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Mibbler – 35

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

Welcome to you all in the quiet, peacefull times of no-events and a somewhat confumbled return to our Mousehunt-chores. I am so happy there was for once not much news in the Kingdom. At least not much that i could keep up with: I might have had a black out, cause i couldn’t see what everyone is writing anymore. These eye-problems of mine, amongst others, have been the reason i was able to spend much time on Mousing & Mibbling these past 6 months. Changes are to come to this, more about that at the very end of this Mibbler so just read on and you will get to that. Take your time reading, no hurries mate!

First things first: some mouse-things did happen in the mean time…

Short recap:Hope Mouse

– Ronza has left Gnawnia and the Hope Mouse came into Action! (official news Post)
– Charm pack 1 is released Charm Pack #1 Released (official news post)

Almost everybody seems back to what they still had to do or finish, whether it be restocking gold, or finding the next bet, the next crown or finally catching their (next) missing mouse. A few mousehunters have been explicitly hunting Hope mice… and the Hope is badly needed with the weather circumstances in Queensland this last month! 
Probably besides that badly needed for a lot of mousers out there anywayz. But they are limited and will go ‘lay low’ soon! How soon? No exact clue.

Oh and ehm, anybody waiting for a Chinese New year event or at least some happy wishes in Mousehunt? Remember the devs do use an outer-space-calender!

King’s Luck Charms on “first” mouse-catch

When a hunter has caught a mouse for the first time and publishes it, you can claim luck charms from their profile-page post. It reads like this: “xxx caught a Bottled Mouse for the first time! To celebrate xxx’s hard work the King is giving out Luck Charms!”
Hmmm, nice way to get more luck charms! At times i am getting this as a result: “Sorry, you may only claim 10 gifts per day.”  So it seems there is a connection between these charms and the gifts.

New on FB This week: FB-connect problems

“The FB Connect site is acting up a bit! Please stick to MouseHunt on Facebook while this is sorted out. Thanks! – MouseHunt” Indeed my friends page and -functionality is still a bit on the slow-side...

Which reminds me: never forget to check in on the Current Known Issues (Last updated 2nd Feb 6.30pm GMT)

Jacob Johnson’s IceWing painting video

From -The Artist Formerly Known as Mousstachio- comes a mouse-painting video. It was painted live during a very special Feedback Friday by Jacob Johnson who took everyone’s suggestions as they continually flowed in and created a mouse truly designed by the community.

Icewing Painting Video [HQ]

Feedback Friday – 3 of those!

Of course we all wonder if the armed Charm will show on our hunter’s profile pages someday? Turns out, it was an oversight. Next we got a little insight on the intricate workings of luck: “Luck is not linear it’s exponential meaning the more you have the more effective it is.” News about the Baron area? They’re pushing hard to complete it by early February but they don’t want to rush it…..

Read all this and more in the reviews of the 21st:
– Jeremiah’s: Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 21st Jan
– and The-always one click away-Review: FBF Review 21 Jan 2011

The second FBF (28th jan.) is full of dry Doughnuts crumbs, but the Juicy stuff is about charms (they will never be smashable!) and about Luck in the Gauntlet (which comes down to 10 luck x 0.000001 lootdrop = … still an infinitesimal bit of higher lootdrops).
Besides that we still wondered  whether we will sometime be able to see images of charms on our traps? The answer is: The devs tried a bunch of different designs but nothing was cool enough. Feel free to submit your ideas!
– MHCC – ultimate surprise writer! :D Jessica is back! – review: *** Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 28th Jan. ***
– Review delivered by Tofu in T(he)TT no.69

Feedback Friday on 4th of february announces that the Lunar New Year and Valentine Day festivities will not be a big event. It is due shortly: New Year will last about 2 weeks and over lap with Valentines day’s. And yes, they are keeping us on our toes re Baron-area… *looking good!* There is some explanation to the extension version numbers of the game, and a lot of talk about Franco’s shop indeed. (Salt people salt!)
– Go read the Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 4th Feb

== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ==

Helpful places on both Charms & Orbs

You are getting these links from me, to check if you know-it-all:
Orb List
– Charms recipes in first post & Orb droppers in spreadsheet: Orbs Loot list
– Compiled info on orbs/charms (includes a faq & on the Old Forums): Compiled List of Orb Drops, Charms, and other Update Info!
– Note: You can use the “Send Supplies” option to give orbs to friends.

Charm recipe chart – nice graphics! – from the MHA, made by Ninz A.
– A rather complete source that started during the race on the new forums (and sorta missed the “Firsts” on the old forum) is: Collection of Charm recepy’s (so far)
– And now that they are around & tried for a bit, there is the Charm page on The Guide to Mousehunt. Recipes, stats and effects of all charms are included.

It sure was a Race: finding the recipe’s…

For first hunters deciphering pack 1 charm recipe’s i have these names:

Elizabeth K. was first for the Antiskele Charm Recipe! (source: The Antiskele Charm Recipe!)
James H. first for Prospector’s charm (source: Prospector’s Charm Recipe)
Ben L. appeared to be first for: rotten charm
Lewis H. appeared to be first for – Anchor Charm (both in: Recipe testing thread)
Robert S. appeared to be first for the Dragonbane (source: Dragonbane Baby!!!!)
Draobyek appeared to be first for the scientist charm (source: Scientist Charm)
Huge congrats to you all on fastness & inventiveness! :)

What to use the Ultimate Luck Charm (ULC) for?

Some hunters wonder about this, and Ahmed put out a poll which makes it possible to see some big-numbers-outcome: most answers go to T7 & “other” ( which may or may not mean something that is yet to come…).
source: what are you going to use the ultimate luck charms for?

We long to know if the Ultimate Luck Charm gives any significant increase in the chance for a Zugzwang’s Left sock from the Chessmaster. But don’t count on it, cause 20 luck times a insignificant small chance is still an insignificant small chance… no, the ULC won’t help in the cases of extremely rare drops like the left sock.
source: ULC for Sock?

UPDATED!!! The Petition for the Tweak of Tiki’s Stats in Tribal Isles…

Runic BaseDo you remember the petition for the Tiki tweak? This is the updated version… and after looking at the votes, who are fairly distributed but slightly in favor of tweaking, the petition now takes  a new turn: The active hunters in this thread have decided to back up their idea with numbers and stats , they have send an email directly to the devs & support.

Numbers & stats lead to this conclusion for now: “Regardless of what the devs are saying, it’s clear that the runic base is certainly not making the mice drop runes double the time compared to other bases. In fact, for ALL of the cases examined, it is dropping runes less frequently per catch.”

Like Dave D. says:  “There’s nothing to say that They™ are not investigating the Runic Issue behind the scenes. Sure it would be nice if they told us they were looking into it”

source: Some Runic base data
source:: UPDATED!!! The Petition for the Tweak of Tiki’s Stats in Tribal Isles…

Now that we are back to hunting Mysterious boxes, we want to know…

Mysterious BoxWe are again seriously wondering (yes we did this before) whether anything else then runes is in these boxes. 

While we all know that Runes are (by far) the most common, we don’t know the exact answers to these questions. Chad M’s initiative wants to investigate: “What percentage of the boxes contain Runes? What percentage of the boxes contain Rumble cheese? What percentage of the boxes contain Fire Salt?”

Here is the spreadsheet of current data with the probability of getting Runes vs. Rumble, etc…

Over time, and with a high enough sample size (more and more new submissions), the spreadsheet will become more accurate… so here is the form to submit your data

source: Contents of Mysterious Boxes (dropped by Acolyte) – *Data Collection Thread*

Gnawnia News Network: Live from the Elub Shores

…where hunters can relax after a hectic day battling dragons….

Rumors are spreading that a small group of Divas and Dominators are discussing a new Battle of the Sexes.. The GNN reporter has personally seen Elizabeth Kitterman entering a small hunting cab…in with several male hunters…stay tuned!! – source: ~*~*~The Ultimate BotS~*~*~

[Kitterman here:] “Guilty! There is talk of it! And it’ll def. be dragons as that’s all we know. But rest assured it won’t be happening in the coming months, more like 6 or more months from today. Could be August, Could be November so please do not change your current plans just yet.”

The Divas have responded to this great prospect with catching the very First KnownSilver crown Silver Crown for Dragons!!
On january 30th in the early morning hours (3:40 am in gmt that is), Maz B. reported this: “Dracano, I caught my 100th Dragon Mouse and earned a Silver King’s Crown! 
I can view my trophy crowns on my hunter profile.” Congrats Maz!

This reporter has as of yet not heard a worthy response from the Dominators side, although, yes, hmmm: a rumor has it that famous hunter Curt S. is quietly leaving the scene of the upcoming battle. He left this message: “Geoff I am skipping this round of Doms/Divas battle, the addition of the Dragonbane charms really messes things up.” – post 230 in: Dragon Dominators !!
We are sorry to see Curt go, but he has a point! (I think.)

How many Boss mice have you got?

Is this the next thing after Crowns and after the 90% Club? (Nonono i am not going to explain the latter!) Is it finally officially coming, this adaption to the idea of a “boss’ in the game? (see the sneak peek taken when the game was glitchy!)

We can always apply a wink & mountains of Salt-miner’s Salt to this! I thought the King was Boss! Grrr. For anyone not playing some other (video-)games the concept of a boss mouse may be weird: a reference.
But whatever: just count how many you have got! Without my 106 Mojo’s (they don’t count for some reason) i have 73 at the mo. ^^

There are 8 of the Bosses inside Mousehunt that count for this count, go see which ones: >> How many Boss Mice have you got?

And while you at it (but not yet with impressive numbers perhaps?), you can dive into this Bronze Bosses Challenge (on the old forum): >>  The Boss Mice Bronze Challenge

Furoma’s Log Summarizer back up!

After some time having a well deserved break, and after some time – and still – working on an overhaul, Furoma (formerly known as Pooflinger) is getting back with us, step by step. Submissions to the database are also working properly, so do help by posting your results here: 

No Duke-Duchess Rank Collecting Stats?!

