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Mibbler – 33

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

Welcome to the New Year that started off rocking with some nice and quiet New Year’s mice catches. Plus as it always does with New Years, for whatever reason, i have gotten a cold. (And i know for a fact i am not alone!) So while sneezing and sniffing and the slush is replacing my brain, here i am trying to report for ye!

Although one event is over – the 3rd event in a row actually… i am still dizzy and recovering! – new ones have been announced. So much so that some believe by the time it is fully spring, we will have ended up with 6 events in a row: wow cant believe so many events in a row! 6 in a row over 6 months! Plus *insert red watery eyes here* :? how come while one event is not even over yet, there is speculations about how the next one will be named: February’s valentines *** Chinese new year event needs an update from last yr!

Nervousness abound i would say. Personally i like the quiet right now and the chance to get back to some delayed projects of my own, with dear cheeses or rare mice..

The coming of HER, as earlier announced, has released the ever-aging-debate-of-old over LE- versus non-LE goodies in the game. “Bring back the …” is the cry versus: “Don’t you ever do so”. The term Fairness is used more then often in these discussion. I am so tired of this ‘debate’ i just couldnt include these issues explicitly into this Mibbler.

The 2010 Great Winter Hunt has ended

So everybody has been warned extensively this time to buy all and craft everything before the end of the Festivities… (one source: Official Newspost 48) Still many a hunter and huntress was slowly but steadily going crazy on that Comet in those last days of its presence, gathering Crowns… The devs wondered aloud: “How many new King’s Crowns did you get at the Festive Comet?” (Mousehunt fanpage on jan.2nd).

On thursday the 6th januari, roundabout 19:30pm gmt, the Comet finally had totally melted, and the Festive Comet turned into a “Vacant Lot”. But, there’s a little something-something that’s happening very soon (some of you might already know!):
“The telescope at the Burrough’s Laboratory has been unsually busy with hunters searching the distant skies for Ronza’s airship. One hunter spotted a faint outline, but after cleaning the lens on the telescope the blurry spec in the sky mysteriously disappeared. Keep your eyes on the sky and hope for a tailwind!”
source: Oficial Newspost 49

Tailwind means she is coming fast yes? Are we hoping for a tailwind? Are we?

Slow Slow quick quick Slow …

The dissappearance of the Comet was followed by a message above the ticker:  “We’re looking into a problem causing the horn to hang and some loading messages to remain on screen. Thanks for your patience.”

Earlier this week, still holiday-times at HG-HQ, Dave let it be known on the forum that the devs were working on the loading times of things: “We made a few changes to the FB Connect version that should significantly speed up load time on the inventory page, trap selector, etc.”

source: Dave in post 10 in: MH Loading Slow?

HitGrab’s NY resolutions

Well of course no one knows for sure what these will be, but we got some idea of a the intentions they may be containing by the postings the two Kings of HitGrab made in the last week(s) of 2010:
“‎2010 has been good with much wisdom gained, I expect 2011 will be a year built on that wisdom! Here is wishing everyone I know an amazing adventure in 2011. – Bryan Freeman

Joel Augé is more explicit about “the 4 Biggest lessons learned @ HitGrab in 2010” and thereby on which ‘developers-wisdom’ they are taking into 2011. And i tell you Joel is very frank! You can absolutely see from this that Developers are people too!
source: Joelauge.com

One Secret FBF of sorts…

On the last day of the year – and that is already a week ago! – Dave did come online for an unofficial meet with some mousehunters! What a surprise! Liu A.H. was there and he says: “It wasn’t really a feedback Friday, it was more of a free-willy, chill on the block chat-Friday”. But he still made us a review:
 The Review Feedback friday for Dec 31. ~~~Ronza~~~Trap components~~~Lots more!

One FBF still to come …

Oh dang: while writing the Mibbler the FBF was on! But don’t worry: i listened to it while editing.

The mailbag for 7th jan. holds an interesting poll-question, which was repeated on FBF: “Do you find areas that have you catch the same types of mice for extended periods of time more monotonous/boring than areas with a larger variety of mice?”
Find the poll & its outcome here: **Official FeedBack Friday Mailbag – 7th January**

There are two reviews  for today’s FBF:
One by Jeremiah M.: Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 7th Jan
And one written by David J.T.: Review for 7/1/2011 FBF

==== Forum Features ====

Great Winter Hunt Last Poll: Results

And yes it was the best Event! Lots of opinions have been given, but undeniably this is the outcome in the end:

Do take your last opportunity to let your opinion be known to the devs!
Feedback #5 on The Great Winter Hunt 2010.

