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Mibbler 37 *** slow-restart! ***

While in the past week somebody levelled up to Grand Duke, it didnt get the amount of attention it usually does. The new area: ‘Muridae Market’ and the new base, were way more prominent in keeping hunters “occupied”! This is again a slow-food-version of the old Mibbler, but hopefully helpfull to find your way through that Jungle called the Mousehunt Forum.

I was trying to find Guides for the Muridae Market…

…when i ran into this thread that poses like a Guide on Muridae Market. It holds a “Preliminary To-Do list” for Muridae Market:

“1. Hunt mice for construction materials
2. Rebuild General Store (gives more construction loot via loot exchanges)
3. Rebuild Trapsmith (if you have monstro/sphynx, you would do this last)
4. Rebuild Charm Shoppe (needed for Artisan charms)
5. Use Artisan Charms to get Papyrus loot
6. Rebuild Cartographer w/Papyrus loot
7. Purchase Living Garden Key
8. Rebuild Cheese Shop (apparently easiest, but more of a convenience than a necessity)

If you find the question of what shops to rebuild first interesting, go to post 30 on the same thread: it orders the choices depending on your trap collection.

Have you noticed the cognitive gap between the MM Catchrate and the looks of the Muridae too? >>
“I think the primary reason people think it’s a fluke is because, well, the mice look ridiculous. They wouldn’t care if they were missing ferocious-looking Warmongers, but a mouse chewing a log in half?! There must be something wrong with my Monstro! ” (post 197, by TheDeviant-aka-Ashwinee Panda)

Q: Muridae Market good for Gold?
A: Not as good as Derr. But look at the points!
source >>

And of course you wondered: “Does the top display image change to a well built market after the 5 shops are rebuilt?”
Apparently it does. (source for that.)

Thanks for the new area Devs!

Just in case you wanna say it: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?31416-Thanks-for-the-new-area-Devs!

Furoma’s New CRE Tool progress

Furoma MouseHunt Tools: “Just a quick update, the new CRE tool is currently in beta stage of testing. Hopefully it’ll be ready by the end of the month.”

News from ~*~*~The Ultimate BotS~*~*~

There’s some movements behind the scenes hunters! The Diva’s & the Dom’s are going to test the waters of the Den halfway through june, just for fun & testing purposes ^^
But yes, there may be another Battle of the Sexes, if there are hunters willing to help organising! Sign up if you can help out!
The BoTs-page said: “So it seems like a repeat battle may not be feasible, unless Divas and Doms get users that are interested and reliable to help out with the work load…”
If you can, raise your hand!

Sphnyx Trap is Overrated – It’s either that or something has happened to Furoma! o.o

Actually the good Furoma-run-profits may have come to an end: “Horn Tracker data shows a clear drop with the exact same set-up before and after ~early March…” 
source: The SPhynx trap is overrated… >>

In another thread the discussion is picked up and Andrew Ward continues there: “So… you think the tweak was generic rather than specific to furoma? ” (post 141 in thread)

Cyrus answers: “Alternative explanation, in light of points brought up in Nathan’s recent topic named after the Sphynx Wrath: mouse powers are fine, effectiveness is fine, but we need to revamp our estimated catch rate formula because the devs adjusted something and it’s now overpredicting catch rates. ” (post 14 in thread)

That is one demanding task for the modellers-statisticians!

Last Ronza Visit revisited?

There is a post-visit debate on whether last Ronza-visit was a scam compared to earlier ones. Of course the pain is mostly due to going broke after the visit and then all them expensive traps coming up – which are better too… but some also debate the pain from the changes Moustachio the charmer brought…
But do go read yourself, it may help you get a perspective to future visits perhaps…

ps: “Ronza’s traps are always better because of the low point requirements and cheaper than the normal trap equivalents.” – post 20 in thread. ^^

Luck Lootdrops & Traffic lights

Do you believe that when you wave your hand at red lights, you actually are making the light turn green by using the Force? If the answer is yes, then you probably also believe that luck does boost loot drop.
I wave at traffic lights all the time, but this comparison is coming from the still lively thread “Luck does not boost Loot” (post 541 and on)

Lately one hunter called Faron (in post 544) has recalculated the ratio and it seem that (at least for Derr) luck does boost Lootdrops

Seems the Final Answer is still out there…
source >>

Old Debate Firing up

Ha ha, there’s a hidden debate about Real and non-real hunters on the Forums these days. It’s hidden as it is inside another thread-title: ‘For-those-who-has-rebuilt-all-5-shops-in-market’: source >>

It’s of course about the distiction between buying your way through the game and hunting for it… as in: buying your charms in a basket versus rebuilding the charm shop. A new variance on the old donating-debate. This can be an never-ending debate as we have see before, with lots of grey-grounds in the middle to fuss & argue about.
I do have sensitive feelings about me being a real huntress though ^^
But whatever you are or however much you donate, we can all agree on this cant we? >> “A very B I G C O M P L I M E N T to all non donating hunters ! ! !” (BlackSimon in post 33)

Oh and please do keep donating and buying all sorts of goodies! We love that many many hunters out there can play this game for free!

Papyrus B… <oops: carefull threading!>

Whatever everyone says about the new Papyrus base (and everyone seems to have an opinion), the poll “Will you buy it nor not” holds a nice summary on this base:

“There are 2 options:
1) U have Magma base, end of discussion
2) U have NO magma base, craft it!”