Just repeating for the good cause: 
Mousehunt Horn Tracker said: “Still no Duke or Duchess sounding the horn with horn tracker installed. Really wonder who’ll be first.”

source: MouseHunt Horn Tracker

* Quick & Usefull Tips:

– First news is: the old forums won’t die! One piece of proof, although now a week out of order and thus ‘old’, may be/have been this one: THE OLDIES THREAD! (People who have been here for years, are bored and now lurk).
Like Chua Zhihong says: “It’s like they live in a different world there, completely unaware of this [new] forum…”
Tactical Trap Comparison by The Guide: The Tactical section is done!
– The loot glitchpaws drop in specific locations remains the same every time they come. It’s listed in the wiki at http://mhwiki.hitgrab.com/wiki/index.php/Glitchpaw
– 500 Sensei’s caught! Yannick V. is the first to report a Sensei Gold Crown! Congratulations Yannick! source: First Dojo Sensei Gold crown!
– And to get that Big Bad Burroughs What am I possibly doing wrong? Trevor H. has the answer: “What You are doing wrong is coming to the conclusion that you are doing something wrong.”
Never Ever sell your traps! (Not even whenR. is around!) See for yourselfs on the first post: What’s the dumbest mistake that you have made in mousehunt?
– Suggestion you may want to support: Order trap selector by most recently used
– No need to set up an account before expressing your support for the above suggestion: just click on the FB connect button on top of the forums and it automatically makes a profile for you using your FB settings and names and pics and such.
Don’t wanna see them at times awefull signatures on the new Forum? Go to your settings-page: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/canvas/forum//usercp.php and click on the left hand side on ‘general settings’, scroll down to ‘show signatures’ and un-check! 
Phew, that makes for a readable nice difference! Should be disabled by default, if you ask me.
iPhone App: The issue behind the constant “session expired” error has been found. Hopefully all of you suffering from “session expired” errors will be able to join everyone on the hunt with your iPhones. The release is available now on the app store! source: iPhone App – Issue found for constant “session expired” error

– Just so you remember to spread the guides around: Guides for New Players

– And pssst: This Just In! (Thanks to Taraka P.)
“I caught a Nugget Mouse! But i never knew we could get Onyx Stones outside of Furoma! >> “I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 2 oz. Nugget Mouse worth 6,875 points and 550 gold. The mouse also dropped the following loot:1 Onyx Stone”

==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Chinese New year! happy Year of the Rabbit to all!

In FBF it has become clear it is not going to be as big as an “Event’. Still we are rather curious, and looking forward to it! Personally, i am very much looking forward to the Year of the Rabbit! * sighs *
Earlier i said something about the dev’s calender in this Mibbler. Next to that we must consider this one the dev’s side, as you realise they work with codes, yes? Ah, well, Captain Barbossa would say about that: “the code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” So Patience, Patience!

In the mean time we can enjoy this spectacular ideas and suggestion on the forum for a Lion Dance Trap – It really looks amazing! Go see the Lion Dance Trap >>
*** Disclaimer: Remember this is made up, and suggested by a fellow mousehunter for the devs to pick up, it is not anything we expect to be released soon in the game! ***

The original thread for further details: Improved Lion Dance Trap and a new Red Envelope Base

* I am Silth hunting, so what!

Whenever i feel like! Doh. I don’t get all this “hold onto your cheese” stuff. But another courageous hunter was kept from Silth hunting on grounds of a map-rumor. Luckily a person of some authority has sprinkled some salt on that rumor as well. I quote:

“The Silth has been “supposed to drop a map piece” for almost a year now (seeing as it’s been meant for a map piece since its release in March of 2010). Waiting to get the Silth on the hope of a map piece is like waiting to buy a trap in the hope that Ronza is coming.” – SdH

Thread: 710 Wicked Gnarly Silth Lagoon Run

Share your Zug’s Tower-Limited-SB+ Strategies!

Yes another ZT thread, but we all want to find out WHEN to use that sb+ if we are going to use limited sb+ in a run. Start straight with it to get the pawns out of the way and keep a high amp as possible for the tougher pieces? Or get through it on gouda & wait with the sb+ for the Rooks & Queen?
Read all and intricate thoughts on this: sorry for yet another ZT thread, but…

Of course the other burning question about sb+ in the Tower is: How much sb+ does one use in a Towerrun? And the answer is: “It’s all dependent on your own tolerance of failure.” – SdH
Still, if you want to gain some more feedback on this you may want to look into this exchange of thoughts & experiences:
source: How much SB in Zugzwang’s Tower run?

To Rewers Riposte in Zug’s Tower – or not to

Chua Zhihang: “I’m fairly sure the Rewer’s Riposte is better in the tower at catching mice as well. Whether it’s better for completing runs is another matter though. (…) Some of us have been using RR/magma recently in the tower, and it’s crazy good at high amps against knights and bishops. TOO good, such that when we are having trouble attracting rooks, they catch almost all the knights/bishops that come up.
That’s why OAT/BPT are definitely still the best for completing runs in tower, but RR/Mag may actually be better than them at high amps. I’m thinking ZFM may actually be better at doing a run, since it misses more of the stray knights and bishops.”

source: is Rewers Riposte beter than the ZFM?

Zug’s Tower planning

Yes. There is this thing with the Tower: when in your busy week is the time right & ripe to go in on a Towerrun? And how long do these runs usually, or roughly, run for? And how active or passive can we run in the Tower?
One answer is: “I’ve finished tower runs in a day, but often they take 2 and sometimes 3. Depends too much on your luck and traps available.” And i would add: depends on the cheese too.
Some of hunter’s observations on Tower-planning are shared in this thread: Zugzwangs Tower – Planning Help.

That @#$%&%$#@ Gauntlet!

Where are the potions? I noticed many hunters crying out for the T4 potions in pain. Personally i have been avoiding the Gauntlet much after getting to the top once. But for those braving that experience there is some advice available these days. One of which is: be aware the potion drops drop significantly after level 2!
source: Where are the Gauntlet Tier 4 potions??

Another advice consists of a list by George O. to get you through the tiers, better still: on which aspect to prioritize in your setup, on which tiers!
source: CLT or CoT; HB or DDA; Acro or Arby @ KG

And please take it from the statisticians that there is: “ … absolutely no correlation” for Luck & drop rates of potions in the Gauntlet. Or there is, but it is infinitesimal small small small. Like Michael M states: “The devs have said that luck affects drop rate, in general, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the gauntlet is its own beast and the drop rate is the drop rate, regardless of how lucky or powerful the setup is. I think its just supposed to be difficult, an endurance test of your horn sounding.”
To be complete on this: the latest FBF says Luck kinda works, but more so on mice that normally drop stuff. For rare drops, its a very small difference – so small you are bound not to notice it individually.
source: Tier I Drop Rates vs. Luck

Still many many hunters, and ever new ones each day, wonder about how many potions they need on the first level to make it on top? The shortest answer is: nothing is guaranteed in mousehunt, and especially not in the Gauntlet!
The long answer is here, and i would advise anyone to especially look on the last info-graphic: https://mhanalysis.wordpress.com/2010/09/29/monte-carlo-analysis-of-kings-gauntlet/.

One plain straight forward observation to add: IM or ABT for eclipse mouse?
Kitteh says:”ABT. Wouldn’t want to risk restarting the Gauntlet would you?”
source: IM or ABT for eclipse mouse?

Highly unpredictable but going in one direction: sb+ prices

Hans C. wondered: ”Sb+ prices: Do you think it will go down because of orbs?”
goldWe don’t think so. Chad M. summarized: “SB+ prices will, barring fluctuations here and there, gradually rise, rise, rise, rise, rise……
It was “stable” around 800 for the first quarter of 2009… Then “stable” around 1500 for the first quarter of 2010… Now “stable” around 4500 for the first quarter of 2011…”

Join any price speculations in here: Sb+ prices
For following Superbrie trends visually >>

Have you been in cryopreservation state lately?

Please do wake up and help this hunter out, he needs advice for catching the Demetastabilization Mouse!

source: Need advice for the Demetastabilization Mouse

Do the Mousehunt Quiz & don’t Cheat!

It’s 18 mousehunt related questions! Just 4 minutes! It is NOT a piece of cake! 
(I failed…) But you can do it!

Go to the The Mousehunt Quiz >>

source: How well do you know MOUSEHUNT??.

* Last but not Least: A Break for the Mibbler

Even though the cookies (at the bottom of the page) have always said explicitly: “No editor No Mibbler”, i am announcing a break due to Real Life Interference. Part of the interference is serious and has to do with health-issues and research coming up. Part has to do with me getting slowly ‘better’:  i am absolutely sure the Mibbler has played its positive part in that! I can recommend to anyone to take up the writing!

[Update on april 8th: my eyes still need a lot af adjusting & time and thus the break has to be continued for a bit. We are keeping track of developments in Mousehunt in the meantime and are very sorry to hear War is upon Gnawnia! :/
In the meantime i am slowly repairing the links in here (linking to the integrated-forums)… Goodluck & don’t forget to sound your Horn!!!]

As i shared this news with some friends-mousers, there has already sparked an idea of finding another format for sharing the news and sharing the interesting tidbits & “knowledgable facts”. So… while there is gonna be a break, we might come back with a vengence! Either it be a (less regular) Mibbler again or it may reappear in some other form.

Anybody interested in hearing about a re-appearance or a re-start in any form, can subscribe to the Mibbler’s fanpage >>.

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Carol R, Jane B, Julio R, Marie-Pierre G,  and many thanks to those that try to help me thinking up new ways of continuing the stream of information at some point in time in the future.

Todays cookies … are these >> … and these too >>!
My love to all you Mousers out there!

# Anybody who has ideas about how to comtinue or reform the Mibbler in the future, can send the idea to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.


Mibbler – 28

Hello Mousehunt Heroes… here comes the Rollerrrrrcoaster! Put on your Winter jackets and sing Halleluyah! Hug the Elves: the party has begun!

On Wednesday about 21 gmt the Ticker says: The Festive Comet is approaching Gnawnia! The game will be unavailable for a few minutes while the Great Winter Hunt is setup. Set up? Yeah … preparations of course. And then it will be actually coming next Tuesday, hm?!

Were we proven wrong soon, as the Ticker announcement was quickly followed by a newsmessage from the Nibbler – Yay It’s Alive! * you all know i am still a Big Fan don’t you?! – and the Nibbler knew this: “The Festive Comet is quickly approaching Gnawnia and is about to crash! The Great Winter Hunt is just about here a little later today! Are you ready Mousehunters?”

