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Mibbler – 38

I so very much prefer mud-fights over magma-fights! *.*
But after this thought the mud-fights began for real on the forum, and i suddenly tended to lean towards the magma-fights once more. You know what: i will just avoid both and only get into waterfights from now on!

*Lightbulb moment*

Then again we may just need a mud-base in Mousehunt, maybe it will end all dirty fighting… plus it will catch the rodents pretty nicely too! Shall we notify Jacob of this?

One more thing before the Mibbler’s summary of talk in the past week in Mousehunt: Did you mistake the Mystery Monday Mouse for an SB+ event? Or did you share this experience: “… the point of the game is to hunt mice and have fun and [the Mystery Monday Mouse] was a nice change of pace…”

How will you use your +5 luck bonus?

This weekend is the first ever +5 Bonus Luck Weekend. Besides making us happy, i suppose this weekend will be the ultimate experiment for the bunch that is endlessly debating and researching whether Luck boosts Loot or not! I expect some results after the weekend you statisticians! Rrrawr!

˜”*°°*”˜ AN/AM 3rd Birthday Party!! ˜”*°°*”˜

Happy Birthday to you AN/AM! It is  great you are still out there and Rocking! Yay for Paying-it-Forward & the Mousehunt-Community helping hunters out! To celebrate AN/AM is organising many different competitions to celebrate, check out the Party Schedule & Join in if you can!

Don’t forget: AN/AM can still use donations for to realise their Trap-help-programmes very much!

Sphynx Wrath Vs Sandstorm MonstroBot

Huh? Why “versus”? Well, some of us will want to make a choice. And some of us just want to know which one to get first. Not that we have much choice in that, but still nice brooding about it… And yeah, sure: If you live in the Fiery Warpat, the MonstroBot definitely gotta be your style!
source:  Sphynx Wrath Vs Sandstorm MonstroBot 

Now this evaluation, and/or the reasoning inside it, may be the reason for the Sphinx Crsytal prices going up! So do be carefull an dont spread the word, or them Crystal prices will even rise above those of the Sandstrom Monstrobot!

GUIDE to Getting “THE” Three Traps Quickly

After all those three traps “make all your other traps look like they were made by Larry”…! – SDHoost.

But how to get them? o.o Oh! That’s how! … Nah, just kiddin.
The best part in this supposedly Guide, is the talk about the traps available in Muriday Market in relation to the Warpath-traps:  [GUIDE]Making The Most Out of Warmonger Trap Loot & Getting The Three Traps Quickly

ps: As soon as the thread starts talking ‘Polynomial’ you’d better go back to Camp and sound your Horn! ^^


Does using the Monger Charm impact your changes of getting Trap Loot when catching a Warmonger mouse in the Fiery Warpath? Despite a busy real life ^^ Chad M. once more created a new fabulous form and spreadsheet for us to collect data regarding the Monger Charm:

Here is the form to submit Monger Charm Loot Data
Here is the published spreadsheet for the Monger Charm
Here is the thread for the Monger Charm

Of course we also are still wanting to collect more data for the Warmonger Traploot spreadsheet with or without charm. The more data the less biased, so please join in the collecting, whatever your results!

Unusual cheeses in Fiery Warpath?

Names that pop up in response to the question whether unusual cheeses can be used, are: Gilded!, Gingerbread – yes, and Ghoulgonzola?
Special remark by Geoff O. about wave 4 & special cheeses: “Since streaks are not a consideration for Wave 4, I always use crap cheese like this, though a Monger pillaged (or is it plundered) about 100 mozzarell’ once. Doesn’t happen with gingerbread.”
source: Has anyone tried unusual cheese in Fiery Warpath?

Somewhere else on the Forums there’s a serious discussion going on about the attraction rate of a new special Fiery Warpath cheese and the costs to make it a valiant alternative to gouda & sb+ (and not disturb the on-going donations)… throw in your 2-cents if you like:
Poll: Add Feta Cheese to the Muridae Market for the warpath >>

*Drools at the thought alone!*

Serious talk on the future of MouseHunt …

It may have had to do with the Moon Eclipse the other day, as many go a bit nuts under the influence of that type of occurence. (The end of the world has been foretold on less inducements.) But this was the sincere worry:
“3 of the most powerful traps just came out recently. They completely outranked all previous traps of the same type. (…) Bases should be capped with Magma being the strongest. Where will we go from here! @.@ Is this the End?”

There’s a good chance the devs will have a plan: new areas, new trap types, and possibly a trip to the Moon. I prefer to look at it like that, cause the other option is just too depressing.
source: Serious-talk-on-the-future-of-MouseHunt.

Shortlist of interesting links:

Last but not Least

A little reminder that Cheese & Whine is also about Cheese: wOot!!! 3 Balacks on 1 page!!!

Don’t forget to go get your +5-Luck Cookie here >>

Happy Hunting Heroes!


Mibbler 36 – Mid-sabbatical news from april 8 – june 1

The break has to be continued for a bit, sorry about that. Some work in the background has been taken up: i am slowly repairing the links in here (linking to the integrated-forums)… the old-FB-Forum links can’t be repaired though.
We are indeed keeping track of developments in Mousehunt in the meantime:

Fiery Warpath Guides

For starting out on the Warpath this is a good thread on the Forums: A mere insight into starting the Warpath area >>
You definitely need to take alook at this graphic: Fierywarpathreference.jpg
One of the Fiery Warpath-Guides i have come across is here: Mousehuntguide.blogspot.com
A rather new Guide on Fiery Warpath: FW Fiery Warpath Hints, Tips and Strategy… Was this guide helpful?

The Guide to Mousehunt says: “Compromise: there’s a page up for the Fiery Warpath. I admit, it’s a bit disappointing even for me, but it’ll have to do.”http://guidetomousehunt.wordpress.com/walkthrough/fiery_warpath/
[For those not knowing: The Guide’s author has stopped playing MH for the time being. but his Guide still has many visitors a day and by popular request he has updated this bit.]

We also want to know: Is it possible to get through the FW without using SB+? There’s some suggestions and experienced advice in that thread for your convenience!

Spring Egg Hunt:

And if you are one of the hunters having problems getting the Travelpage to load, try this link for “simple” travel: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/canvas/travel.php?quick=1

Admire the Mousehunt-Artist @ work

“This was a special mouse painted LIVE during Feedback Friday on April 8th. The mouse was created for the Spring Egg Hunt event.” Go see the Life-Drawing by Jacob-video >>

About 2 months later: “…I [Jacob Johnson] will be doing a live painting session for MH on Friday June 3rd! (and other random broadcasting for my own art before then)” See the result of the Live-Drawing of June 3rd here >>


The Horntracker is back for those using the Chrome browser!

Lil’ note: The ‘alarm’ of the timer works on mousehuntgame.com, but not (yet) on FB since the iframe update. For other browsers the Horntracker is still in beta-testing.

source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30517-Am-I-allowed-to-use-MouseHuntizer

CRE Plus- datasheet for Zugzwang’s Tower

There’s a “Catch Rate Estimates, Comparison, and Bail Sheet for Zugzwang’s Tower” out there. But i myself cant open it so i cant tell ye all if its any good. So go try it and please do tell us!

source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?21183-Catch-Rate-Estimates-Comparison-and-Bail-Sheet-for-ZT

Trible Isles Profitability Data

Hunting in Derr alone presumably more profitable then doing the whole cycle up to Dragons and all!

Source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30581-Trible-Isles-Profitability-Data

Warmonger Trap Loot Drop Data

Sure at some point we must all contribute to this thread & data-collecting! Find the instructions for submitting your personal data here:  http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?23819-DATA-Warmonger-Trap-Loot-Drop-Data-Collection-amp-Analysis

Preliminary results can be found here: http://goo.gl/fdTv6

*Warning* These traps are the ultimate traps in the game re physical & tactical so where would the game be if you could get these in no time?!? *End of Warning*

[I will leave the debate about them Warpath-traploot being out on the market for the Forums to rage about. I just may get myself lost in ugly words if i go there @.#]

MONSTRO vs. SPHYNX against the Silth.
Who wins?

This is probably what we all wanted to know since the Warpath came out! I love this remark out of the discussionthread: ” Out of the options I would say Silth wins.”
And this one: “It’s worth noting that the third FW trap, the Oasis Water Node, beats both of them due to an even bigger effectiveness boost.”

Source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30808-MONTRO-vs.-SPHYNX-against-the-Silth.-Who-wins

Q & A

Q: Should I use Ultimate Luck Charm for the Warmonger Mouse? Will it increase the loot?

A: You get the loot for free the first time, so this is not needed for that first loot at all! Plus: so far the people using ULC on warmonger (after the first) have gotten trap loot at the same rate as people not using the ULC.

source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30487-Should-I-use-Ultimate-Luck-Charm-for-the-First-Warmonger-Mouse

Q: What about Onyx Mallet? It’s pretty expensive yes?… And what should I do with my Onyyx Stones if I don’t craft the Onyx Mallet?

A: PokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePoke PokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePoke

Then submit the Poke-results here:  http://goo.gl/8T6p8

Source: see Techhowch post & sig in the thread: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30491-What-about-Onyx-Mallet

Last but not least:

If you have reason to visit or revisit the Gauntlet be sure to take your Gauntlet Survival Kit! ^^

Goodluck & don’t forget to sound your Horn!!!

Mibbler – 35

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

Welcome to you all in the quiet, peacefull times of no-events and a somewhat confumbled return to our Mousehunt-chores. I am so happy there was for once not much news in the Kingdom. At least not much that i could keep up with: I might have had a black out, cause i couldn’t see what everyone is writing anymore. These eye-problems of mine, amongst others, have been the reason i was able to spend much time on Mousing & Mibbling these past 6 months. Changes are to come to this, more about that at the very end of this Mibbler so just read on and you will get to that. Take your time reading, no hurries mate!

First things first: some mouse-things did happen in the mean time…

Short recap:Hope Mouse

– Ronza has left Gnawnia and the Hope Mouse came into Action! (official news Post)
– Charm pack 1 is released Charm Pack #1 Released (official news post)

Almost everybody seems back to what they still had to do or finish, whether it be restocking gold, or finding the next bet, the next crown or finally catching their (next) missing mouse. A few mousehunters have been explicitly hunting Hope mice… and the Hope is badly needed with the weather circumstances in Queensland this last month! 
Probably besides that badly needed for a lot of mousers out there anywayz. But they are limited and will go ‘lay low’ soon! How soon? No exact clue.

Oh and ehm, anybody waiting for a Chinese New year event or at least some happy wishes in Mousehunt? Remember the devs do use an outer-space-calender!

King’s Luck Charms on “first” mouse-catch

When a hunter has caught a mouse for the first time and publishes it, you can claim luck charms from their profile-page post. It reads like this: “xxx caught a Bottled Mouse for the first time! To celebrate xxx’s hard work the King is giving out Luck Charms!”
Hmmm, nice way to get more luck charms! At times i am getting this as a result: “Sorry, you may only claim 10 gifts per day.”  So it seems there is a connection between these charms and the gifts.

New on FB This week: FB-connect problems

“The FB Connect site is acting up a bit! Please stick to MouseHunt on Facebook while this is sorted out. Thanks! – MouseHunt” Indeed my friends page and -functionality is still a bit on the slow-side...

Which reminds me: never forget to check in on the Current Known Issues (Last updated 2nd Feb 6.30pm GMT)

Jacob Johnson’s IceWing painting video

From -The Artist Formerly Known as Mousstachio- comes a mouse-painting video. It was painted live during a very special Feedback Friday by Jacob Johnson who took everyone’s suggestions as they continually flowed in and created a mouse truly designed by the community.

Icewing Painting Video [HQ]

Feedback Friday – 3 of those!

Of course we all wonder if the armed Charm will show on our hunter’s profile pages someday? Turns out, it was an oversight. Next we got a little insight on the intricate workings of luck: “Luck is not linear it’s exponential meaning the more you have the more effective it is.” News about the Baron area? They’re pushing hard to complete it by early February but they don’t want to rush it…..

