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Mibbler 37 *** slow-restart! ***

While in the past week somebody levelled up to Grand Duke, it didnt get the amount of attention it usually does. The new area: ‘Muridae Market’ and the new base, were way more prominent in keeping hunters “occupied”! This is again a slow-food-version of the old Mibbler, but hopefully helpfull to find your way through that Jungle called the Mousehunt Forum.

I was trying to find Guides for the Muridae Market…

…when i ran into this thread that poses like a Guide on Muridae Market. It holds a “Preliminary To-Do list” for Muridae Market:

“1. Hunt mice for construction materials
2. Rebuild General Store (gives more construction loot via loot exchanges)
3. Rebuild Trapsmith (if you have monstro/sphynx, you would do this last)
4. Rebuild Charm Shoppe (needed for Artisan charms)
5. Use Artisan Charms to get Papyrus loot
6. Rebuild Cartographer w/Papyrus loot
7. Purchase Living Garden Key
8. Rebuild Cheese Shop (apparently easiest, but more of a convenience than a necessity)

If you find the question of what shops to rebuild first interesting, go to post 30 on the same thread: it orders the choices depending on your trap collection.

Have you noticed the cognitive gap between the MM Catchrate and the looks of the Muridae too? >>
“I think the primary reason people think it’s a fluke is because, well, the mice look ridiculous. They wouldn’t care if they were missing ferocious-looking Warmongers, but a mouse chewing a log in half?! There must be something wrong with my Monstro! ” (post 197, by TheDeviant-aka-Ashwinee Panda)

Q: Muridae Market good for Gold?
A: Not as good as Derr. But look at the points!
source >>

And of course you wondered: “Does the top display image change to a well built market after the 5 shops are rebuilt?”
Apparently it does. (source for that.)

Thanks for the new area Devs!

Just in case you wanna say it: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?31416-Thanks-for-the-new-area-Devs!

Furoma’s New CRE Tool progress

Furoma MouseHunt Tools: “Just a quick update, the new CRE tool is currently in beta stage of testing. Hopefully it’ll be ready by the end of the month.”

News from ~*~*~The Ultimate BotS~*~*~

There’s some movements behind the scenes hunters! The Diva’s & the Dom’s are going to test the waters of the Den halfway through june, just for fun & testing purposes ^^
But yes, there may be another Battle of the Sexes, if there are hunters willing to help organising! Sign up if you can help out!
The BoTs-page said: “So it seems like a repeat battle may not be feasible, unless Divas and Doms get users that are interested and reliable to help out with the work load…”
If you can, raise your hand!

Sphnyx Trap is Overrated – It’s either that or something has happened to Furoma! o.o

Actually the good Furoma-run-profits may have come to an end: “Horn Tracker data shows a clear drop with the exact same set-up before and after ~early March…” 
source: The SPhynx trap is overrated… >>

In another thread the discussion is picked up and Andrew Ward continues there: “So… you think the tweak was generic rather than specific to furoma? ” (post 141 in thread)

Cyrus answers: “Alternative explanation, in light of points brought up in Nathan’s recent topic named after the Sphynx Wrath: mouse powers are fine, effectiveness is fine, but we need to revamp our estimated catch rate formula because the devs adjusted something and it’s now overpredicting catch rates. ” (post 14 in thread)

That is one demanding task for the modellers-statisticians!

Last Ronza Visit revisited?

There is a post-visit debate on whether last Ronza-visit was a scam compared to earlier ones. Of course the pain is mostly due to going broke after the visit and then all them expensive traps coming up – which are better too… but some also debate the pain from the changes Moustachio the charmer brought…
But do go read yourself, it may help you get a perspective to future visits perhaps…

ps: “Ronza’s traps are always better because of the low point requirements and cheaper than the normal trap equivalents.” – post 20 in thread. ^^

Luck Lootdrops & Traffic lights

Do you believe that when you wave your hand at red lights, you actually are making the light turn green by using the Force? If the answer is yes, then you probably also believe that luck does boost loot drop.
I wave at traffic lights all the time, but this comparison is coming from the still lively thread “Luck does not boost Loot” (post 541 and on)

Lately one hunter called Faron (in post 544) has recalculated the ratio and it seem that (at least for Derr) luck does boost Lootdrops

Seems the Final Answer is still out there…
source >>

Old Debate Firing up

Ha ha, there’s a hidden debate about Real and non-real hunters on the Forums these days. It’s hidden as it is inside another thread-title: ‘For-those-who-has-rebuilt-all-5-shops-in-market’: source >>

It’s of course about the distiction between buying your way through the game and hunting for it… as in: buying your charms in a basket versus rebuilding the charm shop. A new variance on the old donating-debate. This can be an never-ending debate as we have see before, with lots of grey-grounds in the middle to fuss & argue about.
I do have sensitive feelings about me being a real huntress though ^^
But whatever you are or however much you donate, we can all agree on this cant we? >> “A very B I G C O M P L I M E N T to all non donating hunters ! ! !” (BlackSimon in post 33)

Oh and please do keep donating and buying all sorts of goodies! We love that many many hunters out there can play this game for free!

Papyrus B… <oops: carefull threading!>

Whatever everyone says about the new Papyrus base (and everyone seems to have an opinion), the poll “Will you buy it nor not” holds a nice summary on this base:

“There are 2 options:
1) U have Magma base, end of discussion
2) U have NO magma base, craft it!”

Ah well: that is after you got all the material for it of course.
source >>

More Papyrus – the Ruckus! @.@

So, reaching the Muridae, many hunters seems by then to have forgotten about the Bottemless Grave. And now there’s much debate about that new base that came out last week. Me i am not bothered by it, seen it before, been there done that. Skipping the threads or posts, so nice of the forums: it actually let’s you skip items!
Oh wait: Mousehunt let’s you too!

Ah but that was a painfull remark wasn’t it? I will play fair and give you some main threads about it so that you can interfere if you want to on this Papyrus-base-is-not-fair ruckus ^^

The Basic Debate >>
A bit nasty at times, but some of you may like that ;p >>
He he ^^ for the balance >>

Some speculation on =prices of Warmonger Traploot=

We all do wonder & guess whether Sandblasted Metal prices will drop now that a new physical trap is for sale in the Muridae Market and “competing” with it, don’t we? The demand may fall and thus may the prices. But some still say, referring to collector’s partly: “The price will not drop because of the Sentinel trap.”
Then there’s the other line of reasoning projecting the prices will go down: “Sandblasted metal will drop in price over the next few months as the 1st wave of Barons earn their traps and start looting extras…” But on the other hand the last week the amount of hunters in the FW has gone down significantly, and you may start wondering: will hunters indeed keep hunting the Warpath that extensively?

There’s only one speculation all seem to agree on: The Sphinx will stay most wanted and her prices will stay high/up!

Source: Sandblasted Metal prices will drop now?

The Toughest Place…

Just to remind everybody that the toughest area may still be on the mainland >>

Last but not Least:

One of the Fanfictions has now made it into superstar comic style! It’s called: “Let the Hunt Begin, the webcomic” >>

We can all express our admiration in the corresponding Forum thread! Where, as should be, we have of course a few dev Jacob sightings! :)

Don’t forget to Sound your Horn!
Goodluck Hunting :)