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Mibbler 36 – Mid-sabbatical news from april 8 – june 1

The break has to be continued for a bit, sorry about that. Some work in the background has been taken up: i am slowly repairing the links in here (linking to the integrated-forums)… the old-FB-Forum links can’t be repaired though.
We are indeed keeping track of developments in Mousehunt in the meantime:

Fiery Warpath Guides

For starting out on the Warpath this is a good thread on the Forums: A mere insight into starting the Warpath area >>
You definitely need to take alook at this graphic: Fierywarpathreference.jpg
One of the Fiery Warpath-Guides i have come across is here: Mousehuntguide.blogspot.com
A rather new Guide on Fiery Warpath: FW Fiery Warpath Hints, Tips and Strategy… Was this guide helpful?

The Guide to Mousehunt says: “Compromise: there’s a page up for the Fiery Warpath. I admit, it’s a bit disappointing even for me, but it’ll have to do.”http://guidetomousehunt.wordpress.com/walkthrough/fiery_warpath/
[For those not knowing: The Guide’s author has stopped playing MH for the time being. but his Guide still has many visitors a day and by popular request he has updated this bit.]

We also want to know: Is it possible to get through the FW without using SB+? There’s some suggestions and experienced advice in that thread for your convenience!

Spring Egg Hunt:

And if you are one of the hunters having problems getting the Travelpage to load, try this link for “simple” travel: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/canvas/travel.php?quick=1

Admire the Mousehunt-Artist @ work

“This was a special mouse painted LIVE during Feedback Friday on April 8th. The mouse was created for the Spring Egg Hunt event.” Go see the Life-Drawing by Jacob-video >>

About 2 months later: “…I [Jacob Johnson] will be doing a live painting session for MH on Friday June 3rd! (and other random broadcasting for my own art before then)” See the result of the Live-Drawing of June 3rd here >>


The Horntracker is back for those using the Chrome browser!

Lil’ note: The ‘alarm’ of the timer works on mousehuntgame.com, but not (yet) on FB since the iframe update. For other browsers the Horntracker is still in beta-testing.

source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30517-Am-I-allowed-to-use-MouseHuntizer

CRE Plus- datasheet for Zugzwang’s Tower

There’s a “Catch Rate Estimates, Comparison, and Bail Sheet for Zugzwang’s Tower” out there. But i myself cant open it so i cant tell ye all if its any good. So go try it and please do tell us!

source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?21183-Catch-Rate-Estimates-Comparison-and-Bail-Sheet-for-ZT

Trible Isles Profitability Data

Hunting in Derr alone presumably more profitable then doing the whole cycle up to Dragons and all!

Source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30581-Trible-Isles-Profitability-Data

Warmonger Trap Loot Drop Data

Sure at some point we must all contribute to this thread & data-collecting! Find the instructions for submitting your personal data here:  http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?23819-DATA-Warmonger-Trap-Loot-Drop-Data-Collection-amp-Analysis

Preliminary results can be found here: http://goo.gl/fdTv6

*Warning* These traps are the ultimate traps in the game re physical & tactical so where would the game be if you could get these in no time?!? *End of Warning*

[I will leave the debate about them Warpath-traploot being out on the market for the Forums to rage about. I just may get myself lost in ugly words if i go there @.#]

MONSTRO vs. SPHYNX against the Silth.
Who wins?

This is probably what we all wanted to know since the Warpath came out! I love this remark out of the discussionthread: ” Out of the options I would say Silth wins.”
And this one: “It’s worth noting that the third FW trap, the Oasis Water Node, beats both of them due to an even bigger effectiveness boost.”

Source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30808-MONTRO-vs.-SPHYNX-against-the-Silth.-Who-wins

Q & A

Q: Should I use Ultimate Luck Charm for the Warmonger Mouse? Will it increase the loot?

A: You get the loot for free the first time, so this is not needed for that first loot at all! Plus: so far the people using ULC on warmonger (after the first) have gotten trap loot at the same rate as people not using the ULC.

source: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30487-Should-I-use-Ultimate-Luck-Charm-for-the-First-Warmonger-Mouse

Q: What about Onyx Mallet? It’s pretty expensive yes?… And what should I do with my Onyyx Stones if I don’t craft the Onyx Mallet?

A: PokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePoke PokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePokePoke

Then submit the Poke-results here:  http://goo.gl/8T6p8

Source: see Techhowch post & sig in the thread: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?30491-What-about-Onyx-Mallet

Last but not least:

If you have reason to visit or revisit the Gauntlet be sure to take your Gauntlet Survival Kit! ^^

Goodluck & don’t forget to sound your Horn!!!


Mibbler – 31

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

In between the moon eclipse, with talk about a Mayan Calender in the background, and the mice in Mousehunt being evasive with their Loot, we mousehunters might run into a nervous breakdown right before Christmas!

Then again: We will defenitely find out by the time it gets to New Year’s, that all is well and we just actually have all we need. But for now we are frantically nervously searching for new Loot, and wondering why it’s not coming?
I could be naughty and do a short summary of what’s been going on? I didn’t even write it myself ^^ It would go like this:
“Ok. Just woke up, decided to check my trap before heading back to bed, and all I have to say is, “BAAAAhhhhhh Humbug!” I want the drops for the stinking new trap and I want them NOW!” – Jennifer R.F.

Baaaahhhh! Let’s turn to some genuine Mousehunt news, as you all want to know whether you have missed out on something? And whether you know all about the new stuff and the possible strategies! New new newer Newest! Lots of new stuff this week, here goes:

The Stocking Mouse plus Loot Max = 2

The Ticker ran: “This mouse is dropping Festive Fuses, so make sure to get one!” Make Sure Hunters! If there is no clue in that little hint i don’t know what it is!

The Festive Fuse is LE and is maxed at two items per hunter.  
Related to this “cap”, Heather T. was quick in spreading the rumor: “There was speculation that the reason for max 2 is so you can use one to craft something cool and one to save as a collectible. Last year’s 12 collectibles that made the CCT disappeared from inventory after crafting (except eggnog), and so collectors had to go back and collect the loot again if they wanted it.”
And indeed this collecting frenzy is the reason for the cap of 2 (officially confirmed in FBF).

source (for who has no Heart in Inventory): Anyone know if there is a cap on the new stocking loot?
source for all new mice announcements: the MouseHunt Fanpage

The trapsmith at the Comet has a new item!