Read all this and more in the reviews of the 21st:
– Jeremiah’s: Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 21st Jan
– and The-always one click away-Review: FBF Review 21 Jan 2011

The second FBF (28th jan.) is full of dry Doughnuts crumbs, but the Juicy stuff is about charms (they will never be smashable!) and about Luck in the Gauntlet (which comes down to 10 luck x 0.000001 lootdrop = … still an infinitesimal bit of higher lootdrops).
Besides that we still wondered  whether we will sometime be able to see images of charms on our traps? The answer is: The devs tried a bunch of different designs but nothing was cool enough. Feel free to submit your ideas!
– MHCC – ultimate surprise writer! :D Jessica is back! – review: *** Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 28th Jan. ***
– Review delivered by Tofu in T(he)TT no.69

Feedback Friday on 4th of february announces that the Lunar New Year and Valentine Day festivities will not be a big event. It is due shortly: New Year will last about 2 weeks and over lap with Valentines day’s. And yes, they are keeping us on our toes re Baron-area… *looking good!* There is some explanation to the extension version numbers of the game, and a lot of talk about Franco’s shop indeed. (Salt people salt!)
– Go read the Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 4th Feb

== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ==

Helpful places on both Charms & Orbs

You are getting these links from me, to check if you know-it-all:
Orb List
– Charms recipes in first post & Orb droppers in spreadsheet: Orbs Loot list
– Compiled info on orbs/charms (includes a faq & on the Old Forums): Compiled List of Orb Drops, Charms, and other Update Info!
– Note: You can use the “Send Supplies” option to give orbs to friends.

Charm recipe chart – nice graphics! – from the MHA, made by Ninz A.
– A rather complete source that started during the race on the new forums (and sorta missed the “Firsts” on the old forum) is: Collection of Charm recepy’s (so far)
– And now that they are around & tried for a bit, there is the Charm page on The Guide to Mousehunt. Recipes, stats and effects of all charms are included.

It sure was a Race: finding the recipe’s…

For first hunters deciphering pack 1 charm recipe’s i have these names:

Elizabeth K. was first for the Antiskele Charm Recipe! (source: The Antiskele Charm Recipe!)
James H. first for Prospector’s charm (source: Prospector’s Charm Recipe)
Ben L. appeared to be first for: rotten charm
Lewis H. appeared to be first for – Anchor Charm (both in: Recipe testing thread)
Robert S. appeared to be first for the Dragonbane (source: Dragonbane Baby!!!!)
Draobyek appeared to be first for the scientist charm (source: Scientist Charm)
Huge congrats to you all on fastness & inventiveness! :)

What to use the Ultimate Luck Charm (ULC) for?

Some hunters wonder about this, and Ahmed put out a poll which makes it possible to see some big-numbers-outcome: most answers go to T7 & “other” ( which may or may not mean something that is yet to come…).
source: what are you going to use the ultimate luck charms for?

We long to know if the Ultimate Luck Charm gives any significant increase in the chance for a Zugzwang’s Left sock from the Chessmaster. But don’t count on it, cause 20 luck times a insignificant small chance is still an insignificant small chance… no, the ULC won’t help in the cases of extremely rare drops like the left sock.
source: ULC for Sock?

UPDATED!!! The Petition for the Tweak of Tiki’s Stats in Tribal Isles…

Runic BaseDo you remember the petition for the Tiki tweak? This is the updated version… and after looking at the votes, who are fairly distributed but slightly in favor of tweaking, the petition now takes  a new turn: The active hunters in this thread have decided to back up their idea with numbers and stats , they have send an email directly to the devs & support.

Numbers & stats lead to this conclusion for now: “Regardless of what the devs are saying, it’s clear that the runic base is certainly not making the mice drop runes double the time compared to other bases. In fact, for ALL of the cases examined, it is dropping runes less frequently per catch.”

Like Dave D. says:  “There’s nothing to say that They™ are not investigating the Runic Issue behind the scenes. Sure it would be nice if they told us they were looking into it”

source: Some Runic base data
source:: UPDATED!!! The Petition for the Tweak of Tiki’s Stats in Tribal Isles…

Now that we are back to hunting Mysterious boxes, we want to know…

Mysterious BoxWe are again seriously wondering (yes we did this before) whether anything else then runes is in these boxes. 

While we all know that Runes are (by far) the most common, we don’t know the exact answers to these questions. Chad M’s initiative wants to investigate: “What percentage of the boxes contain Runes? What percentage of the boxes contain Rumble cheese? What percentage of the boxes contain Fire Salt?”

Here is the spreadsheet of current data with the probability of getting Runes vs. Rumble, etc…

Over time, and with a high enough sample size (more and more new submissions), the spreadsheet will become more accurate… so here is the form to submit your data

source: Contents of Mysterious Boxes (dropped by Acolyte) – *Data Collection Thread*

Gnawnia News Network: Live from the Elub Shores

…where hunters can relax after a hectic day battling dragons….

Rumors are spreading that a small group of Divas and Dominators are discussing a new Battle of the Sexes.. The GNN reporter has personally seen Elizabeth Kitterman entering a small hunting cab…in with several male hunters…stay tuned!! – source: ~*~*~The Ultimate BotS~*~*~

[Kitterman here:] “Guilty! There is talk of it! And it’ll def. be dragons as that’s all we know. But rest assured it won’t be happening in the coming months, more like 6 or more months from today. Could be August, Could be November so please do not change your current plans just yet.”

The Divas have responded to this great prospect with catching the very First KnownSilver crown Silver Crown for Dragons!!
On january 30th in the early morning hours (3:40 am in gmt that is), Maz B. reported this: “Dracano, I caught my 100th Dragon Mouse and earned a Silver King’s Crown! 
I can view my trophy crowns on my hunter profile.” Congrats Maz!

This reporter has as of yet not heard a worthy response from the Dominators side, although, yes, hmmm: a rumor has it that famous hunter Curt S. is quietly leaving the scene of the upcoming battle. He left this message: “Geoff I am skipping this round of Doms/Divas battle, the addition of the Dragonbane charms really messes things up.” – post 230 in: Dragon Dominators !!
We are sorry to see Curt go, but he has a point! (I think.)

How many Boss mice have you got?

Is this the next thing after Crowns and after the 90% Club? (Nonono i am not going to explain the latter!) Is it finally officially coming, this adaption to the idea of a “boss’ in the game? (see the sneak peek taken when the game was glitchy!)

We can always apply a wink & mountains of Salt-miner’s Salt to this! I thought the King was Boss! Grrr. For anyone not playing some other (video-)games the concept of a boss mouse may be weird: a reference.
But whatever: just count how many you have got! Without my 106 Mojo’s (they don’t count for some reason) i have 73 at the mo. ^^

There are 8 of the Bosses inside Mousehunt that count for this count, go see which ones: >> How many Boss Mice have you got?

And while you at it (but not yet with impressive numbers perhaps?), you can dive into this Bronze Bosses Challenge (on the old forum): >>  The Boss Mice Bronze Challenge

Furoma’s Log Summarizer back up!

After some time having a well deserved break, and after some time – and still – working on an overhaul, Furoma (formerly known as Pooflinger) is getting back with us, step by step. Submissions to the database are also working properly, so do help by posting your results here: 

No Duke-Duchess Rank Collecting Stats?!

Just repeating for the good cause: 
Mousehunt Horn Tracker said: “Still no Duke or Duchess sounding the horn with horn tracker installed. Really wonder who’ll be first.”

source: MouseHunt Horn Tracker

* Quick & Usefull Tips:

– First news is: the old forums won’t die! One piece of proof, although now a week out of order and thus ‘old’, may be/have been this one: THE OLDIES THREAD! (People who have been here for years, are bored and now lurk).
Like Chua Zhihong says: “It’s like they live in a different world there, completely unaware of this [new] forum…”
Tactical Trap Comparison by The Guide: The Tactical section is done!
– The loot glitchpaws drop in specific locations remains the same every time they come. It’s listed in the wiki at http://mhwiki.hitgrab.com/wiki/index.php/Glitchpaw
– 500 Sensei’s caught! Yannick V. is the first to report a Sensei Gold Crown! Congratulations Yannick! source: First Dojo Sensei Gold crown!
– And to get that Big Bad Burroughs What am I possibly doing wrong? Trevor H. has the answer: “What You are doing wrong is coming to the conclusion that you are doing something wrong.”
Never Ever sell your traps! (Not even whenR. is around!) See for yourselfs on the first post: What’s the dumbest mistake that you have made in mousehunt?
– Suggestion you may want to support: Order trap selector by most recently used
– No need to set up an account before expressing your support for the above suggestion: just click on the FB connect button on top of the forums and it automatically makes a profile for you using your FB settings and names and pics and such.
Don’t wanna see them at times awefull signatures on the new Forum? Go to your settings-page: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/canvas/forum//usercp.php and click on the left hand side on ‘general settings’, scroll down to ‘show signatures’ and un-check! 
Phew, that makes for a readable nice difference! Should be disabled by default, if you ask me.
iPhone App: The issue behind the constant “session expired” error has been found. Hopefully all of you suffering from “session expired” errors will be able to join everyone on the hunt with your iPhones. The release is available now on the app store! source: iPhone App – Issue found for constant “session expired” error

– Just so you remember to spread the guides around: Guides for New Players

– And pssst: This Just In! (Thanks to Taraka P.)
“I caught a Nugget Mouse! But i never knew we could get Onyx Stones outside of Furoma! >> “I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 2 oz. Nugget Mouse worth 6,875 points and 550 gold. The mouse also dropped the following loot:1 Onyx Stone”

==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Chinese New year! happy Year of the Rabbit to all!

In FBF it has become clear it is not going to be as big as an “Event’. Still we are rather curious, and looking forward to it! Personally, i am very much looking forward to the Year of the Rabbit! * sighs *
Earlier i said something about the dev’s calender in this Mibbler. Next to that we must consider this one the dev’s side, as you realise they work with codes, yes? Ah, well, Captain Barbossa would say about that: “the code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” So Patience, Patience!

In the mean time we can enjoy this spectacular ideas and suggestion on the forum for a Lion Dance Trap – It really looks amazing! Go see the Lion Dance Trap >>
*** Disclaimer: Remember this is made up, and suggested by a fellow mousehunter for the devs to pick up, it is not anything we expect to be released soon in the game! ***

The original thread for further details: Improved Lion Dance Trap and a new Red Envelope Base

* I am Silth hunting, so what!

Whenever i feel like! Doh. I don’t get all this “hold onto your cheese” stuff. But another courageous hunter was kept from Silth hunting on grounds of a map-rumor. Luckily a person of some authority has sprinkled some salt on that rumor as well. I quote:

“The Silth has been “supposed to drop a map piece” for almost a year now (seeing as it’s been meant for a map piece since its release in March of 2010). Waiting to get the Silth on the hope of a map piece is like waiting to buy a trap in the hope that Ronza is coming.” – SdH

Thread: 710 Wicked Gnarly Silth Lagoon Run

Share your Zug’s Tower-Limited-SB+ Strategies!

Yes another ZT thread, but we all want to find out WHEN to use that sb+ if we are going to use limited sb+ in a run. Start straight with it to get the pawns out of the way and keep a high amp as possible for the tougher pieces? Or get through it on gouda & wait with the sb+ for the Rooks & Queen?
Read all and intricate thoughts on this: sorry for yet another ZT thread, but…

Of course the other burning question about sb+ in the Tower is: How much sb+ does one use in a Towerrun? And the answer is: “It’s all dependent on your own tolerance of failure.” – SdH
Still, if you want to gain some more feedback on this you may want to look into this exchange of thoughts & experiences:
source: How much SB in Zugzwang’s Tower run?

To Rewers Riposte in Zug’s Tower – or not to

Chua Zhihang: “I’m fairly sure the Rewer’s Riposte is better in the tower at catching mice as well. Whether it’s better for completing runs is another matter though. (…) Some of us have been using RR/magma recently in the tower, and it’s crazy good at high amps against knights and bishops. TOO good, such that when we are having trouble attracting rooks, they catch almost all the knights/bishops that come up.
That’s why OAT/BPT are definitely still the best for completing runs in tower, but RR/Mag may actually be better than them at high amps. I’m thinking ZFM may actually be better at doing a run, since it misses more of the stray knights and bishops.”

source: is Rewers Riposte beter than the ZFM?