Ah well: that is after you got all the material for it of course.
source >>

More Papyrus – the Ruckus! @.@

So, reaching the Muridae, many hunters seems by then to have forgotten about the Bottemless Grave. And now there’s much debate about that new base that came out last week. Me i am not bothered by it, seen it before, been there done that. Skipping the threads or posts, so nice of the forums: it actually let’s you skip items!
Oh wait: Mousehunt let’s you too!

Ah but that was a painfull remark wasn’t it? I will play fair and give you some main threads about it so that you can interfere if you want to on this Papyrus-base-is-not-fair ruckus ^^

The Basic Debate >>
A bit nasty at times, but some of you may like that ;p >>
He he ^^ for the balance >>

Some speculation on =prices of Warmonger Traploot=

We all do wonder & guess whether Sandblasted Metal prices will drop now that a new physical trap is for sale in the Muridae Market and “competing” with it, don’t we? The demand may fall and thus may the prices. But some still say, referring to collector’s partly: “The price will not drop because of the Sentinel trap.”
Then there’s the other line of reasoning projecting the prices will go down: “Sandblasted metal will drop in price over the next few months as the 1st wave of Barons earn their traps and start looting extras…” But on the other hand the last week the amount of hunters in the FW has gone down significantly, and you may start wondering: will hunters indeed keep hunting the Warpath that extensively?

There’s only one speculation all seem to agree on: The Sphinx will stay most wanted and her prices will stay high/up!

Source: Sandblasted Metal prices will drop now?

The Toughest Place…

Just to remind everybody that the toughest area may still be on the mainland >>

Last but not Least:

One of the Fanfictions has now made it into superstar comic style! It’s called: “Let the Hunt Begin, the webcomic” >>

We can all express our admiration in the corresponding Forum thread! Where, as should be, we have of course a few dev Jacob sightings! :)

Don’t forget to Sound your Horn!
Goodluck Hunting :)


Mibbler – 22

Hello Mousehunt Heroes!

Welcome to another edition of the Mibbler. And this one is going to be warm and cosy. I have no clue whether it somehow was one of those very good & warm Mousehunt Communi-Tay-weekends, or whether my unconscious wanted to spy the warmth on the DB’s cause it was freezing cold over here in my tiny spot of the world…!

Does it matter what really caused it? It was heartwarming and tear-some… and i wanna share some of it! Long live the Communi-Tay!

Of course i will put in some sensible material as well ^^ Although no stats today, that just wouldn’t fit in :p

Aaaaargh! I tried! It didn’t work :@ Them stats & numbers just slipped in somehow!

That’s Mousehunt to you.


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Lovely non-MH Support!

I am not gonna name names or link links here, as that’s what this first topic is not about – for a change. I am gonna tell you only very little about the thread on the Nerve-wrecking aspects of being a parent & finding support and understanding on the forum. Sharing your nerves with other mousehunters and getting through the night chatting and playing the game, was what this was all about! This is proof that the Mousehunt community can be nice and warm and comforting and be there for you.

I can’t tell it better then Brad H., who said: “Such a humbling thread to read. I am glad I took the time to thoroughly read through it all.”

But it wasn’t a single occurrence, and i will name here one more example: An explicit non-mousehunt community-support topic showing up this weekend was about: What to do when your dog is at the vet, and you are looking at a costly operation… Well, it’s not easy to make decisions in that situation. But mousehunters exchanged experiences and re-assured the dog-owner. It was another humbling thread indeed.

Happy to tell you that both stories had a happy end!

It might be the season. But i shamelessly warm my hands to this! :)

* Buzz on… Things to Come, Expectationssss….

And yes as a reporter i am obliged to mention there was some buzz on what’s to come. No wonder, after all the teaser’s the dev’s put out for us last week. The question is: Are there gonna be two new Traps or just one?
source: New LE Traps coming Tuesday?

Of course we are not of one mind on what was said, aka “promised”, during FBF… very nicely summarized in this contrarily very detached statement by Aaron Milstein: “I guess that’s one interpretation.”

Whoever thought we could in any sense weed out:
a.) all multiple threads on the subject,
b.) expectations soaring high, and
c.) stupid questions being asked? is Wrong!

We still in majority wanna know: What is coming? And when? Or who – if anybody at all? We are concerned! We are involved! We are excited! See what a crowd can do! And be carefull, don’t get caught in the middle… But you might wanna click on this one:


[Note from the editor @ personal risk: there are no stupid questions, there is only arrogance.]

Record books and usefull Links…

As much as the community seems to want multiple scoreboards, having multiple record books seems to arouse some disquiet. But alas, it is a fact. Setting straight the misunderstanding is a formality, but an interesting one this time:
The MHCC is (only) making a group’s record book.

The MHCC is (only) making a group’s record book: : http://bit.ly/aujISD

To enlist your possible record, go here: http://on.fb.me/aFNGkK

There is an all-players record book of old: top-hunter for each breed, which can be found here: http://bit.ly/ba8Zd1

To enlist your possible record, go here: http://on.fb.me/aFNGkK

To find a wealth of usefull links, amongst wich these record-ones, go to the Timer-sheet & scroll down (Thanks to Chad for his wonderfull work there!): http://snurl.com/mousehunttimers


==== Rumors, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Heat Bath Blueprints: 10% Probability of it being in a Dragon’s Chest<

Ok, LOL, yes we all want to know whether extensive Dragon-hunting will give us a good chance to the Heatbath blueprints. Now by combining over 140 hunter’s information in a statistical picture, Chad M. comes to the conclusion that the chances of you getting the Heat Bath blueprints with each Dragon chest you open is approximately: 10%.

And do pay attention (as we all know how tricky stats tend to be): This does NOT mean that you will get the blueprints if you open 10 chests! (you only have a 65% chance of getting the blueprints if you open 10 chests!).