Well… yes, no, yes of course! But? What are the chances of the Comet having exactly the same trajectory and speed and then again ending up in exactly the same place in Gnawnia? Aaaaah! All run for cover!

source – The Nibbler: MouseHunt Daily News

Festive Comet has Landed – The Great Winter Hunt has Begun!

It’s not complicated – at least not yet! Just go to the Festive Comet & catch Elf mice! 
Read all in the newsmessage as its clear and sound and i won’t repeat it here in full:
* The newspost on Festive Comet (
on FB)
* The newspost on Festive Comet (
on Moushuntgame.com)

Ooooh and the mice are dressed up! So don’t forget to put on your :) partyhat!

= Gift Boxes =
The content of the packages and gifts the Elfs bring is amazingly good and heartily welcomed amongst hunters! Wanna see what’s in them? (Not all of it all the time of course! You greedy one!)
Go see the Gift Box Content spreadsheet

If you have some Gift-content to report that is not yet listed, go here: ****Loot Compilition for each box ****

The gift Boxes can, after you caught one, be send to friends as well, through the Give to Friends option.

= The return of the… =
The Candy Cane Base is back! Get one from the Trapsmith at the Festive Comet!

The Gingerbread House Blueprints are back as well…Elves drop em as Loot sometimes! Some hunters who missed out last year, are soooo happy!

= Gingerbread Cheese =
The Elfs like Gingerbread cheese… check out the Festive shop for the Gingerbread planks, send some to friends, get some in return,  smash em and you are on your way! If the Gingerbread is no good for ye, just switch to brie or Candy Corn Cheese: why not?

= Who’s caught the most Elf Mice? =
Check out this new scoreboard and see! Just go to the scoreboard page and click on ‘Festive’.

= Gift Shop =
Way out! The little Elfs even wrap the gifts before sending them to the recipient! And can we only send 1 plank at a time? Yes, that’s how it’s intended to be. (Fact by Michele)

But there are also “Gift Page Display Issues: Some players have a messed up gift page – for reference here are the gold prices for the gifts:
Greeting Card 500 gold
Mistletoe 1000 gold
Candies 3500 gold
Icing sugar 3500 gold
Plank 6000 gold
Snow Globe 25000 gold”

source: Current Known Issues (Last updated …)

* Make sure you can attend the Great Winter Star Ceremony on November 29th *

Now pay attention as this is completely new this year:
“Just before the start of December is the Great Winter Star Ceremony. It’s a celebration held by the King where the previous year’s Winter Star is removed from the top of the tree and the new one is placed on top. Some mice truly despise the festivities, so there is sure to be some trouble.

Mark November 29th on your calendars – The King will need help making sure no unruly mice crash the party.”

How the devs celebrated the arrival of the Festive Comet?

With a platter of late-night Tacos! Of course! :)
HitGrab Inc.

MouseHunt iPhone app… another step forwards:

MouseHunt iPhone app… has been submitted for approval. Cross your fingers MouseHunters!
Cap’n HitGrab Inc./ IPhone submittal


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

Will you wait till 25th Dec to open your presents?

So what’s this all about you say? Well did you know its bad luck to open up Christmas Presents before Christmas Day “December 25th”. You may be in good company for keeping your presents…. but there are many many hunters that can’t help themselves and open em right away:

source:  *~ The I’m Not Opening My Presents Till Christmas Thread ~*

New Mice: Question Marks in the Mice Page!
– and a Bonus -?-

The new Question mark Mice names are:

Missle Toe Mouse, Snow Fort Mouse, Wreath Thief Mouse, Slay Ride Mouse and Squeaker Claws!

You can look up the -?- in your Mousepage under ‘Event’.

Jessica C pointed out Another Question Mark: the Windmill. It’s apparently gone missing. From the map that is… If you click on travel and on one of the cute little arrows? What do ye see? Gone: No Windmill! Let’s call it GhostMill shall we?!

Hey the devs noticed this! It’s back! (Since saturday afternoon) And with a special festive Candy touch to it!

Will the Old Winter mice make a come-back? SantaDevs, please?

Many a hunter and huntress are keeping their fingers crossed for a re-appearance of last Winter’s special mice!

“My fingers are crossed and I’m making big wibbly mookie eyes: I missed some of the special event mice in the ’09 Winter Hunt, and am hoping we’ll have an opportunity to catch some of those this year. Oh please, oh please, oh please, Santa Devs~  (Also, I want a pony.)” – Xstine/Christine B.

We will for sure know more about what’s still to come, when the Great Winter Star Ceremony begins on November 29th! * wink wink *

source (Xstine wishlist on page 3): Festive Comet has Landed – The Great Winter Hunt has Begun!

The answer came during Feedback Friday:

Franco & Jacob have told us that the “old” Winter mice will make a come-back! :)
Go read the Feedback Friday Review for 26th of november

In need of Winter hunting Guidance?

THE Guide to Mousehunt has promised an update on the Festive Comet as soon as the hunting there gets a bit more complicated… For now we have an unofficial guide on the new boards, which also thinks the hunting there is not complicated as of yet. But hey! The new hunters that didn’t hunt in the Kingdom last winter may still be happy for some guidance:

source: The Unofficial Guide to The Great Winter Hunt 2010!

And yes, we all know where to go to get the best Gold-benefits. But what if you can not go to Cats yet? Where to go for Gold hm? Go take your questions (and advices) to the discussion for the not-yet-legendary Hunters here:

source: best place for gold if you cant get to cats?

On New Traps and what to expect? Managing Expectations!

All vented wishes and high hopes on the Discussion Boards for new Traps to perhaps come during this Winter hunt…  remind me of that discussion i was reading not too long ago: About High Luck LE Traps.

The discussion started off with a -to me- incomprehensible text with formulas in it. And i so agreed with the next poster who uttered: “Statistics make my head explode. Any summary/bottomline?” With a little patience it showed up in the thread a little later:

“I’m told by Paul H. that LE traps will continue to have lower and lower luck because the devs have finally recognized that high luck ruins all balance. Traps like the Kraken Chaos which don’t even have 20 luck still outdo the Heatbath – that’s just sad. Forget 30 luck, we may never get 25 again.”  Sean d’H.

So the analyzing and strategerising part of our community agrees on this expectation… just so you all know what to expect. Probably.

source: Luck Vs Power

The MHK has a new Chef!

With great thanks and some sadness in our hearts we say goodbye to Tess O.: We wish her all the best In Real Life! And we welcome Steve W. with a big applause for taking over as Chef Cuisiner!

Steve has already been heard muttering the famous words: “Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness” and “Chocolate is a perfect food, wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power” and: “Skinny cooks can’t be trusted”.

But we shouldn’t spy on him from so up close, it’s the main good works that he has taken on immediately and that is to get  the lower ranks hunters acquaintanced with the Kitchen! And ehm, if you ever hand over a new recipe for testing to the Chef, be sure to use a *pink* bow to wrap it up!

The MHK introduction in the Newcomers Lounge: Are you looking for a crafting recipe?

The Recent Issues Thread: worth visiting once in a while!

Don’t think you’ve Been there Seen that! Because the -Current Known Issues- thread is being regularly updated and kept very neat & tidy. So do check back every now & again.
Current Known Issues (Last updated … GMT)

* More Tips for starting to use the New Forum

The mass of the hunters have found their way to the new Forums, managed to log on and managed to post once in a while. The old Forums are looking more & more slim and empty with each passing day. I will one day try to write up how “Friends” and “Groups” work on the new Forum… but Facebook is not phasing out those functionalities yet, so why hurry. We are still firmly rooted into the thing, aren’t we? :p

– Christine W. started the unofficial Hi5-Tavern, as it seems the two platforms on which to play Mousehunt, are sorta out of synch & different…: The Unofficial Hi5 Tavern v0.0

– Yay for the Goode Works!
Despite that the newcomers Month came to an end a month ago, there are still lovely initiatives going strong to help out the starting Mousehunter in his/her Queste for a new fancy Trap!
source: Treb & Cheese giveaway

– The Official Feedback Mailbag is back! For the second week in a row! But it was late and that’s why it’s probably still open for your Questions at the time of printing this Mibbler! Run and post your Question! (Or keep an eye on the next week’s one):  **Official FeedBack Friday Mailbag** 26th Nov**

Oh Oh… by now: you are too Late! Go read the Feedback Friday Review for 26th of november

– A new section has been made in the Forum especially for this:

“Looking to meet and greet fellow festive hunters? In the giving mood and looking for new friends to share gifts with? Discuss everything festive here!”

New Forum: Great Winter Hunt >>


==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

And more Mousehunt Songs of course!

Haven’t we all studied Mousehunt Lyrics to Evergreens these past months! Now Malcolm picked a non-traditional this time… and man did he grasp the Mousehunt Festive Mood! :) Hallelujah to ye!

“Maybe you’ve had good advice
But all I’ve learned from hunting mice
Was how to love each new mouse that they drew ya…

And so the cry you’ll hear at night
Is not somebody who mourns his plight
It’s a joyous, HitGrab-sponsored, “Hallelujah!”

source: Hallelujah!

Mousehunt: Labour of Love
(and bread, yes that too)

If anybody still has doubts after this heartwarming song, now is the time to let go of your disbelief! Dev Andrew wrote:
“Mousehunt is a for-profit business, but also a labour of love. If we were doing it just for the money, I can guarantee things would be a little more Farmville. The players are our customers, and we try to maintain good relationships with them. We hope you’ll enjoy our upcoming Holiday event – it’s got a lot of great content, fantastic art and time-tested mechanics…”

I’d say: Thank you for the music, the Mice your drawing… Thanks for all the Joy your bringing! (ok. sorry there… I promise to leave the songlyric-rewriting to Malcolm next time!)

source, (post 42): Devs, just a simple reminder for the the Great Winter Hunt 2010 Event…

Teeny detailed Teasing Edges to the winter stuff…

All the love in the world won’t keep the devs from teasing.
Teasing us, teasing eachother… they like to tease and have a little fun! I think the following falls into this category. Or as Herman N. phrased it:

“Collectors need 3 CoTs and 3 Rhinos now… Hardcore.”

And not that the following is related, but where otherwise to put the tiny edgy stuff?
Have you all noticed there are two festive shields? One for the black regular shield and one for the Golden Lucky one: clearly one wins, as it looks so much more festive! o.-


MouseHunt University and The Tavern Times Christmas Celebration!

This great Christmas Celebration is about to start (as it is the first Advent coming Sunday right?)