Zug’s Tower planning

Yes. There is this thing with the Tower: when in your busy week is the time right & ripe to go in on a Towerrun? And how long do these runs usually, or roughly, run for? And how active or passive can we run in the Tower?
One answer is: “I’ve finished tower runs in a day, but often they take 2 and sometimes 3. Depends too much on your luck and traps available.” And i would add: depends on the cheese too.
Some of hunter’s observations on Tower-planning are shared in this thread: Zugzwangs Tower – Planning Help.

That @#$%&%$#@ Gauntlet!

Where are the potions? I noticed many hunters crying out for the T4 potions in pain. Personally i have been avoiding the Gauntlet much after getting to the top once. But for those braving that experience there is some advice available these days. One of which is: be aware the potion drops drop significantly after level 2!
source: Where are the Gauntlet Tier 4 potions??

Another advice consists of a list by George O. to get you through the tiers, better still: on which aspect to prioritize in your setup, on which tiers!
source: CLT or CoT; HB or DDA; Acro or Arby @ KG

And please take it from the statisticians that there is: “ … absolutely no correlation” for Luck & drop rates of potions in the Gauntlet. Or there is, but it is infinitesimal small small small. Like Michael M states: “The devs have said that luck affects drop rate, in general, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the gauntlet is its own beast and the drop rate is the drop rate, regardless of how lucky or powerful the setup is. I think its just supposed to be difficult, an endurance test of your horn sounding.”
To be complete on this: the latest FBF says Luck kinda works, but more so on mice that normally drop stuff. For rare drops, its a very small difference – so small you are bound not to notice it individually.
source: Tier I Drop Rates vs. Luck

Still many many hunters, and ever new ones each day, wonder about how many potions they need on the first level to make it on top? The shortest answer is: nothing is guaranteed in mousehunt, and especially not in the Gauntlet!
The long answer is here, and i would advise anyone to especially look on the last info-graphic: https://mhanalysis.wordpress.com/2010/09/29/monte-carlo-analysis-of-kings-gauntlet/.

One plain straight forward observation to add: IM or ABT for eclipse mouse?
Kitteh says:”ABT. Wouldn’t want to risk restarting the Gauntlet would you?”
source: IM or ABT for eclipse mouse?

Highly unpredictable but going in one direction: sb+ prices

Hans C. wondered: ”Sb+ prices: Do you think it will go down because of orbs?”
goldWe don’t think so. Chad M. summarized: “SB+ prices will, barring fluctuations here and there, gradually rise, rise, rise, rise, rise……
It was “stable” around 800 for the first quarter of 2009… Then “stable” around 1500 for the first quarter of 2010… Now “stable” around 4500 for the first quarter of 2011…”

Join any price speculations in here: Sb+ prices
For following Superbrie trends visually >>

Have you been in cryopreservation state lately?

Please do wake up and help this hunter out, he needs advice for catching the Demetastabilization Mouse!

source: Need advice for the Demetastabilization Mouse

Do the Mousehunt Quiz & don’t Cheat!

It’s 18 mousehunt related questions! Just 4 minutes! It is NOT a piece of cake! 
(I failed…) But you can do it!

Go to the The Mousehunt Quiz >>

source: How well do you know MOUSEHUNT??.

* Last but not Least: A Break for the Mibbler

Even though the cookies (at the bottom of the page) have always said explicitly: “No editor No Mibbler”, i am announcing a break due to Real Life Interference. Part of the interference is serious and has to do with health-issues and research coming up. Part has to do with me getting slowly ‘better’:  i am absolutely sure the Mibbler has played its positive part in that! I can recommend to anyone to take up the writing!

[Update on april 8th: my eyes still need a lot af adjusting & time and thus the break has to be continued for a bit. We are keeping track of developments in Mousehunt in the meantime and are very sorry to hear War is upon Gnawnia! :/
In the meantime i am slowly repairing the links in here (linking to the integrated-forums)… Goodluck & don’t forget to sound your Horn!!!]

As i shared this news with some friends-mousers, there has already sparked an idea of finding another format for sharing the news and sharing the interesting tidbits & “knowledgable facts”. So… while there is gonna be a break, we might come back with a vengence! Either it be a (less regular) Mibbler again or it may reappear in some other form.

Anybody interested in hearing about a re-appearance or a re-start in any form, can subscribe to the Mibbler’s fanpage >>.

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Carol R, Jane B, Julio R, Marie-Pierre G,  and many thanks to those that try to help me thinking up new ways of continuing the stream of information at some point in time in the future.

Todays cookies … are these >> … and these too >>!
My love to all you Mousers out there!

# Anybody who has ideas about how to comtinue or reform the Mibbler in the future, can send the idea to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

Mibbler – 34

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

Welcome to this late late Mibbler in times of great happenings. Life surprisingly doesn’t shape itself neat & easy around Mousehunt-releases each and every time. And apparantly especially not this time :p (dear Dev’s couldn’t you have waited another week?). So, due to Real Life Interference, this Mibbler is “late”, but as She will leave on the dev’s wednesday: there is still time to make choices and perhaps make that last purchase!

Ralph M. sure was inspired by a master when he wrote clear & elegantly about what Ronza means to many of us hunters, and about our -most of the times complicated- relation to her:

“Ronza, You have a way of bringing out the passion from everyone. When I first heard your name with the far distant sound of a dying kitten in the background, I hated you and your party hat ways. I took an oath never to recommend a limited edition trap to my fellow hunters in the forums. What good is it to know that the trap I am suppose to use I can never get?

Yet I must confess you won me over like a high maintenance girl friend. Yes you are often distant and it is expensive to be with you, and yet I think of you every day as I am not content unless I am using one of your LE traps and LE base as well.
I like to think that our relationship is improving, you have learned to give me warning of your coming, so I have time to prepare for your wares.

How do I love thee, let me count the ways: …”
To be continued in: Ronza my Rosalind, I leave you this note on the trees of Whisker Woods

There are a lot of hunters impatient to move on, and the release of a new Charm pack after She leaves, has already been announced. But first more about THE Return in Mousehunt history. Or to simply  see whether you had missed out on some details, here is the last weeks News Harvest:

The Awaiting…

Maybe, just maybe you have all forgotten how it felt before her coming, after that long long wait, only a few days ago… let me remind you by telling a bit about the days past… before she came:

“From the Great Winter Hunt and the Festive Comet it was apparent some one special was expected to return. The tickets to Ronza and her charms was a sight to behold. (…) There are signs every where of the joyous occasion. To celebrate sb+ vendors are giving big discounts, and the skin market has 50% off sales all around. It won’t be much longer till the lovely maiden fair and her new lover come. The charms of Mustachio are known far and wide and surely his love will cause Ronza to be even more generous with her goods.” – Aleksandr Gifford (post 26 in: Ronza Navigational Update)

We did not know then, what we know now of Moustachio and why he is called the Charmer… So when we spied Jacob’s new profile picture we thought we had found THE clue: we guessed wildly after the secret identity of the Charmer and frolicly claimed our Jacob must be truly Ronza’s Lover! We so did spy Jacob having the best of Moustaches!

Our most favorite artist himself said: “Pffft, I have no idea what you’re talking about… *runs off to change his picture* ” … Jacob surely seems to go by the famous words: “one man in his time plays many parts.”

Thread: MUSTACHIO Pic released!

Ronza has finally returned!

She returned from her year-long search for Moustachio! She’s brought rare and unique items that only she has available. Read almost all about what she brought in the News post. 

Surprise: Moustachio turns out to be a wise researcher and retired trapsmith! And not a Lover :p

Ronza leaves this wednesday (source: News post about her leaving) Warning: Once Ronza leaves, you will no longer be able to exchange your voucher from the 2010 Great Winter Hunt for her crate of Ultimate Luck Charms. Moustachio’s newly build shop in the Mountains looks like a permanent one and it certainly feels like he will stay. The dev’s wouldn’t call it his “return” for nothing now would they? Ah! *big sigh* The dev’s have confirmed in the latest FBF that his shop is to stay!

All good new things come in 3: First there is Ronza & her new traps and brand new region-specific bases, second there is Moustachio & his charms – a new addition to the game, and third there is a new trap for sale in the Prize shop & by means of donation: the Shrink Ray Trap.

The Rockstar officially is not new in the game but very nice to have him visit along with our grand celebrity. You can hunt them at the Airship using Rockforth cheese (loot dropped by other mice in there).

Glitchpaws released

These Glitchpaw mice may have had something to do with the short-ish server maintenance downtime on friday. We were all worriedly-excited that something would happen or change to the Ronza-related items and releases, but the downtime was due to some server problems that needed fixing.
After fixing we were shortly left with a marketplace that was and smelled “ slightly singed!” The Market Place & Supply Transfers were “unavailable for a short time while Dave does some stuff” – Michele in : Market Place & Supply Transfers)

FBF 14th january

This weeks mailbag was announced to be a “lite” version – with short questions… so in that spirit one of the questions was: “will FBF ever be hosted from a kiddie pool full of jelly beans?” (in: **Official FeedBack Friday Mailbag – 14th January**) Surprisedly this lite one was never answered, but many more serious ones were!
Many of us sure were curious about whether the dev’s would consider making a statement about the Riposte Trap’s name: naming it after the one player that has been no.1 on the scoreboard for a long long time (about 2,5 years) was a tat controversial and aroused a lot of noise and protest especially by long-time players. 
The riot (i think we should call it this) had taken the dev’s by surprise (not us, oh no! – more about this later…) and has “definitely influenced the way they will include Player Lore in the future.”

One of the surprise announcements in FBF was the announcement that a new Charm pack will be released shortly after Ronza leaves. Plus they actually showed some Charm Spoilers: several charms still yet to come. The pictures are included in the FBF reviews:

Jeremiah’s: Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 14th Jan
and David’s: 14 January FBF REVIEW

Now what? o.o The Dev’s are spying on us!

For once and for all the world of spying is turned upside down: The devs have found a way to actually sneak peek on us instead of the other way around! Mike has made a very interesting tool: Real-time display of in-game activity. Then Joel hi-jacked the boardroom television to display the results in a slide show. “Who knew MouseHunting was a spectator sport?!”

Go see the video: FB page for HitGrab Inc.

New Baron area coming: our nerves tickled by JJ

Jacob Johnson couldnt withhold this: “Would it be mean to say that I’m really excited about how the Baron area in MouseHunt is starting to look?” (on his wall).

==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

Guides on Ronza’s shopping goodies

Of course, all reflections on the good and bad of the new traps for sale, are just a hunter’s quick ‘n dirty analysis. Nobody has had a solid chance to try out the equipment in a variety of combinations to validate the hunches. Still most of us, especially the ones that can for sure not buy or afford it all, need some guidance for the choices we have to make. You may have sought out the guidance for yourself already, as we all are in a hurry with Ronza usually, but still … here they are:

1) The Guide to Mousehunt: “The Ronza page is UP!”
And: “… in light of all of the questions, clearly the physical comparison and tactical comparison need to be written pronto. [The Hydro comparison is already done -editor] For now, the short answers: PTT is *not* better than any of the other Ronza traps. Partybot, CCT, Chillbot, etc. The Riposte *is* better than Zugzwang’s First Move”

2) The Budget advice on the new forums: Ronza’s Shop Budget Guide

3) No this third one is not a Guide, but it is a good addition to any guide because of the reflections in the discussion. It starts with a simple question, but turns into an almost philosophical exchange on Ronza traps and nobody knowing yet how they will perform! Plus it mentions the general experience they actually always turn out to do well: ArcBlast vs Acronym

Whatever happens, in my humble opinion you should make your own choices, and not just rely on the guides. But they are very usefull as reference, indeed.

We continue with traps for now, and talk about bases and charms and other new stuff later.

Short Advice summary on Traps

New this Ronza-visit is the fact that “…the King now allows hunters to purchase traps before they meet the point requirement, however, you WILL NOT be able to arm the trap until you have reached the required points.”

All advisers seem to agree on one thing: The tactical Riposte Trap is the best buy Ronza brought this time. (one example source: Rewer’s Riposte OWNS Tactical)

The most expensive buy is the Acroblast or Arby, and it is generally believed that it will be slightly better then the Acronym (although not against Liches). But man is it expensive! (one example source out of many: Acroblast vs. Acronym)

The Pneumatic Tube Trap is believed to be almost as good as the Rhinobot and a good option for when you come to Derr.