Many hunters cheered up after a short lull in the hunting early last week, by this news of the ultimate Goal of all the festive Winter Hunting: a New LE Trap! The Explosive Toboggan Ride: “This toboggan provides a unique ride where mice are sent sky high! The airborne journey is exciting, although the landing is a little rough.”

You need this Loot to exchange & buy the Tobbogan trap from the store:
– Festive Fuse from a Stocking mouse
– Heart of Ice from a Scrooge mouse
– Holiday Explosives from a Missile Toe mouse
– Icicles from a Wreath Thief mouse
– Packed Snow – dropped by Snow Fort mouse
– Sled – dropped by Slay Ride mouse

You can go to the shop to see the description and see what loot is needed for to be able to build it. The shop-list is rather clear on what you still need (the red-numbered items) and what you already have caught (in black numbers). Also to be found in your Collectibles-tab.

Speculations about an upgrade…

almost began immediately as our ‘uncollected’ Collectibles tab showed a new trap! But the long name was too long to show fully, and so the search for it started. The Full name of the upgrade came to be confirmed by the FBF on Friday:

“…the Double Diamond Toboggan Adventure Trap. It’s intended for hunters of the hero rank and above, but it’s possible for most ranks to get it (although it’s quite difficult without the traps that heroes have). Making the toboggan MUST be done before the event ends (kinda like buying pumpkin pummeler BPs). However, you’ll be able to upgrade it AFTER the update (like the cackle lantern!)”

(And of course there are more interesting tidbits inside the FBF review: FBF- December 17th review)

List of Loot for the upgrade, The Double Diamond Toboggan Adventure Trap:
– 1 Ski Sign from the Gladiator mouse
– 1 Climbing Pitons from the Stealth mouse
– 1 Lava Bucket from the Mouse of Winter Past
– 1 Festive Mines from the Mouse of Winter Present
– 1 Misplaced Missile Cone – from the mouse of Winter Future

Check your Crafting –> General tab: Upgrade loot goes there. (While Loot for the regular Toboggan trap goes to your collectibles inventory. Don’t worry, be happy! ^^)

Of Moustache Cookies & Bricks

And the Gift shop had 3 new items actually. Amongst which a rather expensive cookie with unusual ingredients, plus a heavy-to-carry-round-in-your-knapsack Gold Bar. Ever seen a hunter carry around such useless items? Oh: this last remark only refers to the gold bar of course, cause that cookie is rather good to have for energy-lows!
I think we all agree on this: “Players buy the gold bar because they can” – Polarbear aka Wilson W.

source: can some one tell me why i would spend 250,000 gold on a gold bar that i am not…..

ps: as i published this Mousehunt released new Gift: Winter Star Sunglasses


Scrooge drops a Heart of Ice & Elf Madness & SeaGou & more mice &…

After a lull in the hunting frenzy, as all festive mice seemed to have gone into hiding or gotten extinct in the first half of last week…. o.o (Ah! You had already forgotten about that dind’t ye? More about that later!) … we saw the release of the Scrooge mouse plus his new Loot: a Heart of Ice.

The release of the Scrooges was sortoff ‘late’ on wednesday, and only a few hours later the Last Elf madness was released! Literally snowing the Scrooges under! Hunters were worried and longing for their Scrooges Heart, while frantically getting Elfs with their wonderful Gift Boxes!

Man did we suddenly have to prioritize and were we busy: all of a sudden there was so much happening at the Festive Comet! Them Icy Scrooges turned out to be Heart to find though….

The newspost going along with this release also talked of a new potion, and soon enough the first hunters were using a new cheese to hunt in the Comet: Seasoned Gouda.
This new cheese attracts tougher mice that came along to the Comet with the release of Scrooge, these are the: Stealth, Gladiator, Lambent Crystal, Vinetail, Harpy, Zombie, Centaur, Gold and the Diamond. So you’d better use your best physical (tactical) trap when using Seasoned Gouda.

Official Newspost on Scrooge & Elf Madness and S.Gou
source for an early SeaGou run: My Seasoned Gouda Run (plus a statistical report by Nathan Y., see post 125)

More new mice, double releases! Ghosts! Make us Crazy!

On friday the Mousehunt Fanpage said: “The new Missile Toe Mouse is strutting around the Festive Comet with its military-grade laser-guided missile launcher! There’s also another new mouse floating around…”

Now these mice floating around were to be Ghosts of Christmas!… Know your classics Hunters! Ghosts? Or are they Mice-Ghosts after all? And are we gonna use that Cheese? Help, we are feeling Haunted! Where are the Busters? * panic! *

Now never forget to bring your Towels hunters! And lets just get it all sorted and straightened out on that fluffy spread of material. If you still feel panicky afterwards, you can use the Towel to snuggle into.

We were not just haunted by Ghosts, we were also haunted by questions of whether to use that cheese or not: The Question these days was not To Be or Not To Be – apparently, but: To Hunt or Not to Hunt With SeaGou?! Are we going to safe it for later? Yes or No? (source: to hunt or not to hunt with seagou?)

Best advice i could find until recently would be this one: 
“The biggest reason I’ve been using my Seagou as I go is that I worry about the Stealth getting more difficult to find; I’ve yet to see one after 100+ pieces.” (Sean d.H. in SGC – to save or not?)

The latest news post from the devs brought the real Relief and Answer to this very existential Question:

Wreath Thief comes with Larry’s Hunting Tips!

Proof that the devs follow the discussions closely is to be found in the next news message on monday the 20th, when another new mouse was being announced: “The Wreath Thief Mouse is grabbing all the festive wreaths its grubby little paws can grab!! There’s so much going on, so Larry has come to give some festive hunting tips for you hunters!”

Larry’s hunting tips: “Gingerbread will attract the 12 Mice of Winter, with SUPER|brie+ being even more effective.
Seasoned Gouda will not only attract the 12 Mice of Winter, but will also attract The Three Ghosts of Winter and other powerful mice that drop upgrade pieces for the Explosive Toboggan Ride.”

I’d say this makes an end to all speculations on whether to save up SeaGou potions or not!

source: newspost with Larry’s Tips

This week’s Christmas Eve Feedback Friday will be a “Feed-Bake” Friday!