Do you wanna see the stats for yourself? Go: http://icanhaz.com/HeatBathBPs

Wanna see the thread: Heat Bath Blueprints: 10% Probability of it being in a Dragon’s Chest

* More non-game Community support…

He he… yes there is more heart-warming material. Although this one may come very close to the game, as in this one we get to see a glimpse of how good Mousehunters are IRL! And i must admit, some of us are brilliant… I would never have come up with this device: http://dvice.com/archives/2010/01/diy-non-lethal.php

What would you do when you have a real field-mouse in your room?

Who‘re ye Gonna Call?

:D Mousehunters!

source: Please help REAL mouse problem

Anybody who has a clue, please help us here!

Apparently November will stand a chance of becoming Oldie Apperation Month! We would very much like to know what to expect! Personally i was thinking something along the lines of “Beam me up Scotty”. And don’t hesitate to share, if you have more brilliant ideas on this!

source: November Oldies Apperation Month

* Last but not Least: Mousehunt & Privacy on the internetz

For good reasons, somebody raised the question in the support-section: “Why is my MH activity visible in google search? I don’t like that anyone can google my MH info and posts. How do i stop this?”
The first answer to this question is to adjust your Facebook privacy settings. Michele S. explained: “Have you turned off Public Search on your Facebook account? Go to your privacy-settings, look under Applications and Websites, and click edit settings. Click on Public Search – then uncheck the box if you do not want to be googled.”

Well this was a rather short explanation, and you can easily get lost inside Facebook-settings. So here is a more extensive explanation on what to ‘set’ how, and where to find it. It’s not a “new” explanation, but it has 10 easy steps to check your privacy and is still rather accurate:


Now apparently these settings are not enough to not show up at all on Google. These settings are not watertight and not preventing all and everything from showing up on Google. Now this may come as a surprise to some, it is no surprise to all.

Before we get more specific…

…we wanna tell you a few things about internet-privacy & security:
# First Google has a habit of caching all sorts of materials and stuffs they found earlier (http://www.google-watch.org/bigbro.html)
# Second, there is such a thing on the net that’s called The Way Back Machine: many a developer or site-manager is not too happy with this possibility of finding old versions of sites with information we’d rather not want out there anymore as it’s old! (http://waybackmachine.org/)
# Please do understand that many forms of secure and privateness of anything you make available to the web, is in most cases a code of conduct. Technically it is still sort-off easy to use an ID number to look up a person’s name, using a standard Web browser, even if that person has set all of his or her Facebook information to be private.

Within these wide-open boundaries of internet-privacy, now to be more specific on Mousehunt data showing up in Google – even with ‘high’ privacy-settings:

Hilary S. points out: “Corkboard postings get put on Google – Unticking the public search box doesn’t help if your friends have it ticked and and you post on their board. I don’t like it as our MH musings are not good for a professional image as Josipa points out :(”

Now we can all help out by helping our friends go about a bit more careful with their privacy-settings. In the meantime Michele Spencer checked with the devs:

“I’ve checked with Dave and names on the profile page are properly wrapped in Facebook’s privacy controls. Facebook “public search listings” only refers to your actual Facebook profile, not places on Facebook where your profile information has been integrated.”

Michele suggests to visit your privacy controls and make sure the “Bio” section is set to “Friends Only”. Dave added the  suggestion to review the “Basic directory information” section of your Facebook privacy controls and ensure that only friends of friends can search for you on Facebook.

Facebook is the bigger structure, whereupon and wherein Mousehunt functions, and Facebook itself is still working to better their privacy-policy and (app-related) privacy-options as a lot of negative publicity earlier this year (wanna read more: http://bit.ly/99slI4)

Already the thread has done well in bringing the issue to the dev’s attention, Michele assures us on top of that: “When the corkboards are re-written I will mention the privacy thing and see if anything can be added.”

A full copy of HitGrab’s privacy policy can be found at the bottom of your Mousehunt pages.

source: http://on.fb.me/cMv5tE

PS: And ehm ;) please don’t worry:


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Todays cookies … well, are internetz cookies

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

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# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments underneath the latest Mibbler.

Mibbler – 14

Hello Hunters and Huntresses, not much new in the game today. But there is a truckload of community-news: what is everybody talking about?!
Sorry to say: main bulk of all threads are about the Zugzwang’s areas. But i found some diamonds in between… and there has been a new mousehunt-story written and admitted to this Mibbler!

==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Page-Loading problems, mainly for FireFox-users

A time-period during sunday to monday was characterized by Mousehunt- & FB-pages not loading well. For example the Friends and Travel pages, but also the Personal Message-page. This was all mainly Firefox related. Using another browser was a solution.

While waiting for these page-loads failing, i noticed a new webadress where all the loading did come from: www.Mousehuntgame.com.

Me, i am very curious whether this change might have to do anything with the page-load-failings… But well, nowadays, if you dont want to, you dont need to play the game through Facebook and see all Facebook-Jungle stuff at all. There is this site to go to: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/ and it has no FB-header. A relief to some perhaps :p

* ASG + Gouda in Winter is pointless

Haha! Didnt we see that title in Fall as well? Boring to have almost the same threads, isnit it? Nonetheless I will pick the tasty bits out of it for you:

The discussion started off with succes being all about attraction and using target base with ASG/Gouda. After that its quickly being concluded that Heat Bath wont make that much of a difference: “Heat Bath doesn’t have an attraction bonus so i don’t think it will necessarily make it that much easier to use gouda.” (Aaron M.)