The Shrink Ray Trap makes a great trap for a beginning MouseHunter, and caused some questions re being LE or not, but just to be sure: it is not!  Plus it caused hunters to ask for it to be “giveable” (source: The New Shrink Ray Trap…. make it givable)

Chris H. just likes: “ (…) that they named the new Shrink Trap after my Uncle Ray…” (post 31 in: Ronza Returns with Moustachio the Charmer )

The Trap that must not be Named

So what to write about this? Nothing? (As it better not be named…) Yes, I can do that. If you still wonder what i am talking about at all: this is about the Rewers Riposte trap ‘controversy’.

The trap  is named after a prominent player who held the top position on the points scoreboard of the Facebook version of the game for over two years. The huntress has gracefully thanked everybody who congratulated her. This huntress can now be considered to be the first member of the Mousehunt Hall of Fame.
And man did any thread ever trying to establish a hall of fame go down in a nasty way.

So to summarize: with this naming the dev’s sorta opened up a barrel of trouble. The dev’s picked it while about half the mousehunt Forum-regulars could have told you it would get them a riot on their hands.
Pretty soon we spied that many of the page 1 Scoreboard hunters actually had debaited their traps, some even had travelled back to Gnawnia putting on their Marionette: this sure looked like a strike of sorts! (source: #1 and #2 Baitless and in the Town of Gnawia – What’s going on ?)

But be not alarmed any longer: we will not suddenly make it into the top 100! On Friday, even  before FBF had been on, all hunters on page1 were hunting again! Despite the fierce protests. the outcome of the poll in one of them is with 310+ votes rather in favor of “stop the whine!”, against 120 for renaming (and 80 saying i don’t care). source: Poll & protest: Should the Rewer’s Riposte be renamed?
The fact is that the majority of the hunters won’t know anything about what happened or what may be the reason for the upheavel. Or like Jane B. said: “The Jennifer thing is beyond explanation…”

Dave answered to the uproar quickly, way before FBF: “Hey everyone. We meant no ill will with this trap. (…) She [Rewers] no doubt helped shape MouseHunt when there were only a handful of players and the game would be quite different, or possibly no longer around if she stopped playing in those first few months. Her moral support and enthusiasm during those first few months meant a lot to us and kept the whole team working hard. (…) This limited-time trap was meant as a small tribute to a hunter who kept us motivated to keep building the game, and ultimately allowed thousands of people to enjoy MouseHunt.” (post 43 in: Let’s all give a big hand to the Devs for the Rewers Riptide)

Personally i absolutely buy this! Probably the dev’s simply underestimated that “ All the world’s a Stage”. (Go read up on your Shakespeare dev’s!) I agree with Kathryn Ch.: “I’d rather prefer to believe that they are staggeringly naive than that they deliberately did something they knew would be a slap in the face to many of their loyalest players. :/ ”  (post 110 in: Poll & protest)

Fan-Art & tiny remarks on in-game art-aspects

As a result of this all, we now have a wonderfull new trap-idea the devs can resort to in future: The Sparring Chamber. If you like the idea, vote for it here: The Sparring Chamber – Trap idea & art

And ehm, you know i am a fan of Mousehunt’s artwork yes? But personally I think the looks of this Riposte trap are worse than it being named after someone. It’s not the drawing that lacks, it is more or less the trap-concept that does nothing for me. And i am not alone: 
“I wouldnt say the art is bad… but by far my least favorite so far. Looks like it was a rushed last minute project without any direction at to what it should represent.” (Erik W in: Rewers Riposte trap needs new artwork!)

And now that i am complaining about the Art & Looks of this Ronza-item: Why is there no Ronza header? This is really weird: to be hunting on the airship and have it look like you are walking around in the streets of Gnawnia city :p
(source: Really?!!??! No Ronza Background?? Really??!!??)

New bases, some are region specific!

First thing was the confusion the dev’s created by naming a new base the Tiki: how to distinguish between the two Tiki bases. Most of us have found a new nickname for either one of em, but some confusion is bound to stay around for some time… (source: what do we call the tiki now we have the tiki?)

New aspect, besides specific region-effects for some of the bases, is also that the Tiki base will not be LE, as Ronza plans to frequently sell them when she visits, and the King has agreed to allow the blueprints to be exchanged in the marketplace both during and after Ronza’s visit.

Opinions differ somewhat on what bases to buy, and on what to buy first: “If you have the gold, just buy it. If I were asked to rank the importance: Runic Base – Tiki Base – Seasonal Base – Bacon Base. In that order.” – Evan L. (post 9 in: Are Any of the new Bases Worth It)

Others do state that you can easily skip some of these bases: “MSB is better than Seasonal in the Garden, in all 4 seasons. MSB is better than Tiki, at the tribes. Bacon is well… ~_~ bacon.” – Trevor H. (post 26 in: A little dissapointed with Ronza’s visit.)

I think it can safely be decided depending on your situation rank- and area-wise.

ps: The Tiki estimates have even given rise to a petition for tweaking: The Petition for the Tweak of Tiki’s Stats in Tribal Isles…

Moustachio’s Charms

Moustachio’s shop is a permanent addition: the dev’s answered the question in the FBF: the charm shop is to stay. Now these charms may make a revolution: “Different level charm conduits. Crafting your own charms. The options are endless. This could be in my mind, the most exciting addition since unstable curds.” (David S in: Personally, I think charms are a very exciting addition to the game…)

Last Saturday The Guide to Mousehunt announced its new Charms Page!
The Guide says: “It will likely be a couple of months before we really know which charms are worth it and which ones are not. (…) All in all, you can expect these charms to be craftable and purchased from charm shoppes. Currently there’s very little information…” Still THE Guide has done a good job collecting all we know right now!

“Charm data is now available in the data viewer: http://www.hitotext.com/mh/viewdata.php I did a lot of testing, but please let me know if you find any bugs. Enjoy! =)” – MouseHunt Horn Tracker

ps: Did you know you can see your charms in your Inventory as a tab under Traps?!

To Ronza Voucher Or to Not Ronza Voucher?

So Im guessing everyone’s trading their Ronza voucher for the crate of charms, no? It looks like the charms are not LE which means you’ll be able to get them later, but who knows how or when? The question here is: do you suffer from OCD or not. (source: Ronza Voucher)

Now if you have traded your Voucher for the crate of Ultimate Luck Charms, what are you gonna use yours on? Any ideas? Go look up some ideas in: Ultimate Luck Charms

New in King’s Crowns: Favorites

Do you have certain King’s crowns you would like people to see at the top of the page? Well, now you can choose 8 of your crowns as your favorites! Check out your MH profile and click on the crowns you want to add to the top as your favorites. (Click the favorite again to ‘disarm’ it if you are having second thoughts ^^)

Rockstar mouse

And how to get him? The Rockforth attraction rate, and the Rockforth droprate seem to have gotten a little better compared to the first day, but many do not choose to hunt him:
“I’m really disappointed with the attraction rate of Rockstars this time round. At the moment I have only managed to collect 33 Rockforth cheese and looking on the forums its highly likely that would net me no more than 1 Rockstar if that. I think I’ll just collect the cheese for now but I might not even arm it. Maybe next year it’ll be better.” – Carol R.

It looks like arming a little attraction charm performs miracles for my Rockstar chase ^^ Maybe, just maybe, with the new charms added in the mix, figuring out the best set-up has become way more complicated then we are used to!

ps: The Rockforth maxes out at 99 pieces in your Inventory.

Sadly but inevitably the FGR is Closing

Sadly but as all things come to an end one day, the Friday Gold Rush (FGR), one of the great Paying-it-Forward Funds of old, is saying Goodbye:
“We have thought long and hard about how to continue with the FGR, but have come to the decision, that we are going to close the fund. There are a number of reasons for this, the main one being the disappearance of [the FB-] discussion boards. Thank you for all of your support, we have all enjoyed running the fund, and meeting all the people we have, and now call friends. 
Happy hunting. – The FGR Team”

Thank you Nicky B. & Claire D. for keeping this up & going as long as you did and for the tremendous help you organized for lower ranks, thank you for keeping up the spirit of Paying-it-Forward!.

Major Ronza Giveaways and other forms of help!

Different Giveaways and other forms of help has arisen out of the community solidly by last weekend & for those that may still have Ronza-needs: please do make good use of them! Also i saw many a group-pm come by offering help, and through FB-MH-related chatgroups (new style) hunters were helping out many others one on one.

One example of a Giveaway is the 100 Million Gold Ronza Giveaway! Although at time or printing the Giveaway “is currently closed to catch up with existing entries”, and it says to check back later. This is a huge organizational job! I want to applaud the organizers of this particular Giveaway!

The above mentioned FGR is giving away all last gold reserves to members in need. The AN/AM has a Ronza-help program running for under-Legendary-ranks. And there is the Ronza Appreciation Fund working out all requests in spreadsheets and working hard to be able to pay-out soon!

The Paying -it-Forward-spirit of the Community is alive! Long live the Community!

Quick Thread-Tips for the New Forum:

– Geoff O. has been working really hard & quick to get this for you: Mousehunt Reference Spreadsheet with CRE (latest version always on top)
– Nathan Yang: “I’ve updated some results in the “Mainland” tab of the MHv3 spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/mhdata3b
Strongest traps of each type – Quick Reference
– No clue on what “Exponential” really means? Or polynomial? Maybe this thread helps: If luck is exponential…
Top Hunter of Each Breed
– Mousehunt Profile Badges & Do spy the related items as there is a golden one as well ^^ – MouseHunt Profile Badge
– Would you like to have a lounge specifically for Veterans? Just like the Newcomers Lounge? Vote here: Veteran’s Lounge
The Common Sense Of Mouse Hunting : An Obituary
– Just in case you had missed these clues about socks and the Chess Master being, or having been Zugzwang ^^, just like i missed these clues: Zugzwang who?
The Lady’s Coming (A Moushunt Fanfiction)
– Very usefull information in this thread on what to do when spam happens: Why is this forum suddenly overrun with spam threads?

==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Serious Flooding in Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, the Philippines

And related to the floodings, call for the return of the Hope mouse can be heard. The dev’s thought it would not be a good timing for the Hope mouse to come together with Ronza, so they held off for now. All the flooding in the world going on right now, made for devastating news these last 2 weeks. Personally it was more easy for me to feel close to the Australian floodings and keep well informed about those, as i know people there. But please let’s not do any comparing between these places and just admit this is disastrous for all these regions/countries!

I hope the dev’s will find a gracious way to introduce the mouse for rising some awareness and feelings of connectedness. But if they do not, i have seen enough controversy in the game fro now: to me it will be ok to avoid any more.

source on new Forum: Return of Hope mouse – support for flood disaster in QLD, Australia
source on FB forum: Hey Devs, can you release more Hope Mouse for QLD, Australia?
source: Queensland floods.

Sensei or Walter hunting?

Is there Ever a good time for that? I have been forever staring at my OMG, 170 pcs now, and wondered if there a) ever is a good reason to go Sensei hunting, and b) ever a good time to do so?
Some have tried to answer these questions in this thread: Dojo Sensei?

Dreaming of a LE-rental Shop run by Larry

Imagine going to Larry’s Rental Shop and being able to (depending on your rank and/or points) rent one of the many LE traps that have come and gone since the beginning. A too good an idea to not be mentioned, even though it stems from before Ronza sailed in…

source: Larry’s Rental Shop.

If you could no longer be a Mousehunter…

Which of these jobs would you take? Being a Digby Scientist is popular… but as more hunters fill in their choice the outcome gets more and more evenly distributed. Now what would you pick?

Go here to see the possibilities, or to enlighten us on your choice of ‘other’: If you could no longer be a mousehunter, which of these jobs would you take?

Last but not Least:

There is a Ronza restaurant in San Juan. Let’s all go out and have dinner with Ronza!

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Rachel G., Jane B., Julio R., Michael S. and Jessica C.
Huge thanks again and Heart-felt-goodbeys to Nicky B & Claire D.!

Todays cookies … it was hard to find some water-related cookies … “The very winds were lovesick,” Shakespeare wrote… but we did find some that combine these two elements! These are for you all to get good Hope in case of water, and to feel the Love of the community in times of Ronza-related-loud-riots!
* hands over the Rose-Water-Cookies *

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

Mibbler – 32

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

I am slowly awakening from the knock-out this Christmas season was to me. And from the big stretch of the Great Winter Hunt of course! Technically it is not over yet: still going strong till the 6th of January. But here is a huntress wandering around the Kingdom once more… are you gonna join me?