In honor of the popular gift from the Festive Gift Shoppe, the devs will be making a yule log. Tune in this Friday at 11am EST (4pm GMT) to hang out and chat with Franco and Dave as they hunt for a delicious festive treat…
source: Christmas Eve “Feed-Bake” Friday

[edited in:]
Finale Winter Hunt – News Post by the devs d.d. 23th of december


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

For starters: Guides & FAQ’s to keep you sorted

First try to find your answers in these wonderful sources gathered & provided by fellow hunters. These are being updated as we go through this whirlwind called the Winter Hunt, so do keep checking back:

THE Guide updated on Great Winter Hunt
The Great Winter Hunt 2010 FAQ

And for MHhitM: Now that the Winter Hunt is getting a tat more complicated, a new Faq has been made, go check it out: MhHitM: FAQ on Great Winter hunt 2010

And this wouldn’t be Mousehunt if there was no Whining!

Because we all care so much! We are very much involved! A little more into our own hunting then into the whole of the picture yes, but very much involved indeed!
Anyways: How wonderful of the devs to have differentiated for “more experienced” hunters and less experienced hunters inside this event!  – There is a Whiny version of this thought in post 7 of: Dear Devs…

Whatever you’re whining about, just Remember: There’s still hunters out there with No Frozen Fromage whatsoever! So, better wish them to get one too, and take em on your Whine as it would be sooo sad to have them go without!

Cause remember folks: *Whining* works!

Please go whine in the appropriate section of the Forum: New Forum >> Cheese-and-Whine section

MhHitM whine in here: MhHitM – WHining Thread


Nature of this Winter Event – the sound voices

“This event relies more on luck than the Halloween. Some like it better, some don’t. It all boils down to each players’ own preferences.” – Evan L in the 3rd Event Poll thread.

“Last event would make you feel more ‘at ease’ because everything was laid out, you had a bar telling you how many of each you needed and it was relatively easy. The real difference now here, yes the mice are harder, you’ll have a tougher time, but really what it comes down to, is the uncertainty. You’re not sure if you can get it because it doesn’t tell you. (…) Ask any old-timer here, and they’ll tell you the game is about patience.” – Kcu D. in post 35 in: should i get the NVMRC to use with seasonal gouda.

Common Folks This is a Challenge! :)

Remember that many of the threads about the new mice do attract only and mainly the hunters that didnt catch any of the stated items! This may be due to the worried hunters having plenty of reason to come to the Forums and post, and the hunters that did catch the loot are not worried and continuing their daily tasks.
So it is rather Skewed, this impression of elusiveness on the boards!

“Let’s remember a few things: First, did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps the Scrooge was MEANT to be difficult to catch, and the later festive mice are meant to be a challenge? Also, and most importantly, ITS JUST A GAME!” – Billy Q. (in post 9 in: Gingerbread back to UNfestive?)

All arguments pro and con the Challenge are organized in here: Of arguments, cheese, and mean Scrooges. No need for any further repetitive threads now. (Ha ha ha!)

Challenge? What do ya mean? We push a button every now and again while we have nothing to loose? We go call this a Challenge???

# editor goes back to the unsound behaviour of unpatiently eyeing every catch and counting the possible-loot-failures #

Worries Sky High

Worries run so high even this has been suggested: “Should it be possible to buy the loot we missed at the end of the event? Make it really expensive, I don’t care, I just want it to be possible to get all the items!” …

Trevor H. (and me too) thinks not to be worried: “You have until the 6th. Why not just…I don’t know….believe the devs when they said most people would easily be able to get all the loot at least once?
When it becomes the 3rd and a HUGE number of people (huge defined by a poll, not by the fact that 3 close friends just didn’t happened to get all the loot) still don’t have it – petition then. Worrying now is pointless.”

Thread: Ability to pay gold for Missed Loot at end of event

Official Feedback Poll no 3 grown into epic proportions

I wouldn’t recommend trying to read it all, it is too long! But with all the waiting for mice last week, and the frustrations on the scarcity of the much wanted Loot and the tough challenge in the game at the moment, even the very successful Elf Madness could not prevent that most votes go to a lowly two stars rank on this Event in Poll 3.

I must say the votes for 3 stars and 4 stars are slowly catching up and so we are eagerly awaiting the next Poll & voting results! (So much so even an Unofficial one has been posted…) We are awaiting Feedback Poll Thread  no 4 soon, anytime now!…

Yes! It has arrived while the Mibbler was published! Go and vent or just give your opinion on the Great Winter Hunt so far: Feedback Poll #4

The best way to get SeaGou?

“The best way to get SG potions…is to use SG! The drop rate approaches 6% with the best trap setup (Chillbot/Spellbook Base)…making hunting with SG nearly self-sustainable, if using SB+ to convert.”- Chad in: Whats the best way to get SeaGou Potions?

Next to this option, we were still wondering whether to use brie/swiss to increase attraction of steel mice which drop the seasoned gouda pots, when a statistician posted his numbers. It is a long list of numbers, but post no 3 holds something in readable text:

“It’s not a good idea to use brie to try attracting more steel mice. It looks like it’s identical, or less. Truth be told, the main difference between gingerbread and brie seems to be that gb is still attracting more elves; festive attraction is pretty close.”

source: [Data] Some consolidated event stats 17-19th December

Clash of Opinions on the workings of “Attraction Bonus”

I can’t repeat the discussion. It was mind-boggling. I can summarize though.

The First part of the discussion went something like this (example here!): Amongst others, Aelith made note of her experience: “I am using a low-med attraction setup and it works better than using high attraction setup (have no idea why).” – (in 3rd feedback poll, post 654)

The opposite and next move comes from David L. a few posts lower: “Lower attraction bonus can’t possibly help you focus on a specific mouse. Please don’t start the attraction bonus argument again.” (in 3rd feedback poll, post 658)
David was referring to not repeating the Heated debate on =what works for you= against =what is statistically proven= to be the inner workings of this game.

Well, i have personally sidestepped the Partybot, and here’s what: i am actually catching Loot now! I don’t mind if this is really possible or not, or whether this is repeatable, i am happy for now!


Potentially good news on Trap Checks Fix

Moderator Ashley told us on 14th dec: “Through the efforts of everybody in this thread, we isolated exactly what caused the most common instance of missed trap checks. Through this, Andrew was able to find the broken code and (…)”
Andrew refined the news a tat into: “I’ve found the bug, yes, but the fix I was working on causes other serious issues right now. I’m hoping to get it fixed over the next couple of days, but there’s still quite a bit of work left.