Somebody had this experience: “Has anyone else noticed that Brie is the exact same as gouda? I’ve used 70 pieces and have found NO difference in attraction. Might as well save 400 gold each time you hunt, seriously. I didn’t believe it at first until I switched to it….”

There’s some numbers to go with this latest experience, proving there is not just one hunter experiencing this, for the numbercrunchers amongst us: http://bit.ly/auIs1s
The spreadsheet concludes: there is no point to use gouda in the gardens, the attraction rate of brie is pretty much the same

one example of a source: http://bit.ly/cCLkvZ

* Kraken vs ASG vs Heat Bath?

Some hunters dont wanna hear anything about a Heat Bath anymore. Others are really wondering which Hydro weapon will be the bestes. Thats including me. Cause my Heat Bath seems to need an extensive warming up period. Causing me to gather wood to build a huge fire for it… ;p

But the answers for comparing the traps, as far as we have a clue by now, are no longer in black and white. There is no simple answer, at least not yet.

Will the answer be this? >> “The extra 4 luck that the kraken (when paired with a high luck base) has over the heat bath (when paired with a high power base) is more important than the 800 power advantage the heat bath has when regarding c/r, at least in regards to the relatively weak mice of elub.”
Will it be this? >> “Kraken has over 25% more luck than the heat bath whereas the heat bath has around 25% more power than the kraken. Depending on the strength of mouse you are hunting then I expect one will be slightly better than the other – but I expect their c/rs ultimately to be almost equivalent.”
And what about this? >> “You will see that HB beats Kraken for 3 hydro mice, Silth, Hydra and Elub Chieftian. Kraken/mag is better against all other hydro mice.”

source: http://bit.ly/bqSlVc

* Mousecounts being off and hand-corrected by the devs… ??

Somebody thought he had a very good record of Spiders caught: 2404. That is an amazing number indeed. But lately quite a few hunters’ profiles are obviously showing glitched mice totals. And it was calculated by others that this count was not possible and that this amount of spiders must be a glitch. After some debate and reasoning, the record of 2404 Spiders has been designated a result of the King’s Crowns glitch. From the debate comes this:

There is a “small percentage of players” that Dave talked about during the last FBF whose mice totals have been affected. It happened the day the Crowns were implemented, and just for half a day or so before the devs fixed it. Mostly, these players have drastically more of one or two breeds of mice, in the areas that they were hunting in at the time of the glitch. There are people who have 13,000+ steel mice! Dave said they’re fixing this manually, so it’ll take a little time. Before things are fixed though, I think we have to be a little cautious about everyone’s mice totals.

Opinions differ on whether the devs will actually come through on what they promised: that they are slowly manually fixing everyone’s mouse count. It might be a rather complicated undertaking (mind you the amount of players there are in the game alone!)

source: pages 24- 26 of http://bit.ly/czF4fG – The Unofficial Official “Top Hunter for Each Breed” Record Book

* Radioactive Blue cheese in AR catchings

Jane alerted the Mibbler radar to pick up the fact that she has been catching not just white and grey mutated mice but also golem and gate guardian with acronym / radioactive blue cheese in the AR…
Mibbler has seen it with its own eyes: Very handy for when these mice are your next target for the Silver Crowns ^^

* Combined FG & SG Timer

The maker of the new timer unnecessary apologises: “The formatting may look a little large, but was done on purpose for viewing on the iPhone (which I most often hunt from).” But my eyes like it :)

Note that you can pick your own time zone at the very top of the page (web version) or bottom of the page (spreadsheet version) and then bookmark it, and it will provide you your own countdown timer for the Forbidden Grove and Seasonal Garden.

source: http://bit.ly/cOI03j

* Pssst: there is Hope!

For whoever wants a bronze crown or just 1 of the species: The Hope mouse is in the Calm Clearing right now! As is your reporter… :)

==== Rumours, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Desperate Scrap hunter calls out…

Collecting Scrap, the 200 we all need for the new Molten Base… will take us somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks of hunting. So one hunter in Cats called out: There HAS to be a faster way of collecting scrap metal!!

Same question may be asked for Coal. Sorry to say. There isn’t.

source: http://bit.ly/91ch7s

* Determination

I remember seeing this thread when it was first posted. Scarlet Vox had decided to build the Unchristened Ship using loot drops only. I was a little sceptical: Surely no one could have that amount of patience and will power?
However, 10 long weeks later, and Scarlet is still going strong :) She has all the scrap metal she needs along with 799 splintered wood, 16 rope and 7 bolts of cloth. This means she still needs 101 splintered wood, 84 rope and 63 bolts of cloth – or less cause she’s been at it since i spotted this!

Surely this is the most determined and persistent MouseHunter ever?

source: http://cut.gd/QxkN

* The sock mystery has been unraveled!

The sock has indeed been sold for 25 mill! :o The thread were the seller and the buyer both posted to admit their acts, adn to actually meet for the first time, has mysteriously dissappeared. (It was in the news section and probably a mod had decided that’s no ‘news’.) Thats a pity because it was a nice exchange of doubts and mutual feelings…

Another sock-thread elsewhere on the forums (but not quite as nice) half proving it was indeed sold: http://bit.ly/b2OsZn

* Last but not Least:
A sequel to the Zugzwang’s stories… :)

A few weeks ago, two earlier stories related to Zugzwang were being released in the Mibbler. A new and elegant inside-the-Tower story has now been written by Judy Rapp… Enjoy!