Looking back at the Grand Finale

“Hey MouseHunters! Tomorrow is the release of the Slay Ride Mouse and Squeaker Claws! Are you ready to hunt for the 2010 Winter Star?” (News of 22th dec. on the Hitgrab newspage)

“THE FINAL HUNT BEGINS! … ” (News of 23th dec on Mousehunt fanpage)

And were we ready! Yes we were. We hunted and hunted until we could fulfill our heart’s wishes!  Oh yeah!

We did all catch the Final loot (ok. almost all of us – more on that later). And we did go buy ourselfs a Tobbogan trap! We did thaw the Frozen Fromage and it changed into Nutmeg cheese! We used that to catch the Squaker Claws and get your Winter Star: to our great relief the Christmas Spirit was restored in time and all was alight & bright… *sighs happily*… and you were warned hunters to go wear them Sunglasses!

And we hunters were like happy puppys, oh yes we were, like we should be for Christmas.

If you have missed it somehow, you can find all News about this Final release & The Great Winter Hunt Finale in the developer’s Newspost.


Now where did 2010 go? How could it pass by so quickly?

Special After-Release Edit on the 31st of dec:

In the wee hours on the 30th december, this news came to us:

“Hold onto your toboggans, hunters! The New Years Mouse has joined the celebration at the Festive Comet! The New Years Mouse is busy setting up fireworks displays and hoarding bottles of the King’s Reserve Bubbleh, but if you’re lucky you might catch one in between their celebration setup duties. If you’re really lucky (like, really, really lucky) you may even find one of those bottles of bubbleh to keep for yourself!”

source: Official Newspost

ps: The New Year’s mouse artwork has a new number on the Launching Rocket!

Announcements… hold on to your chairs Mousehunters!

But… THE most exciting news came when the first Squeaker catches appeared: Squeaker Claws drops Ronza Voucher’s!
And the Voucher’s revealed this promise of her return: “Ronza’s Traveling Shoppe will be returning to Gnawnia sometime during January, 2011 and will feature new exciting items discovered by Mustachio the Charmer. Keep watching the skies.”

First thing you all want to know re- planning your New year’s eve and -day: Ronza is not coming on the 1st of January! (from FBF 24th dec.)

Find the Voucher in your Inventory: http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/inventory.php?tab=4

Sweet Apron Bake Friday… accidentally holds some info

This FBF was mostly for those with a Sweet Sweet Tooth! But in between sugar and oatmeal some little game-tidbits passed by while casually chatting with Franco. Yes: Dave was the main cooking engineer! (Picture this!)

One interesting bit was about Tournaments and its long awaited come-back! Officially this is no news, as it is a repeat of earlier statements: Building the Tournaments feature took one HitGrab coder about a year in MHv.2. Just a random fact to get some of our expectations into perspective. This time they wanna build it in a way that it can handle future growth and not become unstable again – so some extra effort is going into this!
It is The thing on HitGrab’s agenda after New year’s, just don’t expect any quick and easy solutions… they want it to be right & strong before calling “ready”!

Interested in the Looks of the Dave & Franco-Yule Log?… “Here’s the decorated festive Yule Log we made with the help of the MouseHunt community! Happy holiday hunters!

Direct link to the 24th dec. FBF review /
on the forum: Feed-bake Friday Review

Full baking videos: FeedbakeFriday Video 1 & FeedbakeFriday Video 2

ps: Mousehuntress Emily Y. has been very diligently following Chef Cook Dave’s guidance and baked a terrific Yule Log herselves! My Feed-Bake Friday Yule Log


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====


Many Thank you’s to the Devs! We have a Winner!

It’s been interesting to see the panic of about a week ago evaporate. I bet many of you recognize this: “Didnt think i would be able to make 1 trap a while back, this is my 5th one i have made lol” – Steve W.

“Devs, I really have to hand it to you. This event was a friggin BLAST. There was some frustration, sure, but that’s part of the game… Every time that darn Stealth didn’t show up in my trap, I was cussing and swearing just a tiny bit more… until he DID come, and then the elation set in.” – Matt S.  in: Final thoughts, a HUGE thanks to the Devs for a great event, and final gift tallies!

And? Did you Win this Great Winter Hunt?
If so, please report in here: The ‘I won the Great Winter Hunt 2010’ thread.

Still missing out on a piece of Loot?

Although the ranking in Jacob’s Feedback thread has gone up noticably this last round compared to last week’s, there are some hunters absolutely not yet done with the Great Winter Hunt at all! And this may influence their feelings about it. The still most wanted Loot piece seems indeed to be the Sled, although the Ski Sign is second in the hard to get Loot-department.

Especially for a lot of “lower” ranked hunters it is the Gladiator they are stuck upon. Big question for them is: can you get the gladiator and its loot with SAMT or even FF-NVMRC? (Yes you can, but you will have to get very lucky and be prepared to spend some time on it…) 
source: Swiss Army Mouse Trap -> Gladiator?

There never are guarantees in life, nor are there in Mousehunt. And one of the MH-statisticians has figured out why:
“That the devs believe [we can all easily get 4 sets of loot before the 6th of jan.], is proof – if ever it were needed, that they labour under the misapprehension that setting a mouse population at 1% means that people will catch 1 per 100 hunts. Unfortunately, even over 400 hunts with seagou, thousands of hunters won’t get a single one, let alone 4. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying this event, and actually think it’s a positive thing that thousands of hunters (perhaps me included) will be left lootless.” – Andrew R.W in post 59 in  The FBF-December-17th-review

Although many of us got the 4 sets of loot effortlessly over Christmas, right now the droprate seems to have lowered. Patience my dear hunters, and keep on it! You still got till the 6th, so there is Hope! We send out big hugs to them thousands out there!

And if you need to whine, come to this Poll that is doubly acting like a Whine thread, and be sure to find some comfort here!
Poll: Missing any loot? Whine here!

Our Favorite Festive Mouse is…

When we leave aside the pub-crawl that broke out in the Tavern these days about sovereign rulers and stuff, we can concentrate on our favorite Mouse instead!
Squeaker Claws is no 1, and Slay Ride and Snow Fort (My favorite!) share a second place.
If you wanna change this outcome you need to vote yourselves!

Poll: What’s your favorite? The 12 Festive Mice~!

The new trap’s Qualities – Early opinions

Sean says in his Guide to mousehunt: “For the lower ranks it’s obvious what this Tobbogan will be worth! (Man do you remember the trials for getting onto the Ship! Now at least they have a hydro trap already to go after that Hydra!). In light of the release of the Double Diamond Adventure, a trap comparison for Hydro Traps is on the way. Stay tuned” – The Guide to Mousehunt

Others are trying the Double Diamond in Winter Garden or Elub…  Andrew H. (he wrote them very complicated but useful stuff on the Trap-stats) estimates: “Double Diamond Adventure is ever so slightly better than Kraken Chaos and should be used by everyone with a LGS for catching all Hydro mice except for Silth. (Silth should use Heat Bath > DDA > Kraken > ASG > ETR.)”

source: DDA Predicted Catch Rate

There is some evidence the Trap can do alright, check out this camppage!
Of course the final verdict is still out on this, it is way too early to tell: our hunters are gathering the huge-number- stats!

Do you not wanna say goodbye to the Comet?

It seems when we try to leave the Comet we get homesick, possibly triggered by the Festive catches on another hunter’s page. So we make up all sorts of excuses to hang in there longer and some more: We need another crown or we need all the loot again as we have just smashed the trap and we want to keep them smashed parts in our inventory…. and what else can we come up with to linger?

Check out whether you still have something to collect: The FC 2010 COLLECTOR Thread. How far are you going?

To DDA or not to DDA?

This “to … or not to…” seems to be a favorite quotation for Mousehunters. In case of the DDA & the coming of Ronza the advise will be this: “Its a more clever option to start getting gold and wait and craft the DDA after Ronze leaves , the platinum bars don’t run away”

On the side Gabriele wonders whether “…the Ronza catalogue will cost more than 6M?” More on the possibly enormous amounts of gold needed further on in this Mibbler.

As a longtime hunter i know what the weather forecast for the coming weeks will be ^^ In short: We will have many more questions along both of these lines soon & indeed, these are already starting to fill the boards.

Thread: crafting DDA before or after ronza?
Thread: To DDA or not to DDA

Where do you go after the Event? Post-Event Plans

MHDevonT wonders: “Now that people are finishing their Festive Comet goals and skipping away, pockets full to bursting with valuable loot, cheese and crafting items, y’gotta wonder where they’ll head!?”

Of course beside using all the Festive Loot there is the concern of Ronza’s announced visit and mostly so the possible needed gold-amounts: “I have a feeling that given that the Mousehunt economy is currently absolutely flooded with gold Ronza is going to be VERY VERY expensive.” – Hesse

Many hunters are in this state of affairs: “this event really made a ran for my money but it was fun and challenging tho… but really. i hope Ronza won’t be so expensive this time around (pls pls pls pls!)” – Remmi

Thread: Post Event Plans!

Diva’s committed to start the new Year in style!

The Divas are going to feast in Dracano! If you want to start the New year as stylish, go choose your location and your mouse and bite of that first chunk of 2011:
“New Year’s Dragon Slaying Party! (14:00 GMT Start Time) – Let’s start the New Year off right with a diva dragon-slaying party. This is not a comp, just companionship to share the hunting expedition. Anyone is invited divas, divas-to-be, diva wannabees. All are welcome!!”

Now that we are talking Dragon hunting: Out of a discussion on game-mechanics between some real fanatic number crunchers, came this realisation: “[I am] Seeing BIG problems with Standard Model CRE vs. real data across base types for Dragon.” – Andrew H.

We are looking forward to his in-depth article on the subject!

Gold… where are them mines?!

Newbie or Old Fart, we are all worried about how much gold we may need. As neatly phrased by David L.:

“If 12 million isn’t enough, many players will be pissed off. Each time Ronza comes, it costs more money, but last time 3 million would’ve gotten everything and still probably had some gold left over. I would guess no more than 5 million this time around, and quite honestly that is just because I’m paranoid. A few million should do well, but we really can’t know.”

Now that’s a massive amount of gold. Be relieved when i tell you you don’t need to buy all of Ronza’s stuff! Be picky! Make your choices! Don’t make em too quick, when Ronza is here: hang out on the forum to find out about what experienced hunters think is a good buy before you choose!

A neat and very scientifically stated analysis for Gold Hunting (there are the Mines!) has been done in this thread: Analysis on WHERE TO HUNT GOLD. Derr/Cats/FG?

For lower ranks there is a good Gold-thread on the old forum: How to gain gold for Journeymen to Grandmasters

Are you off to the Cats? But which cheese is better at Cats? Ancient or RB? Goldwise? 1) AR with Acro and Ancient. 2) FG with Acro and Ancient. 3) Cats with Acro and Rb. (This databank really helps to decide!)

To end this with an always good, effective plus lovingly simple recommendation is: Go use the cheese that you still have!

Quick Thread-Tips for the New Forum:

– MH Paying it Forward (MH PIF) is a group dedicated in keeping the “paying it forward” mentality alive and thriving in the Mousehunt community: ‘MouseHunt Paying It Forward’ Revival Fund (MH-PIF)
– Anybody interested in some in depth mechanics discussions (including misunderstandings and setting them right) can go here: Theory on the way MH works.
Ask Larry! Newcomer Edition
– Iphone app v 1.01 is out: MobileHorn version 1.01 out!
– There seems to be a display issue with the header on some pages, this will be looked into after the holidays.  Current Known Issues (Last updated 24th Dec 7pm GMT)
– And for all you Sound-of-Music and/or Musical lovers: MouseHunt Holiday Movie – ‘The Sound Of Mousic’


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Prize Mice misses

Now missing those is not news, but getting a new picture accompanying the miss is! And yes, the still-running-wild Prize mice are also accidentally being caught – contrary to many hunter’s believe! One recent example: snooty

source: new picture for snooty miss?

Heating up for the Ronza Visit:

Ok. Because of Ronza, the Forums are not just filled with Gold & what to do threads. There are also some cozy places to let your fantasy reign free. From post 20 and on there’s some pretty speculative thinking & wishing going on in this thread: Ronza Returns January 2011

Not that there was never anything wrong with fantasy. (Remember Jules Verne?!) Still it would be good to check out your bearings and keep your feet on the ground every now and again. The “Anti-Ronza-Panic Guide” – is really good for that!