The Comet Theory of Relativity

Now some hunters were gathering as much loot as they could by building more and more Tobbogan’s. I heard of having 20 in an Inventory! source: Explosive Toboggan Ride No. 20
Others were asking for reasons and wondering why to stay on the Comet any longer… they had all the mice available there, so why bother? source: Someone give me a reason to catch the new years mouse

But most of us wanted some Bubbleh with the New year’s coming! Now where was the Bubbleh? And did anyone actually caught some? Oh yes they did, but you have to scroll down t post 6 (including proff!) to find that one catch amongst many searching hunters: Anybody caught a New Year’s Mouse with King’s Reserve Bubbleh????

And yes, there is a hunter called Eric W., who actually got a Silver Crown for Squeakers! source: Squeaker Claws Silver Crown

First official Comparison of Hydro Traps

The Guide to Mousehunt starts the comparison with a nice statement that may or may not determine you will have to read the rest of it:
“To begin, let’s make a blanket statement here: if you have a limited edition hydro trap, you will never need any of the ordinary hydro traps. (…) ultimately someone who got one of the toboggans or the Kraken is set, and you can safely skip this page!
However, that’s not much of a comparison, is it. Let’s dig a little deeper, then!”
Read the whole of the Comparison: http://guidetomousehunt.wordpress.com/appendices/setups/hydro/

As soon as there will be more stats available, the Mibbler will keep a close eye on updating you mousehunters on how the new Tobbogan traps are doing.

The Guide has been updateing more then just the Hydro traps page: “I’ve just learned that the best way to get a Hydra is to use regular gnarled, NOT Wicked Gnarly as I’d been writing previously. Consequently, the entire Curious Chemist bit is now in the Rare mice page.” – The Guide to Mousehunt Fanpage

New Catch Rate Model in the making

Remember the discussion these past weeks on the Theory of how MH actually Works?! From it sprang a new catch rate model and thus the need to test it out. To do this the stat guys need to compile actual catch rate data to compare the current model with the new model. If you want to help them out and help build a new Model, do inform yourself of the possibilities in this Forum-thread: Help test a new Catch Rate Model

Geoff O. already used the new model to make a new CRE spreadsheet. I can’t tell you how awesome it is myself, as the file doesnt seem compatible with the software on my Mac, but from the reactions it looks good:
source: NEW & IMPROVED!!! Mousehunt Spreadsheet (v. 5.0) now with CRE based on the new model!

The mousehunt theory thread also still continues to spawn slight adjustments to the formulas and has now outgrown my range of comprehension for the most part :p … If you are interested then do check out post 234!
Follow the hard theorizing-work over here: Theory on the way MH works.

Streaking! Oh no! This is just Randomness!

Part of the above mentioned debate on How MH Works is about streaks and whether they do exist or not. The most understandable the sides absolutely seem to agree upon is this: “Even a coin flip is streaky.” (post 245 in the Theory thread). Warning: we may seriously get entangled in a language-game with this discussion!

But one mousehunter did an in-depth number-study:
“Clearly, the real data has the SAME streakiness as a totally random process. Any perceived unusual streaks are just your brain searching for order where it doesn’t exist.  Mousehunt works just like the experts said, each hunt is independent from the previous one.  The best way to break a streak is to just keep hunting with the optimal setup in the region you are at.”
Straight to the technical article: http://mhanalysis.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/catches-arent-streaky-they-are-random/

On that very last bit: i think we may be entitled to disagree. As clearly no psychological factors were taking into account in this advice!
Plus despite some evidence, we may still agree to disagree on the existence of streakiness in mousehunt… as Robert X. does when he responds: “Andrew, although your analysis is good, I suggest you try this again with Crunchy. From my experience it is apparent that there is a strong tendency to streak.”

For the full discussion: Catches aren’t ‘streaky’, they are random and independent.

Prize Mouse FTC’s continued untill the 6th!

Many a thread was born about the unwanted cheese-eaters (“Can some please tell the Devs that these mice are a nuisance”). Personally i know a huntress that missed 12 Treasurers on the Festive Comet. Mousehunters all over the place wondered whether any were caught besides the ftc’s? (Yes there were.)
And what kinda trap would be needed for that as the strongest setups kept missing them. From an official source: The Prize mice are in league with the Jungle mice!

Turns out the crazy amount of misses/ftc’s were not what was supposed to happen! We were told in the end that there was a bug involved: “It was an odd scenario with high prize power and few catches causing the increased attraction.” 

