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Mibbler 37 *** slow-restart! ***

While in the past week somebody levelled up to Grand Duke, it didnt get the amount of attention it usually does. The new area: ‘Muridae Market’ and the new base, were way more prominent in keeping hunters “occupied”! This is again a slow-food-version of the old Mibbler, but hopefully helpfull to find your way through that Jungle called the Mousehunt Forum.

I was trying to find Guides for the Muridae Market…

…when i ran into this thread that poses like a Guide on Muridae Market. It holds a “Preliminary To-Do list” for Muridae Market:

“1. Hunt mice for construction materials
2. Rebuild General Store (gives more construction loot via loot exchanges)
3. Rebuild Trapsmith (if you have monstro/sphynx, you would do this last)
4. Rebuild Charm Shoppe (needed for Artisan charms)
5. Use Artisan Charms to get Papyrus loot
6. Rebuild Cartographer w/Papyrus loot
7. Purchase Living Garden Key
8. Rebuild Cheese Shop (apparently easiest, but more of a convenience than a necessity)

If you find the question of what shops to rebuild first interesting, go to post 30 on the same thread: it orders the choices depending on your trap collection.

Have you noticed the cognitive gap between the MM Catchrate and the looks of the Muridae too? >>
“I think the primary reason people think it’s a fluke is because, well, the mice look ridiculous. They wouldn’t care if they were missing ferocious-looking Warmongers, but a mouse chewing a log in half?! There must be something wrong with my Monstro! ” (post 197, by TheDeviant-aka-Ashwinee Panda)

Q: Muridae Market good for Gold?
A: Not as good as Derr. But look at the points!
source >>

And of course you wondered: “Does the top display image change to a well built market after the 5 shops are rebuilt?”
Apparently it does. (source for that.)

Thanks for the new area Devs!

Just in case you wanna say it: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?31416-Thanks-for-the-new-area-Devs!

Furoma’s New CRE Tool progress

Furoma MouseHunt Tools: “Just a quick update, the new CRE tool is currently in beta stage of testing. Hopefully it’ll be ready by the end of the month.”

News from ~*~*~The Ultimate BotS~*~*~

There’s some movements behind the scenes hunters! The Diva’s & the Dom’s are going to test the waters of the Den halfway through june, just for fun & testing purposes ^^
But yes, there may be another Battle of the Sexes, if there are hunters willing to help organising! Sign up if you can help out!
The BoTs-page said: “So it seems like a repeat battle may not be feasible, unless Divas and Doms get users that are interested and reliable to help out with the work load…”
If you can, raise your hand!

Sphnyx Trap is Overrated – It’s either that or something has happened to Furoma! o.o

Actually the good Furoma-run-profits may have come to an end: “Horn Tracker data shows a clear drop with the exact same set-up before and after ~early March…” 
source: The SPhynx trap is overrated… >>

In another thread the discussion is picked up and Andrew Ward continues there: “So… you think the tweak was generic rather than specific to furoma? ” (post 141 in thread)

Cyrus answers: “Alternative explanation, in light of points brought up in Nathan’s recent topic named after the Sphynx Wrath: mouse powers are fine, effectiveness is fine, but we need to revamp our estimated catch rate formula because the devs adjusted something and it’s now overpredicting catch rates. ” (post 14 in thread)

That is one demanding task for the modellers-statisticians!

Last Ronza Visit revisited?

There is a post-visit debate on whether last Ronza-visit was a scam compared to earlier ones. Of course the pain is mostly due to going broke after the visit and then all them expensive traps coming up – which are better too… but some also debate the pain from the changes Moustachio the charmer brought…
But do go read yourself, it may help you get a perspective to future visits perhaps…

ps: “Ronza’s traps are always better because of the low point requirements and cheaper than the normal trap equivalents.” – post 20 in thread. ^^

Luck Lootdrops & Traffic lights

Do you believe that when you wave your hand at red lights, you actually are making the light turn green by using the Force? If the answer is yes, then you probably also believe that luck does boost loot drop.
I wave at traffic lights all the time, but this comparison is coming from the still lively thread “Luck does not boost Loot” (post 541 and on)

Lately one hunter called Faron (in post 544) has recalculated the ratio and it seem that (at least for Derr) luck does boost Lootdrops

Seems the Final Answer is still out there…
source >>

Old Debate Firing up

Ha ha, there’s a hidden debate about Real and non-real hunters on the Forums these days. It’s hidden as it is inside another thread-title: ‘For-those-who-has-rebuilt-all-5-shops-in-market’: source >>

It’s of course about the distiction between buying your way through the game and hunting for it… as in: buying your charms in a basket versus rebuilding the charm shop. A new variance on the old donating-debate. This can be an never-ending debate as we have see before, with lots of grey-grounds in the middle to fuss & argue about.
I do have sensitive feelings about me being a real huntress though ^^
But whatever you are or however much you donate, we can all agree on this cant we? >> “A very B I G C O M P L I M E N T to all non donating hunters ! ! !” (BlackSimon in post 33)

Oh and please do keep donating and buying all sorts of goodies! We love that many many hunters out there can play this game for free!

Papyrus B… <oops: carefull threading!>

Whatever everyone says about the new Papyrus base (and everyone seems to have an opinion), the poll “Will you buy it nor not” holds a nice summary on this base:

“There are 2 options:
1) U have Magma base, end of discussion
2) U have NO magma base, craft it!”

Ah well: that is after you got all the material for it of course.
source >>

More Papyrus – the Ruckus! @.@

So, reaching the Muridae, many hunters seems by then to have forgotten about the Bottemless Grave. And now there’s much debate about that new base that came out last week. Me i am not bothered by it, seen it before, been there done that. Skipping the threads or posts, so nice of the forums: it actually let’s you skip items!
Oh wait: Mousehunt let’s you too!

Ah but that was a painfull remark wasn’t it? I will play fair and give you some main threads about it so that you can interfere if you want to on this Papyrus-base-is-not-fair ruckus ^^

The Basic Debate >>
A bit nasty at times, but some of you may like that ;p >>
He he ^^ for the balance >>

Some speculation on =prices of Warmonger Traploot=

We all do wonder & guess whether Sandblasted Metal prices will drop now that a new physical trap is for sale in the Muridae Market and “competing” with it, don’t we? The demand may fall and thus may the prices. But some still say, referring to collector’s partly: “The price will not drop because of the Sentinel trap.”
Then there’s the other line of reasoning projecting the prices will go down: “Sandblasted metal will drop in price over the next few months as the 1st wave of Barons earn their traps and start looting extras…” But on the other hand the last week the amount of hunters in the FW has gone down significantly, and you may start wondering: will hunters indeed keep hunting the Warpath that extensively?