Apart from fantasy there is such a thing as a genuine Need … Check out what hunters want most, or Let your own wish for trap types be heard – in this Poll: Ronza offerings: What power type trap do you MOST need?

How will these Charms work?

Will it be a consumable item that is used per horn? Will it go under Special tab, and will you be able to click on a “Use” button? Or do we need a Spellbook for those? And what about this: “Maybe you have to use it to “charm” her into selling you things?” – Christopher A. aka Smeghead, in: Speculation on Ronza’s Trap Charm

What will YOU do with the Ronza Vouchers? Keep it for collectors purposes? Or Spend it?
This thread is calling all Collectors and Hunters alike to cat their votes: Ronza Vouchers

May i remind you all of the DHU-Records?

Just in case anything gets hard in your personal Mousehunt-life. Retreat to the ever lasting caress of the DHU-records! See who’s even having a much harder time. Or just plainly start to compete!
Me? I am going to beat the most BBB’s before getting a MonolithBase! I so am!

go straight to the recordbook >>
source: The DHU Scoreboard: Face the facts, my friend…


Call for help: we are looking for a love-letter

We here at the paper’s offices are frantically searching for a copy of the Goat/Badger love letter… If you have any idea or accidentally have a copy lying around, please let us know! Badger is in bad need of a reread!

Any tips or clues can be send to the editor of the Mibbler!

Last but not Least:  Newly invented Aro-Mahjuc Chocolate Trap!

If you had all your sb+ gift boxes stolen from under you during the Festivities last week, you too would be grandly motivated to invent a new trap and catch the bugger who stole all them boxes. One hunter has been on it untill the wee hours! Yay! to Chen S. as the new Contraption seems to very very Effective:

2:31 am – Chen’s Home
I sounded the Hunter’s Horn and was successful in the hunt! I caught a 100 lbs. Judy Mouse worth 0 points and 0 gold.
The mouse also dropped the following loot: All Of Chen’s SB Boxes.

We asked Chen how he managed to catch the thief, and he answered by very factually giving us all new trap specifics:

Aromatic Chocolate Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery (ACRONYM)
This highly unstable trap setup is held in a constant state of metamorphosis by the unpredictable power of the Chocolate Chip. This trap almost appears alive, spraying chocolate fudge into whatever base to which it is attached. This trap’s methods of capture are infinitely random. It can use its sticky chocolate fudge to snare mice, expel a thick and dark chocolate vapour that hypnotises mice, or feed the mice so well it becomes too heavy to move. Scientists of Digby warn hunters that the power of the Chocolate Chip is incredibly dangerous and fear that using this trap could lead to the end of the world.
Trap Power: 10000
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 50%
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh
Power Type: Judy-cial

source: pg 73/74 of Have something to brag about? Post here!


The Mibbler wishes all Mousehunters a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Erik D.B, Marie-Pierre G. and Chen S. himself of course! ^^

Todays cookies … are strictly no cookies but rather the bait that comes with the new trap: Chocolate Missiles
Although the best bait to use with the new Aromatic Chocolate Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery is, well, is it actually a cake: this chocolate-cake-plus-contraption

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

Mibbler – 31

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

In between the moon eclipse, with talk about a Mayan Calender in the background, and the mice in Mousehunt being evasive with their Loot, we mousehunters might run into a nervous breakdown right before Christmas!

Then again: We will defenitely find out by the time it gets to New Year’s, that all is well and we just actually have all we need. But for now we are frantically nervously searching for new Loot, and wondering why it’s not coming?
I could be naughty and do a short summary of what’s been going on? I didn’t even write it myself ^^ It would go like this:
“Ok. Just woke up, decided to check my trap before heading back to bed, and all I have to say is, “BAAAAhhhhhh Humbug!” I want the drops for the stinking new trap and I want them NOW!” – Jennifer R.F.

Baaaahhhh! Let’s turn to some genuine Mousehunt news, as you all want to know whether you have missed out on something? And whether you know all about the new stuff and the possible strategies! New new newer Newest! Lots of new stuff this week, here goes:

The Stocking Mouse plus Loot Max = 2

The Ticker ran: “This mouse is dropping Festive Fuses, so make sure to get one!” Make Sure Hunters! If there is no clue in that little hint i don’t know what it is!

The Festive Fuse is LE and is maxed at two items per hunter.  
Related to this “cap”, Heather T. was quick in spreading the rumor: “There was speculation that the reason for max 2 is so you can use one to craft something cool and one to save as a collectible. Last year’s 12 collectibles that made the CCT disappeared from inventory after crafting (except eggnog), and so collectors had to go back and collect the loot again if they wanted it.”
And indeed this collecting frenzy is the reason for the cap of 2 (officially confirmed in FBF).

source (for who has no Heart in Inventory): Anyone know if there is a cap on the new stocking loot?
source for all new mice announcements: the MouseHunt Fanpage

The trapsmith at the Comet has a new item!

Many hunters cheered up after a short lull in the hunting early last week, by this news of the ultimate Goal of all the festive Winter Hunting: a New LE Trap! The Explosive Toboggan Ride: “This toboggan provides a unique ride where mice are sent sky high! The airborne journey is exciting, although the landing is a little rough.”

You need this Loot to exchange & buy the Tobbogan trap from the store:
– Festive Fuse from a Stocking mouse
– Heart of Ice from a Scrooge mouse
– Holiday Explosives from a Missile Toe mouse
– Icicles from a Wreath Thief mouse
– Packed Snow – dropped by Snow Fort mouse
– Sled – dropped by Slay Ride mouse

You can go to the shop to see the description and see what loot is needed for to be able to build it. The shop-list is rather clear on what you still need (the red-numbered items) and what you already have caught (in black numbers). Also to be found in your Collectibles-tab.

Speculations about an upgrade…

almost began immediately as our ‘uncollected’ Collectibles tab showed a new trap! But the long name was too long to show fully, and so the search for it started. The Full name of the upgrade came to be confirmed by the FBF on Friday:

“…the Double Diamond Toboggan Adventure Trap. It’s intended for hunters of the hero rank and above, but it’s possible for most ranks to get it (although it’s quite difficult without the traps that heroes have). Making the toboggan MUST be done before the event ends (kinda like buying pumpkin pummeler BPs). However, you’ll be able to upgrade it AFTER the update (like the cackle lantern!)”

(And of course there are more interesting tidbits inside the FBF review: FBF- December 17th review)

List of Loot for the upgrade, The Double Diamond Toboggan Adventure Trap:
– 1 Ski Sign from the Gladiator mouse
– 1 Climbing Pitons from the Stealth mouse
– 1 Lava Bucket from the Mouse of Winter Past
– 1 Festive Mines from the Mouse of Winter Present
– 1 Misplaced Missile Cone – from the mouse of Winter Future

Check your Crafting –> General tab: Upgrade loot goes there. (While Loot for the regular Toboggan trap goes to your collectibles inventory. Don’t worry, be happy! ^^)

Of Moustache Cookies & Bricks

And the Gift shop had 3 new items actually. Amongst which a rather expensive cookie with unusual ingredients, plus a heavy-to-carry-round-in-your-knapsack Gold Bar. Ever seen a hunter carry around such useless items? Oh: this last remark only refers to the gold bar of course, cause that cookie is rather good to have for energy-lows!
I think we all agree on this: “Players buy the gold bar because they can” – Polarbear aka Wilson W.

source: can some one tell me why i would spend 250,000 gold on a gold bar that i am not…..

ps: as i published this Mousehunt released new Gift: Winter Star Sunglasses


Scrooge drops a Heart of Ice & Elf Madness & SeaGou & more mice &…

After a lull in the hunting frenzy, as all festive mice seemed to have gone into hiding or gotten extinct in the first half of last week…. o.o (Ah! You had already forgotten about that dind’t ye? More about that later!) … we saw the release of the Scrooge mouse plus his new Loot: a Heart of Ice.

The release of the Scrooges was sortoff ‘late’ on wednesday, and only a few hours later the Last Elf madness was released! Literally snowing the Scrooges under! Hunters were worried and longing for their Scrooges Heart, while frantically getting Elfs with their wonderful Gift Boxes!

Man did we suddenly have to prioritize and were we busy: all of a sudden there was so much happening at the Festive Comet! Them Icy Scrooges turned out to be Heart to find though….

The newspost going along with this release also talked of a new potion, and soon enough the first hunters were using a new cheese to hunt in the Comet: Seasoned Gouda.
This new cheese attracts tougher mice that came along to the Comet with the release of Scrooge, these are the: Stealth, Gladiator, Lambent Crystal, Vinetail, Harpy, Zombie, Centaur, Gold and the Diamond. So you’d better use your best physical (tactical) trap when using Seasoned Gouda.

Official Newspost on Scrooge & Elf Madness and S.Gou
source for an early SeaGou run: My Seasoned Gouda Run (plus a statistical report by Nathan Y., see post 125)

More new mice, double releases! Ghosts! Make us Crazy!

On friday the Mousehunt Fanpage said: “The new Missile Toe Mouse is strutting around the Festive Comet with its military-grade laser-guided missile launcher! There’s also another new mouse floating around…”

Now these mice floating around were to be Ghosts of Christmas!… Know your classics Hunters! Ghosts? Or are they Mice-Ghosts after all? And are we gonna use that Cheese? Help, we are feeling Haunted! Where are the Busters? * panic! *

Now never forget to bring your Towels hunters! And lets just get it all sorted and straightened out on that fluffy spread of material. If you still feel panicky afterwards, you can use the Towel to snuggle into.

We were not just haunted by Ghosts, we were also haunted by questions of whether to use that cheese or not: The Question these days was not To Be or Not To Be – apparently, but: To Hunt or Not to Hunt With SeaGou?! Are we going to safe it for later? Yes or No? (source: to hunt or not to hunt with seagou?)

Best advice i could find until recently would be this one: 
“The biggest reason I’ve been using my Seagou as I go is that I worry about the Stealth getting more difficult to find; I’ve yet to see one after 100+ pieces.” (Sean d.H. in SGC – to save or not?)

The latest news post from the devs brought the real Relief and Answer to this very existential Question:

Wreath Thief comes with Larry’s Hunting Tips!

Proof that the devs follow the discussions closely is to be found in the next news message on monday the 20th, when another new mouse was being announced: “The Wreath Thief Mouse is grabbing all the festive wreaths its grubby little paws can grab!! There’s so much going on, so Larry has come to give some festive hunting tips for you hunters!”

Larry’s hunting tips: “Gingerbread will attract the 12 Mice of Winter, with SUPER|brie+ being even more effective.
Seasoned Gouda will not only attract the 12 Mice of Winter, but will also attract The Three Ghosts of Winter and other powerful mice that drop upgrade pieces for the Explosive Toboggan Ride.”

I’d say this makes an end to all speculations on whether to save up SeaGou potions or not!

source: newspost with Larry’s Tips

This week’s Christmas Eve Feedback Friday will be a “Feed-Bake” Friday!

In honor of the popular gift from the Festive Gift Shoppe, the devs will be making a yule log. Tune in this Friday at 11am EST (4pm GMT) to hang out and chat with Franco and Dave as they hunt for a delicious festive treat…
source: Christmas Eve “Feed-Bake” Friday

[edited in:]
Finale Winter Hunt – News Post by the devs d.d. 23th of december


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

For starters: Guides & FAQ’s to keep you sorted

First try to find your answers in these wonderful sources gathered & provided by fellow hunters. These are being updated as we go through this whirlwind called the Winter Hunt, so do keep checking back:

THE Guide updated on Great Winter Hunt
The Great Winter Hunt 2010 FAQ

And for MHhitM: Now that the Winter Hunt is getting a tat more complicated, a new Faq has been made, go check it out: MhHitM: FAQ on Great Winter hunt 2010

And this wouldn’t be Mousehunt if there was no Whining!

Because we all care so much! We are very much involved! A little more into our own hunting then into the whole of the picture yes, but very much involved indeed!
Anyways: How wonderful of the devs to have differentiated for “more experienced” hunters and less experienced hunters inside this event!  – There is a Whiny version of this thought in post 7 of: Dear Devs…

Whatever you’re whining about, just Remember: There’s still hunters out there with No Frozen Fromage whatsoever! So, better wish them to get one too, and take em on your Whine as it would be sooo sad to have them go without!