“So far we have 4 types of comps/give-a-aways:
#1 – Advent Calendar – One person wins a large amount of gold per day
#2 – The 12 days of Christmas – Multiple People win Smaller amounts of gold for the 12 days leading up to Christmas
#3 – Bounty Hunts
#4 – Trap Help Programs”

The Prize pot is amazing! There’s bound to be many winners here!
Just to get in the mood, go and look at this awesome celebrations-poster made & submitted for the poster-contest!

Go attend the MHU-TTT Christmas Celebrations!

When to abort a ZT run?

Ha ha, as much as i like this Lightfooted edition :) there’s still some serious stuf around. Many a hunter was caught in the middle of a Zugzwangs Towerrun when the Comet fell. If there is one strategic question i keep trying to put out of my mind and that keeps entering in with every hurtfull Tower run… it is this one!
But now we have the answer: When the Festive Comet comes to town!

On a more serious note, is Silver/Zlatko B.’s advice:
“People always say that 10% is minimum without catching a queen, but that really depends on your patience and willingness to spend precious cheese on red boxes. Two rooks and a queen will lower your amp by 19% in total. At 70%, it’s perfectly possible to catch a king. i think that catching king isn’t such a problem if you’re left with more than 20%. it’s possible to do it below 20% also, but it won’t look pretty.”

DrawnCSC/Yavor S.’s advice = “Stay until you got about 15% and still no queen. You will only waste Gouda, time and nerves for nothing.”

I like the wasted Nerves bit. Sure feels like it… Think i will heed this one!

source: When to abort a ZT run?

Smashing sb+ back and forth

Oh my God, what do you do if you accidentally smashed 1000 SB+ instead of 100?

Luckily Friday the 26th seems to be a lucky Draw-day for so many hunters! We even wondered whether the Draw-process got stuck somehow, as it seemed to keep on going?!  A friend of mine reported this: “Won 25 sb+. Third win same draw”
Very busy day for the raffle. :D

ok.! Everybody was a tat too loud about that Raffle going astray! The Known Issues Thread now (since 8am gmt) boasts: “Daily Raffle – This has been disabled while a couple of issues are fixed.”

source for what to do when you accidentally smashed your sb+supply: Can you smash magic essence back to superbrie?

A Big Bear Mouse for sure!

Darko V. caught this Big one:

Your Stats – Heaviest Catch: 3 lb. 12 oz.
Global Stats- Heaviest Catch: 1 lb. 14 oz.

Don’t think the message shows a problem. Michele is all on top of the Global heaviest catch weight being lower then the personal one: “Global mouse stats no longer display catches heavier than the current weight cap for that mouse. If your heaviest catch is higher than the global one it is likely that you caught it prior to v3, or in the first 2 weeks of v3 before the cap was introduced.
Except the Bear, who has just come off his diet but his global stats have not updated yet” – Michele.

Who worries about stats when having wrestled with such a huge mouse and come out a winner?! All will be sorted in the end no doubt!

Heaviest bear in MH :D

Last but not Least: …we want to see the snow falling!

Of course we want the snowglobe to be shaken! Not stirred please. ^^
Go and cast your vote on the shaking of the snowglobe here:

source: Make the Snowglobe shakeable.


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials  = = = = =

Thanks to Animal, Erin M. & MP!

Todays cookies …. are Winter-cookies!

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# No crew, no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the comments.

# The Mibbler Fanpage on FB

Mibbler – 19

Hello mousehunters!

Truckloads of news this week, amongst which the update on the game last monday: since last monday the Raffle-systems is now fully operational. Which you have all noticed, i am having no doubt about that! What? You didn’t notice? You didn’t get any tickets to the Daily Raffle? At all?
Oh please do come to this MhHitM-thread to announce your willingness to experience the grand Raffle-tickets exchange: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=29224005666&topic=15875

But there is more, and without further ado, we jump right in:

* October is Newcomer Appreciation Month

MouseHunt is currently a featured application on the Facebook games dashboard. This means more novice hunters will be joining the community that may need a helping hand to understand the adventure that they’ve just embarked upon… The developers ask us all very nicely to give them a hand! Fr our convenience they have some suggestions as to ‘how’, you can find those in the news post:


* A day in the Life of a Mousehunter…

Next to that the developers need our help for making a splash screen poster fun thingumie that evolves around ‘A day in the Life of a Mousehunter’. They wanna hear from us how such a day looks, and preferable funny anecdotes or insights on how to Hunt while Real Life goes on…!
Wait a minute? Real Life goes on? What’s that all about? @.#

Clearly i am not suited for this… but if you’re interested in helping brainstorm, drop by this thread and post your ideas, suggestions or links to sketches:


* Frustrating Faults

As we all know nothing is perfect and even the most well planned situations can go wrong. Lately there have been rather a couple of glitches occurring throughout the game which the developers are aware of and in the process of getting fixed. These known bugs are:

# Crafting: There is a slight glitch in the crafting that if you have 0 amount of one of the items then the box will not open correctly. You will need to check your inventory and see what item you are missing.
# Cork boards: Some cork boards are being wiped occasionally – it can be restored by the support desk, go post your profile link the thread linked under this article.
# Kings and Masters: There is a glitch were the kings and Masters are showing in groups catch but not on the location catch.
# Rooks: Rooks are not always registering in the amp bar. They are registering in the system and it will not stop your progress.”

If you are having any of these issues please try not to panic. If you are having any other technical troubles, please remember to read through the ‘Community Support and Help Discussions’ board to see if anyone else is having the same problem before starting a new thread.

Here is the thread this information is taken from and where you can post your profile links if your cork board has been wiped:http://cut.gd/gk1N

* FBF: stapling the staplers staples

Feedback Friday took off with Giorgio being there and that generally means chaos ^^ He was stapling thin air and we got stuck at some point as the staples got stuck in the developers keyboard. Apart from this usual theatre, there were some highlights to report:

– Support is very busy at the moment. It may take some time to get back to you. Sorry bout that, but just so you know.
– Behind the scenes * huge disclaimer on the non-linearity of planning * Devs are working this month on gifting / gift of the day; price system (rebuilding it) + a then necessary try-out (!); new trap-components (are well on their way); and a fun Halloween-event.
– Do the Obvious Ambush and Blackstone Pass affect encounter-rates the same as the pinchers? Answer: No.
– Any more weekend/Monday events coming? Right now it has to be manually created >> needs better building = On the to do list.
– The Sandwich = just a collectible. Devs are still thinking up a fun way of getting it.
– The developers laid the groundwork for Tournaments and are ready to go on building Tournaments from there. Its a lotta work, so don’t expect anything soon, unless they find that Flash / Flex developer they are looking for. But they are working on it.
– And about that first Raffle draw (borderline experience for the game… ooo wobbly!): they sold 40.000 ballots in 5 minutes… No clue at the moment on how many Raffles are being sold.

Full out FBF review: http://bit.ly/daKYxZ


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* A Sandwich?

Ha! :) This caused some uproar on the boards early this week. Apparently new hunters, when finishing their training with Larry, became a Larry’s Sandwich. If you wanna know what’s that, go have a look:

The uproar was from higher level hunters, that feared they would go without one and even tried quitting Mousehunt and starting it again to try and get it. Oh we hunters do care about our game, don’t we ^^

* Battles and Scavenger hunts and self-organized Tourneys…

The Tournaments are still on the developers to do list luckily. In the mean time hunters are being creatively organizing battles and competitions and even Tournaments of their own to make the hunt extra-exciting:

# There was a Battle of the Groups that ran last weekend: there were 20 hunters per team who hunted for 4 hours, points were unknown but ranged from 1-20 points depending on difficulty and rarity of the mouse;
# The Mousehunt Century (MHCC) team that played in the Battle of the Groups had such a blast that we’re trying a 4 hour tourney for members this weekend;
# The MouseHunt Kitchen (MHK) did a Scavenger Hunt last Monday that turned out quit spectacular;
# The Ministry of Mice (MoM) naturally continues their many competitions for catching the most of a mouse. They had a ‘Monster Mash’ yesterday.

* Timerssss….

This is the latest link to the Mousehunt Timers all-in-one spreadsheet and it can now withstand many views at the same time, so re-bookmark this:


* THE Guide to Mousehunt: strategy page for Zugzwang’s Tower

The core news actually is that THE Guide is being updated again, although for now only for the new areas… i have not found evidence that the older areas are being adjusted yet. Check out new strategy page for Zugzwang’s Tower here:



==== Rumors, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Pillaging multiple pieces of bait?!

Did i miss something or is this pillaging of 3 or 4 and more cheeses by the mice truly new?!? Did the mice grow Pocketses? :? Oooh! And somebody lost 17 + 14 = 31 cheeses in two hunts! Ah, but that seemed to have do with the hunter using brie in Derr. From the reports it sure looks that hunters in Derr and the Seasonal Garden have been hit hardest.

source: http://goo.gl/4uP7 Pillaging multiple pieces of bait?!?! & …

* Gauntlet Discovery on Tier 5: Acronym possible!

MAK wrote – and we all know she doesn’t say such things lightly!: “I discovered I rather like using ACRONYM in Tier 5 rather than CoT.”
MAK experienced the same and even better catch-rates with the Acronym. As many of us still are trying to climb up the stairs of the Gauntlet, this is a rather useful experience… and is even better news to those that still not have the Clockapult of Time!


* OOO don’t we all miss the Pooflinger!

To answer our questions on stats and which trap or base will do better! But they have not yet come up to date with their information and technique. But the guy that used to help do the coding for the Furoma CRE, Log Summarizer, and Database had a baby and hasn’t been able to update it after longtail. Ofcourse we are very happy for him and his baby! :)

I was asking some of the other stat-loving-guys on the Forums whether they are thinking about starting something similar. Aaron M. said: “I’m always in contact with Paul H. and Nathan Y., ya. And there are some new people like Sam and Bill and Trevor that are always interested in predicting catch rates so we are all kind of an ad-hoc post-modern Pooflinger team but less organized but more productive and also more counter-productive!

This comes from the exchange in the thread about the following Question:

* Is the OAT better than ZFM against every technic mouse?

