Originally started as 'the Archives', Mibbler-Mousehunt News now gets published here.

Mibbler – 38

I so very much prefer mud-fights over magma-fights! *.*
But after this thought the mud-fights began for real on the forum, and i suddenly tended to lean towards the magma-fights once more. You know what: i will just avoid both and only get into waterfights from now on!

*Lightbulb moment*

Then again we may just need a mud-base in Mousehunt, maybe it will end all dirty fighting… plus it will catch the rodents pretty nicely too! Shall we notify Jacob of this?

One more thing before the Mibbler’s summary of talk in the past week in Mousehunt: Did you mistake the Mystery Monday Mouse for an SB+ event? Or did you share this experience: “… the point of the game is to hunt mice and have fun and [the Mystery Monday Mouse] was a nice change of pace…”

How will you use your +5 luck bonus?

This weekend is the first ever +5 Bonus Luck Weekend. Besides making us happy, i suppose this weekend will be the ultimate experiment for the bunch that is endlessly debating and researching whether Luck boosts Loot or not! I expect some results after the weekend you statisticians! Rrrawr!

˜”*°°*”˜ AN/AM 3rd Birthday Party!! ˜”*°°*”˜

Happy Birthday to you AN/AM! It is  great you are still out there and Rocking! Yay for Paying-it-Forward & the Mousehunt-Community helping hunters out! To celebrate AN/AM is organising many different competitions to celebrate, check out the Party Schedule & Join in if you can!

Don’t forget: AN/AM can still use donations for to realise their Trap-help-programmes very much!

Sphynx Wrath Vs Sandstorm MonstroBot

Huh? Why “versus”? Well, some of us will want to make a choice. And some of us just want to know which one to get first. Not that we have much choice in that, but still nice brooding about it… And yeah, sure: If you live in the Fiery Warpat, the MonstroBot definitely gotta be your style!
source:  Sphynx Wrath Vs Sandstorm MonstroBot 

Now this evaluation, and/or the reasoning inside it, may be the reason for the Sphinx Crsytal prices going up! So do be carefull an dont spread the word, or them Crystal prices will even rise above those of the Sandstrom Monstrobot!

GUIDE to Getting “THE” Three Traps Quickly

After all those three traps “make all your other traps look like they were made by Larry”…! – SDHoost.

But how to get them? o.o Oh! That’s how! … Nah, just kiddin.
The best part in this supposedly Guide, is the talk about the traps available in Muriday Market in relation to the Warpath-traps:  [GUIDE]Making The Most Out of Warmonger Trap Loot & Getting The Three Traps Quickly

ps: As soon as the thread starts talking ‘Polynomial’ you’d better go back to Camp and sound your Horn! ^^


Does using the Monger Charm impact your changes of getting Trap Loot when catching a Warmonger mouse in the Fiery Warpath? Despite a busy real life ^^ Chad M. once more created a new fabulous form and spreadsheet for us to collect data regarding the Monger Charm:

Here is the form to submit Monger Charm Loot Data
Here is the published spreadsheet for the Monger Charm
Here is the thread for the Monger Charm

Of course we also are still wanting to collect more data for the Warmonger Traploot spreadsheet with or without charm. The more data the less biased, so please join in the collecting, whatever your results!

Unusual cheeses in Fiery Warpath?

Names that pop up in response to the question whether unusual cheeses can be used, are: Gilded!, Gingerbread – yes, and Ghoulgonzola?
Special remark by Geoff O. about wave 4 & special cheeses: “Since streaks are not a consideration for Wave 4, I always use crap cheese like this, though a Monger pillaged (or is it plundered) about 100 mozzarell’ once. Doesn’t happen with gingerbread.”
source: Has anyone tried unusual cheese in Fiery Warpath?

Somewhere else on the Forums there’s a serious discussion going on about the attraction rate of a new special Fiery Warpath cheese and the costs to make it a valiant alternative to gouda & sb+ (and not disturb the on-going donations)… throw in your 2-cents if you like:
Poll: Add Feta Cheese to the Muridae Market for the warpath >>

*Drools at the thought alone!*

Serious talk on the future of MouseHunt …

It may have had to do with the Moon Eclipse the other day, as many go a bit nuts under the influence of that type of occurence. (The end of the world has been foretold on less inducements.) But this was the sincere worry:
“3 of the most powerful traps just came out recently. They completely outranked all previous traps of the same type. (…) Bases should be capped with Magma being the strongest. Where will we go from here! @.@ Is this the End?”

There’s a good chance the devs will have a plan: new areas, new trap types, and possibly a trip to the Moon. I prefer to look at it like that, cause the other option is just too depressing.
source: Serious-talk-on-the-future-of-MouseHunt.

Shortlist of interesting links:

Last but not Least

A little reminder that Cheese & Whine is also about Cheese: wOot!!! 3 Balacks on 1 page!!!

Don’t forget to go get your +5-Luck Cookie here >>

Happy Hunting Heroes!


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