Cause remember folks: *Whining* works!

Please go whine in the appropriate section of the Forum: New Forum >> Cheese-and-Whine section

MhHitM whine in here: MhHitM – WHining Thread


Nature of this Winter Event – the sound voices

“This event relies more on luck than the Halloween. Some like it better, some don’t. It all boils down to each players’ own preferences.” – Evan L in the 3rd Event Poll thread.

“Last event would make you feel more ‘at ease’ because everything was laid out, you had a bar telling you how many of each you needed and it was relatively easy. The real difference now here, yes the mice are harder, you’ll have a tougher time, but really what it comes down to, is the uncertainty. You’re not sure if you can get it because it doesn’t tell you. (…) Ask any old-timer here, and they’ll tell you the game is about patience.” – Kcu D. in post 35 in: should i get the NVMRC to use with seasonal gouda.

Common Folks This is a Challenge! :)

Remember that many of the threads about the new mice do attract only and mainly the hunters that didnt catch any of the stated items! This may be due to the worried hunters having plenty of reason to come to the Forums and post, and the hunters that did catch the loot are not worried and continuing their daily tasks.
So it is rather Skewed, this impression of elusiveness on the boards!

“Let’s remember a few things: First, did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps the Scrooge was MEANT to be difficult to catch, and the later festive mice are meant to be a challenge? Also, and most importantly, ITS JUST A GAME!” – Billy Q. (in post 9 in: Gingerbread back to UNfestive?)

All arguments pro and con the Challenge are organized in here: Of arguments, cheese, and mean Scrooges. No need for any further repetitive threads now. (Ha ha ha!)

Challenge? What do ya mean? We push a button every now and again while we have nothing to loose? We go call this a Challenge???

# editor goes back to the unsound behaviour of unpatiently eyeing every catch and counting the possible-loot-failures #

Worries Sky High

Worries run so high even this has been suggested: “Should it be possible to buy the loot we missed at the end of the event? Make it really expensive, I don’t care, I just want it to be possible to get all the items!” …

Trevor H. (and me too) thinks not to be worried: “You have until the 6th. Why not just…I don’t know….believe the devs when they said most people would easily be able to get all the loot at least once?
When it becomes the 3rd and a HUGE number of people (huge defined by a poll, not by the fact that 3 close friends just didn’t happened to get all the loot) still don’t have it – petition then. Worrying now is pointless.”

Thread: Ability to pay gold for Missed Loot at end of event

Official Feedback Poll no 3 grown into epic proportions

I wouldn’t recommend trying to read it all, it is too long! But with all the waiting for mice last week, and the frustrations on the scarcity of the much wanted Loot and the tough challenge in the game at the moment, even the very successful Elf Madness could not prevent that most votes go to a lowly two stars rank on this Event in Poll 3.

I must say the votes for 3 stars and 4 stars are slowly catching up and so we are eagerly awaiting the next Poll & voting results! (So much so even an Unofficial one has been posted…) We are awaiting Feedback Poll Thread  no 4 soon, anytime now!…

Yes! It has arrived while the Mibbler was published! Go and vent or just give your opinion on the Great Winter Hunt so far: Feedback Poll #4

The best way to get SeaGou?

“The best way to get SG potions…is to use SG! The drop rate approaches 6% with the best trap setup (Chillbot/Spellbook Base)…making hunting with SG nearly self-sustainable, if using SB+ to convert.”- Chad in: Whats the best way to get SeaGou Potions?

Next to this option, we were still wondering whether to use brie/swiss to increase attraction of steel mice which drop the seasoned gouda pots, when a statistician posted his numbers. It is a long list of numbers, but post no 3 holds something in readable text:

“It’s not a good idea to use brie to try attracting more steel mice. It looks like it’s identical, or less. Truth be told, the main difference between gingerbread and brie seems to be that gb is still attracting more elves; festive attraction is pretty close.”

source: [Data] Some consolidated event stats 17-19th December

Clash of Opinions on the workings of “Attraction Bonus”

I can’t repeat the discussion. It was mind-boggling. I can summarize though.

The First part of the discussion went something like this (example here!): Amongst others, Aelith made note of her experience: “I am using a low-med attraction setup and it works better than using high attraction setup (have no idea why).” – (in 3rd feedback poll, post 654)

The opposite and next move comes from David L. a few posts lower: “Lower attraction bonus can’t possibly help you focus on a specific mouse. Please don’t start the attraction bonus argument again.” (in 3rd feedback poll, post 658)
David was referring to not repeating the Heated debate on =what works for you= against =what is statistically proven= to be the inner workings of this game.

Well, i have personally sidestepped the Partybot, and here’s what: i am actually catching Loot now! I don’t mind if this is really possible or not, or whether this is repeatable, i am happy for now!


Potentially good news on Trap Checks Fix

Moderator Ashley told us on 14th dec: “Through the efforts of everybody in this thread, we isolated exactly what caused the most common instance of missed trap checks. Through this, Andrew was able to find the broken code and (…)”
Andrew refined the news a tat into: “I’ve found the bug, yes, but the fix I was working on causes other serious issues right now. I’m hoping to get it fixed over the next couple of days, but there’s still quite a bit of work left.

Moderator Michele posted on 15th dec: “Fix is now live – posting here so I can see if any more missing trap checks are reported after this time.”

source: Official-Missed-trap-Checks-Bug-Report-Thread

Quick Thread-Tips for the New Forum:

– Now more then ever: Sixteen Important Things to Remember When Playing Mousehunt
– A poll of actual catches: Ice of heart owners, what cheese did you use?
Anyone check the eggnog the last few days? Something seems to have come out of it o.o
– Thread: iPhone OS 3.0+ support
Current Known Issues (Last updated 17th Dec 8pm GMT)

– When you like dilemmas like this: “Say a mouse is attracted 1% of the time (1 out of 100 hunts on average). How many hunts must one player do to give a 99% chance of seeing the mouse?” 
Go here: Random statistics question

– No complaining here, No whining, No negativity. Just relaxing, fun posts, talk about anything positive, holiday fun included. You may have waffles with maple syrup in this thread as well *nom nom nom* … The Cup O’ Tea Thread

– Oh and this is not on the Forums, but something to take note of if you haven’t seen it already:
“Digby scientists have made a breakthrough in their research of frozen fromage! The new description reads: “This small morsel of frozen bait has been magically frozen. The scientists of Digby discovered a morsel of Nugmeg Cheese is frozen inside, a known favorite of the Squeaker Claws Mouse. At its current melting rate, the ice should be weak enough to break sometime around December 23, 2010.”


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Dragon with Rhinobot not Impossible!

Whoever said “Nothing is impossible”, obviously didn’t go try stapling jelly to a tree, but he did try catch a Dragon with Rhinobot & Trible base. Kyuuzu K.S. caught a Dragon mouse with the above setup. Of course some discussion broke out saying this is a glitch. And it very well may be. Not that Kyuuzu did not catch that Dragon. But as in: we can’t repeat it.

Oh and it is Improbable. But that leads to a whole new discussion probably :p

source: Dragon with Rhino << Jees: this is the first casualty of the dissappearance of the old DB’s! The thread is gone! O.o Believe me please!

Prize mice FTC’s…

Many hunters are reporting ftc Prize Mice, and the rest of us wonder if any have been caught?
Two that we know off: one by my friend Martin K, and i witnessed this catch. And we know Aaron caught a Snooty and lost all his prize power with that catch…

Happy Birthday Sean!

One of the more famous mousehunters turned two the other day, and he came up with some impressive insights on how much time he must have spend at the laptop or computer to have this mice-count and horn-calls being made! Rather intimidating! I did some calculations and from sheer shock ended up outside playing with that snow!

Thank you Sean (author of THE Guide!) for sending me outdoors and to the drawing table! And huge congratulations on your second MH-Birthday!

source: Today is my 2-year MH anniversary

Scientific facts show why you STILL don’t have a Heart of Ice

Adeeb knows all about hearts of Ice: “Scrooge mice are mammals and mammals only have one heart. Unfortunately for you the scooge mice’s heart is made of ice. Mice being warm blooded animals have a general body temperture of around 36.9 degrees Celcius. Ice melts at 0 degrees Celsius/ 32 Farenheight/ 273.15 kelvin. Hence the Heart of Ice which a Scrooge posseses will definitely melt and cause it to die even before it reaches our trap. This also explains the scarcity of the mouse as they are actually dying all around your trap but not on it.”

The ONLY way you can catch a Scrooge mouse’s Heart, is if it follows these specific conditions: Scientific facts which shows why you STILL don’t have a Heart of Ice

Well, apart from those conditions, maybe singing a nice song for Scrooge and hugging the Teddy Bear, may help! ^^

Let’s Build the King a Bigger Castle

I was absolutely wondering what to do with that mount of Splintered Wood i am unwillingly gathering. It’s getting to dangerous heights! 
Shad G. has found a solution: Building the King a BIGGER castle!

I’m a’waitin’ cuz I hev read th’ end o’ th’ story….

Annette S. predicts Scrooge Madness Generosity on the Heart of Ice and maybe even other loot drops. According to Annette this will happen once the final Christmas Ghost Mouse is released:
“Cuz in the book, Scrooge has a change of heart after all three ghosts came to visit him…”

source: I’m a’waitin’ cuz I hev read th’ end o’ th’ story….

Last but not Least: Why is the Moon green?

Appropriate Question these days with Moon Eclipses and Winter Solstices going on. Maybe the answer will hold something about us Mousehunters moaning wildly…
Just the Question for Larry >> as we plainly all can see…


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to mr. Stick for giving me warm feet and red cheeks and some believe in Lootdrops again!
Thanks to Jon S. for helping me find my Loots! * relief *

Todays cookies … are Homemade Catnip Cookies!
With an alternative for everyone who is busy and already suffering from the buzz of the time of year

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

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# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

Mibbler – 29

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

Last monday – yes now almost a week ago – we all gathered together to witness the Great Winter Star Ceremony …

But just as the Winter Star was being raised, a booming of steel drums drowned out the cheers! Our veteran hunter’s supply of spoiled eggnog from last year’s Winter Hunt burst open, disgorging an indescribable odor…  Well you all know what happened, you were there!

Oh dear: look at the ravage the mice have left for us when they banged in on the Great Winter Star ceremony and …

…and the Game went ‘down’ some more. This time with a perfect explanation:

“It would appear the mice are more foul and devious than we had previously anticipated. (…)
While the air is still dangerous to breathe we have closed off the area and MH will unfortunately be inaccessible during this time. Hopefully we can restore the air to a safe state soon!”

Dev Jacob in: DEV NOTICE: Biohazard Warning in effect!

Now, we were all expecting a Ceremony and an exciting Afterparty, while what we got was sort of a Slow build-up! The mice that are being released these weeks are no new mice as of yet, no excitement there. Lovely amount of Elves bringing Festive Gifts, nothing to complain about there! But a slow party this is, yes.

Less is more, so: Slow is very possibly better… we will see ^^

Something serious happened to the Tree!

When we got back in we found the Tree and all had been ravaged:

When this happens at home, we would be impressed. How come no hunters are worried?! Do we all trust so much that something good for us will come from this?! We are even joking & jolly about it:

“Pow bang pop!! / Our eggnogs have finally blown their top / Freezing on the ice / The tree was stolen by mice”
– Melissa McG.

Boss mice behind Coup & Slow Build-up!

Not all hope is lost! “A few of the bravest Mousehunters were so formidable they managed to tough out the eggnog stench … [and] they learnt that there are 12 mouse types working for 1 mysterious boss! All we know of this festi-villain is that he leaves eggnoggey footprints in the snow…
Now it is up to you, brave hunter, to enter the Great Festive Hunt of 2010, capture the 12 mice of winter, defeat their noggy master and restore our holiday!”

Take a close look at this calender to plan your festive Comet hunting strategies:

And don’t forget: As you catch these mice, lights in your holiday strand will turn on as you recover the ~ spirit ~ of the Winter Hunt.

Did you notice with the Toy and Candycane mouse that the light bulb flashes when you catch more of that particular mouse?