When solving that mystery, one can obviously check the effectiveness message when you equip different traps in tower. But the number-crunching guys do have something to say too, here Aaron’s words:

“No: ZFM stays moderate, while OA drops to challenging at 100% and difficult at 75%. This type of thing is why I’m taking so long to update my catch rate predictions. The way that the pincher, OA, and BSP bonuses interact with amplifier charge is very confusing!
Since the devs have been conflicting and vague in what they’ve said about that, and we just haven’t collected enough data yet to come up with a good model.”

The biggest problem with the catch rates is that they are skewed by the amp, and by luck and the Lucky Golden Shield, and by the rank-bonusus. Nevertheless, they do share their spreadsheets, for those who like to look into the details of these educated guesses. If you go look into these, please note that there are different sheets for the different amp-ranges:

Number-cruncher Spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/cigAv0

Thread source: http://bit.ly/aSEhtf

* New & Improved Log Summarizer for MHv3

Furoma’s Log Summarizer has been broken for awhile, and Nathan Y. created a new one from scratch that improves upon it and adds a few more features. And:
– It’s blazing fast. 10K-hunt logs that used to take minutes to process in Furoma’s log summarizer now take 1 second to process.- It automatically works for new regions and mice that are released. No more waiting for a manual update the Log Summarizer!- All loot drops are now listed, instead of just a selected few- The change in Tower Amplifier % is calculated if you insert logs from the Seasonal Garden or Zugzwang’s Tower- It works offline
– You can click a checkbox to open up a “Debug” window that shows a lot more information about your hunts.- There’s also a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox users that automatically pulls the data from the Hunter’s Journal and inserts it into the Log Summarizer (based off Furoma’s MouseHuntizer). This script also auto-detects if there’s a new version available.

This new Log Summarizer is still in beta testing, so please give it a test run. Comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvement/features are welcome!

Log Summarizer: http://www.hsuke.com/mhunt/Log_Summarizer.html
Info: http://www.hsuke.com/mhunt/MH
Log AutoLoader GM script:http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/85230

Thread source: http://bit.ly/agsfxe

* A perspective to the joys of the Spell Book Base

I am including this perspective, found on the Forums, just so you all know whether to hurry and obsess to get that new base, to whine on not being able to yet, or whether to just keep going and not to worry… I mean we wont want another Pub-Fight to break out, like it did last night over the plusses and bonuses of the Limited Edition Magma base, now do we? ^^

Edwin T. asked aloud: “Where is the Spellbook Base actually more useful than Magma? I know that for very high power mice (boss mice such as SOJO, Dragon, Balack, Acolyte) the Spell Book base is better, and in ZT since Power is the main modifier there… but is there anywhere else I’d want to use Spell Book over my Magma?From the looks of the spreadsheets, I don’t see where I would use it? In the FG Magma is better, and in BC Magma is better for Liches. So after all of the hard work of ZT – where are the practical places to use the SBB?”

In one breath he answered his own question: “Off the top of my head, other than boss mice and ZT, I can only think of going after the Derr Big 3… maybe the Elub big 3 as well.”

source: http://bit.ly/94DOPj

For the Kung Fu fighters amongst us that never get bored from the fierce reoccurring ‘it’s not fair’-threads (i sure did dive in ;o), here is the Pub Fight over the Magma base: http://bit.ly/aNbi5H

* The Poor man’s SG and ZT Strategy

What if you can’t afford the SB+ usage costs it takes to climb the tower/do the garden cycle? The clear formulated strategy of Jp R. tells you to: “Mix it up, in the long run you’ll save time and money.” It comes down to only using sb+ for hunting the Rooks and the Queen.

The number crunching minds evaluate the Poor Man’s Strategy thus: “If we all spent the 160 hours of fall and winter in Derr, and then bought SB with the gold we made, and used brie in spring and summer to charge the amp, you could probably do one tower run per week and at least break even.”

source: http://goo.gl/bRJo

* Balack without Pygmies? o.- Yes, it can be done!

Our congratulations go out to Morgan Walters for his incredible feat of capturing Balack the Banished without ever having to hunt for a single Pigmy Swarm! He used vanilla beans collected entirely from dragon’s chests – 10 chests in total.

source: http://cut.gd/D1tg

* For all our Shelder-lovers: The Insane Turtle Man

The newest video of the drawings of Jacob Johnson – THE Moushunt artist – is an image done for a Sketchoholic.com contest back in april. The challenge was to draw an insane turtle man on the spot; we had less than an hour. This is what Jacob came up with:


* Last but not Least: So this is why we have to use fancy traps……

If there was an award for the worst Mousehunter ever, we sure knew who to give it to! Take a look for yourself: http://bit.ly/bN4ylt … ;)

source: http://cut.gd/hYtC


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Phillip M. B. for posting the Timerssss newest link!

Todays cookies … will make number-crunchers out of all of you! :) Come, grab & eat/crunch em: http://bit.ly/aSbfYF

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or news-related question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

Mibbler – 17

The story of another update on Mousehunt. We are up to version 3.1.1 now. And if you have logged into Mousehunt, you cant have missed it. It was even hard to miss the hours of the downtime last evening (to me it was evening). But ehm, i cant skip reporting on it, can i?

The devs, and especially Dave, were looking forward to this ‘cool’ one update. Many among us were wondering what ‘bumpy road’ would be to come… Somehow it is pretty difficult and different to have a feature tested in beta – with a limited pool of test-players – and then take it into the Real World of Facebook with it’s ten-thousands of mousehunters. I know i, as a developer in a past life, have never done such a thing and it would definitely be a huge challenge!

So, whats new? Here we go:

* Daily Raffles.

The Raffles and the ballots are replacing the old SB+ giveaway. There are three ways to get tickets (ballots) for the raffle, you can buy them with in-game gold, get a friend to send you one, or send one to a friend as this also gives you a free ticket too.

However, soon after being released the sending to friends option was made unavailable by the devs as there were a few glitches which they are now in the process of sorting out. I must say, right after a few hunters got in on my late late night, it looked rather unreal how many hunters were sending truckloads of Raffle-ballots – as showing on my FB-newspage! I had the teeny tiny thought that this might take up some unaccounted for server-space and band-width.

During the downtime dev Andrew (he exists!) mentioned in the downtime lounge that after having let in some groups of hunters, Dave had spotted some weird Ripples going through the database… and they quickly took the game offline again. And again. And some more. Many hunters were going wild with the suspense on th equestion: is the gum up again? Or is it not? o.-

We will never know what really happened behind the scenes, but ‘Ripples’? It sure sounds interesting to me considering the Realm Ripper and the Tidal Fisher mice that have been set free! But more on the new mice later!

= This just in =

Dev Mark D’Souza says: “The draw and notification system should be fixed in a couple of days. :)”

Not that we go by the word of Mark, but i quote this here, more to get the general idea that it will still take some time. o.o

* Long awaited ‘In-game Notifications’… and a toolbar on top

Next on the list is a feature which a lot of people have been waiting for, ever since Facebook removed notifications for someone posting on your corkboard. The notifications are displayed in the renewed-version of the Ticker, which now sortoff has a toolbar on top. The (number of) notifications you got, will show up next to the ‘message’-button in that toolbar, with an alarming red square – you will recognise it, as its very much alike facebook’s notifications.

Very professional detail: this toolbar also has a customer support function, and that support is so much more easy to be found now! The other buttons in there, well, you can try them for yourselves :)

* FG and Cove’s Timers or wash-out – wash-in systems, now with * NEW * mice!

Anyone who has hunted in the Forbidden Grove or Balack’s Cove will no doubt be aware of the problems occurring with the timers. These problems arose due to such a large number of hunters playing the game and overloading the system. Now thanks to the new update, each area has a mouse that, when you catch it, will transport you out of the area (and into another area), combined with a countdown timer letting you know how long you have left.

Ofcourse many hunters have relaid their travelling paths to be amongst the first to get the new mice! For the Forbidden Grove and to get acces to AR, you need to catch the new mouse called: Realm Ripper. For the Cove, the Riptide will be the cause of your possible transport out of the Cove and into the Jungle.
To keep the number of mice inside the Cove balanced, the devs have added a new mouse to the Cove as well: the Tidal Fisher. Go check em on your mousepages if you are curious ;p)

The first hunters have already discovered that disarming your cheese in the Cove – from mid-tide, through high-tide, all the way back to low-tide – will get you through the tides without tedious Jungle-hunts. Just be patient enough to await the low tide again (as in mid-tide there are also Riptide’s that throw you out), and you wont be transported and dont have to change cheeses and traps and all.

* And more…

As well as these main new features, there are several smaller items which have been released as well. Here are two examples of those features:- A new addition of search filters for your collectable items in your inventory has been added.- Quantity has been added to the camp page trap selector, thus the quantity of your cheese is now showing.

For more information on all the features that have been added, here is the dev’s news post:http://cut.gd/bLgJ


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* When to start using checkmate cheese?

Yesterday i made the weirdest mistake in trying to advise a fellow huntress on hunting in the Tower (no, i will not repeat what i said!). Although i now have 1 Queen and 1 King, i have barely hunted there and will keep quiet and leave the advising to some more serious hunters.Lucky for me, Dave Vanderburg dropped in on the Tavern to give some advice on hunting in Zugzwang’s Tower:

“Unless your amplifier is exceptionally high after catching a queen, it may be best to save your checkmate cheese for a run with a better amplifier. Three pieces is a small stash to hope for a King and Chess Master.
Arming checkmate cheese will help attract the queen, so if you have a healthy stash it of checkmate and your amplifier is high, it may be worth arming it for the queen to attract one sooner with a higher amplifier. There are dozens of small decisions to make when hunting on the tower and garden, each small decision adding up to big strategic differences!
There are different strategies for farming loot from the King’s, catching a Chess Master, maximizing gold profit and maximizing point gains. One thing is for sure, there is no one right way to go about it!”

source: http://bit.ly/cejjY2

* Hunters amicably helping out hunters

On the tedious question of ‘How do you know when to capture both sides’?!