The weary huntress, having hunted for most of the year, finally managed to fit the strange shards together. She gazed at the impenetrable Tower where she had been shipwrecked for all this time, living on a diet of wild greens and fish, with a steady diet of ash-roasted mice. No wonder she was so very tired with that diet, she would have committed murder for a loaf of bread. She wriggled the shape into the strange lock on the Tower door and it fitted. With a noiseless shiver, the heavy oak door opened just enough to allow her to enter, then horrified, she heard the click as it closed behind her. Frantic, she tried to get out, but she was trapped. Scurrying noises seemed to vanish round the corner whichever way she turned.

In a corner, she discovered a Knight on a horse, metal, covered in cobwebs, but it gleamed where she wiped the mess away; he was rather dashing, actually, with a feather, still immaculate, in his helmet. She slid it along the chequered floor and investigated it more closely, she could see a mechanism existed and it seemed to move easily, without any oil.What in Gnawnia could it be? Suddenly she realised how it worked, it was a beautiful trap. She armed the trap, hunting in her pouch for some cheese, but could only find the special cheese which she kept on her person to prevent it’s being stolen. She placed a tiny piece on the superbrie on the place and the mechanism hummed softly. The humming seemed to attract the scurriers and with a PHUT, the rodent was captured and gone. Wow.

Over the course of the next two days, she discovered that the weaker mice succumbed first, but as the concentration of weaker mice was lowered, the bigger, stronger mice appeared to be attracted to the trap and PHUT… disappeared. The mice were acting very oddly, never treading on the lines and always moving in a set pattern… how interesting. One tall mouse kept on flitting straight for the trap, straight past it, or so it seemed, but when the huntress looked, the cheese was gone. When almost all her cheese had disappeared and the spring on the trap seemed to be getting looser and not as effective, a huge, grand mouse came to her trap, moving by teleportation from one square of the floor to an adjoining square, moving all around the area next to the trap then PHUT… the King vanished and, with a shimmer, the Tower seemed to dissolve and reform itself with the huntress outside its walls again.

She sank to her knees in gratitude, rested a few minutes and then went to the stream which had provided her with water. She drank deeply. then turned towards her camp, when she noticed that she had not come back alone, there was a shiny crystal and a lump of what looked like dough, but smelt somewhat cheesy. She put both in her pouch, not wanting to trust the unknown to her stomach before she had tested it. Thankfully, her keep net still had some fish in it, so she prepared and ate dinner, then went to sleep, hoping that her dreams would show her what to do next.

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Judy Rapp for her wonderfull stories! :)
Thanks to Jane B. for her alert on the new mice in AR.

The cookies ….. ahem well, they were eaten by the Sock-Cookie-monster O.o

Oops. Here’s something to compensate for that:

* Mousehunt-Heroes passionate about food? or more precisely: cookies?

You can all go eat and bake some cookies, and please do share recipes! :) … in the new mhhitm “Real Food Recipes and Food Discussions”

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
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# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

Mibbler – 8

It is quiet in the Kingdom. Not completely quiet ofcourse as there is at least one party partying, the AN/AM Birthday is on and still going strong for 2 more days ^^ But Otherwise it’s rater quiet… All hunters have something to catch (up with), and the bartenders are polishing their glasses. The devs are working hard on the Zugzwangs Tower, trying to get that Zugzwang’s magic under control ^^

But we did find a few tiny newsbites worth telling you…

* This week’s Feedback Friday will take place at 2pm EDT (6pm GMT)

The original message had a mismatch between the EDT time and the GMT time listed. But that was soon explained and cleared up by moderator and support-worker Michele and the ticker has been adjusted.

In the Mailbag thread in the Tavern Michele posted this as well: “Ideas/feedback on the timed areas (cove/acolyte) would be welcomed this week as the devs are looking at possibly changing the way the timed environments work in the future. This is not something that is going to happen now/next week/anytime soon so please do not ask for specifics – it’s just at the idea stage right now.”

There is still time to post your question (or suggestion) for Feedback Friday in the mailbag thread: http://tinyurl.com/mailbagweek31

* It is quiet in the Kingdom. So here the Mibbler could end…

But its not Mousehunt if its not completely quiet ofcourse! There has been at least one Rucous resulting in the banning of some more or less famous hunters. As most have missed all or many parts of what was being said or exchanged, and since all threads have been deleted, almost nobody knows what truely happened.
Let me tell you this: RadioactiveGoldmouse has let his witchhunt get out of control, and has gotten many of the old garde hunters mad and on top of that getting 3 more hunters banned. The old-garde retaliated, resulting in RGm’s ban (amongst others).
Ofcourse everybody is wondering: will there be a FBF-review this week?

* Incidents of Wiped Corkboards stay Mystery O.o

Many hunters have come back to their profile page to find their cork messages all wiped and gone. A clean slate as it were, altough some had handy notes in there that got lost. Michelle, our support-worker and one of the moderators, said this during the week: “Sadly a solution still has not been found for this. It seems to happen to only certain people, so no one has been able to replicate it to find out why.”
source: http://tinyurl.com/corkboardmystery


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Do hunters want a sneak peek? Feedback on the devs questions

The devs questions posted in last weeks news were these: How do you feel about releasing teasers like this more often? How much detail about new areas should be in the teaser? Should details in teasers be ‘set in stone’?
Generally the feeling is: “Keep the teasers coming, don’t give too much info. Finding things out yourself is way more fun.” The setting in stone is getting mixed reactions.
And someboy was so smart to point out that there have always been sneek peak-teasers: the shadows of mice on the mouse page that suddenly appeared and where yet to be discovered surely slowly build expectations! ^^

Ofcourse there were also threads in the Tavern being critical at the decision on Zugzwangs Tower after last fridays news post. Hunters were for instance worried about the Zugzwangs Tower being so suddenly changed into a Lord’s area: Is there enough time to do the approriate preparations and changes to make it worthy & rewarding enough for Lord’s and Lady’s?
The protest and pro and con threads have already died out and what can i say? All this for sure is a sign of a very much involved community ;)

If you happen to be worried, you can read all pros and con-arguments in this thread: http://tinyurl.com/zugzwangsprosandcons


==== Rumours, Speculations & Opinions ====

* Catching embers without the Ice Maiden

Hunters want to get to the Cove! Yes they do. Several threads have been asking and reporting this week about the possibility to go hunt for embers in Dracano while not having the appropriate trap. Apparantly they can be caught with HVMT or even Rhinobot.