There’s only one speculation all seem to agree on: The Sphinx will stay most wanted and her prices will stay high/up!

Source: Sandblasted Metal prices will drop now?

The Toughest Place…

Just to remind everybody that the toughest area may still be on the mainland >>

Last but not Least:

One of the Fanfictions has now made it into superstar comic style! It’s called: “Let the Hunt Begin, the webcomic” >>

We can all express our admiration in the corresponding Forum thread! Where, as should be, we have of course a few dev Jacob sightings! :)

Don’t forget to Sound your Horn!
Goodluck Hunting :)


Mibbler 36 – Mid-sabbatical news from april 8 – june 1

The break has to be continued for a bit, sorry about that. Some work in the background has been taken up: i am slowly repairing the links in here (linking to the integrated-forums)… the old-FB-Forum links can’t be repaired though.
We are indeed keeping track of developments in Mousehunt in the meantime:

Fiery Warpath Guides

For starting out on the Warpath this is a good thread on the Forums: A mere insight into starting the Warpath area >>
You definitely need to take alook at this graphic: Fierywarpathreference.jpg
One of the Fiery Warpath-Guides i have come across is here: Mousehuntguide.blogspot.com
A rather new Guide on Fiery Warpath: FW Fiery Warpath Hints, Tips and Strategy… Was this guide helpful?

The Guide to Mousehunt says: “Compromise: there’s a page up for the Fiery Warpath. I admit, it’s a bit disappointing even for me, but it’ll have to do.”http://guidetomousehunt.wordpress.com/walkthrough/fiery_warpath/
[For those not knowing: The Guide’s author has stopped playing MH for the time being. but his Guide still has many visitors a day and by popular request he has updated this bit.]

We also want to know: Is it possible to get through the FW without using SB+? There’s some suggestions and experienced advice in that thread for your convenience!

Spring Egg Hunt:

And if you are one of the hunters having problems getting the Travelpage to load, try this link for “simple” travel: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/canvas/travel.php?quick=1

Admire the Mousehunt-Artist @ work

“This was a special mouse painted LIVE during Feedback Friday on April 8th. The mouse was created for the Spring Egg Hunt event.” Go see the Life-Drawing by Jacob-video >>

About 2 months later: “…I [Jacob Johnson] will be doing a live painting session for MH on Friday June 3rd! (and other random broadcasting for my own art before then)” See the result of the Live-Drawing of June 3rd here >>


The Horntracker is back for those using the Chrome browser!

Lil’ note: The ‘alarm’ of the timer works on mousehuntgame.com, but not (yet) on FB since the iframe update. For other browsers the Horntracker is still in beta-testing.

source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30517-Am-I-allowed-to-use-MouseHuntizer

CRE Plus- datasheet for Zugzwang’s Tower

There’s a “Catch Rate Estimates, Comparison, and Bail Sheet for Zugzwang’s Tower” out there. But i myself cant open it so i cant tell ye all if its any good. So go try it and please do tell us!

source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?21183-Catch-Rate-Estimates-Comparison-and-Bail-Sheet-for-ZT

Trible Isles Profitability Data

Hunting in Derr alone presumably more profitable then doing the whole cycle up to Dragons and all!

Source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30581-Trible-Isles-Profitability-Data

Warmonger Trap Loot Drop Data

Sure at some point we must all contribute to this thread & data-collecting! Find the instructions for submitting your personal data here:  http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?23819-DATA-Warmonger-Trap-Loot-Drop-Data-Collection-amp-Analysis

Preliminary results can be found here: http://goo.gl/fdTv6

*Warning* These traps are the ultimate traps in the game re physical & tactical so where would the game be if you could get these in no time?!? *End of Warning*

[I will leave the debate about them Warpath-traploot being out on the market for the Forums to rage about. I just may get myself lost in ugly words if i go there @.#]

MONSTRO vs. SPHYNX against the Silth.
Who wins?

This is probably what we all wanted to know since the Warpath came out! I love this remark out of the discussionthread: ” Out of the options I would say Silth wins.”
And this one: “It’s worth noting that the third FW trap, the Oasis Water Node, beats both of them due to an even bigger effectiveness boost.”

Source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30808-MONTRO-vs.-SPHYNX-against-the-Silth.-Who-wins

Q & A

Q: Should I use Ultimate Luck Charm for the Warmonger Mouse? Will it increase the loot?

A: You get the loot for free the first time, so this is not needed for that first loot at all! Plus: so far the people using ULC on warmonger (after the first) have gotten trap loot at the same rate as people not using the ULC.

source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30487-Should-I-use-Ultimate-Luck-Charm-for-the-First-Warmonger-Mouse

Q: What about Onyx Mallet? It’s pretty expensive yes?… And what should I do with my Onyyx Stones if I don’t craft the Onyx Mallet?

A: PokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePoke PokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePoke

Then submit the Poke-results here:  http://goo.gl/8T6p8

Source: see Techhowch post & sig in the thread: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30491-What-about-Onyx-Mallet

Last but not least:

If you have reason to visit or revisit the Gauntlet be sure to take your Gauntlet Survival Kit! ^^

Goodluck & don’t forget to sound your Horn!!!

Mibbler – 35

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

Welcome to you all in the quiet, peacefull times of no-events and a somewhat confumbled return to our Mousehunt-chores. I am so happy there was for once not much news in the Kingdom. At least not much that i could keep up with: I might have had a black out, cause i couldn’t see what everyone is writing anymore. These eye-problems of mine, amongst others, have been the reason i was able to spend much time on Mousing & Mibbling these past 6 months. Changes are to come to this, more about that at the very end of this Mibbler so just read on and you will get to that. Take your time reading, no hurries mate!

First things first: some mouse-things did happen in the mean time…

Short recap:Hope Mouse

– Ronza has left Gnawnia and the Hope Mouse came into Action! (official news Post)
– Charm pack 1 is released Charm Pack #1 Released (official news post)

Almost everybody seems back to what they still had to do or finish, whether it be restocking gold, or finding the next bet, the next crown or finally catching their (next) missing mouse. A few mousehunters have been explicitly hunting Hope mice… and the Hope is badly needed with the weather circumstances in Queensland this last month! 
Probably besides that badly needed for a lot of mousers out there anywayz. But they are limited and will go ‘lay low’ soon! How soon? No exact clue.