I know it’s generally not seen as a good omen when you start getting all the pawns of the ‘other’ side, when you are hunting for Mystic Rooks or Knights and all. But it might give you an edge on going for both sides, is it not? Oh yes, i do refrain from any advice on this one again: i haven’t said anything! I leave it up to you to figure this out! Go check the thread (its not an endless one)! And bring back any interesting news here to MhHitm, please do! :)

source: http://bit.ly/97xMKt


==== Rumours, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Ships Blueprints catchings: Happy :D (i know its not a big deal for you pros but still) :D:D:D

Just so you don’t forget. You may have passed that stage long time ago, but the real Hero’s amongst us have been hunting for them ship blueprints for ages. And the newer Hero’s amongst us still are! Whenever you see some hunter completing such a feat: Never forget to cheer em on!

source: http://bit.ly/bwMxY4

ps: Please do cheer them hunters that are endlessly doing the Isles cycle and what not, to finally be able to buy the Clockaput of time! They need cheering as well! (Yay Yiskah! ;)

* Proud to be a (non-) Donator?

And such a call immediately brought in proud-DO-donators as well as proud NON-donators to the thread that went by the same name. It got a little nasty at times, just skip page 2 if you will (this topic always ends up being divisive). But it was a feast and an exchange on thoughts on the use of sb+. As Shiaoqiang so wonderfully and very proudly, and even much more Heroically phrased:

“As I’ve always said, in my own opinion donating for SB+ is something like using a cheat code in games. Sure, I don’t have a problem with that, as everyone has a choice as to how they want to play the game, but for my own case, doing something like that takes the enjoyment out of the game for me.
I do have SB ( which i buy in the marketplace), but i dont use it unless it is necessary (like catching those SB-exclusive mouse)… speaking of which, im dying in ZT using only gouda/brie (only 50% success rate in tower runs), but it makes conquering the place much more satisfactory for me.”

I do admire you for it Shaoqiang! ;) And i still plan on dying in Zugzwang’s Tower myself next run, and to be proud of it too! At the same time we can learn form the thread: we are all proud in our own way, arn’t we?

source (Shaoqiang can be found on page 5.): http://bit.ly/9twtao

* The Revolution is upon us, Comrades!

Causing quite a stir in the Tavern is Christopher E. He has started The Mousehunter’s Permanent Assurance (MPA) in order to revolt against the King, for issues such as the minimum hourly wage hunter’s get paid to the drop rates of coal, scrap metal and the Heat Bath blueprints!

His cry be: “For too long, we have suffered on the measly wage of 50 gold per hour.” – Join if you recognise it!

source: http://cut.gd/3Wbx

* Last but not Least:…Where’s the weirdest place you have ever sounded the Horn? ;o)

At your wedding perhaps, to fight the nerves? In front of your tent when trekking a famous route, like going to Santiago da Compostella, or sumthing? During watching the premiere of ‘Inception’ perhaps? In hospital before surgery? From inside the arctic circle in the straights between greenland and canada whilst in 24 hour daylight watching icebergs go past?!

No i am not making this up, these are all confessions from mousehunters worldwide!

Please do come out and tell us where you were… ;)

source: http://bit.ly/btbfbN


= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Jill I. for the dev spotting :*

Todays cookies … will be very good to go with the Tides & the Fishing ^^

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# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

Mibbler – 15

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life…
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing …
I caught a Queen! :D

Hmmm, and whoever has already found The Tavern Times edition of today, may still find new bits and pieces in this Mibbler’s edition ^^

* This week’s Feedback Friday will take place at 11am EDT (3pm GMT)

The ticker is pretty clear about this. Ofcourse Michelle has started the weekly thread for getting in hunters-questions for the Mailbag-section. Go state your long burning question there and see whether it gets answered during FBF.
The official FBF mailbag thread: http://cut.gd/zRA8But

Wait: there is a second thread this week with a Feedback Question the dev’s like you to react to: Should the Forbidden Grove “lock”?
The FBF Feedback thread: http://cut.gd/9uQK

=== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Zugzwang’s Tower – Queen after King: Glitch?

There is a specific occurrence within Zugzwang’s Tower which seems to be happening quite a bit and is confusing a lot of hunters. It does initially appear to be a fault so we thought we would try to explain it.

It occurs when a hunter has caught their two Rooks of whichever side and is waiting for the Queen, and it only happens when their hunt falls on the hour at the same time as a trap check. What has been happening is that when some hunters have been sounding the horn on the hour, they appear to have caught a King, been thrown out into the Seasonal Garden, and then caught a Queen, in that order.
This has been most annoying for hunters who planned on switching to Checkmate cheese after catching the queen in order to go after the Chess Master on that run.

However, what is really happening is that the game has decided that you are going to catch the Queen and then the King but due to the way the trap checks work, for some reason that one gets displayed first. What is important to note is that even if the hunts had shown up in the correct order, since the hunts occurred at the same time there wouldn’t have been any chance to change your bate anyway. Unfortunately the only way to counter this is to try to not let your hunt fall at the same time as a trap check.

So if this does happen to you, please don’t worry or be too concerned about it. If anything count yourself lucky for catching a King and Queen together!

Oh and do refresh your hunting page after every hour: otherwise the trapcheck wont show up!

The following link is the one that prompted this article, although there have been other threads made regarding this before: http://cut.gd/4oNX

* Newbies are lucky :)

We all know that :) And for whatever reason: its just true, especially if you no newby anymore :p
But check the thread: they always have been lucky!

source: http://bit.ly/ahuUKb

* Tower mysteries slowly unraveling… slowly…

The Tower can be HARSH…

Never better expressed then in this experience: “My younger brother caught his Mystic Queen at 96% amp the other day. He never caught the King before the amp completely drained.”source: http://bit.ly/aG92zL

A lot is still misty in Tower…

I find bits and pieces of reasoning everywhere, like this: “The amplifier does not amplify the luck, so attraction’s pretty important if you’re on a low amplifier.” And: “Turns out, the amplifier dumps luck as you go below 100% – says so on your profile stats; so keep your power stuff”ship be: http://bit.ly/dguf7f

And now, does it, or does it not make sense to drop to a lower power Trap for catching the King? Two opposite opinions on the first page of this thread: http://bit.ly/8XzqVK

Are you now fully Mystified? Do check on the FAQ for Tower and Garden in MhHitM, as Mildred has just updated the FAQ with a wonderfull shortlist :)

*  Great advice to any hunter

“Don’t try to integrate common sense into Mousehunt” – Kavita S.

Inside the Obvious Kraken Trap thread: http://bit.ly/bPpxAD


==== Rumours, Opinions … and Stories ==== 


* Wanna try a Double Tower run?

And be succesfull? Check out the tips and experiences from some that tried this before. There’s some really interesting details in there, like this:

“There is only one king of each side available. Once you catch him, you won’t catch another. Not only that, but once you defeat one side of the board, you won’t even attract knights, bishops, or queens from that side. The only mice that you will still attract are pawns and rooks…and not very often in my experience.”

Only giving one example here, go check it out and try – if you dare! O.o
source: http://bit.ly/bjjdnf

* Spellbook base: any expectations?

And while we are all wondering whether that new fantastic base will live up to its specs, as not many are already hunting with it or bragging about the results… Some wise guy (oh no, not just somebody) phrased nicely what to expect:

”Spellbook is better than magma under certain conditions but in the majority of cases magma is predicted to give the higher catch rate when the overall trap setup has high luck and the effectiveness modifier of your setup vs. your target mouse is high” (Aaron M.)

Now can you beat that phrasing? I had to read it 3 times to get it, but then it certainly makes sense :p

source: http://bit.ly/9deKs5

*  Dragonsss….

I just have to pay tribute to all the hunters that swore to get their Heat Bath blueprints and are desperately hunting Dragons and gathering Isles-loot, Fire Salts Peppers, crafting Inferno Havarti…. Keep on going folks! Never loose Faith! Mousehunt is NOT about Common Sense!

Bestest Quote to go with that: “10.000 dragons and you rule the universe ;]” – Aleksandra K.

From the Idea section, thread about platimun crowns: http://bit.ly/alZ19X

* A facebook mouse… a good idea?

“It’s only available when it feels like it, pops up in random places, the mouse is basically worthless in points and gold, and everytime you catch it you have to type rtsp before you can see your camp page.”

source: http://bit.ly/amDaGl

* Last but not Least….
Great Mousehunt Fan Art :)

All here-under mentioned drawings are made by the organizer of the competition called “Fun Creative Ideas”: Yavor S.!

Go see Ong J. X.’s idea for the Laserbot Trap: http://bit.ly/bfza6N
Or Herman N.’s idea for a Last Concussion Trap: http://bit.ly/a9QFrw
And what about Dharen N.’s idea on a Kronos Time Oscillation Trap: http://bit.ly/diSqkX

A huge applause for the wonderfull drawings! :)
Full thread is here: http://bit.ly/chUiQr

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Thanks to The Tavern Times for their help in finding interesting threads ^^

Todays cookies are prettily glazed and please DO crumble as that’s the way to spread the Love (of em)…!

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# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

Mibbler – 13

Here’s the Mibbler with some fun and some serious discussions from the Mousehunt-World. Your reporter has the Cough – it’s the season for it – but is otherwise very happy about her Fall-Key-Shard :)

* FeedBack Friday…

Somehow the following became a theme very soon into this FBF… I cant phrase it any better so i just quote Michelle: “Little bit broken” is now an offical tech term.”
As an example of whats coming next, the devs showed us pre-images of the in game notifications of corkboard posts…There was an explanation given on the workings of the Pinchers: “Usin a Pincher dramatically lowers your ability to catch a wrong-side Pawn. Be carefull with what base you combine these Pinchers with, in order to not catch the incorrect Pawns. The higher power traps have a rather less ‘dramatically’ effect.” ^^
Fanco mentioned a release of a Backdoor, but Dave skillfully talked way over this clue’s head. Later on in FBF it turns out the Backdoor was part Zugzwang’s when in the planning it was still to be a Hero’s area. The Backdoor would have been for Lord’s and Lady’s.
And oh dear: Dave has absolutely no idea when the Tourney’s will be back realistically. Plan is to start on the coding for that in a months time, but HitGrab is now looking to hire some guys to actually build it.And then the usual FBF chaos ran. I will leave the reporting to othes on the Forum.

Additional info on FBF from Mildred Ann Koh:

In FBF they showed us the Balack Cove “timer” – it will have 3 states, low tide, medium tide and high tide. At Low tide, there will be no Riptide mice, Medium tide, there’ll be some and at high tide, lots. If you catch a Riptide, you’ll be booted form the Cove I believe.

The other thing was, they are planning a new mouse in the FG and catching that mouse will let you in (?? not sure about this part – maybe it transports you over? I think they aren’t sure yet themselves).