Moderator Michele posted on 15th dec: “Fix is now live – posting here so I can see if any more missing trap checks are reported after this time.”

source: Official-Missed-trap-Checks-Bug-Report-Thread

Quick Thread-Tips for the New Forum:

– Now more then ever: Sixteen Important Things to Remember When Playing Mousehunt
– A poll of actual catches: Ice of heart owners, what cheese did you use?
Anyone check the eggnog the last few days? Something seems to have come out of it o.o
– Thread: iPhone OS 3.0+ support
Current Known Issues (Last updated 17th Dec 8pm GMT)

– When you like dilemmas like this: “Say a mouse is attracted 1% of the time (1 out of 100 hunts on average). How many hunts must one player do to give a 99% chance of seeing the mouse?” 
Go here: Random statistics question

– No complaining here, No whining, No negativity. Just relaxing, fun posts, talk about anything positive, holiday fun included. You may have waffles with maple syrup in this thread as well *nom nom nom* … The Cup O’ Tea Thread

– Oh and this is not on the Forums, but something to take note of if you haven’t seen it already:
“Digby scientists have made a breakthrough in their research of frozen fromage! The new description reads: “This small morsel of frozen bait has been magically frozen. The scientists of Digby discovered a morsel of Nugmeg Cheese is frozen inside, a known favorite of the Squeaker Claws Mouse. At its current melting rate, the ice should be weak enough to break sometime around December 23, 2010.”


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Dragon with Rhinobot not Impossible!

Whoever said “Nothing is impossible”, obviously didn’t go try stapling jelly to a tree, but he did try catch a Dragon with Rhinobot & Trible base. Kyuuzu K.S. caught a Dragon mouse with the above setup. Of course some discussion broke out saying this is a glitch. And it very well may be. Not that Kyuuzu did not catch that Dragon. But as in: we can’t repeat it.

Oh and it is Improbable. But that leads to a whole new discussion probably :p

source: Dragon with Rhino << Jees: this is the first casualty of the dissappearance of the old DB’s! The thread is gone! O.o Believe me please!

Prize mice FTC’s…

Many hunters are reporting ftc Prize Mice, and the rest of us wonder if any have been caught?
Two that we know off: one by my friend Martin K, and i witnessed this catch. And we know Aaron caught a Snooty and lost all his prize power with that catch…

Happy Birthday Sean!

One of the more famous mousehunters turned two the other day, and he came up with some impressive insights on how much time he must have spend at the laptop or computer to have this mice-count and horn-calls being made! Rather intimidating! I did some calculations and from sheer shock ended up outside playing with that snow!

Thank you Sean (author of THE Guide!) for sending me outdoors and to the drawing table! And huge congratulations on your second MH-Birthday!

source: Today is my 2-year MH anniversary

Scientific facts show why you STILL don’t have a Heart of Ice

Adeeb knows all about hearts of Ice: “Scrooge mice are mammals and mammals only have one heart. Unfortunately for you the scooge mice’s heart is made of ice. Mice being warm blooded animals have a general body temperture of around 36.9 degrees Celcius. Ice melts at 0 degrees Celsius/ 32 Farenheight/ 273.15 kelvin. Hence the Heart of Ice which a Scrooge posseses will definitely melt and cause it to die even before it reaches our trap. This also explains the scarcity of the mouse as they are actually dying all around your trap but not on it.”

The ONLY way you can catch a Scrooge mouse’s Heart, is if it follows these specific conditions: Scientific facts which shows why you STILL don’t have a Heart of Ice

Well, apart from those conditions, maybe singing a nice song for Scrooge and hugging the Teddy Bear, may help! ^^

Let’s Build the King a Bigger Castle

I was absolutely wondering what to do with that mount of Splintered Wood i am unwillingly gathering. It’s getting to dangerous heights! 
Shad G. has found a solution: Building the King a BIGGER castle!

I’m a’waitin’ cuz I hev read th’ end o’ th’ story….

Annette S. predicts Scrooge Madness Generosity on the Heart of Ice and maybe even other loot drops. According to Annette this will happen once the final Christmas Ghost Mouse is released:
“Cuz in the book, Scrooge has a change of heart after all three ghosts came to visit him…”

source: I’m a’waitin’ cuz I hev read th’ end o’ th’ story….

Last but not Least: Why is the Moon green?

Appropriate Question these days with Moon Eclipses and Winter Solstices going on. Maybe the answer will hold something about us Mousehunters moaning wildly…
Just the Question for Larry >> as we plainly all can see…


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to mr. Stick for giving me warm feet and red cheeks and some believe in Lootdrops again!
Thanks to Jon S. for helping me find my Loots! * relief *

Todays cookies … are Homemade Catnip Cookies!
With an alternative for everyone who is busy and already suffering from the buzz of the time of year

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

Mibbler – 28

Hello Mousehunt Heroes… here comes the Rollerrrrrcoaster! Put on your Winter jackets and sing Halleluyah! Hug the Elves: the party has begun!

On Wednesday about 21 gmt the Ticker says: The Festive Comet is approaching Gnawnia! The game will be unavailable for a few minutes while the Great Winter Hunt is setup. Set up? Yeah … preparations of course. And then it will be actually coming next Tuesday, hm?!

Were we proven wrong soon, as the Ticker announcement was quickly followed by a newsmessage from the Nibbler – Yay It’s Alive! * you all know i am still a Big Fan don’t you?! – and the Nibbler knew this: “The Festive Comet is quickly approaching Gnawnia and is about to crash! The Great Winter Hunt is just about here a little later today! Are you ready Mousehunters?”

Well… yes, no, yes of course! But? What are the chances of the Comet having exactly the same trajectory and speed and then again ending up in exactly the same place in Gnawnia? Aaaaah! All run for cover!

source – The Nibbler: MouseHunt Daily News

Festive Comet has Landed – The Great Winter Hunt has Begun!

It’s not complicated – at least not yet! Just go to the Festive Comet & catch Elf mice! 
Read all in the newsmessage as its clear and sound and i won’t repeat it here in full:
* The newspost on Festive Comet (
on FB)
* The newspost on Festive Comet (
on Moushuntgame.com)

Ooooh and the mice are dressed up! So don’t forget to put on your :) partyhat!