Oh and ehm, anybody waiting for a Chinese New year event or at least some happy wishes in Mousehunt? Remember the devs do use an outer-space-calender!

King’s Luck Charms on “first” mouse-catch

When a hunter has caught a mouse for the first time and publishes it, you can claim luck charms from their profile-page post. It reads like this: “xxx caught a Bottled Mouse for the first time! To celebrate xxx’s hard work the King is giving out Luck Charms!”
Hmmm, nice way to get more luck charms! At times i am getting this as a result: “Sorry, you may only claim 10 gifts per day.”  So it seems there is a connection between these charms and the gifts.

New on FB This week: FB-connect problems

“The FB Connect site is acting up a bit! Please stick to MouseHunt on Facebook while this is sorted out. Thanks! – MouseHunt” Indeed my friends page and -functionality is still a bit on the slow-side...

Which reminds me: never forget to check in on the Current Known Issues (Last updated 2nd Feb 6.30pm GMT)

Jacob Johnson’s IceWing painting video

From -The Artist Formerly Known as Mousstachio- comes a mouse-painting video. It was painted live during a very special Feedback Friday by Jacob Johnson who took everyone’s suggestions as they continually flowed in and created a mouse truly designed by the community.

Icewing Painting Video [HQ]

Feedback Friday – 3 of those!

Of course we all wonder if the armed Charm will show on our hunter’s profile pages someday? Turns out, it was an oversight. Next we got a little insight on the intricate workings of luck: “Luck is not linear it’s exponential meaning the more you have the more effective it is.” News about the Baron area? They’re pushing hard to complete it by early February but they don’t want to rush it…..

Read all this and more in the reviews of the 21st:
– Jeremiah’s: Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 21st Jan
– and The-always one click away-Review: FBF Review 21 Jan 2011

The second FBF (28th jan.) is full of dry Doughnuts crumbs, but the Juicy stuff is about charms (they will never be smashable!) and about Luck in the Gauntlet (which comes down to 10 luck x 0.000001 lootdrop = … still an infinitesimal bit of higher lootdrops).
Besides that we still wondered  whether we will sometime be able to see images of charms on our traps? The answer is: The devs tried a bunch of different designs but nothing was cool enough. Feel free to submit your ideas!
– MHCC – ultimate surprise writer! :D Jessica is back! – review: *** Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 28th Jan. ***
– Review delivered by Tofu in T(he)TT no.69

Feedback Friday on 4th of february announces that the Lunar New Year and Valentine Day festivities will not be a big event. It is due shortly: New Year will last about 2 weeks and over lap with Valentines day’s. And yes, they are keeping us on our toes re Baron-area… *looking good!* There is some explanation to the extension version numbers of the game, and a lot of talk about Franco’s shop indeed. (Salt people salt!)
– Go read the Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 4th Feb

== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ==

Helpful places on both Charms & Orbs

You are getting these links from me, to check if you know-it-all:
Orb List
– Charms recipes in first post & Orb droppers in spreadsheet: Orbs Loot list
– Compiled info on orbs/charms (includes a faq & on the Old Forums): Compiled List of Orb Drops, Charms, and other Update Info!
– Note: You can use the “Send Supplies” option to give orbs to friends.

Charm recipe chart – nice graphics! – from the MHA, made by Ninz A.
– A rather complete source that started during the race on the new forums (and sorta missed the “Firsts” on the old forum) is: Collection of Charm recepy’s (so far)
– And now that they are around & tried for a bit, there is the Charm page on The Guide to Mousehunt. Recipes, stats and effects of all charms are included.

It sure was a Race: finding the recipe’s…

For first hunters deciphering pack 1 charm recipe’s i have these names:

Elizabeth K. was first for the Antiskele Charm Recipe! (source: The Antiskele Charm Recipe!)
James H. first for Prospector’s charm (source: Prospector’s Charm Recipe)
Ben L. appeared to be first for: rotten charm
Lewis H. appeared to be first for – Anchor Charm (both in: Recipe testing thread)
Robert S. appeared to be first for the Dragonbane (source: Dragonbane Baby!!!!)
Draobyek appeared to be first for the scientist charm (source: Scientist Charm)
Huge congrats to you all on fastness & inventiveness! :)

What to use the Ultimate Luck Charm (ULC) for?

Some hunters wonder about this, and Ahmed put out a poll which makes it possible to see some big-numbers-outcome: most answers go to T7 & “other” ( which may or may not mean something that is yet to come…).
source: what are you going to use the ultimate luck charms for?

We long to know if the Ultimate Luck Charm gives any significant increase in the chance for a Zugzwang’s Left sock from the Chessmaster. But don’t count on it, cause 20 luck times a insignificant small chance is still an insignificant small chance… no, the ULC won’t help in the cases of extremely rare drops like the left sock.
source: ULC for Sock?

UPDATED!!! The Petition for the Tweak of Tiki’s Stats in Tribal Isles…

Runic BaseDo you remember the petition for the Tiki tweak? This is the updated version… and after looking at the votes, who are fairly distributed but slightly in favor of tweaking, the petition now takes  a new turn: The active hunters in this thread have decided to back up their idea with numbers and stats , they have send an email directly to the devs & support.

Numbers & stats lead to this conclusion for now: “Regardless of what the devs are saying, it’s clear that the runic base is certainly not making the mice drop runes double the time compared to other bases. In fact, for ALL of the cases examined, it is dropping runes less frequently per catch.”

Like Dave D. says:  “There’s nothing to say that They™ are not investigating the Runic Issue behind the scenes. Sure it would be nice if they told us they were looking into it”

source: Some Runic base data
source:: UPDATED!!! The Petition for the Tweak of Tiki’s Stats in Tribal Isles…

Now that we are back to hunting Mysterious boxes, we want to know…

Mysterious BoxWe are again seriously wondering (yes we did this before) whether anything else then runes is in these boxes. 

While we all know that Runes are (by far) the most common, we don’t know the exact answers to these questions. Chad M’s initiative wants to investigate: “What percentage of the boxes contain Runes? What percentage of the boxes contain Rumble cheese? What percentage of the boxes contain Fire Salt?”

Here is the spreadsheet of current data with the probability of getting Runes vs. Rumble, etc…

Over time, and with a high enough sample size (more and more new submissions), the spreadsheet will become more accurate… so here is the form to submit your data

source: Contents of Mysterious Boxes (dropped by Acolyte) – *Data Collection Thread*

Gnawnia News Network: Live from the Elub Shores

…where hunters can relax after a hectic day battling dragons….