OAT and Blackpass:
OAT and Blackpass only slightly increases you chance of encountering the side you’re after (OAT for Tech, Blackpass for Mystic) while the pinchers actually dramatically increase you chance of encountering the mouse (not just about catching it – it actually attracts the side you want). OAT and Blackpass, not so.

Question: Why is Fall so hard?
Answer: Fall and Winter are meant to be difficult while Spring and Summer are easier. It’s so you have to plan the most efficient way to get your amp up – you might want to hunt elsewhere during Fall and come back in Spring for example.

Find the FBF summary here: ship be: http://bit.ly/aYphqj A Nooby FBF Review

Link to FBF recorded: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9471741


==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Source: Gouda + Fall = Amplifier Loss

Ok., this thread and this title should probably have been in the Whine section. But nodbody complained, they all rather cheered in with an opinion. At first the sentiment was: So much for everything being possible without SB+…Then later others spoke out: “Really? My amplifier is going up fine with brie!“ Or: “CoT/Target/ Gouda… mines going up.” Or this one: “Hm. Somehow I got this 63% in fall…. Must have stolen it from someone.”

Huge debates, but the final verdict is defenitely still not out on this.

Source: http://bit.ly/d3mcJj

* New quote on so-called smart lootdrops in Tower

HA! We knew it. It so very much depends on who was listening to FBF and rephrased what was said there, and whether he or she included the non-verbal communication with it. Anyways, to correct and nuance last weeks remark on smart loot drops, i found this interesting ‘report’ on what the devs may have said:“…BUT the devs said in the last [weeks] fbf that it will check your trap inventory the next time you catch a king if you have the spellbook base and then it will lower your odds of getting a new page. But unfortunetly we are not guaranteed :( “

source: page 4 of http://bit.ly/9il38X Spellbook Base

* Not-a-free-market is ballooning the price of SB+, or isnt it?

As a follow-up on all excitement about the sb+ and Gouda balance there is a discussion about sb+ prices and the workings of the marketplace. Statement: “It’s certainly not a free market… the buyer has essentially been removed from the equation, and no ‘haggling’ is possible, it’s why we don’t see decreases in prices.”
The opposite side is arguing: “SB+ prices are, and always have been, at a level just above an expected return made by hunting with it in the most lucrative location.”

Source: http://bit.ly/bKcgBA

* More on the difference between Gouda and sb+ in the Zugzwang area’s

Nils Mason estimates that in the Seasonal Garden, based on say, 80 hunts a day, it takes on average two days to charge the amplifier with Gouda and 1 day to charge it with SB. Thereafter hunters will spend about a day in the Tower, whether using Gouda or SB. So as a very rough outline, for every two Tower runs one makes with Gouda, one could do 3 with SB. That is not such a big gap really.
Now, what you have to take into account to make the comparison, is what the impact of such discrepancy will mean in terms of points. But well, not everybody plays for points. Or for getting things ‘first’.
Opinions differ, what we can say is that the Debate flared up again and that arguments were well-argued, while other debaters clearly had been having a Too Hot Bath ^^

source: http://bit.ly/9TS96P

* Quote from that same interesting and long thread:

“Why people are so afraid to buy SB+ on the market? Do you really need to stockpile millions of gold that much? SB+ is the most obvious gold sink of mousehunt.“- Rotui V.

* A different opinion on the new areas: “I just wanted to say…”

“Thank you. For the first time in this game’s history, the devs released an area in which it behooved players to use multiple traps and multiple bases to catch all of the mice (I’m talking about ZZT here, not how SG forces you to change, though I will say it is rather lovely having some variety after ZZT runs). This is the first update where it didn’t matter when I just so happened to join the game, where it didn’t matter what Ronza visits I happened to be ready for.
This is the first update where you don’t just “win” by buying superbrie (You can still use it to your advantage, but you need to know when and how; even smart superbrie users get to laugh at the silly ones who blindly use it in every hunt in the tower).
This is the first update that made even weaker traps useful! Gosh, sometimes I wonder if you actually thought all this up or just made the Tower and realized that it had all these strategic benefits :P For once I can laugh at all the people with EMS (Endless Magma Syndrome), knowing that my 3 different bases outdoes their base that they’ve used for the last 20,000 hunts in every bloody region.
In short, this update is the first one that isn’t an insult to my intelligence. I’ll be grinning the day you give me a use for Clock, BG, OoI, OoS, and NVMRC in the same area.”

Source: copied from Trevor H. post on page 2 of the mailbag-thread for 11th sept.

* The need to fine-tune when and how to hunt with sb+ (and when not)

The need is obvious. Even when one is only an apprentice one has to think when and where to spend the big Cheeses. But for the new areas we have not agreed at all yet on what the fine-tuning could be.

Here’s Chan Y. M.’s suggestion for finetuning: do use SB+ in Zugzwang’s Tower on pawns instead of on the more powerfull mice. He says: “I want to preserve as much of the amplifier as possible, and use that to catch all other pieces easily. Once I used Gouda, and failed to attract twice, and I realised I have difficulty catching knights and bishops, and in the end I wasted more super brie to catch pawns to further lower my amplifier. That not only wastes super brie, it also wastes my time as well. I could have use that extra time to hunt in seasonal garden to rebuild my amplifier.”

source: http://bit.ly/avTzMq

* An item with a price tag of 25,000,000!!!

One of Z’s socks is on the market @ 25 million… wonder who wants to buy that? :D
Now picture the surprise for this reporter when she checked next morning: the sock was no longer there…

source: http://bit.ly/d1Y9Gq

==== Rumours, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Transportation Glitches?

Oops: Transportation problems also happen with the non-collective transporatation mechanism in Tower. There are a few ‘issues’ currently with the tower: This is one, the other is wiping out journals, especially after being Checkmated. Another is where it is catching mice from Seasonal in between Tower mice. So if it happens to you: your not alone!

Source: http://bit.ly/ceJhY0

* Big SnowB Rumour almost fatal to reporter

So, there’s this thread about a person having started Mousehunt in february 2009, being known to have whined about having missed the SnowBot, but now suddenly her profile is showing the SnowBot. Yikes. This is almost too personal for this reporter to report on. Something’s wrong here, so much is clear. What exactly has gone wrong, is a big mystery though.

Imagine, all your Mousehunters life the Huge A. Snowmouse has been your favorite… forever have you longed to be able to go to the Mountains and catch it. But didnt. Forever have you returned to the Mountain to get it, and then get some more. No matter what rank or what else happened in the Kingdom. Then one day you find out about a Snowman Trap, the Snow Barrage to be exactly. Red cheeks go flaring: Ooo me wantsit! Ohno! Nope, its LE! And it never comes back, aaaah! The wantsit meters go through the roof!

Now somebody has it. Just recently. Oooo Can i haz it too!? * insert puppy eyes going wild *

Reporter sincerely apologizes for having become infected with the Pizza- & greedy-virus thats running rampant among many mousehunters. Untill now she has stayed way ahead of it by drinking orange juice in huge quantities. Ehm, make that: enormous quantities. But sadly she has been infected now, possibly due to extended exposure to the Forums. She is now in bed, fighting the fever.

source: The person whom cannot be named is coming… & SnoB after release??

ps. This just in = latest news to this SnowB-issue: Due to exposure, the huntress has by now lost her SnowB. Mod Michelle said: “It was a glitch and it has been removed :)”

ps2: When this Mibbler rolled of the press something happened to the thread that made it dissappear. All thats left is this one: http://bit.ly/9fzTBp

* Last but not Least:
Personal Real Life Cheese Consumption Graph

Check out our Real Life cheese consumption here: http://i56.tinypic.com/2u6dwjl.jpg

There is more where that comic came from, like this one about What type of Mousehunter you might be: http://a.imageshack.us/img64/7639/mhchart2.jpg

source: http://bit.ly/bcCROM Mousehunt Chart/Graph Humor

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Shah R. for a link to that “Regarding the Recent Events Effects on SB+ and Consequences”-thread, which was The Main & Occupying Forum Item for awhile there. ;)

The cookies will be cheesy cookies this time… But for a decent Price ofcourse!

# Anybody who has news or wants to write a (fluffy) piece but not a whole Mibbler, can send the copy or the idea, or even just the interesting thread-adress… to my pm-box :)
# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
# If no crew: no Mibbler. Which is really really sad. Luckily there’s always the possibility of posting your news or newsrelated question in the last Mibbler’s thread.

Mibbler – 12

As a reporter I couldn’t have picked a worse time for going on a holiday!

As a mousehuntress it was an interesting experience trying to catch up on the information after three weeks and two major mousehunt-updates: To try to de-riddle all the capital shorts for traps and mice, to actually be confronted with a truckload of info while not being able to go in there and see for myself and thus get the hang of it. All phrases thrown at me seemed a little abstract….

Anyways. I did get a Heat Bath Blueprints in my first Dragon’s Chest and innocent as i was posted the Fact to my FB-page. Then immediately got jumped by a mousehunt mob! Seems that Heat Bath is stubbornly hiding in some chests and rather scarce.

And thus i got grabbed and sucked into mousehunt-life again… Yes, I missed you! ^.^

* Important Notice

I am not going to report backwards in time. Trying to be complete or cover it all, is an ominous task in mousehunt. In MHHITM there is an excellent FAQ and two wonderfull chat-threads on the new areas. The FAQ is here: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=29224005666&topic=15666&post=108059
And yes ;) do take a look at the flowchart-link in there ^^

Next to that, THE Guide to Mousehunt (of old!) has also written an excellent chapter for newcomers to the Seasonal Garden and Zugzwangs Tower. (Who would have thought i would again, after all these months, rely on my old friend of my Apprentice-times?)
Source: http://guidetomousehunt.wordpress.com/walkthrough/rodentia/zugzwangs

But all news and almost all threads are about the new updates. Which means i shall have to talk about the stuff anyways. ^^
So here goes:

==== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ====

* Seasonal Garden – very short recap

First of all: an amazing art-work has been done on drawing these new mice :) It’s a pleasure to meet them! Nice touch is this: the header image changes for every season.

The season changes every 80 hours (spreadsheet for the times of change in mak’s FAQ). Each season has a weakness: Winter – Hydro; Summer – Tactical; Fall – Shadow; Spring – Physical. You need to get the 4 seasonal keyshards, one from each season to craft a Key and get allowed to enter the Tower.Buy the Pinchers before entering the Tower: they are needed for your initial Tower hunting and you wouldnt wanna lose your amplifier by going back for them, would you?

