot piece seems indeed to be the Sled, although the Ski Sign is second in the hard to get Loot-department.

Especially for a lot of “lower” ranked hunters it is the Gladiator they are stuck upon. Big question for them is: can you get the gladiator and its loot with SAMT or even FF-NVMRC? (Yes you can, but you will have to get very lucky and be prepared to spend some time on it…) 
source: Swiss Army Mouse Trap -> Gladiator?

There never are guarantees in life, nor are there in Mousehunt. And one of the MH-statisticians has figured out why:
“That the devs believe [we can all easily get 4 sets of loot before the 6th of jan.], is proof – if ever it were needed, that they labour under the misapprehension that setting a mouse population at 1% means that people will catch 1 per 100 hunts. Unfortunately, even over 400 hunts with seagou, thousands of hunters won’t get a single one, let alone 4. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying this event, and actually think it’s a positive thing that thousands of hunters (perhaps me included) will be left lootless.” – Andrew R.W in post 59 in  The FBF-December-17th-review

Although many of us got the 4 sets of loot effortlessly over Christmas, right now the droprate seems to have lowered. Patience my dear hunters, and keep on it! You still got till the 6th, so there is Hope! We send out big hugs to them thousands out there!

And if you need to whine, come to this Poll that is doubly acting like a Whine thread, and be sure to find some comfort here!
Poll: Missing any loot? Whine here!

Our Favorite Festive Mouse is…

When we leave aside the pub-crawl that broke out in the Tavern these days about sovereign rulers and stuff, we can concentrate on our favorite Mouse instead!
Squeaker Claws is no 1, and Slay Ride and Snow Fort (My favorite!) share a second place.
If you wanna change this outcome you need to vote yourselves!

Poll: What’s your favorite? The 12 Festive Mice~!

The new trap’s Qualities – Early opinions

Sean says in his Guide to mousehunt: “For the lower ranks it’s obvious what this Tobbogan will be worth! (Man do you remember the trials for getting onto the Ship! Now at least they have a hydro trap already to go after that Hydra!). In light of the release of the Double Diamond Adventure, a trap comparison for Hydro Traps is on the way. Stay tuned” – The Guide to Mousehunt

Others are trying the Double Diamond in Winter Garden or Elub…  Andrew H. (he wrote them very complicated but useful stuff on the Trap-stats) estimates: “Double Diamond Adventure is ever so slightly better than Kraken Chaos and should be used by everyone with a LGS for catching all Hydro mice except for Silth. (Silth should use Heat Bath > DDA > Kraken > ASG > ETR.)”

source: DDA Predicted Catch Rate

There is some evidence the Trap can do alright, check out this camppage!
Of course the final verdict is still out on this, it is way too early to tell: our hunters are gathering the huge-number- stats!

Do you not wanna say goodbye to the Comet?

It seems when we try to leave the Comet we get homesick, possibly triggered by the Festive catches on another hunter’s page. So we make up all sorts of excuses to hang in there longer and some more: We need another crown or we need all the loot again as we have just smashed the trap and we want to keep them smashed parts in our inventory…. and what else can we come up with to linger?

Check out whether you still have something to collect: The FC 2010 COLLECTOR Thread. How far are you going?

To DDA or not to DDA?

This “to … or not to…” seems to be a favorite quotation for Mousehunters. In case of the DDA & the coming of Ronza the advise will be this: “Its a more clever option to start getting gold and wait and craft the DDA after Ronze leaves , the platinum bars don’t run away”

On the side Gabriele wonders whether “…the Ronza catalogue will cost more than 6M?” More on the possibly enormous amounts of gold needed further on in this Mibbler.

As a longtime hunter i know what the weather forecast for the coming weeks will be ^^ In short: We will have many more questions along both of these lines soon & indeed, these are already starting to fill the boards.

Thread: crafting DDA before or after ronza?
Thread: To DDA or not to DDA

Where do you go after the Event? Post-Event Plans

MHDevonT wonders: “Now that people are finishing their Festive Comet goals and skipping away, pockets full to bursting with valuable loot, cheese and crafting items, y’gotta wonder where they’ll head!?”

Of course beside using all the Festive Loot there is the concern of Ronza’s announced visit and mostly so the possible needed gold-amounts: “I have a feeling that given that the Mousehunt economy is currently absolutely flooded with gold Ronza is going to be VERY VERY expensive.” – Hesse

Many hunters are in this state of affairs: “this event really made a ran for my money but it was fun and challenging tho… but really. i hope Ronza won’t be so expensive this time around (pls pls pls pls!)” – Remmi

Thread: Post Event Plans!

Diva’s committed to start the new Year in style!

The Divas are going to feast in Dracano! If you want to start the New year as stylish, go choose your location and your mouse and bite of that first chunk of 2011:
“New Year’s Dragon Slaying Party! (14:00 GMT Start Time) – Let’s start the New Year off right with a diva dragon-slaying party. This is not a comp, just companionship to share the hunting expedition. Anyone is invited divas, divas-to-be, diva wannabees. All are welcome!!”

Now that we are talking Dragon hunting: Out of a discussion on game-mechanics between some real fanatic number crunchers, came this realisation: “[I am] Seeing BIG problems with Standard Model CRE vs. real data across base types for Dragon.” – Andrew H.

We are looking forward to his in-depth article on the subject!

Gold… where are them mines?!

Newbie or Old Fart, we are all worried about how much gold we may need. As neatly phrased by David L.:

“If 12 million isn’t enough, many players will be pissed off. Each time Ronza comes, it costs more money, but last time 3 million would’ve gotten everything and still probably had some gold left over. I would guess no more than 5 million this time around, and quite honestly that is just because I’m paranoid. A few million should do well, but we really can’t know.”