Rumors are spreading that a small group of Divas and Dominators are discussing a new Battle of the Sexes.. The GNN reporter has personally seen Elizabeth Kitterman entering a small hunting cab…in with several male hunters…stay tuned!! – source: ~*~*~The Ultimate BotS~*~*~

[Kitterman here:] “Guilty! There is talk of it! And it’ll def. be dragons as that’s all we know. But rest assured it won’t be happening in the coming months, more like 6 or more months from today. Could be August, Could be November so please do not change your current plans just yet.”

The Divas have responded to this great prospect with catching the very First KnownSilver crown Silver Crown for Dragons!!
On january 30th in the early morning hours (3:40 am in gmt that is), Maz B. reported this: “Dracano, I caught my 100th Dragon Mouse and earned a Silver King’s Crown! 
I can view my trophy crowns on my hunter profile.” Congrats Maz!

This reporter has as of yet not heard a worthy response from the Dominators side, although, yes, hmmm: a rumor has it that famous hunter Curt S. is quietly leaving the scene of the upcoming battle. He left this message: “Geoff I am skipping this round of Doms/Divas battle, the addition of the Dragonbane charms really messes things up.” – post 230 in: Dragon Dominators !!
We are sorry to see Curt go, but he has a point! (I think.)

How many Boss mice have you got?

Is this the next thing after Crowns and after the 90% Club? (Nonono i am not going to explain the latter!) Is it finally officially coming, this adaption to the idea of a “boss’ in the game? (see the sneak peek taken when the game was glitchy!)

We can always apply a wink & mountains of Salt-miner’s Salt to this! I thought the King was Boss! Grrr. For anyone not playing some other (video-)games the concept of a boss mouse may be weird: a reference.
But whatever: just count how many you have got! Without my 106 Mojo’s (they don’t count for some reason) i have 73 at the mo. ^^

There are 8 of the Bosses inside Mousehunt that count for this count, go see which ones: >> How many Boss Mice have you got?

And while you at it (but not yet with impressive numbers perhaps?), you can dive into this Bronze Bosses Challenge (on the old forum): >>  The Boss Mice Bronze Challenge

Furoma’s Log Summarizer back up!

After some time having a well deserved break, and after some time – and still – working on an overhaul, Furoma (formerly known as Pooflinger) is getting back with us, step by step. Submissions to the database are also working properly, so do help by posting your results here: 

No Duke-Duchess Rank Collecting Stats?!

Just repeating for the good cause: 
Mousehunt Horn Tracker said: “Still no Duke or Duchess sounding the horn with horn tracker installed. Really wonder who’ll be first.”

source: MouseHunt Horn Tracker

* Quick & Usefull Tips:

– First news is: the old forums won’t die! One piece of proof, although now a week out of order and thus ‘old’, may be/have been this one: THE OLDIES THREAD! (People who have been here for years, are bored and now lurk).
Like Chua Zhihong says: “It’s like they live in a different world there, completely unaware of this [new] forum…”
Tactical Trap Comparison by The Guide: The Tactical section is done!
– The loot glitchpaws drop in specific locations remains the same every time they come. It’s listed in the wiki at http://mhwiki.hitgrab.com/wiki/index.php/Glitchpaw
– 500 Sensei’s caught! Yannick V. is the first to report a Sensei Gold Crown! Congratulations Yannick! source: First Dojo Sensei Gold crown!
– And to get that Big Bad Burroughs What am I possibly doing wrong? Trevor H. has the answer: “What You are doing wrong is coming to the conclusion that you are doing something wrong.”
Never Ever sell your traps! (Not even whenR. is around!) See for yourselfs on the first post: What’s the dumbest mistake that you have made in mousehunt?
– Suggestion you may want to support: Order trap selector by most recently used
– No need to set up an account before expressing your support for the above suggestion: just click on the FB connect button on top of the forums and it automatically makes a profile for you using your FB settings and names and pics and such.
Don’t wanna see them at times awefull signatures on the new Forum? Go to your settings-page: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/canvas/forum//usercp.php and click on the left hand side on ‘general settings’, scroll down to ‘show signatures’ and un-check! 
Phew, that makes for a readable nice difference! Should be disabled by default, if you ask me.
iPhone App: The issue behind the constant “session expired” error has been found. Hopefully all of you suffering from “session expired” errors will be able to join everyone on the hunt with your iPhones. The release is available now on the app store! source: iPhone App – Issue found for constant “session expired” error

– Just so you remember to spread the guides around: Guides for New Players

– And pssst: This Just In! (Thanks to Taraka P.)
“I caught a Nugget Mouse! But i never knew we could get Onyx Stones outside of Furoma! >> “I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 2 oz. Nugget Mouse worth 6,875 points and 550 gold. The mouse also dropped the following loot:1 Onyx Stone”

==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Chinese New year! happy Year of the Rabbit to all!

In FBF it has become clear it is not going to be as big as an “Event’. Still we are rather curious, and looking forward to it! Personally, i am very much looking forward to the Year of the Rabbit! * sighs *
Earlier i said something about the dev’s calender in this Mibbler. Next to that we must consider this one the dev’s side, as you realise they work with codes, yes? Ah, well, Captain Barbossa would say about that: “the code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” So Patience, Patience!

In the mean time we can enjoy this spectacular ideas and suggestion on the forum for a Lion Dance Trap – It really looks amazing! Go see the Lion Dance Trap >>
*** Disclaimer: Remember this is made up, and suggested by a fellow mousehunter for the devs to pick up, it is not anything we expect to be released soon in the game! ***

The original thread for further details: Improved Lion Dance Trap and a new Red Envelope Base

* I am Silth hunting, so what!

Whenever i feel like! Doh. I don’t get all this “hold onto your cheese” stuff. But another courageous hunter was kept from Silth hunting on grounds of a map-rumor. Luckily a person of some authority has sprinkled some salt on that rumor as well. I quote:

“The Silth has been “supposed to drop a map piece” for almost a year now (seeing as it’s been meant for a map piece since its release in March of 2010). Waiting to get the Silth on the hope of a map piece is like waiting to buy a trap in the hope that Ronza is coming.” – SdH

Thread: 710 Wicked Gnarly Silth Lagoon Run

Share your Zug’s Tower-Limited-SB+ Strategies!