@.O Amplifier? What’s an Amplifier? Well, i learned this: as long as you dont see one on your page, you dont need to worry about one at all!

* Zugzwang’s Tower – very short recap

In the Garden you build your amplifier. Get it to max. before entering the Tower. Chase and catch 8 pawns, using the Pinchers/woodenbase/sb+ or Pinchers/targetbase/gouda. Each time you catch a mouse, or fail to attract, your Tower Amplifier’s charge decreases. After catching 8 pawns, go use a stronger Trap as you will now attract the stronger Zug-mice. I have already seen the return of the Gingerbread House Surprise, the Giant Speakers seem to be doing fine as does the HVMT, and ofcourse many use the new trap: the First Zugzwang’s Move.

Make sure you don’t leave the Tower before you catch a King, or drain your Amplifier. When you leave, your progress and your Amplifier will be set back to zero! Because of this amplifier, you are aiming to attract on every hunt, as an fta means your amplifier decreases and so reduces your chance of making it all the way.

Try catching mice of the Mystic kind all the way, or Technic all the way. The sooner you get to one of the Kings the higher your amp will still be and the bigger your chances of completing the run. Actually it is: the sooner you catch a Queen the better, as it is She who needs the high amp to be caught. The King is hiding behind the Queen, as usual, and not a strong mouse at all :p

Part two of the Tower’s hunting is all about using the Loot you got from the King in your first run, for crafting a better Trap or Base, or for crafting the special cheese needed for getting a Chess master. By then you will be no newby in this area anymore and you wont need any of my short recaps, so this is where i leave you to it for now…

pssst: I’ve seen it suggested that it’s best to switch to a very low power trap for the king so that you can still catch it but not lower your amp by catching other pieces. As after catching the King you might still want to try for a Chess master… But i obviously havnt tried it yet! :o

* MHHITM-Winners for MHCC-Zugzwang’s Tower Bet

It started with this call: “Do you think you have what it takes? Do you have the stay-ability? Just how bad do you want the first 100 in the upcoming area? When Zugzwang’s Tower opens, the race to get the first 100 of any of the NEW mice that are IN the Tower is on.” This meant you were going to participate in a comp where no one “really” knew what it would be like, except that it would take a while. I can tell you this ended up being a fantastic race, right up till the last minute!

Even out in the fields where i was having my biking- and camping- (and rain-) fix, rumour ran that a MHHITM-member was holding top-position for many hours! Other desperate hunters were wondering how Martin K. did this?!? They were struggling with all new information and keeping up the amplifier.
About his luck and/or strategy Martin had to say this: “I was lucky to have checked the newspost before moving to the tower… I was actually allready on the travelpage when I hesitated and checked first so had a pincher all along and then never went for a king and hardly any sleep LOL.”

There must have been more secrets to his long lead, and somebody here on MHHITM might have deciphered and copied them all, as in the very end Martin was beaten by our beloved and re-awakened Queen of Competition…
At the very last, and with a splendid lucky-run, Mildred Ann Koh beat Martin to catching the very first 100th mouse inside the Tower.

I must emphasis its no good losing sleep over a game! :p But we are still very proud of our top-hunters. :o)

Besides that i heard the best price in this competition was this one: Many new mousehunt-friends were made :)

* Last Friday:

Just before Feedback Friday was on, news came out that the Spellbook Base has been crafted! Stats are incredible! But it needs many many parts… Source: http://bit.ly/9il38X

From Feedback Friday this news comes: “Mobster re-release hopefully in September. If tests well, expect an event to celebrate the release.”

There’s also something about smart Loot drops: “When you encounter a ChessMaster, the drops are based on what is in your inventory. If you have the obvious ambush, you are more likely to get torn pages than a droid jetpack since you have no need for a droid jetpack.”

Source: http://bit.ly/940P8E

* Unique possible Glitch on not losing Progress when travelling out of Tower

Sharon S. read a theory on the boards that if the amp drops to zero, you’ll get kicked out but the progress won’t reset. She wrote: “I figured that it might be worth trying, so I just continued to drain the amp. It hit zero, but i wasn’t kicked out. After one more hunt I left the ZT myself and went back to the garden. But it was still Winter and I was getting too many misses, so I moved to the Cats to work on farming coal/scrap some more. When the season turned to Spring, I returned to the SG and filled my amp. With a full (160%) amp, I went back to the Tower and was surprised that the progress I left with was still there! Instead of using a pincher, I’m using my 2010 trap, and the first hunt was a Technic Bishop mouse!”

This unique experience is currently being tested by Erik DB and Martin K. Martin has gone in with less then the full amp, but lost all progress. Erik is still building his to full. Its looking like a glitch, but we are awaiting Erik’s results!

* Zugzwang’s Left Sock in Marketplace

Zugzwang’s Left sock is actually the Chessmaster’s sock… Zugzwang’s sock has stars and moons on it. But why is it in the marketplace? According to FBF, there are some carefully placed hints in the different descriptions that indicate what the sock is all about. And it is a rare collectible they wanted to test out for the marketplace. Apparantly nobody is selling it yet ^^


==== Rumours, Opinions … and Stories ====

* Speculations about Blackstone Pass and Obvious Ambush

Actually the Tower is a piece of real chess-work, strategy-wise. This means there is still a lot to uncover and finetune in our approach. One example: a lot of debate is going on whether to max power or luck at the different stages of hunting, the reasoning goes like this: “You dont wanna max your luck as you dont wanna attract the opposite chess pieces…”
But? but? luck has no effect on attraction right! To me it’s all rather confusing.

Hunters with the Obvious Ambush Trap or the Blackstone pass traps are still supposed to use the Pinchers when hunting Pawns in the early stages of entering the Tower. But there are other storys recorded: “Actually, my last time up the Tower I used it on pawns through rooks, inclusive. I only switched to the 2010 for luck when my amplifier got below 100. I used the 2010 for the Queen, King and Master. Didn’t bother with the Pinchers at all that last round.”

Some discuss the need for the new OA and BP traps against the new ZFM, which basically boils down to this: Once you have the pawns (of whichever set you have chosen to hunt), ZFM is fine, but the OAT and BP traps give you an extra edge up to the queen because they will catch less pieces of the opposite type (provided you use a low luck base) meaning you won’t lose as much multiplier.
p.s. to this all: For some hunters amongst us, even the Pinchers are for now a total joke as they keep catching the ‘wrong’ side Pawns.

Once up to the queen you need (depending on level of amp) the power of the ZFM plus magma base or similar. This makes the OA and the BP traps possibly an expensive pair of traps, as you only use them for short periods between Pawns and Queens. But again: this ‘verdict’ is not final!

Also the effectiveness of the traps against tower mice might be higher than that of ZFM, giving you a higher catch rate. But we have too little stats to be sure about this. Hunters are speculating about this in this interesting thread: http://bit.ly/c6aOXv
Do go see the spreadsheet on Trap effectiveness mentioned in there… All still work in progress!

We are not done yet weighing the pros and cons, so keep on testing, reporting and trying. The Mibbler will try to report on it again.

* Scrap metal from the Steel mouse valid strategy?

For those still wanting scrap for whatever reason… you might wanna know that it is exceedingly rare to obtain scrap metal from steel mice. Plus it undermines the number of radioactive potions you obtain in the long run. Which would be not benificial to lower rank hunters trying to already get some while preparing for Cats. (In this last case: Just use a high luck set up and not the DDB.)
Source: http://bit.ly/cvQ71f

* Big Bad not so Bad?

“Where this mouse goes, a trail of churned-up earth follows, collapsing anything sitting on top of it”
However this beast was recently trapped by a very lucky Mousehunter of Master Rank, who from his profile, counts the hastily assembled Swiss Army Mouse Trap as his strongest weapon. A few hunts later the same hunter also acquired the Shredded Furoma Map Piece from a Mole Mouse. The Triple B was also kind enough to leave behind a slab of Ohnoesium.
Source: http://goo.gl/Fk46

* Somebody is holding the record for Not catching Balack…

It might be Trish H., who -when i last checked before my holidays- had 107 Derr Lichs, 103 Elubs, 83 Nerg and 972 Pigmys … used 246 VVS and 18 misses. And NO catches. By now Trish says this to you: “Keep going, you will get him eventually, might help to know that I used about 250-260ish VVS before I got mine :)”

Ofcourse some others in mousehunt are still Nugget-less, same kind of tragedy that we should not forget about.

* What was the biggest Whine these days? :?

I dived into the Whine-section and although many had a tough mouse that is still missing… the main Whine with the most postings was about the ‘balance’ between Gouda and sb+ in the Zugzwang areas. Again the users of sb+ have a clear advantage, even said to be twice or thrice as fast in building the amplifier. Not yet to speak about the difference the use of sb+ makes when hunting in the Tower.
I must say it looks like every new area is being conquered by hunters with sb+ first. Sometime after there will be brave and explorative ones that dare go find the trick to it all and find out which cheeses one can use as well. I remember that not too long ago in the Gauntlet… Anyhow: one can catch a Chessmaster on Gouda. It’s been done.

And do pay attention to the hunters in ZugzwangsTower that even dare use brie! And caught a Queen using brie!
Source: http://bit.ly/cyWapI

* Last but not Least: the Ancient Bed Trap

R**** is planning on selling this trap on her next visit, it’s for anyone who failed to catch the Acolyte Mouse – but in my opinion it might attract many of the other hard ones as well ^^ we all need to sleep dont we?!
Here it is: http://bit.ly/aIAFp4

= = = = = Cookies & Credentials = = = = =

Thanks to Martin K. for giving me a crashcourse in Zugzwang-hunting.
And Thanks to Jane B. for ‘borrowing’ her excellent phrasing on the amplifier.

The cookies this time, are specially for the ones that have not caught an Acolyte yet, or a Balack, and for the ones that did not go to Zugzwangs garden or tower yet… and ofcourse for the ones that are losing sleep over the game:
Enjoy the Dream Cookies! – http://bit.ly/ad3Slu

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# No News, no Mibbler, as there is a a very strong-headed non-fluff person on the board of advisors.
# No Fluff, well – we have to warn you here – but in case of no fluff we might accidentally still post a Mibbler with strong warnings of putting on your sunglasses first before reading.
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