= Gift Boxes =
The content of the packages and gifts the Elfs bring is amazingly good and heartily welcomed amongst hunters! Wanna see what’s in them? (Not all of it all the time of course! You greedy one!)
Go see the Gift Box Content spreadsheet

If you have some Gift-content to report that is not yet listed, go here: ****Loot Compilition for each box ****

The gift Boxes can, after you caught one, be send to friends as well, through the Give to Friends option.

= The return of the… =
The Candy Cane Base is back! Get one from the Trapsmith at the Festive Comet!

The Gingerbread House Blueprints are back as well…Elves drop em as Loot sometimes! Some hunters who missed out last year, are soooo happy!

= Gingerbread Cheese =
The Elfs like Gingerbread cheese… check out the Festive shop for the Gingerbread planks, send some to friends, get some in return,  smash em and you are on your way! If the Gingerbread is no good for ye, just switch to brie or Candy Corn Cheese: why not?

= Who’s caught the most Elf Mice? =
Check out this new scoreboard and see! Just go to the scoreboard page and click on ‘Festive’.

= Gift Shop =
Way out! The little Elfs even wrap the gifts before sending them to the recipient! And can we only send 1 plank at a time? Yes, that’s how it’s intended to be. (Fact by Michele)

But there are also “Gift Page Display Issues: Some players have a messed up gift page – for reference here are the gold prices for the gifts:
Greeting Card 500 gold
Mistletoe 1000 gold
Candies 3500 gold
Icing sugar 3500 gold
Plank 6000 gold
Snow Globe 25000 gold”

source: Current Known Issues (Last updated …)

* Make sure you can attend the Great Winter Star Ceremony on November 29th *

Now pay attention as this is completely new this year:
“Just before the start of December is the Great Winter Star Ceremony. It’s a celebration held by the King where the previous year’s Winter Star is removed from the top of the tree and the new one is placed on top. Some mice truly despise the festivities, so there is sure to be some trouble.

Mark November 29th on your calendars – The King will need help making sure no unruly mice crash the party.”

How the devs celebrated the arrival of the Festive Comet?

With a platter of late-night Tacos! Of course! :)
HitGrab Inc.

MouseHunt iPhone app… another step forwards:

MouseHunt iPhone app… has been submitted for approval. Cross your fingers MouseHunters!
Cap’n HitGrab Inc./ IPhone submittal


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

Will you wait till 25th Dec to open your presents?

So what’s this all about you say? Well did you know its bad luck to open up Christmas Presents before Christmas Day “December 25th”. You may be in good company for keeping your presents…. but there are many many hunters that can’t help themselves and open em right away:

source:  *~ The I’m Not Opening My Presents Till Christmas Thread ~*

New Mice: Question Marks in the Mice Page!
– and a Bonus -?-

The new Question mark Mice names are:

Missle Toe Mouse, Snow Fort Mouse, Wreath Thief Mouse, Slay Ride Mouse and Squeaker Claws!

You can look up the -?- in your Mousepage under ‘Event’.

Jessica C pointed out Another Question Mark: the Windmill. It’s apparently gone missing. From the map that is… If you click on travel and on one of the cute little arrows? What do ye see? Gone: No Windmill! Let’s call it GhostMill shall we?!

Hey the devs noticed this! It’s back! (Since saturday afternoon) And with a special festive Candy touch to it!

Will the Old Winter mice make a come-back? SantaDevs, please?

Many a hunter and huntress are keeping their fingers crossed for a re-appearance of last Winter’s special mice!

“My fingers are crossed and I’m making big wibbly mookie eyes: I missed some of the special event mice in the ’09 Winter Hunt, and am hoping we’ll have an opportunity to catch some of those this year. Oh please, oh please, oh please, Santa Devs~  (Also, I want a pony.)” – Xstine/Christine B.

We will for sure know more about what’s still to come, when the Great Winter Star Ceremony begins on November 29th! * wink wink *

source (Xstine wishlist on page 3): Festive Comet has Landed – The Great Winter Hunt has Begun!

The answer came during Feedback Friday:

Franco & Jacob have told us that the “old” Winter mice will make a come-back! :)
Go read the Feedback Friday Review for 26th of november

In need of Winter hunting Guidance?

THE Guide to Mousehunt has promised an update on the Festive Comet as soon as the hunting there gets a bit more complicated… For now we have an unofficial guide on the new boards, which also thinks the hunting there is not complicated as of yet. But hey! The new hunters that didn’t hunt in the Kingdom last winter may still be happy for some guidance:

source: The Unofficial Guide to The Great Winter Hunt 2010!

And yes, we all know where to go to get the best Gold-benefits. But what if you can not go to Cats yet? Where to go for Gold hm? Go take your questions (and advices) to the discussion for the not-yet-legendary Hunters here:

source: best place for gold if you cant get to cats?

On New Traps and what to expect? Managing Expectations!

All vented wishes and high hopes on the Discussion Boards for new Traps to perhaps come during this Winter hunt…  remind me of that discussion i was reading not too long ago: About High Luck LE Traps.

The discussion started off with a -to me- incomprehensible text with formulas in it. And i so agreed with the next poster who uttered: “Statistics make my head explode. Any summary/bottomline?” With a little patience it showed up in the thread a little later:

“I’m told by Paul H. that LE traps will continue to have lower and lower luck because the devs have finally recognized that high luck ruins all balance. Traps like the Kraken Chaos which don’t even have 20 luck still outdo the Heatbath – that’s just sad. Forget 30 luck, we may never get 25 again.”  Sean d’H.

So the analyzing and strategerising part of our community agrees on this expectation… just so you all know what to expect. Probably.

source: Luck Vs Power

The MHK has a new Chef!

With great thanks and some sadness in our hearts we say goodbye to Tess O.: We wish her all the best In Real Life! And we welcome Steve W. with a big applause for taking over as Chef Cuisiner!

Steve has already been heard muttering the famous words: “Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness” and “Chocolate is a perfect food, wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power” and: “Skinny cooks can’t be trusted”.

But we shouldn’t spy on him from so up close, it’s the main good works that he has taken on immediately and that is to get  the lower ranks hunters acquaintanced with the Kitchen! And ehm, if you ever hand over a new recipe for testing to the Chef, be sure to use a *pink* bow to wrap it up!

The MHK introduction in the Newcomers Lounge: Are you looking for a crafting recipe?