Yes another ZT thread, but we all want to find out WHEN to use that sb+ if we are going to use limited sb+ in a run. Start straight with it to get the pawns out of the way and keep a high amp as possible for the tougher pieces? Or get through it on gouda & wait with the sb+ for the Rooks & Queen?
Read all and intricate thoughts on this: sorry for yet another ZT thread, but…

Of course the other burning question about sb+ in the Tower is: How much sb+ does one use in a Towerrun? And the answer is: “It’s all dependent on your own tolerance of failure.” – SdH
Still, if you want to gain some more feedback on this you may want to look into this exchange of thoughts & experiences:
source: How much SB in Zugzwang’s Tower run?

To Rewers Riposte in Zug’s Tower – or not to

Chua Zhihang: “I’m fairly sure the Rewer’s Riposte is better in the tower at catching mice as well. Whether it’s better for completing runs is another matter though. (…) Some of us have been using RR/magma recently in the tower, and it’s crazy good at high amps against knights and bishops. TOO good, such that when we are having trouble attracting rooks, they catch almost all the knights/bishops that come up.
That’s why OAT/BPT are definitely still the best for completing runs in tower, but RR/Mag may actually be better than them at high amps. I’m thinking ZFM may actually be better at doing a run, since it misses more of the stray knights and bishops.”

source: is Rewers Riposte beter than the ZFM?

Zug’s Tower planning

Yes. There is this thing with the Tower: when in your busy week is the time right & ripe to go in on a Towerrun? And how long do these runs usually, or roughly, run for? And how active or passive can we run in the Tower?
One answer is: “I’ve finished tower runs in a day, but often they take 2 and sometimes 3. Depends too much on your luck and traps available.” And i would add: depends on the cheese too.
Some of hunter’s observations on Tower-planning are shared in this thread: Zugzwangs Tower – Planning Help.

That @#$%&%$#@ Gauntlet!

Where are the potions? I noticed many hunters crying out for the T4 potions in pain. Personally i have been avoiding the Gauntlet much after getting to the top once. But for those braving that experience there is some advice available these days. One of which is: be aware the potion drops drop significantly after level 2!
source: Where are the Gauntlet Tier 4 potions??

Another advice consists of a list by George O. to get you through the tiers, better still: on which aspect to prioritize in your setup, on which tiers!
source: CLT or CoT; HB or DDA; Acro or Arby @ KG

And please take it from the statisticians that there is: “ … absolutely no correlation” for Luck & drop rates of potions in the Gauntlet. Or there is, but it is infinitesimal small small small. Like Michael M states: “The devs have said that luck affects drop rate, in general, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the gauntlet is its own beast and the drop rate is the drop rate, regardless of how lucky or powerful the setup is. I think its just supposed to be difficult, an endurance test of your horn sounding.”
To be complete on this: the latest FBF says Luck kinda works, but more so on mice that normally drop stuff. For rare drops, its a very small difference – so small you are bound not to notice it individually.
source: Tier I Drop Rates vs. Luck

Still many many hunters, and ever new ones each day, wonder about how many potions they need on the first level to make it on top? The shortest answer is: nothing is guaranteed in mousehunt, and especially not in the Gauntlet!
The long answer is here, and i would advise anyone to especially look on the last info-graphic: https://mhanalysis.wordpress.com/2010/09/29/monte-carlo-analysis-of-kings-gauntlet/.

One plain straight forward observation to add: IM or ABT for eclipse mouse?
Kitteh says:”ABT. Wouldn’t want to risk restarting the Gauntlet would you?”
source: IM or ABT for eclipse mouse?

Highly unpredictable but going in one direction: sb+ prices

Hans C. wondered: ”Sb+ prices: Do you think it will go down because of orbs?”
goldWe don’t think so. Chad M. summarized: “SB+ prices will, barring fluctuations here and there, gradually rise, rise, rise, rise, rise……
It was “stable” around 800 for the first quarter of 2009… Then “stable” around 1500 for the first quarter of 2010… Now “stable” around 4500 for the first quarter of 2011…”

Join any price speculations in here: Sb+ prices
For following Superbrie trends visually >>

Have you been in cryopreservation state lately?

Please do wake up and help this hunter out, he needs advice for catching the Demetastabilization Mouse!

source: Need advice for the Demetastabilization Mouse

Do the Mousehunt Quiz & don’t Cheat!

It’s 18 mousehunt related questions! Just 4 minutes! It is NOT a piece of cake! 
(I failed…) But you can do it!

Go to the The Mousehunt Quiz >>

source: How well do you know MOUSEHUNT??.

* Last but not Least: A Break for the Mibbler

Even though the cookies (at the bottom of the page) have always said explicitly: “No editor No Mibbler”, i am announcing a break due to Real Life Interference. Part of the interference is serious and has to do with health-issues and research coming up. Part has to do with me getting slowly ‘better’:  i am absolutely sure the Mibbler has played its positive part in that! I can recommend to anyone to take up the writing!

[Update on april 8th: my eyes still need a lot af adjusting & time and thus the break has to be continued for a bit. We are keeping track of developments in Mousehunt in the meantime and are very sorry to hear War is upon Gnawnia! :/
In the meantime i am slowly repairing the links in here (linking to the integrated-forums)… Goodluck & don’t forget to sound your Horn!!!]

As i shared this news with some friends-mousers, there has already sparked an idea of finding another format for sharing the news and sharing the interesting tidbits & “knowledgable facts”. So… while there is gonna be a break, we might come back with a vengence! Either it be a (less regular) Mibbler again or it may reappear in some other form.

Anybody interested in hearing about a re-appearance or a re-start in any form, can subscribe to the Mibbler’s fanpage >>.

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Carol R, Jane B, Julio R, Marie-Pierre G,  and many thanks to those that try to help me thinking up new ways of continuing the stream of information at some point in time in the future.

Todays cookies … are these >> … and these too >>!
My love to all you Mousers out there!

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Mibbler – 12

As a reporter I couldn’t have picked a worse time for going on a holiday!

As a mousehuntress it was an interesting experience trying to catch up on the information after three weeks and two major mousehunt-updates: To try to de-riddle all the capital shorts for traps and mice, to actually be confronted with a truckload of info while not being able to go in there and see for myself and thus get the hang of it. All phrases thrown at me seemed a little abstract….

Anyways. I did get a Heat Bath Blueprints in my first Dragon’s Chest and innocent as i was posted the Fact to my FB-page. Then immediately got jumped by a mousehunt mob! Seems that Heat Bath is stubbornly hiding in some chests and rather scarce.