Here’s one source amongst many little threads: http://tinyurl.com/3249p6p

* One mighty Whine: 640 Limelight Hunts… and still no nugget!!!

So you thought your luck was bad? But you were still holding back on whining? While we all know it works miracles! Please go whine before you get to 640 pieces of cheese as this whine did not yet bring in the goodies and sure was done too late!source: http://tinyurl.com/640whine
You can whine in the appropriate forum-section, or get your Grand Cru from MhHitM: http://tinyurl.com/frustratedhavesomewhine

* The Bristle Hills Theater is now open!

Come enjoy popular titles such as: – Stewart Big; – Dr. Fromagelove, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Maintenance; – Stale Hard With A Vengeance and many many others! :)
source: http://tinyurl.com/bristlehilltheatre

* Last but not Least:
Dont forget to hop in on the feast for AN/AM’s second Birthday! *

There are still two-plus days of partying and good prizes to be won. Personally i wanna recommend todays Riddle-competition that will run for still some 36 hours for you to get your riddles solved :)

But possibly there’s something more to your liking? There will be a Team-Treasure hunt on friday that sounds really promising, and an Anagram-thingy on thursday… See some of the still upcoming events: http://tinyurl.com/anambirthday-schedule


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

Mibbler – 5

* Update on points-requirement for Molten Shrapnel Base:

Important information on the Molten Shrapnell Base has come out this weekend: You must have 18,000,000 points to craft this item. We found out as one sorry Knight reported:
“So, here I have all the stuff to craft the MSB & I go to craft it. I am all excited as you can imagine with all that work it took as a 9 % knight with 17,377,285 points to be able to get this far with no le goodies. I hit the craft button & I get a message that says: Sorry: You must have 18,000,000 points to craft this item.”

The wiki has been updated since. Source: http://tinyurl.com/msbpointsupdate


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Learning things about the King’s Stockade …

On friday our own Sharon, while doing great work for AN/AM, got locked in the King’s Stockade by accident. For those who do not know where or what that is: The King’s Stockade is the area you are transported unto when you are being accused of cheating (botting is one reason).
Sharon was really surprised: “it turns out you only get an error message when you try to access the app after you have been ‘banned’”. She needed her friends to tell her she was in Stockade.
Sharon says: “I was released immediately as soon as I contacted the developers to question it. I was put into the Stockade on Friday due to a CS error.”
CS-errors may have to do with ‘people running scripts’, as vague as that may be we just dont know more about it. The most disconcerting thing about the whole situation is that obviously mistakes ARE being made, and what if you are not a well-known mousehuntress?

During the weekend another well known hunter decame locked in the Stockade and again many of us couldnt believe it! The devs have looked into the reasons fo his ban as soon as they were in on monday-duty and he was freed!
Nevertheless a hot debate was being had over the weekend, about showing support or not and whether a hunter wont be in Stockade if not for good reasons. Clearly not all there are in for good reasons and it can happen by mistake! But the sides were showing the good old belly-reasoning ‘where smoke is…’and the other one: “Not Guilty until prove” – this last one being a ground rule in some civilisations around the world.

Let’s learn this about the Stockade-process: The process of being put into Stockade is with high probability fully automated. Computers make errors! The developers are not aware of who is being banned until we tell them. Only then can it be sorted whether you (or anyone else) has been put there for good reasons / cheating.

Source: sorry, Justin’s rather heated, & even Sharon’s rather neat support threads in Tavern have been removed by the forum police.

* More titbits about ‘Trap weakness’

There is a fairly difficult thread on the Mousehunt Forum trying to figure out whether the changes from mouse-type to trap-weakness in MHv3 have actually made it easier for hunters. Its rather technical in that discussion at times, but those who are interested can go here: http://tinyurl.com/mouseweaknessdiscussion

As we reported in the last Mibbler: Luck has been left out when the trap weakness shows a mouse is moderate for your setup! And so is cheese! As Judy found out while trying to rotate cheese and see whether it made a difference. Cheese determines attraction, not whether you’ll catch it. The trap weakness message the game gives you, really really only just gives you the trap strength versus the mouse strength.

ps: source for Judy’s observations is within MhHitM: http://www.facebook.com/board.php?uid=29224005666

* Balacks Cove Tactics?

While playing around with them trap weaknesses, Judy has also discovered that the Derr Lich and Nerg Lich are both rated as “very difficult” using the ABT/Tribal. The Elub Lich is listed as “Overpowering” with the same trap setup. Plus this almost logically coincides with he Elub Lich for her being the most difficult one of the three to catch.

Is the Elub Lich the strongest and so hard to catch? An uncrackable nut? Or will there be a possible strategy for it to be caught? Like chocolate can lure me anytime of day? Now which trap can we use for that one Lich that is eluding us?
I do swear by the Acronym and only have returned to the ABT when hunting for Balack. But am i right with this?