The Recent Issues Thread: worth visiting once in a while!

Don’t think you’ve Been there Seen that! Because the -Current Known Issues- thread is being regularly updated and kept very neat & tidy. So do check back every now & again.
Current Known Issues (Last updated … GMT)

* More Tips for starting to use the New Forum

The mass of the hunters have found their way to the new Forums, managed to log on and managed to post once in a while. The old Forums are looking more & more slim and empty with each passing day. I will one day try to write up how “Friends” and “Groups” work on the new Forum… but Facebook is not phasing out those functionalities yet, so why hurry. We are still firmly rooted into the thing, aren’t we? :p

– Christine W. started the unofficial Hi5-Tavern, as it seems the two platforms on which to play Mousehunt, are sorta out of synch & different…: The Unofficial Hi5 Tavern v0.0

– Yay for the Goode Works!
Despite that the newcomers Month came to an end a month ago, there are still lovely initiatives going strong to help out the starting Mousehunter in his/her Queste for a new fancy Trap!
source: Treb & Cheese giveaway

– The Official Feedback Mailbag is back! For the second week in a row! But it was late and that’s why it’s probably still open for your Questions at the time of printing this Mibbler! Run and post your Question! (Or keep an eye on the next week’s one):  **Official FeedBack Friday Mailbag** 26th Nov**

Oh Oh… by now: you are too Late! Go read the Feedback Friday Review for 26th of november

– A new section has been made in the Forum especially for this:

“Looking to meet and greet fellow festive hunters? In the giving mood and looking for new friends to share gifts with? Discuss everything festive here!”

New Forum: Great Winter Hunt >>


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

And more Mousehunt Songs of course!

Haven’t we all studied Mousehunt Lyrics to Evergreens these past months! Now Malcolm picked a non-traditional this time… and man did he grasp the Mousehunt Festive Mood! :) Hallelujah to ye!

“Maybe you’ve had good advice
But all I’ve learned from hunting mice
Was how to love each new mouse that they drew ya…

And so the cry you’ll hear at night
Is not somebody who mourns his plight
It’s a joyous, HitGrab-sponsored, “Hallelujah!”

source: Hallelujah!

Mousehunt: Labour of Love
(and bread, yes that too)

If anybody still has doubts after this heartwarming song, now is the time to let go of your disbelief! Dev Andrew wrote:
“Mousehunt is a for-profit business, but also a labour of love. If we were doing it just for the money, I can guarantee things would be a little more Farmville. The players are our customers, and we try to maintain good relationships with them. We hope you’ll enjoy our upcoming Holiday event – it’s got a lot of great content, fantastic art and time-tested mechanics…”

I’d say: Thank you for the music, the Mice your drawing… Thanks for all the Joy your bringing! (ok. sorry there… I promise to leave the songlyric-rewriting to Malcolm next time!)

source, (post 42): Devs, just a simple reminder for the the Great Winter Hunt 2010 Event…

Teeny detailed Teasing Edges to the winter stuff…

All the love in the world won’t keep the devs from teasing.
Teasing us, teasing eachother… they like to tease and have a little fun! I think the following falls into this category. Or as Herman N. phrased it:

“Collectors need 3 CoTs and 3 Rhinos now… Hardcore.”

And not that the following is related, but where otherwise to put the tiny edgy stuff?
Have you all noticed there are two festive shields? One for the black regular shield and one for the Golden Lucky one: clearly one wins, as it looks so much more festive! o.-


MouseHunt University and The Tavern Times Christmas Celebration!

This great Christmas Celebration is about to start (as it is the first Advent coming Sunday right?)

“So far we have 4 types of comps/give-a-aways:
#1 – Advent Calendar – One person wins a large amount of gold per day
#2 – The 12 days of Christmas – Multiple People win Smaller amounts of gold for the 12 days leading up to Christmas
#3 – Bounty Hunts
#4 – Trap Help Programs”

The Prize pot is amazing! There’s bound to be many winners here!
Just to get in the mood, go and look at this awesome celebrations-poster made & submitted for the poster-contest!

Go attend the MHU-TTT Christmas Celebrations!

When to abort a ZT run?

Ha ha, as much as i like this Lightfooted edition :) there’s still some serious stuf around. Many a hunter was caught in the middle of a Zugzwangs Towerrun when the Comet fell. If there is one strategic question i keep trying to put out of my mind and that keeps entering in with every hurtfull Tower run… it is this one!
But now we have the answer: When the Festive Comet comes to town!

On a more serious note, is Silver/Zlatko B.’s advice:
“People always say that 10% is minimum without catching a queen, but that really depends on your patience and willingness to spend precious cheese on red boxes. Two rooks and a queen will lower your amp by 19% in total. At 70%, it’s perfectly possible to catch a king. i think that catching king isn’t such a problem if you’re left with more than 20%. it’s possible to do it below 20% also, but it won’t look pretty.”

DrawnCSC/Yavor S.’s advice = “Stay until you got about 15% and still no queen. You will only waste Gouda, time and nerves for nothing.”

I like the wasted Nerves bit. Sure feels like it… Think i will heed this one!

source: When to abort a ZT run?

Smashing sb+ back and forth

Oh my God, what do you do if you accidentally smashed 1000 SB+ instead of 100?

Luckily Friday the 26th seems to be a lucky Draw-day for so many hunters! We even wondered whether the Draw-process got stuck somehow, as it seemed to keep on going?!  A friend of mine reported this: “Won 25 sb+. Third win same draw”
Very busy day for the raffle. :D

ok.! Everybody was a tat too loud about that Raffle going astray! The Known Issues Thread now (since 8am gmt) boasts: “Daily Raffle – This has been disabled while a couple of issues are fixed.”

source for what to do when you accidentally smashed your sb+supply: Can you smash magic essence back to superbrie?

A Big Bear Mouse for sure!

Darko V. caught this Big one:

Your Stats – Heaviest Catch: 3 lb. 12 oz.
Global Stats- Heaviest Catch: 1 lb. 14 oz.

Don’t think the message shows a problem. Michele is all on top of the Global heaviest catch weight being lower then the personal one: “Global mouse stats no longer display catches heavier than the current weight cap for that mouse. If your heaviest catch is higher than the global one it is likely that you caught it prior to v3, or in the first 2 weeks of v3 before the cap was introduced.
Except the Bear, who has just come off his diet but his global stats have not updated yet” – Michele.