And thus i got grabbed and sucked into mousehunt-life again… Yes, I missed you! ^.^

* Important Notice

I am not going to report backwards in time. Trying to be complete or cover it all, is an ominous task in mousehunt. In MHHITM there is an excellent FAQ and two wonderfull chat-threads on the new areas. The FAQ is here: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=29224005666&topic=15666&post=108059
And yes ;) do take a look at the flowchart-link in there ^^

Next to that, THE Guide to Mousehunt (of old!) has also written an excellent chapter for newcomers to the Seasonal Garden and Zugzwangs Tower. (Who would have thought i would again, after all these months, rely on my old friend of my Apprentice-times?)
Source: http://guidetomousehunt.wordpress.com/walkthrough/rodentia/zugzwangs

But all news and almost all threads are about the new updates. Which means i shall have to talk about the stuff anyways. ^^
So here goes:

==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Seasonal Garden – very short recap

First of all: an amazing art-work has been done on drawing these new mice :) It’s a pleasure to meet them! Nice touch is this: the header image changes for every season.

The season changes every 80 hours (spreadsheet for the times of change in mak’s FAQ). Each season has a weakness: Winter – Hydro; Summer – Tactical; Fall – Shadow; Spring – Physical. You need to get the 4 seasonal keyshards, one from each season to craft a Key and get allowed to enter the Tower.Buy the Pinchers before entering the Tower: they are needed for your initial Tower hunting and you wouldnt wanna lose your amplifier by going back for them, would you?

@.O Amplifier? What’s an Amplifier? Well, i learned this: as long as you dont see one on your page, you dont need to worry about one at all!

* Zugzwang’s Tower – very short recap

In the Garden you build your amplifier. Get it to max. before entering the Tower. Chase and catch 8 pawns, using the Pinchers/woodenbase/sb+ or Pinchers/targetbase/gouda. Each time you catch a mouse, or fail to attract, your Tower Amplifier’s charge decreases. After catching 8 pawns, go use a stronger Trap as you will now attract the stronger Zug-mice. I have already seen the return of the Gingerbread House Surprise, the Giant Speakers seem to be doing fine as does the HVMT, and ofcourse many use the new trap: the First Zugzwang’s Move.

Make sure you don’t leave the Tower before you catch a King, or drain your Amplifier. When you leave, your progress and your Amplifier will be set back to zero! Because of this amplifier, you are aiming to attract on every hunt, as an fta means your amplifier decreases and so reduces your chance of making it all the way.

Try catching mice of the Mystic kind all the way, or Technic all the way. The sooner you get to one of the Kings the higher your amp will still be and the bigger your chances of completing the run. Actually it is: the sooner you catch a Queen the better, as it is She who needs the high amp to be caught. The King is hiding behind the Queen, as usual, and not a strong mouse at all :p

Part two of the Tower’s hunting is all about using the Loot you got from the King in your first run, for crafting a better Trap or Base, or for crafting the special cheese needed for getting a Chess master. By then you will be no newby in this area anymore and you wont need any of my short recaps, so this is where i leave you to it for now…

pssst: I’ve seen it suggested that it’s best to switch to a very low power trap for the king so that you can still catch it but not lower your amp by catching other pieces. As after catching the King you might still want to try for a Chess master… But i obviously havnt tried it yet! :o

* MHHITM-Winners for MHCC-Zugzwang’s Tower Bet

It started with this call: “Do you think you have what it takes? Do you have the stay-ability? Just how bad do you want the first 100 in the upcoming area? When Zugzwang’s Tower opens, the race to get the first 100 of any of the NEW mice that are IN the Tower is on.” This meant you were going to participate in a comp where no one “really” knew what it would be like, except that it would take a while. I can tell you this ended up being a fantastic race, right up till the last minute!

Even out in the fields where i was having my biking- and camping- (and rain-) fix, rumour ran that a MHHITM-member was holding top-position for many hours! Other desperate hunters were wondering how Martin K. did this?!? They were struggling with all new information and keeping up the amplifier.
About his luck and/or strategy Martin had to say this: “I was lucky to have checked the newspost before moving to the tower… I was actually allready on the travelpage when I hesitated and checked first so had a pincher all along and then never went for a king and hardly any sleep LOL.”

There must have been more secrets to his long lead, and somebody here on MHHITM might have deciphered and copied them all, as in the very end Martin was beaten by our beloved and re-awakened Queen of Competition…
At the very last, and with a splendid lucky-run, Mildred Ann Koh beat Martin to catching the very first 100th mouse inside the Tower.

I must emphasis its no good losing sleep over a game! :p But we are still very proud of our top-hunters. :o)

Besides that i heard the best price in this competition was this one: Many new mousehunt-friends were made :)

* Last Friday:

Just before Feedback Friday was on, news came out that the Spellbook Base has been crafted! Stats are incredible! But it needs many many parts… Source: http://bit.ly/9il38X

From Feedback Friday this news comes: “Mobster re-release hopefully in September. If tests well, expect an event to celebrate the release.”

There’s also something about smart Loot drops: “When you encounter a ChessMaster, the drops are based on what is in your inventory. If you have the obvious ambush, you are more likely to get torn pages than a droid jetpack since you have no need for a droid jetpack.”

Source: http://bit.ly/940P8E

* Unique possible Glitch on not losing Progress when travelling out of Tower

Sharon S. read a theory on the boards that if the amp drops to zero, you’ll get kicked out but the progress won’t reset. She wrote: “I figured that it might be worth trying, so I just continued to drain the amp. It hit zero, but i wasn’t kicked out. After one more hunt I left the ZT myself and went back to the garden. But it was still Winter and I was getting too many misses, so I moved to the Cats to work on farming coal/scrap some more. When the season turned to Spring, I returned to the SG and filled my amp. With a full (160%) amp, I went back to the Tower and was surprised that the progress I left with was still there! Instead of using a pincher, I’m using my 2010 trap, and the first hunt was a Technic Bishop mouse!”

This unique experience is currently being tested by Erik DB and Martin K. Martin has gone in with less then the full amp, but lost all progress. Erik is still building his to full. Its looking like a glitch, but we are awaiting Erik’s results!