Now that’s a massive amount of gold. Be relieved when i tell you you don’t need to buy all of Ronza’s stuff! Be picky! Make your choices! Don’t make em too quick, when Ronza is here: hang out on the forum to find out about what experienced hunters think is a good buy before you choose!

A neat and very scientifically stated analysis for Gold Hunting (there are the Mines!) has been done in this thread: Analysis on WHERE TO HUNT GOLD. Derr/Cats/FG?

For lower ranks there is a good Gold-thread on the old forum: How to gain gold for Journeymen to Grandmasters

Are you off to the Cats? But which cheese is better at Cats? Ancient or RB? Goldwise? 1) AR with Acro and Ancient. 2) FG with Acro and Ancient. 3) Cats with Acro and Rb. (This databank really helps to decide!)

To end this with an always good, effective plus lovingly simple recommendation is: Go use the cheese that you still have!

Quick Thread-Tips for the New Forum:

– MH Paying it Forward (MH PIF) is a group dedicated in keeping the “paying it forward” mentality alive and thriving in the Mousehunt community: ‘MouseHunt Paying It Forward’ Revival Fund (MH-PIF)
– Anybody interested in some in depth mechanics discussions (including misunderstandings and setting them right) can go here: Theory on the way MH works.
Ask Larry! Newcomer Edition
– Iphone app v 1.01 is out: MobileHorn version 1.01 out!
– There seems to be a display issue with the header on some pages, this will be looked into after the holidays.  Current Known Issues (Last updated 24th Dec 7pm GMT)
– And for all you Sound-of-Music and/or Musical lovers: MouseHunt Holiday Movie – ‘The Sound Of Mousic’


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Prize Mice misses

Now missing those is not news, but getting a new picture accompanying the miss is! And yes, the still-running-wild Prize mice are also accidentally being caught – contrary to many hunter’s believe! One recent example: snooty

source: new picture for snooty miss?

Heating up for the Ronza Visit:

Ok. Because of Ronza, the Forums are not just filled with Gold & what to do threads. There are also some cozy places to let your fantasy reign free. From post 20 and on there’s some pretty speculative thinking & wishing going on in this thread: Ronza Returns January 2011

Not that there was never anything wrong with fantasy. (Remember Jules Verne?!) Still it would be good to check out your bearings and keep your feet on the ground every now and again. The “Anti-Ronza-Panic Guide” – is really good for that!

Apart from fantasy there is such a thing as a genuine Need … Check out what hunters want most, or Let your own wish for trap types be heard – in this Poll: Ronza offerings: What power type trap do you MOST need?

How will these Charms work?

Will it be a consumable item that is used per horn? Will it go under Special tab, and will you be able to click on a “Use” button? Or do we need a Spellbook for those? And what about this: “Maybe you have to use it to “charm” her into selling you things?” – Christopher A. aka Smeghead, in: Speculation on Ronza’s Trap Charm

What will YOU do with the Ronza Vouchers? Keep it for collectors purposes? Or Spend it?
This thread is calling all Collectors and Hunters alike to cat their votes: Ronza Vouchers

May i remind you all of the DHU-Records?

Just in case anything gets hard in your personal Mousehunt-life. Retreat to the ever lasting caress of the DHU-records! See who’s even having a much harder time. Or just plainly start to compete!
Me? I am going to beat the most BBB’s before getting a MonolithBase! I so am!

go straight to the recordbook >>
source: The DHU Scoreboard: Face the facts, my friend…


Call for help: we are looking for a love-letter

We here at the paper’s offices are frantically searching for a copy of the Goat/Badger love letter… If you have any idea or accidentally have a copy lying around, please let us know! Badger is in bad need of a reread!

Any tips or clues can be send to the editor of the Mibbler!

Last but not Least:  Newly invented Aro-Mahjuc Chocolate Trap!

If you had all your sb+ gift boxes stolen from under you during the Festivities last week, you too would be grandly motivated to invent a new trap and catch the bugger who stole all them boxes. One hunter has been on it untill the wee hours! Yay! to Chen S. as the new Contraption seems to very very Effective:

2:31 am – Chen’s Home
I sounded the Hunter’s Horn and was successful in the hunt! I caught a 100 lbs. Judy Mouse worth 0 points and 0 gold.
The mouse also dropped the following loot: All Of Chen’s SB Boxes.

We asked Chen how he managed to catch the thief, and he answered by very factually giving us all new trap specifics:

Aromatic Chocolate Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery (ACRONYM)
This highly unstable trap setup is held in a constant state of metamorphosis by the unpredictable power of the Chocolate Chip. This trap almost appears alive, spraying chocolate fudge into whatever base to which it is attached. This trap’s methods of capture are infinitely random. It can use its sticky chocolate fudge to snare mice, expel a thick and dark chocolate vapour that hypnotises mice, or feed the mice so well it becomes too heavy to move. Scientists of Digby warn hunters that the power of the Chocolate Chip is incredibly dangerous and fear that using this trap could lead to the end of the world.
Trap Power: 10000
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 50%
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh
Power Type: Judy-cial

source: pg 73/74 of Have something to brag about? Post here!


The Mibbler wishes all Mousehunters a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Erik D.B, Marie-Pierre G. and Chen S. himself of course! ^^

Todays cookies … are strictly no cookies but rather the bait that comes with the new trap: Chocolate Missiles
Although the best bait to use with the new Aromatic Chocolate Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery is, well, is it actually a cake: this chocolate-cake-plus-contraption

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.


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