Who worries about stats when having wrestled with such a huge mouse and come out a winner?! All will be sorted in the end no doubt!

Heaviest bear in MH :D

Last but not Least: …we want to see the snow falling!

Of course we want the snowglobe to be shaken! Not stirred please. ^^
Go and cast your vote on the shaking of the snowglobe here:

source: Make the Snowglobe shakeable.


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Animal, Erin M. & MP!

Todays cookies …. are Winter-cookies!

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece, or maybe even a whole edition of the Mibbler, can send the copy, the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box

# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.

# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.

# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

# The Mibbler Fanpage on FB

Mibbler – 11

I was still trying to wake up from a nasty afternoon sleep that had me completely taken over. To come back to the mousehunt page to find it was not there. The tiny mouse was telling us an update was taking place… When the game came back up, i was still dabbing my eyes as somebody was really quick and bright :) and posted this:

“After this last update, be sure and click on “Mice” and see the changes and new question marks!” – Judy B.

* Today’s game update: Of Crowns and Meeces

# King’s Crowns

These trophy crowns will be awarded to hunters upon catching a breed of mouse 10, 100 and 500 times. You can view the crowns you have collected both on the Mice page, and on your profile in a designated tab.
Rather nice detail: when somebody gains a crown, it shows up with a message like this in your journal and profile page: “I caught my 100th Chameleon Mouse and earned a Silver Kings Crown!”Amost instantly the first thread asking: “So how many crowns do you have?” appeared in the forums.

# Mice page changes

There are now indicators on the Mice page to tell you how many mice from a specific group or region you have caught. The green ‘check’-mark is for when you have caught all mice in a group. There are different colours for having caught like 10 or 100 of all mice in the same group.
Some hunters have noted glitches with these coloured checkmarks in this first release. Checkmarks also seem to be off for the mice when arranged regionally. All of which will no doubt be fixed ‘soon’ ;)
Also new: Power type effectiveness has been added to the mouse popups to let hunters see what power type is best against a particular mouse.

# Bubbles

Pay attention: the new Bubbles are non-consumable! O.o Keep the high-heeled glasses in the cabinet please! High risk of breaking your marbles * cough * … ehm, your Crystal!
As we indeed noticed earlier this week: Zugzwang’s Tower has been spotted in Rodentia! Unfortunately, Zugzwang’s pet octopus, Bubbles, is quite protective of its master, and is preventing any ship from approaching the tower. In a future update, hunters will have to find a way to coerce the aquatic beast into letting them sail toward the tower. Although no hunter has been able to land yet, some details have been collected from ship wreckage floating past the S.S. Huntington II…

# 35 New Mice

What little details are now known about the tower and island have been added to the mouse page: Two new breeds of mice have appeared there: the Seasonal Soldiers (new mice 23) and the Wizard’s Pieces (new mice 12). Both new breeds of mice seem weak to tactical weapons.

From the ever-changing vistas of Zugzwang’s garden come the Seasonal Soldiers, a group of mice who have been infused with the magic of the four seasons. If you want to draw these ‘seasoned’ veterans in, use normal cheeses, such as swiss, brie, gouda or SUPER|brie+ and a tactical trap, but know this: The Hunter seeking true mastery of the Seasonal Soldiers must find the special weaknesses that are unique to each season.

Fighting a perpetual battle within the enchanted halls of Zugzwang’s tower are the Wizard’s Pieces, warrior mice who follow a complicated and rigid set of rules in order to achieve victory. On one side is the Technic army, brimming with metalworks and gadgets, and on the other, the Mystic army, who use spells and charms to gain the upper hand. You’ll have to defeat the entire chess set to reach the king, so plan your moves carefully!

Due to these descriptions, there’s already a fair bit of thinking aloud and some speculation on the possible but hidden Zug-mices special weaknesses, going on in this thread: source: http://bit.ly/bYzCex

# Other small changes and additions in today’s update…

There is now a small chance to receive scrap metal when capturing a Steel Mouse using the Digby Drillbot or the Chrome Drillbot.

The full Newspost from the Developers, including a small list of what they are working on next is here: http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/newspost.php?news_post_id=24

= This just in =

“Mouse totals are wrong since the King’s Crowns… Well, it could be that 141 is actually the correct total, and the old figure of 90 was wrong. Devs?

<a few minutes later>

From Michele, our mod & mousehunt support worker:

If you have caught an event mice in a region, your regional total may state that you caught more mice than are currently available in the region (example: 55 out of 33). We’re working on removing event mice from these totals.


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* MHCC included in the Wiki

MHCC reached 750 members, and therefore now has her own Mousehunt Wiki page. MHCC might have something to do with the new Crowns-update, they are shy to boast but very happy with the latest update. The MHCC-page: http://mhwiki.hitgrab.com/wiki/index.php/MouseHunt_Century_Club

* Simple tale about Luck and its Whims…

Somebody posted THE statistical question that’s on every hunters mind – while most have no idea it is a statistical question at all! It goes like this: Say the Silth’s catch rate is 10%, which is 1 catch per 10 attractions. Say I’ve missed 10 silths… does my chance of catching a silth on the next attraction increase, or is it the same as if I’d never attracted a single one?
Can you picture the tension building after so many misses? The hunter starts thinking: it cant be far off now, anytime soon its bound to be! And it is not. This hunter and me too, we are suffering from a Gambler’s Fallacy:

All hunts in Mousehunt are independent. So every time you attract a Silth you will always have 10% chance to catch it or not, regardless of how many prior attractions you’ve had. Please dont bet on your luck turning up just because it has previously been bad. Be guided by this easy peasy rule instead: “Statistics becomes confusing when you start thinking about events in the PAST and events in the FUTURE.”

Despite all statistics and coins flipped in theory… even for statisticians it boils down to this pretty Zen-statement one of them made in the thread: “You get what you get.”
source: http://bit.ly/aqLLPn

* Who has the best average MH-Career?!

Find out the number of days you’ve been playing with this: http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html Then find your average horns per day and mice per day, and see how well you’ve done. Can you match the first Topic-poster’s 29 horn calls per day on average & 41 mice per day on average?

source and list of accomplished mousehunt carreers: http://bit.ly/9FiS7l


==== Rumours, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Crafting an airship? With what?