* Zugzwang’s Left Sock in Marketplace

Zugzwang’s Left sock is actually the Chessmaster’s sock… Zugzwang’s sock has stars and moons on it. But why is it in the marketplace? According to FBF, there are some carefully placed hints in the different descriptions that indicate what the sock is all about. And it is a rare collectible they wanted to test out for the marketplace. Apparantly nobody is selling it yet ^^


==== Rumours, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Speculations about Blackstone Pass and Obvious Ambush

Actually the Tower is a piece of real chess-work, strategy-wise. This means there is still a lot to uncover and finetune in our approach. One example: a lot of debate is going on whether to max power or luck at the different stages of hunting, the reasoning goes like this: “You dont wanna max your luck as you dont wanna attract the opposite chess pieces…”
But? but? luck has no effect on attraction right! To me it’s all rather confusing.

Hunters with the Obvious Ambush Trap or the Blackstone pass traps are still supposed to use the Pinchers when hunting Pawns in the early stages of entering the Tower. But there are other storys recorded: “Actually, my last time up the Tower I used it on pawns through rooks, inclusive. I only switched to the 2010 for luck when my amplifier got below 100. I used the 2010 for the Queen, King and Master. Didn’t bother with the Pinchers at all that last round.”

Some discuss the need for the new OA and BP traps against the new ZFM, which basically boils down to this: Once you have the pawns (of whichever set you have chosen to hunt), ZFM is fine, but the OAT and BP traps give you an extra edge up to the queen because they will catch less pieces of the opposite type (provided you use a low luck base) meaning you won’t lose as much multiplier.
p.s. to this all: For some hunters amongst us, even the Pinchers are for now a total joke as they keep catching the ‘wrong’ side Pawns.

Once up to the queen you need (depending on level of amp) the power of the ZFM plus magma base or similar. This makes the OA and the BP traps possibly an expensive pair of traps, as you only use them for short periods between Pawns and Queens. But again: this ‘verdict’ is not final!

Also the effectiveness of the traps against tower mice might be higher than that of ZFM, giving you a higher catch rate. But we have too little stats to be sure about this. Hunters are speculating about this in this interesting thread: http://bit.ly/c6aOXv
Do go see the spreadsheet on Trap effectiveness mentioned in there… All still work in progress!

We are not done yet weighing the pros and cons, so keep on testing, reporting and trying. The Mibbler will try to report on it again.

* Scrap metal from the Steel mouse valid strategy?

For those still wanting scrap for whatever reason… you might wanna know that it is exceedingly rare to obtain scrap metal from steel mice. Plus it undermines the number of radioactive potions you obtain in the long run. Which would be not benificial to lower rank hunters trying to already get some while preparing for Cats. (In this last case: Just use a high luck set up and not the DDB.)
Source: http://bit.ly/cvQ71f

* Big Bad not so Bad?

“Where this mouse goes, a trail of churned-up earth follows, collapsing anything sitting on top of it”
However this beast was recently trapped by a very lucky Mousehunter of Master Rank, who from his profile, counts the hastily assembled Swiss Army Mouse Trap as his strongest weapon. A few hunts later the same hunter also acquired the Shredded Furoma Map Piece from a Mole Mouse. The Triple B was also kind enough to leave behind a slab of Ohnoesium.
Source: http://goo.gl/Fk46

* Somebody is holding the record for Not catching Balack…

It might be Trish H., who -when i last checked before my holidays- had 107 Derr Lichs, 103 Elubs, 83 Nerg and 972 Pigmys … used 246 VVS and 18 misses. And NO catches. By now Trish says this to you: “Keep going, you will get him eventually, might help to know that I used about 250-260ish VVS before I got mine :)”

Ofcourse some others in mousehunt are still Nugget-less, same kind of tragedy that we should not forget about.

* What was the biggest Whine these days? :?

I dived into the Whine-section and although many had a tough mouse that is still missing… the main Whine with the most postings was about the ‘balance’ between Gouda and sb+ in the Zugzwang areas. Again the users of sb+ have a clear advantage, even said to be twice or thrice as fast in building the amplifier. Not yet to speak about the difference the use of sb+ makes when hunting in the Tower.
I must say it looks like every new area is being conquered by hunters with sb+ first. Sometime after there will be brave and explorative ones that dare go find the trick to it all and find out which cheeses one can use as well. I remember that not too long ago in the Gauntlet… Anyhow: one can catch a Chessmaster on Gouda. It’s been done.

And do pay attention to the hunters in ZugzwangsTower that even dare use brie! And caught a Queen using brie!
Source: http://bit.ly/cyWapI

* Last but not Least: the Ancient Bed Trap

R**** is planning on selling this trap on her next visit, it’s for anyone who failed to catch the Acolyte Mouse – but in my opinion it might attract many of the other hard ones as well ^^ we all need to sleep dont we?!
Here it is: http://bit.ly/aIAFp4

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Martin K. for giving me a crashcourse in Zugzwang-hunting.
And Thanks to Jane B. for ‘borrowing’ her excellent phrasing on the amplifier.

The cookies this time, are specially for the ones that have not caught an Acolyte yet, or a Balack, and for the ones that did not go to Zugzwangs garden or tower yet… and ofcourse for the ones that are losing sleep over the game:
Enjoy the Dream Cookies! – http://bit.ly/ad3Slu

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
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# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

Mibbler – 9

Dear oh, there is just this tiny little bit of news here… This Mibbler is skating on thin ice! Let’s hope the board of Directors will look through their fingers and let this slip. O.o
But I have one thing to say for this edition to be coming out today: one of us Mousehunt Heroes wrote a wonderfull piece of fiction and it’s in today’s edition! It so needs to be read! Go read, shoo shoo… off with you!

* Zug-Tower First Sightings!

The Zug-Tower has appeared on the Full Gnawnia map! Sometime between thursday and friday (dont ask me about that, Einstein had something to do with it!) the first sightings were done. And they caused a little uneasyness and yes and no’s and to’s and fro’s, as the new images did not come through the servers at the same time all over the world… <for some less technical clearance on this: see the footnote ^^>
But the Tower is out and about and it is so true! Even as i can’t see the Zug-Tower right now via my own mh-travelpage, i have seen the screenshot and i am a believer!

Clearly the tower is MASSIVE, see the screenshot: http://bit.ly/9zUqFi

^^ Footnote: Hunters all over the world seem to underestimate the cloaking power of Tower Magic.


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Zug-Speculations have begun!