To be very clear on how you’d better plan your december-holidays around Mousehunt dev Andrew added this: “The boss mice is intended to arrive around the 23rd – we don’t want to hog people Christmas time with their families.”

source: Festive Disaster! – The Festive Comet is invaded!

ps: A cute & handy little calender has shown up in the Comet’s HUD. In the game it brings you very easy acces to the big calender (in pop-up)! Handy indeed!

Winter Hunt Forum section… partly out of hand

A new section has been made in the Forum especially for this Great Winter Hunt: “Looking to meet and greet fellow festive hunters? In the giving mood and looking for new friends to share gifts with? Discuss everything festive here!”

As soon as the new Great Winter Hunt Forum section was put into place, it was swamped with trading-boxes-threads. The section of the forum for the Winter Hunt was filled with 1000s of trading threads and it was hard to get to the other discussions. What was happening in the Kingdom? Have we become the Kingdom of Trade? Is MH a marketplace-game?

source: New Forum: Great Winter Hunt >>

Official Feedback-on-the-Winter-Hunt poll

Besides a lot of trading posts, the Feedback-on-the-Winter-Hunt poll is in that new section! Dev Jacob made this Poll and wants our opinion, and he wants it again in the coming weeks, while the Great Winter Hunt progresses:

“I would love to get your feedback on how you are liking the start of The Great Winter Hunt 2010!… So vote for this week and then give me an update next week when I post the next poll!

Go (still to) vote here: Feedback on the start of The Great Winter Hunt 2010 event

And keep an eye open for the new next-week’s Polls & Feedback-threads!

Gift Boxes no longer Giftable/Tradeable

Some of the feedback expressed doubts whether it was a good idea to let hunters buy their way through areas in the game (1000 boxes for 1 hunter?! Ridiculous!). And there was a big problem with scamming (and nothing to be done about it) while the trading became such a huge affair.
So since sometime last tuesday, the Gift Boxes are no longer available to trade. A message from the King of Gnawnia appeared:

“Attention all hunters! Due to the intense demand and throughput of gifts the workers in the post office are fed up, to prevent a strike the King has decreed that all Winter Gift boxes dropped by elf mice are no longer tradable. All other gifts are fine.”

source: A message from the King of Gnawnia

As the Trading was very, very, very popular (meaning: done/used by many many hunters), it only was to be expected that there is much protest about this measure taken and the abruptness off it. A lot of pleas for making the Gift Boxes available through the Marketplace have arosen, mainly in short repeated threads and also in the above announcement thread.

Just to manage expectations: We do not expect the Gift Boxes to become tradable in any way again.

On the bright side: There are new promising uncollected Collectibles showing up in the Items-tab on your Profile! ;)

Basic Advice on Trading & not getting scammed

In the midst of the turbulence that turned Mousehunt into a Boxes-marketplace-of-sorts, a much needed Guide to how not to get scammed was posted on the Forums. And it got stickied so that it is now easily to be found at the top of that Forum section:

sticky source: How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Mousehunt Heroes pay attention: One of the tips that is missing from the Guide’s list is this one: Only trade with your trusted close mousehuntfriends!
Inside our group MhHitM you can arrange for exchange of gifts and goodies:  Trading Festive Comet Gifts 2010

Jacob Paints Live in FBF!

Jacob announced last week that in this week’s Feedback Friday he will be attempting to do a live painting: “I’ve never done anything like that, so we’ll see how bad it goes, don’t miss it!”

As we speak i am still watching his drawing-process and it is amazing to follow his creaton of a mouse!

Before all the drawing a Feedback session was on:

The FBF review: “Art Feedback Friday” Review by MHCC 3rd Dec


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

Guides on the Great Winter Hunt

Many a helpfull thread has been written and put together since the Burst of the EggNog:

1) THE Guide: “ The event is upon us, and the Guide to Mousehunt is prepared with a dedicated page to the event! The page will be updated as the event continues. Enjoy!

2) A FAQ-Thread on the new forum, also promising to be updated while the Hunt develops: FAQ on Great Winter Hunt of 2010

3) Mentioned last week:
The Unofficial Guide to The Great Winter Hunt 2010!

4) And on the old forums a 15-points FAQ has appeared:
Great Winter Hunt 2010 FAQ

In the mean time * drumrolls * Claws & EggNoggy Footprints…!

We are awaiting the Boss mice… On that i have found not much news, maybe only this: The barrels of Twelve Liters of Egg Nog have a new and promising description: “Oh dear. Well, the good news is that the eggnog is open. The bad news is that it seems to have opened on its own… almost as if something clawed it’s way out from the inside.”

Sadly the image of the Barrel is not yet updated. I would love to see how bad that clawed opening looks! How tough will that one or more Boss Mice coming from them Barrels be?! O.o

Two Tickets… huh? Larry on a Horse?

Nobody can have missed out on the fun of last tuesday’s new Festive Gift Shoppe items. “On another note, the King wonders if anyone has two tickets to that thing you love?”

“What’s in your hand?”
Back at me.
“It’s an oyster to that thing you love.”
Look again.
Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.

“I’m on a horse.”

Are you as clueless as i was? (Being mainland-European I had no clue whatsoever!) Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE

Afterwards, it wasn’t a lady who screamed enthusiastically: “It is now the best.event.ever”! (It was Justin D.) And did we notice that the male hunters around the Kingdom seemed to rather like this! LOL And this is all about a Collectible changing into another Collectible you see, that’s how mad we hunters are! :)

== Explosiun! ==

Hunters (hardcore collectors mainly) worry about: Frozen Fromage

Many a hunter has gone longingly mad for this rare item:

“This small morsel of frozen bait has been magically frozen and is unable to be thawed. The King has assigned the top scientists of Digby to investigate a way to thaw the bait. – Class: Convertible”

If you were lucky enough to get one morsel dropped (about an estimated 2% droprate there!), it is on your special tab. When you “Try to Thaw” one, it says that “It seems no amount of heat will melt the magical ice.”

Worries went through the Roof and the Collector’s Mind of many a hunter has grown more and more eager with every passing hour and no Frozen Fromage yet. Luckily dev Jacob has said:”The drop rate is extremely low on the early event mice, no worries, the later mice will have a much higher drop rate. Also as I have stated, the cheese will not be required, it’s just added fun.”

Well Jacob, you don’t know your average hunter very well. This is what’s happening to us:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtube_gdata_player&v=jccONkeGkZw

Two of many a discussion thread on this pain: Frozen Fromage = New Boss CheeseFRozen FRomage

One of the places Jacob has sought to ‘comfort’ us: The Feedback Thread post xxx

And if you are the more Analytical kind of Mousehunter, you can go & give your opinion in a Poll: Do you prefer rare loot or common loot? Paul H. has “noticed that we’ve been recently getting quite a few loot drops with a very low frequency of drops. This is currently the case with Frozen Fromage.”
But what do we actually think about that? And what do we prefer?

Go vote in the Poll: Loot frequency

In MhHitM we are making good use of the Whine-thread, singing hunting chants together to get that much wanted lootdrop.
So if you are still in pain & longing for the Frozen Fromage, like many of us, do find some comfort and support: Frustrated? Have some Whine!

Hunters (mainly lower ranks) worry about: Obtaining GB planks…

Another topic concerning the community at the moment is the difficulty obtaining Gingerbread Planks. That is, this is not difficult for everyone. But it is difficult for two groups of hunters: for lower rank hunters, as gold is a main issue of concern for them.

And it is difficult for hunters with little mousehunt-friends: At the moment the only way to get hold of these are to have them sent to you by a friend. Some people feel that this approach is the most suitable and should remain as it is, however others believe that the system should be altered so that hunters are able to buy their own Gingerbread Planks.

source: Devs,….Please let hunters buy their own Planks.

Hunters (all and everyone) worried about: Elf Madness …???

And according to the Event-calender  the Thursday Elf Madness had started. Hunters wondered whether it had started for a long time. Still awaiting more Elfs to show up. Even starting to wonder maybe Madness was defined as 105% Elfs? Or whether the % had been turned the wrong way: down instead of up?

“So what they are really saying is that the “Elf Madness” is that there has been an increase (ha ha ha) of Elf’s but that they are really just watching us go mad trying to catch Elf’s.” (Carol R)

Finally dev Andrew brought us some revealing statements: “Hi guys, a few things to keep in mind with Elf Madness:
1) The elf starting population is definitely increased. But when the event started, there weren’t any other Winter Mice available to be caught – now that two of those have been released, your chance of catching an elf is not as high as it was at the start of the event.
2) There are more Elves looking for standard bait, but elves really like Gingerbread cheese and Superbrie.
3) Luck is fickle.”

Let’s go with no.3. Otherwise i can’t make cheese out of this (Yes: bad translation of a Dutch expression).

Dev Andrew. post  34 in Thread: Dear Devs – Is Elf Madness ON?

Quick Thread-Tips for the New Forum

– Threads and discussions of old back on the New Forum: The Official Wiki Suggestion Thread

Go ahead and Ask Larry! – He has come back to answer questions! And he did post the recipe to his famous sandwich!

– Everyday for the rest of this month, Shawn is going to make a chart showing the trend of the price of Super|Brie+: Super|Brie+ Trend
Be a trendwatcher & go to the spreadsheet directly >>

– And once more: How to Avoid Getting Scammed


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

CCB giveaway(s)

A big Thanks goes out to Nadine for hosting the CandyCane Base giveaway! Initiate rank player take a look here: http://tinyurl.com/2vk5bex

Nadine has been busy lately, as the Trebuchet Giveaway is also still up & running: DraGGun’s Kwakkel Trebuchet Trap Giveaway and more…...

The AN/AM has a CandyCane Base help programme, all members have been notified through pm.

Plus the AN/AM has been busy with a Festival of Lights Giveaway. Go join in if you like the idea of gold or sb+ prices:  AN/AM Festival of Lights Giveaway – Posting Closes Dec 7th @ 11PM GMT

And please direct all lower rank players you encounter to these Giveaways!
Now all we need is a Gingerbread planks program for lower ranks…

Ronza speculations, a Summary

Last weeks FBF led to some Ronza speculations. For those who have never seen Ronza before in their Mousehunt-career, they are fearing and looking forward to meet her at the same time. And many are wondering whether she will ever come back again. I won’t mention any of the threads about this, only a summary of last week’s speculations after the FBF-mentioning her:

“Moustachio the Charmer = Santa Claus? Distant land = North Pole? But but…”

“She’s in a far off land? She’s away for a long time.”

“The name sounds like a loverboy. So Ronza may come in Valentines day? Bring some kind of Charmer Trap? About that Santa: I think he’s not much of a moustache guy, more like a bearded guy (tho he has a moustache).”

“Moustachio the Charmer” – This [can be] a big clue she will be coming for Valentine’s Day. Not Christmas. – Eric S.

No more for now. But i reckon the devs will announce her coming on beforehand though, and not spring her presence on us. (Like they promised to do in future cases, roundabout a year ago.)

Elf mice coming in waves?

Chad M: “Anybody else notice that the elf mice seem to come in waves?”

George O: “As no one else is seeing the same pattern, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a typical case of confirmation bias.”

Pssst: Confirmation bias later in the discussion being explained as: “For every person who is experiencing streakiness, there are two others who are not and not talking about it on the forums or with their friends.” Chua Z.

And yes, that thread attracted more hunters reporting in with patterns, confirming the waves or streakiness. Reason tells us: “It is all easily explained by simple variance. End of story. We humans want and tend to see patterns where there aren’t any: Humans have hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary programming to detect patterns.”

* editor shrugs & spies another wave *

source: Elf mice in waves…?

Decent Dress

Now we all want to wear a decent dress coming Christmas: “You wear your Decent Dress and feel a warm sense of confidence!”

So please hunt Elfs, get some goodies inside them boxes, buy yourself a pair of SuperBriefs and join the Club: The Super Brief Club!

Last but not Least: The BountyHunt Mice Generator!

The Tavern Times had this first announced on their fanpage, but it is to good to let it slip: “Are you organizing or participating a spelling based bounty hunt? Use this tool by Amanda Ng. to help you out!”

Mousehunt BountyHunt Mice Generator

I tried to spell :Love: with it and it looks great!  ^^


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Martin K, my MH-chatgroup, Animal & Carol in particular & the Girlies.

Todays cookies … are Eggnog cookies of course :)

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