Ehm: generally its hard hunting in the Cove ^^ And should we use Acro or ABT? On the Forum hunters are wondering too and asking a(r/b)ound… like in this thread: http://tinyurl.com/covetactics

– to be continued –

* Endless supply of metal scrap -threads… and variations:

Occasionally we see the hopes of them hunters in Cats go rising, and then again despairing, over something completely other then Scrap! Here is an example:
“Dear Mr Keeper Mouse, I apologise for saying i hated you yesterday. It is just that 140 of you have now visted me without briging the pages with you. Please could you ask one of your friends to do this soon i would be very greatful :-) Was signed: Rachel W.”.

* FG times?…@.#

Oh yes, the FG timer is way off!
Or another way to say the same thing: FG is as wonky as it has never been before! O.o
It doesnt even help if you go check the thread of the forum about the FG times, it’s just unpredictable.


==== Rumours, Speculations & Opinions ====

* Longtails on swiss!

Judy dropped in some more to tell us this: “I’ve caught THREE Longtails in the Windmill today! Hadn’t caught any yet so this is a nice surprise. Still using swiss and have caught 3 new ones in the Meadow and three so far at the Windmill.

* Another use for the huge amounts of Coal?

From the extensive hunting in Cats and thus the truckloads of Coal in some hunters inventorys, suspicions are being born. Very creative suspicions they be :) A possible new base could be made out of them ingredients, go check the thread in the Ideas-section: http://tinyurl.com/diamondbase

ps: Some other hunters: are plainly planning a barbeque ^^

* Speculations about Dave’s ‘new trap parts’

Many speculations resulted from the ‘Dave’s made new trap parts’ mentioned by Franco in FBF last friday. Trevor Hastings even tried to solve two questions at once as his solution tries to be the new trap component AND be a A Staggeringly Simple Solution To High Market Prices!

Q: How do we fix this [absurd high market prices]?
A: Have an in-game item available that people will want to buy over and over at their own pace: Cheesy Scent and Trap Polish.

Cheesy Scent adds 2% attraction to your setup FOR ONE HUNT and costs 1000 gold. Trap Polish adds 300 power to your trap FOR ONE HUNT and costs 3000 gold. Read more about it in the Ideas section: http://tinyurl.com/trappolish

… Its pretty amazing how many and how many good ideas hunters have for future mousehunt-development! Its also pretty amazing the amount of and diversity in Mousehunt-fiction that is being created by mousehunters around the world! New stories are being born every week. Some year-old ones still being udated.

* Last but not Least… a sequel to the Kidnapping o.o

Remember that rather serious bloke with huge writing talents that claimed he had kidnapped She Who Must Not Be Named (But All Too Often Is)?! He is now asking a Ransom from us!

“She Who Must Not Be Named (But All Too Often Is) has been captured and is being held for a reasonable ransom. Everyone who wants her to arrive must pay a portion of the total.
If this ransom is not paid within one week, the blimp will be destroyed, along with any new traps, bases, cheeses, or trap accessories found on board (after I take mine).
The very reasonable ransom, divided among the entire MH communitay, will hardly bother you at all. For only 1,500,000 Super/brie + cheese, and a measly 16,000,000 gold, I almost garantee that normal trading will resume within your lifetime.
The amount will go up every day until I get a proper response, ie, partial payment.”

The Mibbler has done some inquieries and the kidnapper Gary let us know: “I’ve had 4 partial payments so far”. And that he ‘doesnt fall for any gold-painted slugs’!
Ofcourse these few payments wont by long and far ever be enough. Gary himself is taking further action to raise our awareness, he send a message to another famous outrageouse Mousehunt-fiction writer that crossed the soap-reailty-border at times:

Public Message from Gary L S. to Dan S.:

“Hi, Dan! I hope you’ve still got Bryan’s 11th toe on ice. I need to convince people that I really did capture She Who Must Not Be Named, and your old blimp. A character witness by the kidnapper of Bryan would go far towards that goal. If you wouldn’t mind, just pop in here and testify (perjure yourself blind) that I have indeed captured her, and am holding her for ransom.”

O.o …We are so worried now!

ps: Did you miss the start of this sequel? Go read Mibbler no.4.


= = = = = Section 4: Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Instead of cookies, we give you: Cheesy creativity! ;x No this is not the famous swiss Fondue, and it might be a tough one to actually bite off, but it’s too cute to withhold: http://tinyurl.com/tastycheeses

Bon Appetit!
– Thanks Wesley for sharing this! –

Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy to my pm-box :)

Mibbler – 3

ok. We are going crazy. A 3rd Mibbler in the first week? Well, there’s some start-off-enthusiasm and i just couldnt withhold this on ye ^^ Plus: If i let it grow longer, it would have become too long for Facebook to digest! :p)

* Funbar-progress & MH Funbar Alert Test #1

Sometime on monday dev Joel Auge came to the Forum to post this: “If you get an alert from the funbar on your desktop – follow the link and post a reply. I’m just making sure the alerts work :) We are going to use this for special offers in the future – so make sure you install it. (The link is in the ticker on the top of the game).”

The thread is in the news section (MH Funbar Alert Test #1) but is not interesting at all. Just a dumb list of ‘i got it’s. So from monday on, the Ticker said: Download the New MH FunBar! Get a timer, sound the horn, and see your stats! Install and get 10 free SUPER|brie+!

We suppose the word ‘new’ is in there to indicate some fixes have been made. I asked around and it seems safe to go install it. Now what would that alert test be all about? New functionalities? Oooo suspense!

Download here: http://mousehunt.facebook.hitgrab.com/toolbar/download/

* Ticker news on Glitchpaws

From wednesday-ish on the Ticker said: “The population of Glitchpaw Mice is on the decline — Soon they’ll be gone! Catch ’em while you can hunters!”