And it has been “fixed” …

source: posts 74 & 77 in: Treasurer FTCs

Quick Thread-Tips for the New Forum:

– Do take notice of the warning Michele gives us here, possibly connected to the renewal of your FB-page: SECURITY – Please keep your accounts safe!

– Worried about the End to this Game? We tell you there is none. But: What do you do after 257/257? (Be sure to read down to post 13 at the very least!)

DDA or HB for Shelder? I know catching the Shelder is an old topic that only has one answer: patience! But we like to read opinions on what setup is better for catching the Shelder, don’t we? DDA or HB for Shelder?

– Of course it is quite hilarryous that Larry still doesn’t know anything about JOD

– Back from wherever it was: You know you’ve played too much mousehunt when… Gregory C. aka Grimace has an answer: ”When you take a photo of Creamy Havarti in the supermarket!
[Editors note: “Phew: I never did that.”]

– Showing that mousehunt life (on the forums) was back to normal (if that existst at all! o.o) this last week:
1) how to get the Lagoon map – fairy mouse
2) and struggling to get furoma map piece
3) and: Help for Hero! – Some may have long forgotten what it was like to be Hero… and it probably wasn’t even the same in those days…
4) I could have added some more familiar topics here, including the question of when to leave Zugzwang’s Tower. But i won’t.

==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Ronza Opinions: a many-colored Magic-ball

A set of Completely Random Opinions from the discussion boards:

1: Somebody goes out on a limb stating: “I almost think it’s time for Ronza to retire…
LE traps seem to cause nothing but controversy (…) and there are other ways to gain elite traps now. (…) i feel with the way the game is heading, that elite over LE is a good way to go.
– Nathan R.J., post 67 in Ronza Returns January 2011

2: One Poll on the boards proves that we expect one crazy expensive Ronza shop this time round!
source: RONZA: How much gold would you consider a safe amount…

3: “She would sell useful perishables this time. If it happens, and you can purchase unlimited of it, then virtually you will need as much gold as you can get.” – Evan L.

4: “The most evilbusinessWOMAN of all time!” – Huh? Now look at her!?
source: Inflation everywhere….

5: Predictions like she will bring no-Traps at all! : “I know everybody has been going on and on about what trap/base ronza should bring, but i predict that ronza’s not gonna bring any of that sort. (…) I predict that Ronza’s gonna bring just the new trap component…..which probably adds either a) an extra new stat or b) extra luck/power to any of our traps.and also bring a couple of different types of limited edition charms..besides those you can claim using the voucher.”
– Zhuang Q. in: My prediction for Ronza

6: “My prediction is that an airship will dock somewhere on the map, and people will lose their collective minds.” 
- Michael M. in: My prediction for Ronza

7: Oh and yes, we do have some Actual Ronza Answers for you: Actual Ronza Answers, Sort of

8: And please don’t forget to check on The “Anti Panic Ronza Guide” before you decide to post a Ronza-thread of your own ^^

How much Cheddar have you aquired?

“Over the time I have been playing this game, I have never bought cheddar cheese. Despite the fact that I neither buy it or use it, I have a special knack for aquiring it over the course of my hunts. I was just wondering, assuming that others have the same use of cheddar as I do, how much cheddar you have accrued over your time here in mousehunt.” – Jeff S.

Well, the Mibbler has way over 5000. Maybe we should consider selling it.

source: How much Cheddar have you aquired?.

More Lost Journal Pages!

Plankrun is not the only one who kept a journal. One manga-oriented mousehunter has made his hunting & catches-notes public on this site: http://pagesofthelostjournal.blogspot.com/

source on the Forum: The Lost Journal Page

Gelato Mouse FanArt

During one Feed-Back Friday, Franco supossedly joked about a Gelatinous Cube mouse. Some mousehunter ‘Jumpman’ thought it would be funny to paint one, and it is looking Gorgeous!

The Gelato mouse: http://itsjustin.deviantart.com/art/Gelatinous-Cube-Mouse-191582301
source: Gelatinous cube mouse! *image included*

Last but not Least: Underpants Bot

Sterling W. has a suggestion for an Underpants Bot:
“So I have a cold and the sinus meds may be the reason for this thought. I want to be able to smash a deathbot and have him wear a pair of lucky underwear on his head.”

Although personally, under the current circumstances, i would clothe him with a nice warm scarf as well! * reporter sniffs & goes back to her Chamomilletea*

source: underpants bot

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Many thanks to the chamomille tea!

Todays cookies are Underpants Cookies! Do those even exist? :) Well, officially those are for having successfully come through potty-training, but please, do have some!

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

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