Hunters were wondering all weekend how we will do it: get to that floating Zugzwang’s Tower, an island in the sky? But it is pretty clear that because we cannot go by sea, we will need to set sail on an airship. What crafting materials will we need? And will we need parachutes? http://ifightrobots.com/images/catplane.jpg
Or will we be teleported? As simple as that? Can any of us swim?
And ofcourse: Can we eat the Octopus please? @.o

source: http://bit.ly/cYJ2KZ

* Last but not Least:

A smart and football-wise hunter on the Forum was very quick in pointing out a possible remarkable resemblance between Bubbles and Paul the Octopus…


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Jane B. for sending in the ‘Statisticians on Luck’ thread!

From friday on i will be on holidays. With a one-woman-crew this means there will be no Mibbler for a time-period of about 2,5 a 3 weeks.

Now be carefull with these Octo-Cookies, dont let them grab you! http://bit.ly/9YOEYk

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors. # No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

Mibbler – 1

*** Introduction *

Its sort off a shock after a long time having a clear goal: going forwards and onwards! And for some it was along time formulating our own goals as ‘all was achieved’ inside the Mousehunt game. Now all of a sudden there’s lots to do! And still more coming every week! For many this feels like: aaaargh what first? where shall i go? But we will adjust Judy :) oh yes we will. To help me out now i made a list of what i still need, mouse-wise. And of what some goals might be… I am still not very focused, but at least i am no longer all over the place.

The Nibbler ‘paper’ has stopped. This is old news ofcourse, but aren’t we still adapting? Especially since all these new developments and updates and happenings the loss is felt! Browsing the forums is all one can do to keep up… There’s two new ‘papers’ posted regularly in the tavern, but right now i would not recommend one yet as the ‘new Nibbler’.
And well, it’s not easy to live up to that level of newscatering as the Nibbler had its sources inside the Castle at times and a crew of 4 to 8. Please dont expect this Mibbler of ours to ever be that great, but there is something we can do to keep eachother informed:

We are gonna try and post a Mibbler with news and information once a week. “MhHitM is all we need! Rata tadada!” Make that, for pronunciation and singing along: “Mibbler is all we need… Rata tadada! “

– No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
– No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
– Anybody who has news or wants to write a fluffy piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy to my pm-box.
– Any news that is worthwhile information on an area or level will be integrated into the MhHitM FAQ Threads. Mibblers may dissappear, as old news does… gets used for the fishes and such ^^
– If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

** New gadgets that need promotion: the Gorgon Trap and the Molten Shrapnel Base *

The new trap, the Gorgon Trap, was new with last week’s update but was not mentioned in the dev’s newspost. Some cosy hunters found it in a dark corner of the Cape Clawed’s Store. Both price-wise as stats-wise, it’s the long awaited in between Clock & BG-trap. Stats: http://mhwiki.hitgrab.com/wiki/index.php/Gorgon_Trap
For those working hard to get a Gorgan Trap, MhHitM has opened a trep-help program for it!

A new base that can be crafted, the Molten Shrapnell Base. You can find a thread about that one here, as hunters on the forums have worked hard to crack the secret recipe – as of old, we reported the goings on of the Shrapnel Base in the Making in here: http://tinyurl.com/shrapnelbase
Recipe: http://mhwiki.hitgrab.com/wiki/index.php/Molten_Shrapnel_Base

You need 200 metal scrap for that one, so it will be a while for most of us to scrap that together ^^

*** Latest new mice:

The last two new mousies added this week were officially meant to be launched with the Windmill & Gnawnia adjustments, but these two were not ready yet, so they got added a bit later: – the Spotted mouse (meadow) and – the Cherry mouse (Calm Clearing, and for this one you need a special cheese and a potion to make it, also to beget in the Calm Clearing).
The devs’ newspost on Cherry: http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/newspost.php?news_post_id=17
MAK has made a thread for exchanging info on these two: http://tinyurl.com/spottedcherry

There are (or were?) Glitchpaws released this week. :) Dev’s have been sneakily unclear on how long they will be here for. The forums have been filled with little and longer threads on which locations had the most catches of Glitchpaws, especially Lagoon and Jungle were ‘hot’. But since the first “i have 100 Glitchpaws” – thread appeared, which actually sortoff coincided with FBF on friday, the excess of Glitchpaws caught in some areas have ‘dried up’. Nobody knows whether we have hunted them a tat too well, or whether it was never meant to be that numerous. There is just the occasional catch reported now.

*** Mousehunt Funbar

The ticker invites you hunter to go install the Mousehunt Funbar. Ofcourse were we all awaiting the sb+-for-3-searches-function as it was in the Toolbar, but this is not fully functional yet. Devs are still looking into how to realise that. In the mean time reports keep coming in of the Funbar’s effects on the Horn showing up or not showing up at all and additional windows opening. If i were you i would wait a bit with installing, for the devs to tweak and twist this latest addition. But if you are tight for sb+: if you do install you will get 10 sb+ from the devs :)

= This just in =

While i wrote this the reference in the Ticker has been deleted. Seems the devs have caught up with the tiny problems themselves! =

*** Giftbasket for sb+ & Golden Shield *

Oh so cute! And a grand way of gifting sb+ to a friend or Hero as they will get a Golden Shield with it for the duration of a month! :) You will find the link for the Giftbasket on your camppage for now. Rumour has it it will not stay there forever. Ofcourse it also shows up when you click the regular Donate thingy ^^

I am so not going to go into the discussion of the game overpromoting sb+ or making sb+ far too critical inside the game. My opinion for now is its far too soon to have conclusions at the ready, i am studying the behaviour of new recruits and the ways they find inside the game, before burning my fingers & tongue and whatever on the subject.The price on the market is still skyrocketing and thats not a good thing nor a good sign. I am wondering what the group that promised us some market-price-action is waiting for?

*** Goodluck & Happy Hunting :)

You might not yet have finished the Balack’s Cove challenge? And you might not yet have finished running up that Gauntlet? But its all staying (not the Glitchpaws) and you will have plenty of time to get there. So if you are confused: you will get it sorted in time my dear! :*

*** Last but not least:

Friday 16 July was MAK’s 2nd MH anniversary – 2 years of Moushunting! By now you will have missed the sb-lottery in honour of the day, but dont hesitate to go congratulate her in the thread! Hip hip hip Hurray! :D