We will need cheese, thats for sure. And there will definately be some new artwork too. Plus we do know what dev Dave mentioned: we are gonna need some dragon chests for the Zugzwang’s Tower. But for what exactly? Secretssss….
For now its a complete riddle what will be needed to get in, to be first, to qualify… oooo, please let it not be that devious-Silth-loot-drop that was once mentioned! @.@ Many, many speculations are doing the rounds, are being rumoured… tension builds… Buzz abound!

There’s a nice mix of facts, riddles and speculations in this thread: http://bit.ly/bvkCgu

* Wild chase up the stairs: Hunter caught his 2nd Eclipse on 1 Tier II potion!

Ronny W. was the very first person to prove it can be done with 1 T2 potion! In hiw own words:
“I got my 1st Eclipse today and had 1 potion Tier II left in my inventory. I thought before I move on, I’ll just convert the potion and ‘hunt the cheese away’. Guess what: – I got up to Tier VI easily (2 potions drops for each lvl) – then finally got 1 Tier VII potion and was kinda shivering. My last piece of Tier VII cheese gave me a very kind Necromancer dropping my 2nd Tier VIII potion ever… and i ended with catching my 2nd Eclipse! I took pictures all the way up from my 1st potion converting to the final catch :D for you all to see it.”

Why this was posted in the Whine section beats me. Oh hmm: there’s >cheese< in there as well ^^
Anyways, if you wanna see some screenshots as you clearly cant believe this, here they are: http://bit.ly/9mXZZq

* MHCC’s ♫ Zugzwang’s Tower Bet! ♫

For those who will run at the new area and are already afraid they will be done with it in no time, there is a fix for that. Made up on beforehand just for you by the MouseHunt Century Club (MHCC): “Do you think you have what it takes? Do you have the stay-ability? Just how bad do you want the first 100 in the upcoming area? We are here to encourage you in your obsession and what better way than to have a bet?”

A race to be the first to get 100 of one of the new Zug-mice! Lotsa fun and huge prices to be had! Interested? Go for it: http://bit.ly/9AWIxG


==== Rumours, Speculations & Opinions ====

* All I’m getting are raisins of wrath O.o

This was just the start of an every-other-day’s conversation on the Forum. It was followed by this: “And all I don’t get are the raisins.” And this: “I need bottled up rage! 13 raisins, 9 pinches and zero bottles. Pass me a bottle someone!!!”

Is there a moral to this story? Oh yes. Listen to what Hunter – on the Scoreboard number Two (thus has clearly spent lots and lots off time in the Cove! – has to say:
Kristijan S.: “I think that the game balances it’s self out in the long run. When I first started hunting in the Cove I had half the amount of Liches than the other two. Now it looks like they are all pretty well balanced. Similar to the students in Furoma, for me at least.”

source: http://bit.ly/acq2kH

* Sorry to ruin your imagination, but there is something to be unveiled here…

Some myths just have to be deflated! We all are for sure fooled by many suggestive bits and pieces inside Mousehunt. For instance: we tend to think we ‘toot’ the horn. Well you’d better wake up and see what Yu Xuan Ho has to show you!
Have a look at his drawings that clearly reveal some of them myths: http://bit.ly/cX9WpW

* Idea: A Community Event

Remember when the Gauntlet was ‘in building’? The King builded it actually. Inspired by all the King’s builders good work, JuneHo Y. suggests that we hunters have a community event where we build our new hunting area with crafting items. It sure would help out the developers, wouldnt it?
To summarize: Every hunter apprentice or higher could contribute, and when it gradually stacks up, it will reach its goal. This is what will be needed for a Furoma Fighting Grounds (a tourney area):

Building Requirements:
7,500,000 Splintered Wood; 1,000,000 Bolts of Cloth; 4,000,000 Ropes; 6,400,000 Paint-brand Paint; 1,000,000 Invisi-glu; 1,000,000 Rice Paper; 3,000,000 Scrap Metal; 5,000 Tiny Platinum Bars; 150,000 Coal; 6,000 Dragon Embers; 50,000 Magic Essence; 350,000 Stale Cheese; 60,000 Master’s Seals; 35,000 Onyx Stones; 10,000 Stale SUPER|brie+; 200 Tournament Tokens; 2,000 King’s Reserved Bubbleh; 1 Furoma Fighting Grounds Final Plans (extra-rare loot from Dojo Sensei, only one.)

Read more on this idea and the possibility to help out the devs: http://bit.ly/crG3Ug

* Last but not Least *a Zug-story written by our own Judy Rapp:

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a baby born to an Earl and Countess of Gnawnia. His parents had very high hopes that he, too, would be a brave hunter, following in his parent’s footsteps. As he grew, though, it became more and more obvious that he was going to be an escape artist instead. He always escaped from anywhere he did not want to be, such as his bedroom and his school, leaving behind little piles of ash where a door used to be. They even tried iron bars, but found little slugs of metal melted over the windowsills.

As the child grew older, his parents worried sick as he developed such a dislike for fur that it was obvious he would never become a hunter. They apprenticed him to a cartographer, but the painstaking work hurt his eyes and gave him a headache. He tried being a barman, but threw up at the smell of stale sweat, beer and other unpleasant odours of unwashed humanity overlaid with the smell of old and untanned mouse pelts.

He ran away. Wandering the streets, the lad came upon a forge and went in. Hungry, he asked if he could work for food and the blacksmith agreed, setting him to work the bellows. At the end of the long day, he was given food and told that he could sleep in the forge if he wished. Though the furnace was out, the stones were still warm. In the morning, the blacksmith entered the forge and found, to his amazement, that the trap he had been working on was complete. Not only that, but it had been intricately decorated and burnished to an incredibly smooth finish. The furnace was still cold. How had it been done? He woke the slumbering youth and asked “Did you do this?” and thus began a long and profitable friendship between the Blacksmith and Zugsholt.

Zugsholt never forced his children to become something they were not. One of his daughters became a master Smith, like him; another became a wealthy merchant and flew the realms in a magical hot air balloon. One son became famous throughout the land as a formidable hunter who designed, and made, all his own traps and one ventured into the Ice Caves and used his power over heat and metal to defeat the legendary Frostmouse Ice Giant who was terrorising the area. And all lived happily ever after.

* another episode will be here for you to read in next Mibbler, so stay tuned! ;) *


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

I am helping out on a new initiative to start a Mousehunt Paper in the Tavern. This means you may see parts of the Mibbler in that soon to be published Tavern-paper. (Sorry, its name is still a secret due to a competition.)

BUT: The Mibbler will always be the first with one of my pieces of writing, and it will always have exclusive bits that wont be in the other one ^^

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
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