I am now the proud owner of 48 Gp’s. Would be nice to get the extra 2 some of these days while tey wither. A tiny group of hunters who were trying to get to 100 Glitchpaw’s have been frantically searching for them ever since ^^

* The research on the inner workings of the Gauntlet goes on…

Amongst others, famous hunter Trevor Hastings has been researching the inner workings of the Gauntlet. Main questions keeping him busy were: – What is a reasonable amount of cheese to complete the Gauntlet? – Given that one has X superbrie, at what point during the Gauntlet does it behoove the player to use it?

And with his meticulous methods he was able to come up with a chart that tells you sortoff what to expect. By at first extrapolating the numbers based on his own hunts, he baffled many a hunter with the accuracy of his chart. Go have a look: http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/6581/gauntletchart.jpg

I need to add a tiny disclaimer to this chart’s information: Never ever is hunting in Mousehunt the same for all hunters! Which will probably be even more true for the Gauntlet!
As Jacob has admitted like over a week ago: “The King’s Gauntlet is my doing. (…) That being said, the gauntlet is a place with a uniquely challenging challenge, it tests a hunters patience to an extreme level; this isn’t it’s main objective however. It is designed so that users from any point in the game who are between hunting grounds/bored with their current hunting location can jump over to the gauntlet and test their luck for a spell. It’s designed to be a bit of a lottery, you are not expected to win, but it is certainly possible. I do understand probability, and this states that for some hunters, they will just be unlucky enough to never be able to get the Eclipse, even with enduring terrible frustration. (…) I think unfortunately the Gauntlet was never a good place to hold the spotlight for too long since it does love to punish you, so I look forward to the opening of the next location which I promise will be a lot more up your alley.
My hope is that when the story gets back on track and the spotlight leaves the Gauntlet, hunters will be able to view the Gauntlet as what it is supposed to be; A side area that is really only for those willing to take the challenge.”

So far the Gauntlet according to dev Jacob, as was quoted in mhhitm db on the Gauntlet’s discussion thread page 8 (http://www.facebook.com/board.php?uid=29224005666#topic_top).

Soon Trevor is getting close to the factual 1000 T2 cheese-hunts and will update his spreadsheet & the chart after he has a full month of huntings recorded. Source: http://tinyurl.com/gauntletreport

* New Mojo record!

Yes! Some of us are busy ‘elsewhere’! :)
The new record holder has 477 Mojo’s and accidentally also holds the record for Sensei’s with 103 Sensei (wednesday’s count).

A huge race for more and higher is coming soon as the runner up-former record holder, is saving up and working on Rumble like mad ;) http://tinyurl.com/newmojorecord


= = = = = Opinions & Speculations = = = = =

* Cherry Rumours…

Does the Cherry Mouse or Cherry Cheese attracts Cherry potions? Or does it not? This so was my huge hope after having searched for many hours for that first Cherry potion, but i didnt get a new potion with the 15 cheeses i used.

We now have heard from a reliable source: “The Cherry mouse also drops Cherry Potions as well sometimes, thats how i got my second potion.” And this may very well be the source of the rumour.
There’s defenitely not enough hunts done yet, to get clarity on this ‘attraction’ of Cherry cheese for Cherry potions.

* Hunters note an Increase in Keeper’s mice (catches) in Cats

Many things seem to have changed in the infamous Cats: Lotsa more Keeper’s being reported – will the candle be more easy to obtain for new Legendarys?-, lotsa more coal seems to be dropping, and scrap only drops in Cats nowadays and not in FG.
We dont know if this is all intended. What we do know: the cap has been lifted on all items in inventory with the introduction of MHv3 (possibly explaining the feel of higher coal drops). Nowadays a hunter can own a 1000 ABT’s if it so pleases him/her. The cap was also meant to be lifted on the ships bp’s, but there was a rather huge popular demand to please put that cap back on. (I don’t understand that demand but alas.)

* How many mousehunters have “roughed” it through the game?

I know of one who has, oh no no: i know two! Nonono: i know 3! And courageously as well! Strong minded and never with a negative twist he keeps getting to the same levels as me! * praises and bowes to the roughing-it-hunter * But how many are there? And how do they get through? You wondering? I have seen many adoptee go without buying sb+ till Legendary. ‘s Not weird at all. You still wondering?

Now please open your eyes and go lookin at them heroes that go Rough in the game:
“Never donated and 72% Lord :)”.
“Made it all the way to the Top 100 without ever donating.”
“Lady 93%, I have been playing MH for 1 year and 4 months. ‘Roughing’ it so far ;p For me, it is the only fun way to play this game. Anybody can donate and buy tons of SB+ and get all the mouse quickly without trap strategy or patience. If I aim for speed, I won’t be playing MH at all.”
This is all from the thread “How many Mousehunters have truly “roughed” it through the game?” http://tinyurl.com/2wzyj55

Maybe its the being able to buy sb+ thats actually toxic :p I mean: it might get you hooked, get you depending on it and before you know you are an addict shouting out loud you cant see how anybody can go without! Maybe, just maybe, not being able to buy/donate sets your mind straight.
You just know where you stand and how long (long!) some of the mice will take. But you will get there, oh yes.

And for you MhHitM-er: do never despair as we do have sb+sales on this group like evey month or so!


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

We tried to bake Madeleine’s this week, some have been very perfect – baked in Melinda’s new Madeleine-pan – some have gone all wrinkly and weird but they still taste nice :)

* puts the Madeleine’s out for whoever wants one *

Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy to my pm-box :)

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